PTE Exam 2023 - Dates, Full Form, Registration, Pattern, Eligibility, Syllabus

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Updated on Jun 01, 2023 7:27 PM IST

Pearson Test of English, popularly known as the PTE Exam, is one of the English proficiency tests required to study abroad at international universities. One of the reasons behind the popularity of the test is that the PTE Academic is known to be the fastest computer-based English test. It assesses a candidate on the basis of their listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills. The results of PTE Academic are typically available within two to five business days.

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What is PTE Academic Exam 2023?

For those who wish to study abroad, PTE Academic is an extremely popular and viable option to determine English language proficiency. It is well crafted for non-native speakers and measures accurately their expertise in the language. PTE Academic is a reputed and respected test trusted by educational institutions and governments across the world. There are around 400+ PTE test centres in over 50 countries that conducts test throughout the year.

Popular study abroad destinations like Australia, Canada, the UK, the USA, Germany, etc have given recognition to PTE Academic to assess the English language proficiency of their incoming batch for both undergraduate and graduate programs. Additionally, the test is now widely accepted for the application process for Australian and New Zealand visas and migration. 

There are numerous features of the PTE Academic exam that makes it different from all other English language examinations. The test scores, methodology of scoring and exam fees define the characteristics of the exam well. The PTE scores are comparatively more quickly delivered than other language proficiency tests. They get delivered within two days as the tests are fully online. It is most suitable for students who are neck to neck with their application deadlines. 

PTE Full Form

The full form of PTE is Pearson Test of English. The examination has received its name from its testing authority Pearson Language Tests which is a unit of the Pearson PLC group. The three types of PTE exams that are conducted by Pearson Language Tests are PTE Academic, PTE General and PTE Young Learners. The GMAC has endorsed PTE Academic and the test is administered through Pearson Virtual User Environment (VUE) centres. The PTE scoring scale and methods are designed to satisfy the CEFR levels. 

PTE Academic Highlights 2023

The following table represents general information about the PTE Academic 2023:

Exam Name

Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic

Accepted by

Universities and Colleges in Australia, the UK, the USA, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, Germany


Two hours (Since Nov 16, 2021)

Conducted by

Pearson VUE

Mode of Exam

Computer-based test

PTE Academic Fee

INR 14,700

Mode of PTE Exam

Online mode (at Home and at Test Centre)

Format of PTE Academic

Speaking and Writing



Colleges Accepting PTE Score

University of Illinois, Chicago, Auburn University, Adelphi University, American University, Colorado State University, George Mason University, Pace University, Aston University, Boston College, Pearson College London, Oxford University, London School of Business, Mcmaster University, Dalhousie University, Georgian College, Centennial University

Why PTE Academic is Taken?

Students who are still confused about whether they should take the PTE Academic test or not must know why it is a preferred test among study abroad aspirants. Check out the following pointers that testify to the popularity of the exam:

  • The acceptance of the PTE test is worldwide and the scoring is done via algorithm. It is popular in several countries and accepted for visa and immigration in some. 

  • As it is evaluated by a machine it is unbiased.

  • The grades are given based on individual responses and not against thousands of other preloaded responses.

  • The exam is extremely flexible and can be taken anytime during the week.

  • The multiple PTE centres help to quickly book the test.

  • One does not need to pay additional fees to send the scores to universities. One can send it to as many institutions as one wants.

PTE Academic Eligibility 2023

Pearson VUE (Virtual User Environment) has not specified any PTE exam requirements to appear for the test this year. Anyone who wishes to study or work abroad can attempt the PTE academic test. One thing you do need to keep in mind is that appearing for a PTE exam will not guarantee your admission to colleges abroad. You may be required to take different entrance tests apart from PTE and abide by other eligibility criteria set by the universities of your choice.

Given below are the general PTE Academic eligibility criteria, that you may be required to satisfy before applying for the test:

  • Candidates should be fluent or at least have a basic knowledge of the English language to take the PTE exam.

  • Any candidate above the age of 16 can apply for a PTE exam. However, there is no upper limit for the PTE Academic test assigned by the official administrator of the test. However, candidates below the age of 18 will have to fill up a consent form, signed by their parents.

  • There is no limit on how many times you can take the PTE academic test. According to official regulations, candidates can attempt as many retakes as they wish till they receive a good PTE result. But once a test has been attempted, candidates need to wait till the PTE exam results are published before booking a new test.  The next PTE academic test can be booked within five days of the publication of your scorecard.

  • If you want to pursue higher studies after 10th in an English-speaking country, you can attempt a PTE exam. As stated above, the PTE academic test can be taken by anyone above 16 years of age.

  • Any valid identity card including your passport will be accepted as proof of identification for a PTE exam.

  • In a PTE exam center, it is common to see 10-15 people take the test together. One should reach their designated PTE exam centre 30 minutes prior to the scheduled examination time. The identification will be done by the test administrators, subsequently guiding them through the entire PTE exam process. The PTE identity verification process includes:

    • Ensuring you have presented a valid identity card.

    • Clicking a digital photograph of the test-taker.

    • Entering a digital signature of a candidate.

    • The final step will include having the palm of the test-taker scanned.

Keeping true to its goal of being accessible to all, PTE exam centers offer special arrangements for people with special needs, of which some of the facilities have been mentioned below:

  • The PTE exam centers are accessible by wheelchairs.

  • Separate rooms are provided to those needing the same.

  • Monitor brightness can be adjusted according to people with short-sightedness or other eyesight issues.

  • An additional 10-minute break is provided to allow the test to go smoothly.

  • Equipment such as magnifying glasses and lamps are provided to facilitate the test.

PTE Academic Test Dates 2023

PTE exams are flexible tests allowing candidates to book test dates according to their convenience and availability. The flexibility in the examinations allows aspirants to schedule a PTE exam 24 hours in advance as well.

The things to check before selecting the test date:

  • Your commitments

  • Your preparation level for the test

  • Available PTE exam slots

Similar to other standardised tests, there is no definite date to take a PTE academic test. However, our recommendation is to book your PTE exam test date at least two weeks before the admission deadline of your desired universities abroad. Additionally, we also recommend allowing yourself enough time to prepare for the PTE exam, if wish to secure a good score.

According to the official website, there are more than 500 centers across the globe allowing study abroad aspirants to take the test easily. The PTE results are usually published quickly, i.e. within five business days. All the sections of a PTE exam are conducted on the same scheduled date thus allowing you to complete other important tasks without needing to keep yourself free for multiple days in order to complete the entire test.

The official administrator for the test has introduced a PTE Home version to allow candidates to book their test slots and attempt the exam from the comfort of their homes. Introduced during the peak pandemic, the PTE Home Edition was a means to allow aspirants to be on track for their international aspirations, without risking their health.

How to Book a PTE Exam Date?

If you have decided to attempt a PTE academic test this year, then complete the following steps to book a test date:

  • Log in to your PTE exam account.

  • Enter your credentials as mentioned on the identification card.

  • Choose whether you want to take PTE Academic or PTE General examination.

  • Select the most appropriate PTE exam center.

  • Choose the available PTE exam date.

  • Review or go through the chosen PTE exam date and location.

  • Pay the required PTE exam fees and take a printout of your acknowledgement slip.

The PTE exam centers may be functioning with limited seating due to public health restrictions. Therefore, check the dates for your PTE exam beforehand along with any other public health restrictions imposed by the state government or the central government in response to the pandemic.

PTE Academic Test Centers 2023

Candidates who are willing to take a PTE exam this year will find the appropriate test centres across major cities in the country. Pearson VUE has established designated PTE exam centres in each major town and city of India. When choosing a PTE test centre, it is important to look for the closest or the most accessible one. The location of a PTE exam center will be important as choosing the correct test center will save the time and energy you will need in travelling to and from the test center, thus, allowing you can give the exam with a fresh mind.

It is advisable to reach the designated PTE exam center 30 minutes before the starting time and get the verification done. With the recent changes in the test format as well as different PTE Exam offerings, candidates have been provided with the advantage of making their home a test center. As a result of the public health restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, test-takers are required to undergo temperature scanning, wear face masks, maintain physical distance, wash their hands frequently with sanitisers and abide by other public health rules. Candidates are allowed to, rather advised to, reschedule their PTE tests if they display symptoms of the virus or are sick.

Test-takers are required to carry the following items to their designated PTE exam center:

  • PTE Academic Hall Ticket

  • Identity card with photograph issued by the government. Usually, a passport is considered a preferred proof of identity.

  • Markers, reusable notepads, and water bottles will be provided in the designated PTE exam hall.

It should be noted that no pen and paper will be allowed to be carried inside the PTE exam center. All the precautionary measures taken are designed to prevent questions from leaking outside.

Candidates are not allowed to take anything out of the designated PTE exam center. Erasable notepads and markers are given to each of the candidates they can use if they need them and can be used by the next test-taker. Candidates are advised to be cautious of using the markers as they may dry out during their PTE exam time.

Here is the list of PTE exam centers located across major cities in India where the PTE academic test shall be conducted:

Ahmedabad Bangalore
Chennai Chandigarh
Cochin Coimbatore
Delhi/New Delhi Hyderabad
Gandhinagar Jalandhar
Ludhiana Noida
Kolkata Mumbai
Nagpur Patiala
Pune Rajkot
Vadodara Vijayawada

PTE Academic Exam Registration 2023

The registration process for the PTE exam is quite simple and is completed online via its official website. Candidates need not submit any paperwork as part of the entire registration process. Test-takers can take a PTE exam whenever they wish to as the tests are conducted throughout the year. In order to attempt the test, candidates need to complete the following the PTE Academic Registration process:

  • Step 1: Visit the official website for PTE Academic.

  • Step 2: Create your Pearson PTE account. For this, you will need to provide your personal information and login with the registered credentials. The instructions to fill out the form will be provided on online application form for the PTE exam. If you have created an account previously, you must sign in to proceed further.

  • Step 3: You will have to search for the appropriate PTE exam center.

  • Step 4: Select the appropriate PTE exam date, time, and location.

  • Step 5: Once done, you will have to pay the PTE exam fees.

The payment of the PTE exam fees will confirm your reservation of a seat for appropriate test. A confirmation email will be received on the registered email address on completion of the PTE exam application process.

Another method of applying to PTE Academic is by booking slots via a phone call. You will have to contact the appropriate call center and book the PTE exam subsequently. On successfully booking the test, you will receive a confirmation within two working days.

You will have to confirm the registration process by paying a PTE exam fees of INR 14,700, which includes the additional 18% GST costs. Once it is confirmed that the PTE exam fee has bee paid as part of your registration, you will receive a confirmation email. Payment can be made using the following methods:

  • Credit card - Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or JCB.

  • Debit Card - Visa or Mastercard.

  • Voucher payments can be used by candidates for payment of registration fees.

  • Voucher payments are non-refundable.

It must be noted that if the PTE exam fees is unpaid, the test will be canceled.

You can retake the test if your PTE results are unsatisfactory. You can do so by:

  • You will have to wait for the previous PTE result to be announced.

  • You can take a PTE exam five days after from the previous exam had been conducted.

  • As per current regulations, you can retake a PTE exam multiple times in a year.

Students interested in learning about the at home test for the test can visit PTE Academic Online Test page to learn more about the test.

PTE Academic Slot Booking 2023

Though a PTE exam is a comparatively new English language proficiency test, compared to its competitors, its acceptance rate is gradually surging across the universities of the world. The candidates are offered an unbiased and flexible online testing system by Pearson VUE. The quick results are also another reason why many aspiring students are now booking PTE exams. The Pearson group also helps the study abroad aspirants to prepare side by side for their PTE exam.

Candidates interested in attempting a PTE exam can book a slot by visiting the official website. Candidates will then be guided to select the country and purpose of appearing for a PTE exam. Select a PTE exam date, time, and centre, subsequently, recheck the details that have been submitted and confirm their booking by completing a PTE exam fees payment of INR 14,700.

A PTE exam slot can be booked numerous times but candidates need to wait for the results of the previous test to be published prior to booking the next slot. Now with the additional changes to the exam, Pearson VUE now allows candidates to make their PTE academic slot booking to take the test at home.

Always book a PTE exam slot after confirming that you have properly prepared for the test, subsequently scoring a good PTE result.

PTE Exam Fee 2023

As is common among standardised tests, interested candidates will be required to pay the PTE exam fee if they wish to take the test this year. Listed in the table below are the costs associated with the PTE exam for this year.


PTE Exam Fee

Standard PTE Academic Application Fee

INR 14,700 (inclusive of 18% GST)

PTE Academic Online Fee

INR 14,700 (Inclusive of 18% GST)

PTE Academic UKVI

INR 14,700 (Inclusive of 18% GST)

Rescheduling PTE Exam Fees - 14 Days Before Scheduled Date

Free (14 Days Before Scheduled Date)

Rescheduling PTE Exam Fees - 13 to 8 Days Before Scheduled Date

50% of Booking Fee

Rescheduling PTE Exam Fees - Seven Days Before Scheduled Date

100% of Booking Fee

Cancellation Refund - 14 Days Before Scheduled Date

Full Refund

Cancellation Refund - 13 - 8 Days Before Scheduled Date

50% Refund of Booking Fees

Cancellation Refund - Seven Days Before Scheduled Date

No Refund

Note: The PTE exam fees outlined in the table above are subject to change at the official administrator’s discretion. Therefore, it is advisable to check the PTE exam fees at the time of applying for the test.

PTE Academic Exam Pattern 2023

The PTE exam is your getaway to study in a foreign country, especially an English-speaking country, therefore, your grasp of the English language should be well good, especially in terms of interactions. All PTE exams are computer-based tests evaluating a candidate's English-speaking skills in three major sections, i.e.:

1. PTE Speaking and Writing

2. PTE Listening

3. PTE Reading

Name of the Examination

PTE Exam

Duration PTE Exam

Two hours

PTE Exam Sections


Mode of PTE Exam


Medium of Instruction in PTE Exam


Total number of questions in the PTE Exam


It is important to have an idea about the PTE exam format in order to score well on the test. The duration of the original PTE exam was three hours and could be taken across numerous test centres in India. Now, the PTE exam has been shortened to two hours from three hours and is now available as a PTE Academic Online test as well.


Time You should Allot

Speaking and Writing

54-67 minutes


29-30 minutes


39-43 minutes

PTE Academic Exam Pattern: Section-Wise Highlights

The following is an overview of the PTE Academic exam pattern:

Section 1 - The first section of a PTE exam is the speaking and writing section. This section consists of seven different types of questions that need to be answered and it is the longest of the three sections in a PTE exam.

A PTE exam has been designed to judge your ability to understand spoken English, especially in an academic environment. The speaking section will evaluate your speaking capacity, meanwhile, the PTE writing section will require you to respond to questions to evaluate your grammatical accuracy. This PTE exam section will include question types such as personal introduction, read aloud, repeat sentence, re-tell lecture, description of image, essay, short question answer, and summarization of text.

Section 2 - The listening section of a PTE exam consists of eight different types of questions. Audio and video clips will only be played once during the test, therefore, test-takers are advised to take notes to remember them. The type of questions included in the listening section of a PTE exam includes summarising spoken text, filling in the blanks, highlighting incorrect words, highlighting correct summary, multiple choice questions with single or multiple correct answers, selection of missing words, and writing from dictation.

Section 3 -The reading section of the PTE exam contains five questions. Candidates will see different types of questions in this section of the PTE exam such as multiple choice questions where an option is provided to choose a single answer or multiple answers, fill in the blanks, or re-ordering paragraphs.

PTE Exam Syllabus 2023

As stated above, a PTE exam is divided into three sections, i.e. the speaking and writing sections, the reading section and the listening section. Inevitably, the syllabus for the PTE exam, according to the official website, will also be different for each section.

PTE Exam Syllabus: Writing and Speaking section

1. Personal Introduction - Here you need to introduce yourself. You will get 25 seconds for the prompt and 30 seconds to record your response.

2. Read aloud - For this type of question in the Speaking and Writing Section of the PTE exam, candidates will be required to read aloud the text that appears on the screen.

3. Repeat the sentence - Here, candidates will be asked to repeat a sentence once it has been spoken/heard.

4. Describe an image - Candidates will be required to describe an image as and when the same appears on the screen.

5. Re-Tell Lecture - Candidates will be asked to describe a lecture after watching a video or hearing audio.

6. Answer a short question - This PTE question type requires candidates to present answers to be written in one or a few words.

7. Summarise written test - A summary of a text has to be written by candidates for the PTE exam this year.

8. Essay - Candidates must present a 200-300 word essay in response to a particular topic.

PTE Exam Syllabus: Reading Section

1. Fill in the blanks - A text comprising 300 words will be asked during the PTE exam this year. Test-takers must fill in the blanks by dragging boxes.

2. Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers - A multiple-choice question on the tone and content of the text will be presented as questions for this year's PTE exam.

3. Re-order paragraph - Here, candidates will see several disorganized boxes containing different sentences appear. They will be asked to drag and place these boxes in the correct order, as per the discretion of the test-taker. 

4. Multiple Choice, Single Answer - Candidates, here, will be asked to attempt multiple-choice questions wherein only a single answer will be the correct answer for each question.

PTE Exam Syllabus: Listening Sections

1. Summarize spoken test - Test-takers will be asked to write down a summary of 50-70 words after listening to audio.

2. Multiple choice, multiple answers - Similar to the same question type in the reading sections of the PTE exam, candidates will be asked to select the right answer or answers after listening to audio.

3. Fill in the blanks - Several gapped transcripts of a recording will be presented as questions in the PTE exam on the screen.

4. Highlight the correct summary - Candidates will be asked to choose an appropriate summary after listening to a recording once.

5. Multiple choice, single answer - During the PTE exam, a recording will play and the test-taker will be asked to choose the correct answer, according to them.

6. Highlight the incorrect words - Candidates will be required to hear a recording and select the word that is different from the audio they heard during the PTE exam.

7. Select missing word - Similar to the above type of question, here candidates will be asked to select the missing word after hearing an audio 

8. Write from Dictation - Test-takers must type a sentence after listening to audio.

PTE Academic Preparation Tips 2023

Among the popular universities accepting a PTE result, a good institution will generally accept a PTE Academic score of 60 and above. To score high in the PTE exam this year, you need to be prepared well in advance. The PTE exam is conducted throughout the year, therefore, it is advisable to appear only when you are confident in succeeding. The first thing you need to possess is to have a clear-cut idea of the PTE exam pattern and syllabus. Only then you will be armed with strategies to score well in the PTE exams.

Listed below are some preparation tips and tricks for PTE Academic to help you score 60 or above on the test.

1. The first step is for you to evaluate your current proficiency level in the English language. Your understanding of your level of proficiency in the English language will give you an edge above the others. Moreover, you will have a better understanding of your weaker sections in the PTE exam.

2. Get clarity on the PTE exam pattern. Understand the syllabus, i.e. topics and subjects, and the types of questions expected in this year's exam. The PTE exam contains 3 sections, Speaking and Writing, Reading, and Listening with specific time duration for each section.

3. Understand the scoring pattern of the PTE exam. Some questions check your responses while others check your accuracy along with your response and the formal aspects along with its quality.

4. Familiarize yourself with the computer-based PTE exam. Take time to improve your typing speed since the PTE exam has now been shortened to two hours, therefore, your typing skills should be fast and accurate to ensure you are able to score well.

5. Seek PTE exam or English language guidance from quality preparation material. Candidates can make use of several books, and practice papers that are available online and offline.

6. If you do not feel confident, then there are several coaching centres that offer relevant training to attempt such standardised tests. Seeking guidance from experienced faculty is important as they can guide you through the topics and provide effective tips and tricks on how to score well in the PTE exam.

7. Attempt sample computerized PTE exams or PTE mock tests free of cost, to get a real understanding of the examination.

8. During PTE exams, it is advisable to keep making notes as some audio can only be played once and there are chances that you may miss some important sections of the audio.

9. In the speaking section of the PTE exam, it is important to speak fluently with your own accent. PTE exams do not require you to put on a foreign accent for the test.

10. For the PTE exam writing section, separate your essay responses into three different parts introduction, body and conclusion.

PTE Exam Best Books 2023

Candidates interested in pursuing the PTE exam are taken by one of the leading publishing houses Pearson PLC so there are abundant resources to study from for the test. The following are some of the best books to help you score high on the PTE Academic exam:

1. The Official Guide to PTE Academic - The Official Guide to PTE Academic is considered to be one of the best books to start with as it is designed by the official administrators of the test. The book serves as a guide to introduce candidates to the PTE exam and helps run them through the exam pattern, from the breakdown of test scores to various terminologies. While the PTE practice book addresses each section of any PTE exam, you can find access to a stock of more than 100 PTE mock test papers.

2. Expert PTE Academic Coursebook B1 & B2 - This book offers academic challenges for all aspiring test-takers as it contains higher-level questions that are about to attempt the PTE exam this year. The PTE practice book takes you through several strategies to score well on the test. You can access “My English Lab” by Pearson from this book.

 3. PTE Academic Practice Test Plus – Volume 1 and 2 - The PTE Academic Practice Test Plus contains two volumes to help test-takers practice for the test. The book is considered to be a treasure house of question papers which have appeared in past years. It also gives test-takers access to materials for the PTE exam listening tasks.

4. Wiley’s PTE Advantage For The Academic Module (WIND) - This is one of the best study materials for Indian students planning to attempt the PTE exam this year. This practice book offers a wide range of prep tips, strategies and PTE practice papers free with the book along with answers. The book further explains the break-up of the PTE exam question paper very well. The book can be extremely useful as it offers access to an online PTE mock test free of cost while also offering 3 PTE practice tests free with answers.

5. PTE Academic Official Vocabulary 2020-2021 - Having a vast vocabulary is extremely crucial if you wish to pass any English Proficiency test, especially the PTE exams. Therefore, if you wish to expand your vocabulary, this book contains the necessary words and phrases that you might need to ace the real PTE exam.

6. The PTE Academic Official Preparation App - Unlike much another English proficiency test, Pearson VUE offers an official app where candidates will find interactive questions to help them practice PTE online. The official app for the PTE exam also offers a guide to boost your performance for the test. The app also contains a PTE study plan that helps you to progress every day.

PTE Practice Papers 2023

Attempting sample tests as preparation for any test has been known to be an influential element of confidence for any test-taker. Similarly, a PTE practice test can be an effective preparation strategy to enhance their confidence in the test. Further, PTE practice tests also help candidates quantify their preparation for the test and analyse their efforts involved to prepare for the test.

A PTE practice test can be divided into 3 subsections where the writing and speaking sections are clubbed together and keeping the reading and listening sections separately, as seen in the original test. Each section of a PTE exam will include a different number of questions with the time limit for each part being allotted ahead of time. The PTE practice tests help to acclimatise you to the actual testing environment, all the while improving your speed and accuracy for the PTE exam as well. The official website for the PTE exam also offers a wide selection of PTE mock tests.

PTE mock tests are available in two formats:

  • PTE Mock Test in PDF format - These PTE mock tests can be downloaded by any aspiring test-taker at any time throughout the year allowing you to practice for the renowned English proficiency test this year.

  • Online PTE Mock Test - The online PTE mock test is considered to be similar to the actual PTE exam. This mock test will be a timed practice test, thus, further allowing you to get scores within an hour. Attempting online mock tests will help you to understand your proficiency level and you can work accordingly on areas of your weakness. Those choosing to take the online PTE mock tests will have access to five sets of tests, each containing different questions.

As you may have heard from experts, the more you practice PTE online the more you may feel confident and comfortable with the PTE exam pattern. It will also help you enhance your time management skills while also allowing you to score high marks. Inevitable, securing high PTE results will directly affect your chances of being enrolled in the course and college of your choice. The candidates opting for timed score tests can purchase the same from the official website.

PTE Academic Question Papers 2023

While a candidate is preparing for their PTE exam, it is important to devote at least two to three months to a dedicated PTE study plan. No test preparation can be completed with attempting either PTE mock tests or PTE academic question papers.

As has been detailed above, a PTE exam checks the varied skills of an aspirant and hence it is quintessential for the candidate to focus minutely on each section to score high. The best part of any PTE exam is that the official website provides numerous PTE practice question banks for candidates to practice properly for the test. Pearson VUE has offered immense opportunities to the candidates to observe the PTE exam pattern and syllabus from the comfort of their home while also practice them side by side.

When you practice PTE mock tests, you can use the opportunity to efficiently manage your time, evaluate your preparation level for the test, help setting achievable goals while giving you a broad overview of your scoring possibilities in the actual PTE exam.

Working on vocabulary, grammar, language use, speed, and efficiency by attempting PTE question papers will increase your chances of securing high scores on the PTE exam. 

PTE Results 2023

Commonly, the official results of a PTE exam are published within five days of the scheduled exam, however, according to Pearson PTE, candidates usually receive their scores within 48 hours of taking the test.  As you finish the testing process you will be notified via email regarding your score report card explaining how you can access your PTE results. However, candidates are required to log in to their "my PTE" account online and check their marks.

For the benefit of the candidates, the PTE Academic results are presented in PDF format. However, if you wish to submit the scores to an institution, you will be required to send in your PTE results via the official website. The scorecard outlines your performance in all three sections of the PTE exam and usually ranges between 10 to 90. According to official exam policies, the PTE results are valid for two years and can be used at the institution of your choice for the purpose of admissions. It should be noted that no additional charge is applicable for sending the PTE results through the official website to different institutions.

The official PTE result scorecard will usually contain the following details:

  • Candidate's Photograph

  • ID

  • Email ID

  • Gender

  • Citizenship

  • Test date

  • Name and ID of the PTE exam centre

  • Number of PTE exam attempts

  • Date of PTE result scorecard issue

  • Date of validity for PTE results

  • Overall PTE results

  • Breakdown of PTE results

In the process of calculating the PTE results, they first calculate the score associated with enabling skills then communicative skills spread meticulously throughout the speaking, writing, reading, and listening sections of the PTE exam. The average of all 3 sections is then rounded off to get the final PTE result.

For those interested in sending in their PTE results to the appropriate institutions abroad, they should complete the following steps:

  • Log in to your "My PTE" account.

  • View the PTE exam scorecard.

  • Choose the option “ Send Scores”.

  • Search the name of the institute under “Institution/Organization/Department/School” option and select the appropriate institution.

  • Review the details.

  • Complete the steps as instructed by the website once the institutions have been selected.

Commonly, a PTE result higher than 60 is considered a good score for the purpose of admissions, thus, is widely accepted by universities worldwide. Therefore, it is important to check the cut-off scores of the respective institutions to understand the minimum PTE results you need to be considered eligible for admissions.

Some universities often provide IELTS or TOEFL scores and their PTE score equivalent for admission requirements. Check out the PTE Score Chart for IELTS and TOEFL score conversion.

PTE Exam Cutoff 2023

The cut-off for PTE exams is not set by the official administrator of the test. Similar to the cut-off for other standardised tests, the PTE Academic cut-offs depend on a few factors like:

  • The choice of course

  • The College/University where you wish to complete your higher studies

  • The popularity of the selected university

  • The competition to get into the selected university

As can be expected, some colleges enrol applicants if they have scored high while others enrol candidates who have secured a comparatively lower PTE result. An average PTE result of 60 is considered good to enrol into a popular university abroad. However, some colleges and universities abroad usually accept PTE results as low as 53. The PTE scores contain the overall scores of an individual along with the communicative skill scores and enabling skill scores.

1. Communicative Skill Scores - It checks the scores of listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills in the PTE exam.

2. Enabling Skill Scores - This checks grammar, fluency, spelling, pronunciation, written discourse, and vocabulary of the test-taker.

Countries Accepting PTE Results 2023

The USA - Universities and colleges across the USA accept a score of 65 or higher in the PTE exam, whereas, other colleges may accept scores of 55. At Harvard University, the cut-off for PTE exam is set at 75, while, at Stanford, applicants are considered eligible with a PTE result of 68. The University of Buffalo and the University of Illinois consider PTE results of 55 for the purpose of admissions.

Canada - Across colleges and universities in Canada, the cut-off for PTE exams is at renowned institutions such as Ottawa University, University of Calgary are mostly set at scores higher than 60.

The UK - Among the universities accepting a PTE result include some of the top universities in the UK, a highly sought country among international students. For instance, the Oxford University has set a minimum PTE result requirement at 66 or above, whereas, Glasgow University, the University of East London, and the King's College accept the PTE results of 59 and above for the purpose of admissions.

Other than the colleges and universities located in countries mentioned above, the EU Business Schools at Barcelona and Munich accept international applicants who have scored a PTE result of 60 or higher to any of its scores.

PTE Exam Acceptance 2023

With over 3000 institutions worldwide acceptingthe PTE results as proof of language proficiency, the PTE examcan be used to study in over 70 countries offering English-taught programmes. Among the top institutions accepting PTE results includeOxford University,Yale University, Harvard Business school and many more.

Moreover, the PTE results are also accepted forvisa and immigration purposes in top countries like the UK, New Zealand, and Australian governments, in addition to enrollingin yourdesired college abroad.Moreover, eachyear, an increasing number ofstudents are applying for PTE exams and are using the results for the purpose of getting admitted to their dream university abroad. The following are among the top countries for PTE Academic exam acceptance:

The USA-The USA has cast a stint on international students by providing extremely competitivequality of education and is home to some of the top institutes anywhere in the world. The universities in the US acceptinga PTE resultof 60 and above includeAuburn University, Baylor University, California State University, Columbia University, Dartmouth College, and many more.

Canada-If you wishto fly off to Canada, then the land of maples will offeryou untapped possibilities totop-notch educationbenefittingyour academic prospects. The top Canadian institutes that accept PTE resultsno less than 60for international student admissions includeAlgomaUniversity,British Columbia University, Concordia Univesity,Dalhousie University, York University, and others.

The UK- For centuries, universities in the UK are renowned for delivering world-class education to its students. Most of thecolleges and universities in the UK accept PTE results of 59 and above. Someof these top UK universities accept PTE scores includeareAston University,Boston College,Oxford University, Chester University, and London School of Business.

Switzerland - Studying in Switzerland has beenexhilarating and enriching for many international students from around the world. Unlike before,colleges in Switzerland also acceptPTE results for the purpose of enrolling interntional students. Some of these universities include the International University in Geneva, The University of St. Gallen, and Webster University.

Germany - Offering high value courses to higher education aspirants, Germany becomeshome tomore than 3 lakh international students each year. Some of the top German institutions such as Coburg University of Applied Sciences & Arts, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg ( FAU), SRH Fernhochschule, and Technische Hochschule Deggendorf of Germany accept PTE resultsas proof of language proficiency.

Australia-The country of koalas and kangaroos has beenone of tthe topstudy abroad destinations among prospective international students around the world.Some of the top Australian institutionsthat accept the PTE results includeUniversity of Melbourne, University of Sydney, University of Queensland, and Monash University.

PTE Exam Coaching Center 2023

As it continues to become one of the more popular English proficiency tests in the world, preparing for PTE exams will become even more crucial, especially since more and more institutions begin to accept PTE exam scores.

Therefore, finding the most appropriate and effective PTE exam coaching center will be the first step in your preparation process. While you may not be able to find PTE exam-specific coaching centres, you may find English language coaching centres near you. Therefore, to distinguish between a good English coaching centre and a great English coaching centre, you should ensure that the following requirements are met:

  • Individualised PTE Study Plan designed and conformed around your requirements and commitments.

  • Personalised evaluation sessions to help you gauge your progress in preparing for the PTE exam.

  • Extra classes and result-oriented strategies to help ensure you score the highest possible PTE result.

  • Customised questions and quizzes to enhance your aptitude for the PTE exam, along with question banks for the purpose of revision.

  • The opportunity to connect with experienced faculty to tackle challenges in your preparation for the PTE exam that are unique to you.

PTE Academic Conducting Body

Pearson VUE, the official administrator for PTE Academic, is popular for delivering millions of tests for over 450 clients from a broad range of industries and sectors including health care, government, information technology, financial services, military, and academia. Every year, millions of people across the globe take these tests. Those who are seeking professional growth or preparing for a post-graduate program, as well as those who want to immigrate, take the test. The tests are carried out in the most secure testing environments.

The accomplishment of the PTE exam is to recognise the different functionality of the English language in two distinct areas. While academics and personal life are not essentially different, both the scenarios require or use different practices, language usage, culture and norms. Identification of the same led the body to develop the PTE exam into two formats; 4-test and 2-test. This is recognised as the authority's ability to grasp the pulse of language usage.

FAQs on PTE Academic Overview

What is PTE full form?

The PTE full form is Pearson Test of English. The conducting body of the exam is Pearson Language Tests, a part of the Pearson PLC group. The test is garnering popularity among test-takers who wish to study or immigrate abroad. Like all other English language tests, PTE also checks the writing, reading, listening and speaking skills.

Is PTE Academic free?

No, PTE Academic is not free. In India, the test costs INR 14,700 including 18% GST. However, you can open the PTE account for free. If you wish to book, cancel or re-schedule a test, you will have to pay the charges as mentioned on the PTE website. After full payment, a test is booked.

Is PTE Academic easier than IELTS?

None of the two tests (PTE Academic and IELTS) is easier than the other. The difficulty levels of both IELTS and PTE Academic are usually considered the same. PTE does not need you to wait between sections. Therefore you have to spare less time while you appear for the PTE. It is quick and reliable.

Is PTE Academic easier than TOEFL?

Compared to the TOEFL, PTE Academic is considered easier since it is unbiased. However, it completely depends on the candidate. Understanding the TOEFL score is easier as all the sections are scored separately. If you want your results to be quickly out, then you can choose PTE.

What does PTE Academic evaluate?

PTE Academic evaluates the English language proficiency of candidates who are non-native English speakers. It is known to be the fastest computer-based English test that assesses a candidate on the basis of their listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills. Being fully computerised, it is free from human bias and displays transparency in the marking scheme.

Will I be penalized in speaking tasks for not having an accent from a native English speaking country?

No, you will not be penalized in speaking tasks of the PTE for not having an accent from a native English speaking country. PTE Academic has been designed to recognize speech from non-native speakers of English representing over 100 different native languages and hence you can easily speak in the accent in which you are comfortable expressing yourself.

Do I need computer skills to take the PTE test?

While you do not need any special computer skills, you should know some basics about operating the computer to give the PTE test. To familiarise yourself with the online test pattern, you may review the test preparation resources. You also take one of Pearson VUE's Scored Practice Tests to get used to the timing and moving through each type of question.

On the day of the exam, can I leave early if I finish the test?

Yes, if you finish the PTE test, you can leave the test early on the day of the exam. You can raise your hand to draw the attention of the test administrator and ask him/her to give you permission to leave. Once the PTE test administrator is satisfied that your examination is completed and submitted, you are free to leave the hall.

On the exam day, what happens if I have to leave for an emergency?

On the PTE exam day, if you have to leave for an emergency you can raise your hand and explain your situation to the invigilator. They will advise you further. You can act according to the suggestion received from the invigilator. You can reschedule your PTE test free of charge within 14 days.

Do I have to take PTE Academic in my home country?

No, it is not mandatory for you to take PTE Academic in your home country. You can take PTE Academic from the test centres around the world. Make sure you check what type of ID you have to use. Refer to the Acceptable ID policy for PTE. If you are outside your home country, you will probably be asked to show your passport at the test centre. You will also need a valid visa to appear for the test.

How many times can I take the PTE Academic test?

You are allowed to take the PTE Academic test as many times as you want. The only condition is that you must wait to receive your scores of the previous test before you can book your next PTE test. The result is usually declared within five working days, thereby, enabling you to take the test anytime after that.

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