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Updated on Feb 15, 2023 11:51 PM IST

For better preparation, candidates must attempt the GMAT Practice Test series. Solving practise papers for GMAT, as well as previous question papers is considered a good strategy for the prospective test-takers of the exam. 

The more practice test series are attempted, the greater improvement candidates will notice in their preparation for the test. The official website of GMAT allows candidates to attempt the GMAT mock test series so that they can practice and study the test well by understanding the exam pattern and syllabus in a clear and distinctive manner. 

On this page, you can find out the steps to avail of the GMAT practice test series and start attempting to grasp the gist of the world-renowned test.

What is the Importance of GMAT Practice Tests 2023?

Find out why attempting GMAT practice tests is important:

  • If you want to know the exam pattern and syllabus in a detailed manner then you must start attempting the practice tests for GMAT. This will help you to know the exact pattern and syllabus.

  • Attempting more and more practice tests, you can keep a strong grip over the syllabus and topics that are will be asked in the examination.

  • The GMAT Practice tests also help you improve your time-management skills for the main examination, allowing you to efficiently and correctly provide all the answers without wasting too much time.

  • It makes you aware of the environment that you are about to face during the actual GMAT examination.

  • Solving practice tests for GMAT are considered to be one of the best ways to comprehensively prepare for an examination.

  • Solving practice tests can help you be efficient in answering the difficult and tricky questions in GMAT.

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Quick Look at the GMAT Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme

  • GMAT is an examination conducted in online mode. Read: Updated Exam Pattern

  • The syllabus for GMAT consists of four different sections Verbal Section, Quantitative Section, Integrated Reasoning Section and Analytical Writing Assessment Section.

  • There will be a total of 79 questions that need to be answered in 3 hours (2 Hours and 45 Minutes for the exam and 15 minutes to check into the online proctored system).

  • There are different time slots assigned for different sections of the GMAT question paper. The Section Order for the GMATOnline exam will remain fixed: Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Integrated Reasoning.

  • The score range of GMAT usually lies between 200-800.

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FAQs on GMAT Practice Papers

How to analyse the performance in GMAT practice exams?

The GMAT practice papers offered by GMAC give detailed information about your performance in the practice exams. Therefore, it becomes easy for you to understand your performance level. However, to evaluate your performance on a GMAT practice test, candidates must refer to the answer sheet provided with the practice test and cross-check the correct answers with the one you provided.

What is the GMAT practice or mock test?

GMAT practice or mock tests are known as prep tests/exams. They help candidates get an idea of the type of questions, exam structure, scoring algorithm, time management, real exam environment, and so on. Candidates can get a feel of the questions they might encounter in the real exam and get the opportunity to prepare themselves accordingly.

Are GMAT practice exams available for free?

Only GMAT practice exams 1 and  2 offered by GMAC are free. For all the other practice exams, you would have to pay a fee. Nonetheless, you can find other free GMAT practice exams available on the internet from which you can practice for the GMAT exam. But we will suggest you use paid question papers as they are more authentic.

What after taking GMAT practice exams?

After attempting the GMAT practice exams, you must assess your weak points and work on them to obtain a better score on the test. It is crucial to assess weaknesses as questions may come from those areas and you may get them wrong if not practised and improved beforehand.

Are GMAT practice paper exams timed?

Yes, the GMAT practice tests available on the official website of GMAC are timed. You will also get time management reports after taking them. In this way, you will be able to assess the time you are taking to complete the GMAT practice papers and understand whether you should work on your speed or not.

Is the level of questions in GMAT practice test papers available online similar to the original GMAT?

Yes, GMAT practice tests and the real GMAT test are similar following the same exam format, difficulty, type of question, and scoring algorithm. The GMAT questions in the exam adapt to the difficulty level of students. Therefore it is necessary that test-takers practice questions from easy to moderate to difficult levels if they wish to score high.

How many GMAT practice exams should I attempt?

You can attempt at least 10 to 15 GMAT practice paper exams. Our recommendation to students is to try and attempt as many GMAT practice tests as possible. Attempting one GMAT practice test is important, but there is no limit to attempting as many practice tests as possible.

How to access GMAT practice tests?

To access GMAT practice tests, you can visit the official website for GMAC and search for the same. There are different GMAT practice books available on the market that also contain a set of practice tests for GMAT, which will also be helpful in your preparation for the test.

Do I need to answer all questions on the practice paper for the GMAT test?

While it is not compulsory to answer all the questions on the practice paper for the GMAT, it is better to answer as many questions as possible. Attempting GMAT practice tests can help you attempt as many questions as possible, giving you the chance to score the highest possible.

When should I take GMAT practice exams?

The ideal time to attempt GMAT practice exams is when you are halfway through your preparation for the test. Once you have somewhat of an idea of what could be asked in the test, attempting practice tests can vastly improve your chances of scoring better. You can keep taking practice tests till you are confident.

Do GMAT practice tests use the same scoring algorithm?

Yes, the GMAT practice tests use the same scoring algorithm as the actual GMAT exam. This is to make sure that students study with confidence knowing what the GMAT exam is really like.

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