Study BBA Abroad after 12th: Eligibility, Top Universities & Fees


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Looking forward to studying BBA abroad? Here are the important details about studying BBA abroad after 12th including top countries, eligibility criteria, top universities, advantages and more. 

Study BBA Abroad after 12th: Eligibility, Top Universities & Fees

Study BBA Abroad after 12th: If you have just cleared your board exams or are about to, then you must have been definitely asked this uncomfortable question - 'what are your future plans?' Well, given the popularity of business and management programs, lakhs of Indian students go abroad to pursue BBA, which if you look at closely, has emerged to be quite popular among undergraduate applicants.

A BBA degree, with its ever-increasing value across the world, is one of the most preeminent choices to make a career overseas. Especially when studying at a foreign university, a BBA degree always gives an upper hand in the market not only because of world-class education standards but also because of its ability to put you just on the right path towards financial success.

BBA is one of the best courses to do after 12th, provided you pursue it from the right university offering the best exposure in the world. This article is an attempt to answer all the questions related to studying BBA after 12th such as top BBA specialisations, top countries, top universities, career scope and more.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a common bachelor's degree among commerce students. This degree programme focuses on business, company, or organisation management. You will be taught skills, an in-depth understanding of the business world, and all the complexities of running a firm. This is one of the top professional degrees available to 12th-grade students.

A common misconception is that a BBA is only valid or useful if you intend to pursue an MBA degree. The reality is that BBA has a lot of value on its own, and BBA graduates find excellent job opportunities soon after graduation. This degree is much more than simply a stepping stone towards an MBA. 

To get a better understanding of what studying BBA abroad would entail, here are the key highlights of the programme tabulated for our readers:

Full Name

Bachelor of Business Administration




2-4 years

Mode of Application


Required Entrance Exams



10+2 in any stream

Average Course Fee

INR 10-40 lakhs per year

Popular Specialisations

General Management, Finance, Economics, Marketing, etc.

Now that we are familiar with the course, let us know why studying BBA abroad after 12th is still relevant for aspirants. 

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Why Study BBA Abroad After 12th?

Many take up an MBA abroad to get access to a better business network and earn good money. What most of them dont know is how pursuing BBA abroad after 12th offers you better prospects at the right time and helps you develop key skills that are required to become a good manager.

In foreign universities, a BBA degree is typically completed in four years, which ensures that you are one step ahead of your peers. A BBA degree abroad further lets you get industry exposure through project-based studies and internship programs.

Also, every BBA aspirant wishes to work in international companies, making their mark and climbing the corporate ladder as fast as they can. Today, international business is one of the most open-minded industries based on technological advancements. Hence, if your BBA degree teaches you the use of analytical tools along with accounting, you sure would stand out from the crowd.

Some of the primary reasons why one should take a BBA abroad degree are as follows:

  • Broad Understanding Base: The BBA course is created by industry professionals and provides an in-depth understanding of all elements of operating a business. BBA equips you effectively for everything from branding and marketing a product or service to dealing with accounts.

  • Personality Development: This is what distinguishes BBA from other graduate programmes. BBA students are also taught how to build their personalities. During the course, you will learn about public speaking, leadership, soft skills, and other topics.

  • Opportunities for Employment: Immediately following graduation, you can enter the professional world as a trainee manager or in other administrative roles. You will also receive a competitive starting salary and benefits package.

  • Professional Degree: One of the finest bachelor's professional degrees after class 12th is a BBA abroad. There are various management degrees available, but the BBA is preferred by both business professionals and students.

  • Opportunities for Networking: Your fellow grads will be working in a variety of sectors. As a result, this develops into a powerful professional network. This network allows you to discover or offer jobs. A robust network is a tremendous benefit for professional growth. 

Study BBA Abroad vs Study BBA India 

In India, BBA is a 3-year professional undergraduate education. The programme is accessible to students in full-time, correspondence, and online formats. Students must have finished their Class 12 in any stream from a recognised board or institution to be eligible for the BBA programme. Candidates must have scored a minimum of 50% aggregate or above in Class 12. Candidates who have taken the Class 12 test and are awaiting the results can also register for the programme. 

A BBA degree, on the other hand, is a 3- or 4-year programme abroad depending on the university. The course curriculum offers students with the right management and business education for a successful career. Studying BBA abroad after class 12th is very is an ongoing trend among international students. Candidates for BBA programmes abroad should have a good percentage or score in class 12th. The cut-off percentage for studying BBA abroad after class 12th varies as per the university and country you opt to study in. To get accepted for this course abroad, students must additionally take the SAT or ACT, as well as an English language proficiency exam such as IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE

The table tabulated below will brief you about the significant difference between studying BBA in India vs studying BBA abroad after class 12th:

Differentiating Parameters

BBA Abroad

BBA in India


3-4 years

3 years

Average Fees

INR 10 Lakhs - 40 Lakhs per annum (depending upon the university, location and other factors)

INR 50,000 - 20 Lakhs per annum


At least 60% (or more) in 10+2 board examination in a relevant field of study

At least 50% (or more) in 10+2 board examination in a relevant field of study

Language Proficiency Test

TOEFL, IELTS, PTE Academic, Duolingo


Standardised Tests

SAT, ACT, or any other test demanded by the university. 


Top Job Prospects 

  • International Operations Executive 

  • International Human Resource Executive 

  • International Training Executive 

  • Global Distributions Executive 

  • Financial Analyst

  • Human Resource Executive

  • Marketing Executive

  • Research Trainee 

  • Sales Executive 

  • Research and Development (R&D) Executive 

  • Financial Analyst

  • Business Development Executive 

Average Annual Salary

INR 8 Lakhs - 20 Lakhs

INR 3 Lakhs - 10 Lakhs

Top Colleges

  • Havard University

  • University of Greenwich

  • Memorial University of Newfoundland

  • Coventry University

  • National University of Singapore

  • The University of Illinois at Chicago

  • University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES)

  • National Institute of Industrial Engineering

  • Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS)

  • SP Jain Institute of Management and Research

  • Symbiosis University

  • Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University

Eligibility Criteria for BBA Abroad After 12th

Entry requirements for BBA in every country would be different. However, given below are the general eligibility criteria for BBA abroad:

  • Must have passed high school with the cutoff marks specified by the university.

  • Must meet English language proficiency requirements which may include the widely accepted tests such as the TOEFL, IELTS or PTE Academic.

  • Must also meet cutoffs specified by the university for admission tests such as the SAT or ACT. However, some universities have also dropped ACT/SAT requirements for admissions.

Studying BBA abroad would either mean a general programme or a programme with a specialisation. Here are the top specialisations in BBA abroad:

Specialisation Average Base Salary Per Year
International Business $68,000
Marketing $63,000
Finance $71,000
Business Management $66,000
Accounting $71,000
Entrepreneurship $61,000
Hospitality Management $59,000
Human Resources Management $61,000
Sports Management $54,000

Top Countries Offering BBA

Although the US, UK, Canada, and Germany are some of the most popular countries where international students prefer to pursue BBA, here is a list of other countries that offer the undergraduate program:












New Zealand









Hong Kong





South Korea

Top Universities in the World Offering BBA

Check out the top 15 universities in the world that offer BBA in a variety of specializations along with the first-year tuition fees:

Name of University


Type of University

First Year Tuition Fees (Approx.)

Harvard University



INR 38,70,000

University of Greenwich



INR 17,90,000

Memorial University of Newfoundland



INR 12,30,000

University of York



INR 28,40,000

California State University Los Angeles Campus



INR 29,50,000

Coventry University



INR 21,30,000

National University of Singapore



INR 22,90,000

University of Regina



INR 20,80,000

Thompson Rivers University



INR 15,10,000

Free University of Berlin



INR 1,40,000

Simon Fraser University



INR 22,00,000

University of Texas at Arlington



INR 33,70,000

The University of Illinois at Chicago



INR 27,70,000

Texas A & M University



INR 46,00,000

RMIT University



INR 20,00,000

How to Select the Right BBA University Abroad? 

Choosing a college for BBA in a foreign country might be a challenging feat. The plethora of alternatives accessible might make it difficult to choose the right and ideal university for studying BBA abroad after class 12th. Here is a list of things to think about while choosing the best BBA college abroad for your needs:

  • The location where you want to study.

  • International university rankings based on international level and subject.

  • Tuition and living expenses of the city.

  • International students' experiences at the university and in the city/country.

  • Scholarships availability.

  • The rate of return on your investment (ROI).

  • The curriculum of the BBA programme and faculty.

  • Job opportunities after the completion of the course. 

As previously said, a BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration teaches the fundamentals of all business operations such as marketing, finance, human resources, management, and so on to properly manage all areas of a corporation. 

BBM, or Bachelor of Business Management, seeks to prepare students to make management choices, lead teams, and manage a company's administration on an executive level. BBM also teaches students how to deal with clients in the most effective way possible. 

BBS, or Bachelor of Business Studies, is similar to BBA in that it emphasises experience rather than academic study. Business courses at BBS are blended with a practical and industry-based approach to developing graduates' business acumen. 





Full Course Name 

Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Management

Bachelor of Business Studies


Administrative Studies 

Management Studies 

Practical Approach and Industry-Based Studies 

Top Specialization 

  • Accounting

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Finance

  • Real Estate

  • Human Resource Managemen

  • Operations Management

  • International Business (IB)

  • Information Technology (IT)

  • Digital Marketing

  • Finance

  • Operations Management

  • Business Managemen

  • Information Systems

  • Industry Management

  • Accounting

  • Marketing

  • Information Systems

  • Supply Chain 

  • Logistics 

Future Scope and Job Prospects After BBA Abroad

After completing and studying BBA abroad after class 12th, the most common and widely chosen option is to pursue an MBA degree. However, it is always recommended to gain some work experience first before going for an MBA degree. It is extremely necessary for those who want to manage their business/start-up or take over their family firm to gain job experience before enrolling in a foreign MBA programme. This is because prior job experience helps you narrow down your area of interest throughout the MBA.

The US Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) projected that the employment of management graduates is likely to increase by 12% between 2014-2024. There has been an increase in the demand for skilled management in a wide range of industries. Today, BBA graduates abroad with the right experience and skills are among the world's highest-paid professionals.

Some of the biggest countries such as the US are always looking to acquire foreign talents especially to fill management positions. India, having a surplus of management graduates, can be a disadvantage to those studying BBA in the country, whereas other countries do not have a dearth of graduates in the field.

The employment rate in the management field is also estimated to grow by 5% from 2019 to 2029, creating close to 505,000 new jobs worldwide. The median annual wage for occupations in the area was $105,660 in 2019, which was the highest among all major occupational groups.

Here are some of the top positions that BBA graduates from foreign countries are more likely to be offered:

Job Role

Average Median Pay

Administrative Services Manager


Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Manager


Architectural and Engineering Manager


Compensation and Benefits Manager


Computer and Information Systems Manager


Construction Manager


Emergency Management Director


Farmers, Ranchers, and Other Agricultural Managers


Financial Manager


Food Service Manager


Human Resources Manager


Industrial Production Manager


Medical and Health Services Manager


Public Relations and Fundraising Manager


Source: US Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS)

We can conclude from reading the full article that BBA in India is a three-year programme that aims to give a foundation for managing business operations in a range of settings. It is often taught as a full-time course that includes project work as well as theoretical studies on technology and design patterns utilised in the organisation. In contrast, studying BBA abroad after class 12th is a four-year degree that gives applicants significantly greater experience through internships and project-based learning. One of the biggest advantages of pursuing a BBA abroad after class 12th is the possibility to obtain valuable job experience abroad. 

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What is the salary of a BBA graduate from abroad?

The salary of a BBA graduate from abroad can range from INR 8 lakhs to 15 lakhs per annum. Foreign universities offer carefully-structured courses that aim at elevating the skills of the students to marketable and employable levels. International BBA graduates can easily find job opportunities in Banks and investment firms, marketing companies, financial organisations, business consultancies, educational institutes, MNCs, export companies, etc.

What can I do after completing a BBA course from abroad?

You can explore various options after completing a BBA course from abroad. Students can go for an MBA programme abroad or even switch to other areas of study. Alternatively, BBA graduates can take up jobs at top companies such as:

  • FedEx Corporation

  • Marriott International

  • Cisco Systems

  • American Express

  • BMW

  • Hitachi Group

  • Textron

  • Microsoft

  • Goldman Sachs

  • McKinsey and Company

What is the scope after doing BBA from abroad?

The scope after doing BBA from abroad is wide and bright. BBA courses abroad ensure a broad spectrum of specialisations to hone a better skilled and focused set of students. They are constantly motivated by the university’s administration to pursue internships during their courses. Additionally, universities abroad make sure that students are provided with effective networking opportunities to further allow them to find high-salaried jobs in the country. 

Which country is the best to study BBA from abroad?

The best country to study BBA from abroad depends on how well the courses offered by the universities of the country match the requirements and goals of the student. Some of the most popular choices of Indian students to study BBA abroad are the US, UK, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Canada, Australia, UAE, Malaysia, Hong Kong and South Korea.

Which are the best colleges to study BBA from abroad?

The best colleges to study BBA from abroad could be decided on basis of their course delivery, syllabus, faculty, student-faculty ratio, specialisations offered, etc. The most popular universities among Indian students for BBA include Harvard University, University of Greenwich, Memorial University of Newfoundland, University of York and the National University of Singapore.

What is the average fee to study BBA from abroad?

The average fee to study BBA from abroad ranges from INR 15 lakhs to INR 25 lakhs. The overall amount depends on the university and the country chosen to pursue the programme. Studying abroad, in itself, is an expensive venture, however, BBA is a bachelor’s degree and is comparatively cheaper than a Master’s degree.

What are the minimum eligibility criteria to get admission to BBA abroad?

The minimum eligibility criteria to get admission to BBA abroad differs for different universities. Generally, universities abroad require BBA applicants to have completed their senior secondary education, that is 12th or 10+2. Students are also asked to provide test scores for standardised tests like SAT and ACT, and English proficiency exams like the IELTS, TOEFL, PTE or Duolingo.

How long is the BBA course abroad?

The length of BBA courses abroad varies from three to four years. The difference may be on the basis of the education system in the country or even the university. Some countries like the US, offer four-year Bachelor's degrees, while others like the UK offer BBA courses that can be completed in three years. International students may choose the country and university according to their unique requirements and future goals.

Is BBA abroad good for Indian students?

Yes, BBA abroad is good for Indian students. Students can benefit significantly from the wide range of course specialisations in BBA offered by foreign universities. Moreover, BBA degree from abroad is considered highly employable internationally. Students can not only land a lucrative job after graduation but also boost their chances of getting into an MBA degree abroad.

Can I study BBA from abroad?

Yes, you can study BBA abroad. BBA is a bachelor’s degree in business and administration. Indian students can pursue the course in varying study abroad destinations like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and New Zealand. The courses abroad offer a range of specialisations in BBA, ensuring flexibility and a diverse range of opportunities including higher education post-graduation.

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