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Updated on Feb 02, 2023 6:12 PM IST

The Duolingo English Test score is released within 48 hours of taking the test. The Duolingo English Test score/result is released in the form of a certificate showing the basic details of the candidate, and overall score along with a general description of the candidate’s performance and subscores.

The certificate is released online and candidates can access the same by logging in to their account. While on the certificate download page, candidates will be able to send the score to the relevant higher education institutions abroad, wherever the test is accepted. 

The entire process of accessing the Duolingo English Test score to send it to institutions is an online process. Know more about the Duolingo result and scores on this page!

Duolingo English Test Results 2023

Duolingo test is available any day in a month and the test results are usually released within 24-48 hours. Check out the DET result dates 2023 for the following dates:

Duolingo Result Dates: February 2023

Duolingo Exam Date

Duolingo Result Date

February 1

February 2-3

February 2

February 3-4

February 3

February 4-5

February 4

February 5-6

February 5

February 6-7

February 6

February 7-8

February 7

February 8-9

February 8

February 9-10

February 9

February 10-11

February 10

February 11-12

February 11

February 12-13

February 12

February 13-14

February 13

February 14-15

February 14

February 15-16

February 15

February 16-17

February 16

February 17-18

February 17

February 18-19

February 18

February 19-20

February 19

February 20-21

February 20

February 21-22

February 21

February 22-23

February 22

February 23-24

February 23

February 24-25

February 24

February 25-26

February 25

February 26-27

February 26

February 27-28

February 27

February 28-March 1

February 28

March 1-2

Duolingo Result Dates: March 2023

Duolingo Exam Date

Duolingo Result Date

March 1

March 2-3

March 2

March 3-4

March 3

March 4-5

March 4

March 5-6

March 5

March 6-7

March 6

March 7-8

March 7

March 8-9

March 8

March 9-10

March 9

March 10-11

March 10

March 11-12

March 11

March 12-13

March 12

March 13-14

March 13

March 14-15

March 14

March 15-16

March 15

March 16-17

March 16

March 17-18

March 17

March 18-19

March 18

March 19-20

March 19

March 20-21

March 20

March 21-22

March 21

March 22-23

March 22

March 23-24

March 23

March 24-25

March 24

March 25-26

March 25

March 26-27

March 26

March 27-28

March 27

March 28-29

March 28

March 29-30

March 29

March 30-31

March 30

March 31-April 1

March 31

April 1-2

Duolingo Result Dates: April 2023

Duolingo Exam Date

Duolingo Result Date

April 1

April 2-3

April 2

April 3-4

April 3

April 4-5

April 4

April 5-6

April 5

April 6-7

April 6

April 7-8

April 7

April 8-9

April 8

April 9-10

April 9

April 10-11

April 10

April 11-12

April 11

April 12-13

April 12

April 13-14

April 13

April 14-15

April 14

April 15-16

April 15

April 16-17

April 16

April 17-18

April 17

April 18-19

April 18

April 19-20

April 19

April 20-21

April 20

April 21-22

April 21

April 22-23

April 22

April 23-24

April 23

April 24-25

April 24

April 25-26

April 25

April 26-27

April 26

April 27-28

April 27

April 28-29

April 28

April 29-30

April 29

April 30-May 1

April 30

May 1-2

Duolingo English Test Score Scale

Duolingo English Test Score is measured on a scale of 10 to 160. The test score is bifurcated into the overall score and four subscores, as highlighted below:

Parameters Scores


10 to 160+ General Description


10 to 160


10 to 160


10 to 160


10 to 160

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Duolingo English Test Score Report

The Duolingo test certificate contains the overall scores and the subscores. The overall performance of candidates is defined by dividing the overall scores into various subcategories. On this page, you will get to know what a Duolingo score report looks like.

Overall Score

The overall score is scored on a scale of 10 to 160. The section also contains the general description of the candidate. Their key skills and strengths are identified through a detailed analysis of their performance. 

The overall score is not the average of the four subscores. The overall score is a metric to define the candidate’s abilities to use the English language in different modes and contexts.


The subscores give an idea of the test-taker’s ability to comprehend and understand the English language. The Duolingo scores are divided into four sub-parts. Each subscore is also scored on a scale of 10 to 160.

  • Literacy: This subscore defines the ability of the test taker to read and write.

  • Conversation: This subscore defines the ability of the test taker to listen and speak.

  • Comprehension: This subscore defines the ability of the test taker to listen and read.

  • Production: This subscore defines the ability of the test taker to write and speak.

Understanding Duolingo Score Report

Each set of scores on Duolingo's 160-point scale is analogous to tests like the TOEFL exam, IELTS exam and CEFR with intricate technical distinctions. The following table explains the Duolingo scare scale:

DET Score

Level of English Proficiency 


10 to 55


The test-taker is able to communicate in a comfortable context and comprehend simple and clear information. They can understand the intricacies of basic English.

60 to 85


The test-taker can understand the key aspects of a speech or writing on common subjects like education and the workplace. They can express goals, beliefs, plans, achievements, experiences, etc. with some hesitancy.

90 to 115


The test-taker has the capacity to communicate clearly and soak in knowledge on a range of subjects. They can talk with proficient speakers and quickly understand the key ideas of both tangible and abstract writing.

125 to 160


The test-taker can understand a variety of challenging written and spoken language as well as some scenarios requiring specialised language. They are able to perceive and use metaphorical, implicit, idiomatic and pragmatic language in academic, social, and professional contexts.

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Duolingo English Test Certificate

The Duolingo English Test Certificate is released for each test taker. Once the test certificate is released, it can be checked online, saved, downloaded, or printed, as per the need of the candidate. A Duolingo certificate with a good score can make your admission easy to a renowned university abroad.  Scorecards are valid for two years from the time the test was taken.

Each Duolingo English Test Certificate has a unique URL to verify the authenticity of the test result. A Duolingo English Test Certificate displays the following contents:

  • Name of the Test Taker 

  • Date of Taking the Test

  • Overall Score

  • Subscores

  • Description for each subscore

One does not need to download the Duolingo certificate and send it to the universities separately. By registering for your Duolingo account, you can directly send your scores to your preferred universities. Those who wish to store the result can download it in PDF format by logging in to the website, scrolling down to find the certificate and clicking on “Print Results”. Your result will get automatically saved. 

How to View Duolingo English Test Scores?

As already highlighted, Duolingo releases its results in the form of a certificate. One can access the certificate by logging in to the Duolingo English website. 

Duolingo releases its results rapidly within 48 hours of completing the test. The test result can be downloaded from the Duolingo account. To save the copy of the Duolingo certificate you have to follow the given steps:

  • Step 1: Sign into the official website of Duolingo.

  • Step 2: Open the Duolingo certificate.

  • Step 3: Click the “print result” option.

  • Step 4: The certificate can be saved in the PDF option.

Candidates can also get a hard copy of the result if they want. 

What is the Validity of a Duolingo English Test Score?


After the Duolingo results as well as certificates are out, students will be able to view them for a particular period of time. They will be able to use them for that time period for admission purposes to universities abroad. Here is more about the validity of Duolingo English test scores.


The Duolingo certificates are sent on the official account of the candidate to protect their privacy and validity of it.


The Duolingo scores are valid for a period of two years. After this, the validity expires and students need to re-take the test to use the scores for admission purposes. 

Retaking Duolingo English Test

Like any other English Proficiency Test, candidates can retake the Duolingo English Test, however, there are a few regulations that they will have to abide by before retaking the Duolingo English Test. Here are a few regulations and things to look out for before retaking the test.

  • If the candidate has received their certified Duolingo English Test certificate, they will be able to take a second test within a period of 30 days.

  • Candidates who have not received their certificate, within the specified amount of time, shall not worry, as the attempt will not be counted under the ‘two tests within 30-day cap’.

Candidates will be allowed to take any number of tests after the 30-day period if they wish to.

How to Send Duolingo English Test Scores to Institutes?

Once the certificate of the Duolingo English Test result is released, the score can be sent to multiple institutions where the test score is accepted. The step-by-step procedure to send the score is as follows:

  • Login to the Duolingo English Test account using the registered email ID, used to take the test.

  • Scroll down and click 'Send Result'.

  • Enter the name of institutions and select choices using the checkbox options.

  • The candidate can select up to 40 institutions at a time to send the Duolingo English Test score.

  • Enter the application ID, in case a specific institution asks for it.

  • Once the required fields are added, click the Send button.


Which Institutions Can See Your DET Scores?

Once the test results have been submitted to the relevant institutions through the Duolingo English Test official website, here are the things that the selected institutions will see in your Duolingo English Test. The scorecard sent to universities and colleges contains scores, subscores, and ungraded video and writing samples. There is no time or day limit to send scores to the institutions.

DET Score

Similar to you, the selected institutions will be able to see the exact Duolingo English Test scores that you can see, which include the overall score and subscores.

Speaking and Writing Samples

Along with the scores, the institutions will also have access to the speaking and writing samples that you provided in the last 10 minutes of the test. While these samples are ungraded and do not affect your scores, they are a reflection of how you communicate and your grasp of the language, thus, providing a better image of you. Institutions will use this to understand you better and may even select based on the samples provided.

What is a Good Duolingo English Test Score?

Most institutions release the English proficiency requirements on their official website along with specifying the admission requirement for each university and course. However, in case you are not sure about the minimum Duolingo score requirements at a specific institute, you can send an official email to the Admissions Office of the institutions directly and request the specific information.

The Duolingo English Test is scored on a scale of 10 to 160. An overall score of 120+ and subscores above 100 are considered acceptable for admissions at popular universities abroad. However, as a test taker, you must ensure to give your best effort and score the maximum marks in the Duolingo English Test.

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FAQs on Duolingo English Test Result/Scores

Can I send Duolingo scores to multiple institutions at the same time?

Yes, you can send the Duolingo scores to multiple institutions at the same time directly through your registered account. You can select up to 40 institutions at a time to send the result. In case you select fewer than 40 institutions at a time, you can add the remaining number of institutions later and send the result.

What should I do if I want to send Duolingo scores to more than 40 institutions?

If you want to send the Duolingo scores to more than 40 institutions, you will have to contact the support team at Duolingo. In such cases, you will also have to confirm that you are officially applying to the institutions. This is to ensure that you are genuinely using the services offered by the testing authority for rightful purposes. Furthermore, Duolingo charges no additional fee, candidates can send their test results to as many institutions as they want for free.

What if there is a discrepancy in the Duolingo score?

If there is a discrepancy in the Duolingo score the test taker can appeal the result. The appeal can be sent via email stating the testing situation and requesting a re-examination of the score. The appeal is supervised within four business days. After re-examination, the test taker will receive the final decision to either uphold or overturn the original result.

What is the validity of the Duolingo score?

The validity of the Duolingo score is two years. The students can use the score certificate for two years as proof of proficiency in the English language. Admission processes of foreign universities are extensive and it is better to take the test accordingly to ensure enough validity to apply to all the desired institutions.

Is there an additional charge to send the Duolingo scores to institutions?

There is no additional charge to send the Duolingo scores to institutions. All charges are included in the Duolingo registration fee of USD 49. The testing authority aims to make education available and affordable to everyone, and fees play an important part in it. They do not charge any additional fees.

What are the contents of a Duolingo score certificate?

The contents of a Duolingo certificate include personal details of the candidate, overall score, subscores, and score descriptions. The description is available for both overall and subscores. The four subscores are Literacy, Conversation, Comprehension, and Production. The overall score and individual subscores are all graded 0-160 points. Personal details are provided at the time of registration.

Are video and writing interviews graded in Duolingo certificate?

Video and writing interviews are not graded in the Duolingo certificate. They are sampled individually and sent to chosen universities and the candidates. The reason is that universities, or any other person, can decide for themselves by viewing the samples if the skills of the candidate are appropriate for their purpose.

How are video and writing interviews treated by Duolingo?

The video and writing interviews are treated by Duolingo as non-grading sections. The authority mails them along with score certificates directly to the universities chosen by the candidates. In case no university is chosen, the authority provides official samples to the candidate along with their score certificate.

How long does it take to get a Duolingo certificate?

It takes 48 hours to get a Duolingo result certificate or result. The testing authority mails all the test candidates with their score certificates, with all the descriptions and subscores, within 48 hours of completing the certificate. Although the test is online-based, candidates are required to choose the option of certificate generation to get the certificate.

Is it possible to download the Duolingo certificate?

It is possible to download the Duolingo certificate or result. The candidate shall be mailed the certificate by the testing authority. They can download it and use it as proof of their proficiency in the English language. The certificate can also be printed and used in hardcopy format.

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