GMAT Scores for Top US B-Schools (MBA Colleges)


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GMAT scores can be a deciding factor when it comes to admission to MBA in the US. Find out the GMAT scores for top MBA Colleges in US and whether you should take the GRE or GMAT for an MBA.

GMAT Scores for Top US B-Schools (MBA Colleges)

GMAT Scores for Top MBA Colleges in USA: The first thing to come to mind when seeking MBA admission in the US is the GMAT score requirement. Well, a competitive GMAT score in the US often comes between 650 and 750.

Having said that, GMAT scores for US MBA colleges may vary. While Stanfords average GMAT score requirement is 733, the GMAT score ranges from 530-700 for an MBA at a public university like Ohio State University.

GMAT testscores are an essential part of higher education in the field of business administration and management. It is popularly used as a means to determine whether the student has the basic aptitude for pursuing an MBA programme or not. Let us now find out the GMAT exam scores for top business schools in the US.

Purpose and Significance of GMAT Scores in USA

GMAT scores are asked for by US universities from students applying for MBA courses, both domestic and international students. Students might find it difficult to understand why they are asked to submit an additional score apart from their past academic records. After all, even their past performance shows their consistency and aptitude.

In order to help the students understand the purpose served by the GMAT exam scores, and their significance in admission to MBA colleges in US, we have derived the following parameters.

Different Academic Backgrounds: MBA courses at US business schools are available for anyone who has a bachelors degree in any field. Although the schools require the applicants to qualify for the minimum GPA requirements, GMAT scores identify the students performance in the relevant course.

Aptitude in Business and Management: In addition to different academic backgrounds, it is often seen that the proficiency and aptitude of different students reside in different fields. Even in the case of students who have completed their Bachelor of Business and administration (BBA), it is not compulsory that they have the required aptitude to study MBA. Hence, business schools resort to GMAT testscores, as the GMAT exam purely tests the candidate on their aptitude and knowledge of business, administration, management, and relevant subjects.

Qualitative Skills and Talent: MBA course requires the candidate to have a certain amount of knowledge of logical reasoning and quantitative reasoning as well. Moreover, English language knowledge is also compulsory as it is the working language of the industry. GMAT scores help business schools assess the capabilities of students in these relevant fields as well.

Responsibility and Accountability: An MBA graduate is often hired for elite and important positions in any organisation. They deal in designing, structuring, executing, monitoring, and controlling the core mechanisms of an organisation, such as marketing, human resource management, financial management, strategic and corporate decision-making, etc. It is absolutely important that US universities can hone the rightful talent, and they require the candidates to submit GMAT exam scores for the same purpose.

An MBA course has many specialisations. Our Ivy League mentors can help you find the right MBA specialisation to study in the US.

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Which MBA Specialisation is Your Best Match?

GMAT Scores for Top MBA Colleges in USA

GMAT scores for top MBA colleges in USA refer to the minimum GMAT score required to get considered for admission. Any candidate with GMAT test scores below these best does not apply as their application might be rejected.

Although US business schools mention the minimum GMAT score, the score is not a guarantee of admission. In fact, it is merely a lower limit. Here are the top business schools in USA as per Financial Times 2022, and their GMAT score requirement for MBA:

US Business Schools for MBA

US University

GMAT Score Requirement

Wharton School

University of Pennsylvania


Columbia Business School

Columbia University


Harvard Business School

Harvard University


Kellogg School of Management

Northwestern University


Standford Graduate School of Business

Stanford University



University of Chicago


Yale School of Management

Yale University






New York University



University of California



Cornell University



Dartmouth College


Fuqua School of Business

Duke University



University of Virginia



Carnegie Mellon University



University of Michigan



University of Southern California


Anderson School of Management




Georgetown University



Washington University



University of Washington



Ohio State University



University of North Carolina



Vanderbilt University



University of Florida



Emory University



University of Texas at Austin



Rice University


Simon Business School

University of Rochester



University of California at Irvine



University of Notre Dame


Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business

Georgia Institute of Technology



Indiana University



Pennsylvania State University


Questrom School of Business

Boston University



Babson College


George Washington University

George Washington University


Rutgers Business School

Rutgers University


WP Carey

Arizona State University



Boston College



University of Georgia



University of Texas at Dallas



Brigham Young University



University of Minnesota



University of Pittsburg



University of Maryland


Wisconsin School of Business

University of Wisconsin in Madison


Miami Herbert Business School

University of Miami in Coral Gables



The College of William and Mary



Texas A & M University


GMAT Waiver for Top MBA Colleges in USA

GMAT waiver in USA is offered by a wide range of top MBA colleges in the US. In other words, a number of US B schools have gone test-blind.

In case the university or business school to which the student is applying for MBA has gone test-blind, they are not required to submit their GMAT scores. Even if they submit their GMAT exam scores, they would not be considered while evaluating their application.

Alternatively, there is one more type of waiver, in which the university or business school is accepting any of the two tests, GMAT or GRE. In this case, students are required to submit scores on either of the two tests. Hence, if a student decides to submit their GRE scores, then the GMAT score requirement is waived for them by the university.

Should You Take GMAT or GRE for MBA in USA?

While the GRE is accepted at over 1,200 business schools across the world, the GMAT is accepted by all business schools, be it in the US or other countries. The GRE is considered better for creative candidates as the exam also focuses on verbal questions. On the other hand, the GMAT exam is for those who are good at mathematics or quantitative questions.

Almost all US business schools refrain from giving preference to one of the two tests. However, to choose which to appear for, one must weigh the pros and cons after learning if the university accepts both GMAT and GRE for MBA.

How Should You Evaluate Average GMAT Scores?

Students may feel daunted by looking at the average GMAT scores when they do not meet the required score criteria. A low score can prevent them from getting admission to their desired colleges and hence they should evaluate their performance at the very start and work accordingly.

Students who have scored near or above average must not be comforted by that fact as GMAT alone cannot get them into the university. They need to work hard on other aspects of applications too to secure an offer letter from the business school of their choice. So, even if their scores are good, they should always strive to get better scores as competitions are really high and scholarships are harder to get without above-average scores.

Besides GMAT scores, students should also research their target programmes. They should have an idea of the class profile of previous years, their undergraduate GPAs, IELTS scores, demographics and etc. All these will help to determine their suitability in terms of business schools.

Notably, GMAT testscores can help in giving students a competitive advantage over other applicants, which can be extremely beneficial in admission as there are lakhs of international students who apply for admission to top MBA colleges in the US every year.

In case you are facing any doubt about the GMAT scores and admission process, we recommend you to consult our study abroad experts. You can write to them at abroad@collegedekho.

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What is meant by minimum GMAT score for admission in MBA Colleges in USA?

The minimum GMAT score for admission in MBA Colleges in USA refers to the score which a candidate must have at least scored in their GMAT exam to be considered for admission to a university. The minimum GMAT score requirement of each university is different and may vary from one academic year to the other. 

Is GMAT score validity important for admission to MBA Colleges in USA?

Yes, GMAT score validity is important for admission to MBA Colleges in USA. The GMAT score validity refers to the period of time for which the GMAT scores remain valid. Once the validity of the score certificate has expired, it can no longer be used for admission to MBA in the US.

Can I apply for MBA in USA with a GMAT score of 500?

Yes, you can apply for MBA in USA with a GMAT score of 500, provided the university you wish to apply to accepts the score. In order for your GMAT score to be accepted by the university, it should either be equal to or above its minimum GMAT score requirement. There are US universities such as Sacred Heart University, that accept a GMAT score of 500.  

Is GMAT score compulsory to apply for an MBA in USA?

No, a GMAT score is not compulsory to apply for MBA in USA. There are many universities that have started allowing a waiver on GMAT scores, especially after Covid-19. However, the majority of universities have a pre-defined GMAT cutoff or score range that applicants are required to meet. 

What is a good score to apply for MBA Colleges in USA?

There is no specific good score to apply for MBA colleges in USA. A GMAT score can be considered good if it meets the minimum GMAT score requirement of the university. However, in general, students who get successfully admitted to MBA courses in the US have a score of 570-680 and the top MBA colleges in USA require a score in the range of 660-720.       

Which are the top MBA Colleges in USA?

The top MBA colleges in USA include the business schools of Ivy League universities, i.e. Sloan, Fuqua School of Business, Anderson School of Management, Simon Business School, and Rutgers Business School. These business schools along with over 20 others are included among the world's best business schools in 2022 by Financial Times.

What are the common eligibility requirements for doing MBA in USA?

The common eligibility requirements of doing MBA in USA differ according to the university to which is being applied. The eligibility criteria for admission of students to MBA courses are left by the university to the business school's faculty. Generally, students are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree in any field and provide scores obtained in the GMAT and any of the English proficiency tests.

Can I apply to MBA Colleges in USA with GRE scores instead of GMAT scores?

Yes, you may apply to MBA colleges in USA with GRE scores instead of GMAT scores. Many US universities accept GRE scores in lieu of a GMAT scores. If you decide to apply for an MBA with a GRE score, you need to qualify for the minimum GRE score requirement of the university.

Can I apply to MBA Colleges in USA without GMAT scores?

Yes, you may apply to MBA colleges in USA without GMAT scores. There are many US universities that have decided to go test blind for the upcoming admission intakes. You can choose to apply for admission without GMAT score and it will not affect the treatment of your admission application by the university. You may also use GRE scores instead of GMAT scores for an MBA in the US.

What is the GMAT score required to apply to Ivy League business schools?

The GMAT score required to apply to Ivy League business schools is at least 680. Although a number of Ivy League schools have their minimum GMAT score requirement set at 670 or 680, they prefer candidates who have a GMAT score of at least 700. Ivy League business schools are among the top 20 business schools worldwide and known to be quite selective with low acceptance rates. 

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