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San Jose State University, commonly known as SJSU, was founded in 1857 as the Minns Evening Normal School, which was situated in San Francisco at the time. The institution is claimed to be one of the West Coast's oldest public universities. SDSU is the headquarters of California State University. It has an annual enrollment of around 33,282 students, according to 2019 data. San Jose State University is California State University's most successful institution, with the largest number of students from the city. The main campus of the university stretches out over 154 acres on 19 square blocks in the downtown area of San Jose. All student amenities are available on the campus. University consists of about 55 buildings. The main campus of San Jose State comprises seven residence halls. Another important building of SJSU is the athletics arena located on the South campus.

San Jose State University has over 270,000 alumni. More than half of the graduates live in the San Francisco Bay region, with the rest scattered throughout the globe, primarily in Southern California, Seattle, Portland, and other locations. Brian Krzanich, the former CEO of Intel Corporation, and James Thompson, the current CEO of Crown Worldwide Group, are two noteworthy San Jose State grads. SJSU boasts a number of notable graduates in the fields of art and music, including Doug Clifford and Stu Cook, Tom Johnston, Patrick Simmons, and Lindsay Buckingham.

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San Jose State University Courses

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San Jose State University Facts and Highlights

Type of University

Public, Coed

Average Annual Tuition Fee

Bachelors – USD 19,466 and above

Masters – USD 18, 790 and above

Admission Intakes

Spring, Summer, and Fall

Average GPA Requirement

2.5 (on a 4.0 US Grading Scale)

Average Exam Score Requirement

SAT- 1145 & Above; ACT- 19 & Above; IELTS- 6.0 & Above; TOEFL- 80.0 & Above; GRE- 300 & Above; GMAT- 550.0 & Above, PTE- 50 & Above

Admission Requirements

SOP, LOR, CV (for few courses), Academic Transcripts

Application Fees

USD 55-150

Admissions Deadlines

Spring Semester: Early August 

Summer Semester: Early November

Fall Semester: Early October 

Percentage of International Students


Size of Campus (in acres)


Alumni Worldwide


Female to Male Ratio


Estimated Average Salary after 10 Years


San Jose State University Rankings

Ranked By






US News & World Report - Global Universities






US News & World Report - Regional Universities West






US News & World Report - UG Business






San Jose State University Subject Rankings


Ranked By






US News & World Report - UG Business






THE (Times Higher Education) - PG Business and Economics 







Ranked By


THE (Times Higher Education) - PG Engineering and Technology


Computer Science

Ranked By


THE (Times Higher Education) - PG Computers


San Jose State University Fees


First Year Tuition Fees (in INR)

B.Sc Civil Engineering

14.9 Lakh

B.Sc Computer Science

14.9 Lakh

M.B.A Professional

13.4 Lakh

M.Sc Computer Engineering

12.6 Lakh

San Jose State University Important Dates


International undergraduate applicants may apply for either the Fall or Spring semesters. Undergraduates are not permitted to enrol in the summer session.


Deadline for Action Requirement

Spring Intake

Early August to Late September

Application period and deadline

Early November

ACT/SAT official scores (If available)


Documents deadline

Early December

Deadline for intent to enrol/deposit for enrollment

Fall Intake

Early October to Early April

Application period

Early April

Application deadline

Early May

Housing application priority deadline and payment deadline for the initial deposit


Complete intent to enrol process/register for mandatory orientation/enrollment deposit

Late June

International document deadline

End of Spring

Complete admission requirements


Final transcripts

Note: Deadlines vary based on the course and might change on a regular basis. We recommend that you visit the school/website department's for specific deadlines.


International undergraduate applicants may apply for the Fall, Summer, or Spring semesters.

Admission Intake

Application Deadline

Spring Intake

Early August

Fall Intake

Early October

Summer Intake

Early November

Note: While the application window for every graduate programme at SJSU stays constant, the ending date is determined solely by the course specialty. Some courses have a six-month application window, while others only have a three-month application window. It is advisable to visit the course's page and confirm the precise closing date.

San Jose State University Admission Process

International students have different admission requirements than local students and their applications for undergraduate or postgraduate studies at SJSU must be submitted appropriately. The admission criteria for international students have changed slightly and thus extra admission requirements are required in order to get admission at SJSU. International students must use their SJSU Admissions Document Upload form to submit documents in the necessary format after applying. Submit papers only once; sending duplicates will cause the processing time to be extended.

What Documents are Required for an International Application?

International students must demonstrate their eligibility to apply to SJSU's several undergraduate and graduate programmes by submitting the following documents:

Note: These are the typical admissions criteria at SJSU, although they may change depending on the programme. It is advised that you verify the specific prerequisites on the course page of the university's official website.

San Jose State University Eligibility Criteria

The following is the eligibility criteria for admission to San Jose State University:

Qualification(s) Required


 10+2 from a recognised board


 3-4 years of bachelor's degree in a relevant field

Average GPA

Bachelors: 2.00 (on a 4.0 scale)

Masters: 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale)

English Proficiency Tests

TOEFL-80, IELTS-6.0 bands, PTE-44, Duolingo-95

Note: Please keep in mind that some programmes may have a higher GPA requirement.

San Jose State University Scholarships

International students can apply for a restricted range of scholarships at San Jose State University in the United States. International students, on the other hand, are only eligible for merit-based scholarships rather than need-based scholarships, which have been defined below:

IELTS Council Award

This scholarship will authorise successful international applicants to study at an undergraduate or postgraduate level in an English-taught programme overseas that recognises IELTS as part of their admission requirements.

The British Council IELTS Award is worth between GBP 3,000 and GBP 10,000, depending on the institution chosen by the winner, and will be used to cover the cost of tuition fees for the individual's chosen programme. If the successful candidate's tuition fees are less than the maximum individual award fund of GBP 10,000, the remaining monies may be used to help other runners-up.

IELTS Council Award Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this scholarship to study at San Jose State University, a candidate must be:

  • At least 18 years of age

  • Have taken an IELTS exam at a British Council centre in Germany and received an official Test Report Form (TRF) from the British Council in Germany dated between 1 June 2021 and 30 June 2022

  • Have a minimum overall band score of 6.5 bands (minimum score of 6.5 bands in each of the IELTS test's four components)

  • Enrolled in an institute where IELTS is accepted as a part of its admission requirement

  • Able to provide an acceptance letter from the appropriate educational institution

Women In Tech Scholarship Programme

This scholarship is offered to 100 womens in all over the world. These grants are for Data Science and Full Stack Development Career Programs entrance. These six-month online programmes need a weekly commitment of 20 hours. Both programmes emphasise hands-on learning and include live expert-led courses, labs, quizzes, projects, and mentorship.

Women In Tech Scholarship Programme Benefits for Indian Students

Within three months of completing the programme, students in India are guaranteed job placements with a package of 5.0 LPA plus CTC.

Rotary Peace Fellowships

It is a fully-funded scholarship for international students that includes living expenses as well as tuition fees. At most 130 applicants are selected each year depending upon academic, professional and personal achievements.

This scholarship is provided for at one of the seven Rotary Peace Centres, a master's degree or post-graduate diploma in peace and development studies.

Rotary Peace Fellowship Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this fellowship, applicants must submit their applications before or on 15 May 2022. To be eligible for this scholarship to study at San Jose State University, a candidate must:

  • Exhibit Leadership skills

  • Make a powerful commitment to peace and cross-cultural understanding.

  • Be proficient in English

  • Have three years of related work experience (five years for the Duke program)

  • Have a Bachelors degree

  • Have at least three years between the completion of their most recent academic degree programme (undergraduate or graduate degree)

Note: Candidates presently enrolled in an graduate or undergraduate programme are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Sustainability Scholarship

This scholarship is worth EUR 5000 and is awarded to study a masters programme for international students for the autumn/fall academic year of 2022.

Sustainability Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this scholarship to study at San Jose State University, a candidate must:

  • Have applied for (or intend to apply for) a study beginning in the Fall Semester 2022

  • Meet the following entry requirements for university or graduate school, such as:

  1. Candidates must have a valid undergraduate degree

  2. Candidates must satisfy language requirements for their selected programmes or courses

  3. Candidates must hold a valid student visa or be eligible to apply for a relevant student visa (if necessary)

Note: International students can use websites like FastWeb and IEFA that are completely free scholarship search engines where students may look for financial help, scholarships, and grants.

San Jose State University Placements

San Jose State University is one of the top colleges in the United States, located in the heart of Silicon Valley. The institution also gives students crucial career assistance and development so that they may fully recognise their potential and strive to realise it. San Jose State University, in brief, gives a fantastic chance for students in a variety of main disciplines of study by offering standards and a variety of study approaches. The institution provides a high-quality education. As a result, an international student's degree from SJSU has significant value in any area of the globe, as it is a symbol of trust and excellence.

Other options in the United States following San Jose State University include:


Average Salary (in USD)

Consulting, Accounting & Professional Services




Executive Management & Change


Human Resources


IT & Software Development


Marketing, Product & Communications


San Jose State University Alumni

San Jose State University offers a Student Alumni Association that assists students who are just starting out as well as those who are nearing the end of their studies in deciding on a professional path. The alumni association aids in the development and growth of vital skills and confidence, as well as the formation of a strong and informational network that is extremely beneficial to students' future success.

SJSU has a number of famous alumni, including:

  • Gordon Moore is an American businessman, engineer, and co-founder of Intel Corporation, as well as its chairman.

  • Dick Vermeil is an American football coach who has spent 15 seasons as the head coach of the National Football League.

  • Juli Inkster is a professional golfer from the United States.

  • Amy Tan is an American novelist best known for her work The Joy Luck Club.

  • Bill Walsh is a collegiate and professional football coach in the United States.

San Jose State University Accomodations

Around 7600 students at San Jose State University have access to a variety of housing alternatives in the United States, ranging from typical residence halls to Greek houses and downtown city flats. On the University Housing Website, you may search for both on-campus and off-campus housing.

The on-campus housing halls are classified into the following categories:

  • The Bricks and Joe West: This hall has a capacity of 650 pupils and has all necessary amenities such as gas, electricity, water, Wi-Fi, and a television

  • Building C (CVC Suites) in Campus Village can house up to 2,600 students and includes basic amenities and parking garages

  • Campus Village Buildings A and B (CAV and CVB Apartments): With a total capacity of 4,350 people and minimal amenities

  • On-campus housing costs start at USD 7,379 per year. The Foreign House, a coed house for international students, is conveniently located on the SJSU campus and offers pleasant accommodation options

The following are the costs of living at San Jose State University:

Types of Expenses

Rents Per Semester (in USD)

Meals (Board)


Rent (Room)


Room and Board Total


Campus Location

San Jose State University

1 Washington Sq, San Jose, CA 95192, United States | (408)924-5920 |

San Jose State University, San Jose, USA FAQs

What is the minimum GPA required for international students to attend San Jose State University?

The minimum GPA required for international students to attend San Jose State University is 2.5 on a scale of 4.0 as per US credential evaluation. Students with a 2.5 GPA in the last two years of a full-time programme are also eligible to apply to SJSU. Some programmes at university may require a higher GPA requirement for international students.

Can international students apply to San Jose State University without taking the English Proficiency Test?

No, international students cannot apply to San Jose State University without taking the English Proficiency Test. A valid proof of English proficiency is required in all disciplines while applying to SJSU. This can be proved with the help of TOEFL or IELTS Academic scores. Furthermore, certain courses need the GRE or GMAT, so international students should check the university’s official website for the latest information.

Is San Jose State University accredited?

Yes, San Jose State University is accredited by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). CHEA is a US association of degree-granting colleges and universities that recognises institutional and programmatic accrediting agencies and serves as a national advocate and institutional voice for academic quality via accreditation.

Is it hard for an international student to get admission in Computer Science at San Jose State University?

Yes, it can be hard for an international student to get admission in Computer Science at San Jose State University. However, by applying with the right set of qualifications and meeting the minimum eligibility criteria with good standardized exam scores, international students can boost their chances of selection. As Computer Science is one of the most difficult majors to get into at SJSU, it requires international students to excel in their STEM curriculum throughout high school.

How many international students study at San Jose State University?

Approximately 3,200 international students study at San Jose State University from over 100 countries. Out of these roughly 2,000 complete practical training experiences through OPT and STEM-OPT work permits after completing their degree programmes at SJSU.

Is San Jose State University good for international students?

Yes, San Jose State University is good for international students. The university acts as a link to a vibrant community dedicated to assisting international students in shaping their future. SJSU is always changing and extending the ways it delivers high-quality education, conducts groundbreaking research, gives hands-on learning opportunities, and immerses students in its community.

How do I apply for scholarships at San Jose State University as an international student?

International students can apply for scholarships through San Jose State University's Financial Aid & Scholarship Office. International applicants are considered for only merit-based scholarships. Financial Aid includes need-based scholarships, which are not available for international students.

Why is San Jose State University not ranked among the top international universities in the world?

One explanation why San Jose State University is not ranked among the top international universities in the world is that research productivity has a significant impact on international university rankings. SJSU focuses more on teaching courses that involve practical implementation rather than research outputs. One such field for which the university is famous for is its Business courses.

What is the acceptance rate of San Jose State University for international students?

The acceptance rate of San Jose University for international students is 63.6%, which means that qualifying international students have a good chance of being accepted at the university.

What if an international student fails a class at San Jose State University?

If an international student fails a class at San Jose State University, they will no longer be considered a matriculated student at the institution. Students who are disqualified will not be able to enroll in future SJSU graduate courses, whether in Regular or Special Session, or through Open University.

Where can I find details about my enrollment at San Jose State University?

To find details about enrollment at San Jose State University, international students can access 'MySJSU' to check their enrollment appointment. Enrollment appointments are posted on MySJSU nearly three months prior to the start of the semester and end three days before the first day.

How much does San Jose State University charge for summer classes for international students?

International students enrolled in summer classes at San Jose State University are charged the necessary fees of USD 351.50 for the first session. Those willing to attend both the first and second sessions are required to pay the entire cost of summer campus which is USD 703.

Does San Jose State University offer any online degrees to international students?

Yes, San Jose State University offers online degrees to international students, where the classes are held online. These are especially recommended for older students or those who work full-time. 

Do graduate students qualify for grade forgiveness at San Jose State University?

No, graduate students do not qualify for Grade Forgiveness at San Jose State University. However, students are eligible to repeat up to 9 units of a graduate course work through Grade Averaging. However, the original grade still remains on the transcript. It is also important to note that this pertains only to SJSU courses that are taken and repeated.

Does San Jose State University require GRE or GMAT for a graduate programme?

Yes, San Jose State University requires GRE or GMAT for a graduate programme. Before applying to SJSU, international students must check their course-specific requirements for standardized tests such as the minimum GMAT score for business-specific courses and minimum GRE score for other master’s degrees. 

How much does an international student at San Jose State University have to pay for a 4-year bachelor's degree tuition and living expenses?

For a 4-year bachelor's degree tuition and living expenses, an international student at San Jose State University has to pay an estimate of USD 116,100 - assuming graduation in normal time. On-campus housing at SJSU starts at USD 7,379 per year (including basic utilities like electricity, gas, garbage, and water) while the tuition fee starts at USD 19,466 per year.

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