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Updated on Mar 20, 2023 6:57 PM IST

The Duolingo English Test registration process is easy and can be done online from anywhere worldwide. You can register for the test just a few minutes before taking the test and start your test. No separate test dates are defined to appear for Duolingo English Test. All you need to do is follow the instructions and abide by the rules & regulations of the Duolingo English Test. At the time of Duolingo registration, you need to make payment of the test fee to complete the registration process. 

The candidate must have a computer/ laptop and a good internet connection to register for the test. Also, the test uses an online payment mode to accept payments toward the Duolingo registration fee.

How to Register for the Duolingo English Test?

The Duolingo English test registration is quite easy and simple and will not give any trouble to first-timers. It is possible to register for the test and attempt it. Being a completely online test, it can be taken from anywhere at any time. The step-by-step Duolingo application process is given below:

Duolingo Registration Process

  • Step 1: Visit the Duolingo English Test's official website.
  • Step 2: Click on “Purchase the Test” to register for it.

  • Step 3: Enter personal details including Email ID and age. Or else, you can log in using an email account.

  • Step 4: Upload all the supporting documents to register for the DET exam.

  • Step 5: Make payment to complete the successful registration.

Documents Required to Register for Duolingo English Test

There are no specific age or academic criteria for taking the Duolingo English Test. Students of any age or class can easily take the exam. There are no restrictions or parental consent required. To take the test, it is necessary to prove identity by producing official documents related to identity. The IDs that are considered for Duolingo registration are:

  • Passport

  • Government ID

  • Driver’s License

Indian students must note that only a passport is accepted as identity proof for Duolingo English Test registration. A driving license, pan card or Aadhar card cannot be submitted as proof.

Duolingo English Test Registration Fee

It is possible to take Duolingo at a relatively lower rate than other proficiency tests which cost somewhere between USD 150 and USD 200. The Duolingo exam fee is USD 49 for each attempt.

The payment can be made online using debit or credit cards or online banking facilities.

Also, you can send the test score reports to as many universities as you want without having to spend extra bucks. They do not charge extra money for this purpose.

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Duolingo English Test Payment Methods

Duolingo English Test accepts online payments through the following methods:

  • Card Payment (Credit or Debit)

  • PayPal (Unique Online Payment platform)

Note: The payment has to be made before attempting the test.

Duolingo English Test Rescheduling Or Cancellation

Duolingo English Test format has a norm that once the payment has been completed, the applicant is allowed to take the test at any time within the next 21 days. The candidate can schedule their test as per their comfort within this duration.

If the candidate doesn’t attempt the test in the 21 days duration, the test is considered canceled. However, no refund will be processed if a candidate cancels or fails to take the Duolingo test.

Hardware and Software Requirements for Duolingo

The Duolingo English Test can be taken on a desktop or laptop with Windows or macOS. The test will not work on a Chromebook, iPad, tablet or any other cellular device. The test also does not support Chromium or the Linux operating systems. The computer and laptop must have certain specific devices:

  • Microphone

  • Front facing camera

  • Speaker

Besides hardware and software, students require a quiet and well-lit room, 60 minutes of free time for the test and a stable internet connection.

Important Points To Remember While Registering For Duolingo English Test

Though the Duolingo English Test registration process is simple for test takers, it requires certain precautions on the part of the candidates. The pre-processing step of Duolingo includes only the registration process and the details that one will provide in this step shall eventually reflect on the score certificate as well. The precautionary steps include:

  • Once the payment is done, the registration of the test is complete.

  • The time deadline of 21 days must be taken seriously by candidates.

  • Ensure that the test is taken within the time frame and do not miss the deadline of the same.

  • Students who fail to attempt the test within the deadline of 21 days from the payment do not get any refund. 

  • Take the Duolingo practice test before registration so that you can anticipate the Duolingo exam pattern and the type of questions that are supposed to come in the exam.

  • Consult the result and scoring guide with other English language tests to get an idea of the required score. 

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FAQs on Duolingo English Test Registration

When should I register for Duolingo?

You can register for the Duolingo English Test just before taking the test. Duolingo English test is known to be affordable and available for only USD 49. Test takers can easily register and attempt the test as there is no deadline or a fixed schedule for the test. If submitting scores to universities, registration must be done at least 2 months before the deadline.

Will I receive a refund in case there is an issue with Duolingo?

You will receive a refund in case there is an issue with the Duolingo English test. Duolingo either provides a refund for the affected test or tries to resolve the issue. The refund is only available if the service issue has arisen and not because of any fault on part of the user. The refund amount differs based on the type of issue.

What is the procedure to receive a refund for Duolingo?

The procedure to receive a refund for the Duolingo English test is to claim it in writing with Duolingo, within 24 hours of the occurrence of such tissue. To receive the refund, the user must not directly or indirectly have caused the test issue and must have also met the requirements before taking the test.

How often can I register for Duolingo?

You can register for the Duolingo English test as many times as you want. The only rule is that there cannot be more than 2 certificates generated within 30 days. Hence, there is no limit on taking the test or registering for the test, but, there is a limit on the number of certificates that can be generated.

What is the registration fee for Duolingo?

The registration fee for Duolingo is USD 49 for a single attempt. It is one of the goals of the Duolingo authorities that education is made affordable and accessible to all sectors of society. Hence, the registration fee is kept affordable and quite low in comparison to other proficiency tests.

Is it possible to cancel the registration for Duolingo?

It is possible to cancel the registration for Duolingo. You can either cancel it just after registering for the test or at any time within the 21 days granted to attempt the test. Duolingo authority does not charge any additional fee to cancel the registration, however, it also does not grant any refund on such action.

Is it possible to reschedule for Duolingo?

It is possible to reschedule for the Duolingo English test. The candidate can choose to attempt the test at any time within 21 days, however, if they believe they cannot attempt it within this duration, they can cancel and reschedule the test. The reschedule shall be counted as a new registration and shall require payment of a new fee of USD 49.

How long does it take to register for Duolingo?

It does not take too long to register for the Duolingo English test. The candidates who are interested in taking the test can register by going to the official site of the Duolingo English test. The whole process shall take only about half an hour or so. You shall only need to provide identification details and payment for registration.

What are the documents required to register for Duolingo?

The documents required to register for the Duolingo English test include personal details, identification proof, and payment details. The process of registration for Duolingo is not too extensive and is quite accessible. One can easily register for the test by going to the site and feel in all the required details, which after submission shall lead to the payment portal.

Is an Aadhar Card a valid identification proof to register for Duolingo?

Aadhar card is a valid identification proof to register for the Duolingo English test. The identification proof is government-generated and recognised proof of citizenship and personal details in India. It is therefore a valid identification proof to register for the Duolingo English test. Alternatively, other identifications such as driving license, passport, and voter ID can also be used.

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