Dual Degrees in Australia for Indian Students


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Dual degrees are extremely flexible degrees that open up several career opportunities in front of students. They get the opportunity to pursue their passion as well as purpose together. Know all about dual degrees in Australia. 

Dual Degrees in Australia for Indian Students

Australia is the third most popular destination for international student mobility, the reason being its affordable education, quality of life and employment prospects. The degrees in Australia are flexible with several major and minor options on the plate. You can tailor unique degrees that will enable you to gain befitting job opportunities in the industry of your choice. 

The best way in which Australia provides the flexibility of degrees is by learning through dual degree programmes. You should not confuse dual degrees with dual majors where students get enough elbow room to complete two majors under a one-degree title. Instead through dual degrees in Australia, you can study two degrees at the same time which will help you to graduate in both of them in a shorter period compared to if they were done one after the other. 

In this article, we will walk you through the types of dual degrees in Australia, their benefits, popular dual degree courses and the universities offering them.

Types of Dual Degrees in Australia

Dual degree programmes in Australia provide the scope to study a combination of subject areas where one area complements the other based on their academic goals and career prospects. For example, a Bachelor of Engineering and a Bachelor of Design (Architecture) will help in a range of career fields such as architecture, project management, construction, civil engineering or property development. Another example is a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) and a Bachelor of Laws will enable a career in legal, corporate, government, clinical health or mental health or as a career as a registered psychologist. 

Dual degrees help to specialise in twin degrees without investing double time, money and effort. There are two types of dual degrees in Australia which will allow you to graduate with two degrees with slight differences. 

  • Double Degree: A double degree is a sanctioned and government-approved degree that will lead to awarding of two degrees. The students are allowed to satisfy the requirements of the degrees in less time than would be required if done separately. You will have to complete one degree after the other which necessitates completing the first degree before commencing the second. A testamur is awarded for each of the two degrees. For example, a Bachelor of Arts with a Bachelor of Business. 

  • Combined Degree: In a combined undergraduate or postgraduate degree will lead to awarding of one degree. Here the degree follows an integrated structure. The components of the degrees overlap and they are to be studied simultaneously. A single qualification is awarded that contains both the components of the degree linked by “and”. For example, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Business. 

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Why Study a Dual Degree?

Student life in a university is a time for growth and exploring new options. By studying for a dual degree, you get to design a unique career for yourself. You can combine your passions and interests and carve a career path that enhances your employability. You get an added perspective of a second discipline and specialised skillsets that will set you apart. Get to know more about the benefits of dual degrees in Australia below:

  • Fast-Tracked Learning: Dual degrees will enable you to complete your bachelor's or master's course in less time than two separate degrees. A dual degree does not necessarily mean a double workload. You will complete the same units (subjects) each semester as a single-degree student. You will study units from both degrees at the same time. Although there will be semesters when you will have to singularly focus on a particular degree. 

  • Adds Depth to Your Knowledge: You are provided with an opportunity to delve deep into topics of your specialisations. You gain an all-round perspective and specialised skills.  For example, if you study for a bachelor of computer science and a bachelor of commerce you will gain theoretical and practical knowledge of computing principles with a grounding in the business domain. 

  • Ability to Pursue your Passion and Purpose: Dual degrees are excellent ways to nurture your passions while gaining recognised qualifications. You can bring together your passions which are poles apart and innovate them. Your skills, thinking and experience will increase when you will put your passion into your purpose. 

  • Increased Careers Opportunities: A dual degree in Australia helps you to create your special career niche by combining two degrees. When you graduate, a range of options is open in front of you from each of your study areas. Employers seek candidates who have specialist knowledge in more than one domain and you can get an edge over other candidates. 

  • Professional Network will Double: Your professional, personal and academic networks will expand as you will be able to interact with a variety of student communities, teaching faculties and professionals in your degree than you would have done if you would have studied one course. 

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Top Dual Degrees in Australia

Dual degree programmes are cost-effective and time-saving given that you can simultaneously study them. They are available at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Depending on the availability of the course, some degrees can be studied at the same university. However, in situations where both degrees are not available at a single institute, students will be allowed to study at two different universities. Here is a list of a few of the dual degree courses available at the bachelor's and master's levels for international students to study in Australia

Bachelors Dual Degree Programmes

Masters Dual Degree Programmes

Bachelors+ Masters Dual Degree Programmes 

Bachelor of Science+Bachelor of Education

Master of Construction Project Management+Master of Property and Development

Bachelor of Vision Science+Master of Clinical Optometry

Bachelor of Economics+Bachelor of Computer Science

Master of Health Leadership and Management+Master of Public Health

Bachelor of Engineering+Master of Engineering

Bachelor of Commerce+Bachelor of Fine Arts

Master of Design+Master of Public Relations and Advertising

Bachelor of Medical Science+Master of Medicine

Bachelor of Commerce+Bachelor of Media

Master of Engineering+Master of Commerce

Bachelor of Pharmacy+Master of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Media+Bachelor of Social Sciences

Master of Information Technology+Master of Commerce

Bachelor of Business+Bachelor of International Business

Bachelor of Engineering+ Bachelor of Commerce

Master of Translation and Interpreting Studies+ Master of Accounting

Master of International Relations+Master of Journalism 

Bachelor of Music+ Bachelor of Engineering

Master of Creative Writing + Master of Environment

Bachelor of Nursing+Master of Nursing

Bachelor of Actuarial Studies+Bachelor of Law

Master of Laws+Master of Media and Communications

Bachelor of Computer+Master of Cyber Security

Bachelor of Medical Studies+Bachelor of Arts

Master of Chiropractic +Master of Planning

Bachelor of Computer Science+Master of Data Science

Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics+ Bachelor of Law

Master of Criminology+ Master of Education


Top Universities in Australia Providing Dual Degrees

Several top universities in Australia allow students to pick up ideal dual degree combinations. There are several double bachelor, double master and bachelors and masters combination courses. You should check the entry requirements for the courses before applying. Here are the top universities in Australia that provide dual degrees to domestic and international students.

Name of  University

Top Bachelors Dual Degree Courses

Top Masters Dual Degree Courses

University of New South Wales

Bachelor of Advanced Engineering/Bachelor of Mathematics, 

Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Education

Master of Global Health/Master of Infectious Diseases Intelligence,

Master of Engineering Science/Master of Commerce

Curtin University

Bachelor of Law/Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Computer Systems and Networking/Bachelor of Information Technology


Australian National University

Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Accounting, Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science


Monash University

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Criminology, Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Marketing


University of Queensland

Bachelor of Agribusiness/Bachelor of Agricultural Science, Bachelor of Economics/Bachelor of Arts

Master of International Commercial Law/Master of Commerce, Master of  International Relations/Master of Peace and Conflict Studies

University of Adelaide

Bachelor of Economics/Bachelor of Chemistry, Bachelor of International Business/Bachelor of Genetics

Master of Business Administration/Master of International Management, Master of International Wine Management/Master of Tourism

Deakin University

Bachelor of Information Technology/Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Cyber Security


University of Wollongong

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation/ Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics


Cost of Dual Degrees in Australia

The total cost of dual degrees in Australia is comparatively cheaper as both degrees can be attained simultaneously. You can check the average tuition fee of the top Australian universities for bachelor dual degrees and master dual degrees below:

Average Tuition Fees for Dual Degrees in Australia

Name of  University

Bachelors Tuition/Year (in AUD)

Masters Tuition/Year (in AUD)

University of New South Wales



Curtin University



Australian National University



Monash University



University of Queensland



University of Adelaide



Deakin University



University of Wollongong 



Work Integrated Learning for Dual Degrees in Australia

To train students to make a career in the global economy, the universities in Australia provide them with opportunities to apply their technical skills to real-world situations. They get the scope to engage in the workforce while gaining their dual degrees.  Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is an umbrella term that is used to refer to a range of practical experiences that expose students to work-related activities during their courses. To generate a highly skilled workforce, the universities partner with employers to provide students with projects, internships, simulations, fieldwork and other activities. 

The WIL programme helps you to apply your academic learning in the workplace, polish your skills and attributes, improve your work readiness and general business skills and develop professional networks. In dual degree courses, students receive six to twelve months of work placements. 

On the educational front, India and Australia are collaborating to offer dual degree programmes to students to improve the quality of education. India and Australia are now recognising each other’s degrees. Also, Deakin University and the University of Wollongong are set to open their campuses in the GIFT city, Gujarat offering several courses for Indian students. So, if you are keen to undertake dual degree programmes in Australia, then you must be aware of the additional requirements of the programme so that you can achieve the scores that will help you achieve a fruitful career. 

If you require further enlightenment on dual degrees in Australia, you can write to us at abroad@collegedekho.com.

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