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Studying Abroad FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 2024

Can you tell me what the employment scene in XYZ University is?

It is a little difficult to give any accurate and specific information about the employment scenario of a particular university because the employment scenario changes with the economy from year to year. The only parameter that gives some indication about the employment scenario is the ‘Recruiter Assessment Score’. This is based on information collected by US News. All American based companies are asked to rank the different universities on a scale of 0 to 5 (5 being the highest possible score). The average of all the scores for a particular university given by the different companies gives the ‘Recruiter Assessment Score’. However, this score is not specific to any particular department. The Recruiters Assessment Score can be used only as a comparison tool, and not an absolute number. In general, it might be safe to say that the employment opportunities are better in the top 20-25 universities than in the other universities. The employment situation of a university is dependent on the location of the university to some extent. For example, Syracuse University (NY), which is ranked 55 for electrical engineering will have better employment opportunities than University of Notre Dame (IN), which is ranked 38. However, it will not have better job opportunities than Ohio State University (OH), which is ranked 24. In general, good-average universities in Texas, New York-New Jersey general area and California have good job opportunities.

Can you let me know of a few organisations I can contact for evaluation of my transcripts and academic credentials?

There are a number of organisations that provide evaluations for academic credentials. - World Evaluation Services (www.wes.org) - Educational Credential Evaluators (www.ece.org) - AACRAO (www.aacrao.org) - Josef Silny & Associates, Inc. (www.jsilny.com) If a university requires an external organisation to evaluate and convert the GPA, they would usually recommend the names of the preferred organisations to choose from

What is an official transcript ? Who will give it to me ?

Transcripts are compiled mark sheets that are issued by the academic institutions attended by a student. For these to be considered ‘Official’, they need to be attested, sealed and stamped by the issuing authority at the attended institution. They can be in two forms: a) Compiled form with grades from all semesters incorporated in 1 marks card, known as the Consolidated Transcript or b) individual semester-wise marks cards.

I have my passport and I-20. Why do I need visa counselling ?

For the Visa officer, each individual applying for any type of Visa is a potential immigrant. To tackle the same, our Visa Counselling Service team has designed a unique ‘360 degree approach', wherein a credible case is developed for the student regarding how a university in the U.S. is an appropriate intermediate destination en route to a successful career in India. There are a myriad of value-added elements included in our Visa Counseling Service, such as the advisory on the selection of relevant documents, and on the appropriate presentation of finances. Just as your university application is unique to your profile, similarly your Visa application will be prepared to suit your case. To facilitate your Visa Processing, we undertake the following: We help in document preparation, check all forms are correctly filled and verify that all information is correct and factual. We organize your documents in proper logical order, so that you can open your file in front of the visa officer with confidence, and minimum rustle. We provide physical preparation for the visa interview, overseeing that you are presented well. We train you on what to say and how to say it at the interview, going through each step in minute detail. We polish your inherent reason to return to India, so that the visa officer is convinced of your intent to return back, and not be a potential immigrant.

How can one convert academic percentage to GPA?

Most universities have a conversion system for credentials submitted by international students. Ideally, universities recommend mentioning the original grades provided by the student’s academic institution and avoid converting unless specifically asked to. Ideally, one should send the information to the colleges, attaching the scores, highest in one’s class along with the lowest and average in the class. Using this, the admission officers at the desired university will deduce a student's GPA. There are also certain external organisations other than the university itself that convert and calculate the GPA for students applying from international locations.

What is GPA?

GPA stands for Grade Point Average. It is given on a scale of 0-4 where 4 is the highest. It is the US equivalent grading system to the Indian system of Percentage-0-100% and/or CGPA: 10 point scale.

Why do I need application assistance?

One should be aware that universities view a sloppily filled application form as a sign of carelessness. Besides, the education system of one country is very different from the other. So, the language of the application form may not be easily understandable. Application forms could be simple as well as complex. When it comes to the latter, our Admission Counsellors tell you what goes in the application and what doesn't, and where. We let you know everything there is to know about the applications. And after you are done, we review your application, for errors, if any. We do not fill applications for students, we only Review the applications. Once the student is done filling up the details, he/she will pass on his username and password to his respective consultant who will recheck the same to ensure it is devoid of errors.

Does the application process make you anxious?

Application process is quite a technical process, with the various admission requirements, deadlines, and documents. At times, it can be difficult to comprehend. You need to have expert guidance at all levels of your application process so as not to miss out on any step and jeopardise the entire process. For example, a student gave us a financial document i.e. bank statement of his father which was attested by him only as being Deputy Manager of the same bank. But a person cannot self attest. While he may have the authority to attest such documents for others, he can’t do that for himself as it's against law & code of conduct. In this case, the consultant caught this out just in time, preventing a certain decline of application and visa as well as possibility of future blacklisting.

Which are the most favorable countries wherein a student has highest chances of finding employment at the end of their desired program?

Following are the countries starting from the most favourable: - USA - Canada - UK/Europe - Australia - Singapore Going by simple logic, the USA definitely is the largest in size with numerous hubs such as New York, Boston, Texas, and California etc. wherein majority of the Fortune 500 companies are located. If we compare the same to the UK and Europe, they are smaller in size with London having maximum employment opportunities.

If I’m looking for financial assistance, which universities should I target?

Financial assistance is dependent on a number of factors and varies from one university to another. However, from our experience following are the countries in descending order where universities with numerous scholarships are available for an average Indian student: - USA (Maximum aid options available) - Canada - UK/Europe - Australia - Singapore

Can you describe the difference between a reach, dream and safety school?

‘Dream’ schools are normally beyond the reasonable expectations of the student. In percentage terms, the student has ‘less than or up to 50% chances’ of obtaining admission. ‘Reach’ schools are ‘within the reach’ of the student’s profile. In percentage terms, the student has ‘50 – 80% chances’ of obtaining admission. ‘Safe’ schools are those where the student should easily be admitted. In percentage terms, the student has ‘more than 80% chances’ of obtaining admission.

You say you’re too busy studying for the GMAT/GRE/SAT – and wonder why you should worry about the applications right now?

You should always have a goal in mind before you start on any mission. An effectively set goal will give a sense of purpose and urgency to your task. It is very important to have a proper shortlist of universities with the required test scores before you give your exams. This leads to a more focused and cohesive application for the desired school and leads to a higher chance of admission and acceptance. Also, please be aware that certain tests require you to mandatorily report scores to universities.

When should you apply and how many universities should you apply to?

You should apply to universities at the beginning of the application cycle as the top universities have early deadlines. You should avoid applying to a large number of universities as it involves repetitive preparation of documents (SOPs , LORs). We recommend you to get your profiling done from an expert consultant who has adequate knowledge of the courses and countries you’re applying for.

Will your part-time work experience count? What kind of experience do the top universities want to see?

Part-time work experience will generally not count. Rather than focusing on specific categories of work experiences, applicants should focus on their roles, responsibilities, and what they have learnt from the types of roles they have been involved in. The Admissions Board will look at the nature of the applicant's work experience while evaluating his/her ability to handle the academic rigor of the program applied for.

What factors can be used to shortlist universities?

You can shortlist universities based on the following factors: - Academics - Competitiveness of Admission - Cost of the program - Availability of Funding – Need based and blind - Accreditation and Reputation - Location & Campus Setting/Size

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