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Updated on May 17, 2023 6:33 PM IST

Described using four words, i.e. "Convenient, Fast, Affordable and Trusted", the Duolingo English Test can be used for admissions to higher education courses across different universities abroad. The test has been proven to be exceptionally useful during unpredictable times, especially during the recent Covid-19 pandemic, as allows students the flexibility to take the test anywhere without worrying about travelling to a designated Duolingo test centre.

Duolingo English Test (DET) - What is Duolingo?

The Duolingo English Test is a unique and innovative certified English language proficiency test that helps test-takers to judge their English language proficiency test from anywhere and at any time. The updated version of the exam was released on July 15, 2019. 

The test-takers are saved from the labour and effort of visiting the Duolingo test centre which they have to do in case of other proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL and PTE. Once the test certificate of the exam is released online it will be sent to multiple institutions in the USA, UK, Canada, etc where the Duolingo scorecards are accepted. At present, Duolingo English Test is accepted at more than 3,000 colleges and universities worldwide for various undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral courses.

What is Duolingo English Test?

Duolingo English Test is secure and transparent that integrates with advanced Artificial Intelligence and Data Forensics technology that will help to maintain the transparency of the test. The rules and regulations of the DET exam mandate that the ears and eyes of test-takers are visible and that no communication with anyone must be conducted during this phase of time. Also, there are several strict rules implemented to prevent test-takers from taking undue advantages during the test. 

DET Full Form

DET full form is Duolingo English Test and it is one of the most efficient English proficiency tests that are now widely accepted all over the world. International students can gain admission to foreign colleges and universities and hence it is rising as a popular choice.

Duolingo test is convenient, affordable and fast and is accepted by 3,500 institutes in the world. Therefore, it is now a passport to study abroad.


Duolingo English Test Highlights

Since its inception and especially during the pandemic, the Duolingo English Test has gained immense popularity and acceptance globally. Here are some of the major highlights of the Duolingo English Test:

Particulars Details

Duolingo English Test Organizer


Duolingo Test Format


Duration of Duolingo English Test

1 hour

Duolingo Validity

2 years

No. of Attempts


Duolingo Score Range (Overall & Subscores)

10 - 160

Duolingo Registration Test

USD 49

Universities Globally Accepting Duolingo English Test


Duolingo English Test Sections

Adaptive Test (45 minutes)

A Video Interview (10 minutes)

Why Duolingo English Test is Taken?

Students across different choose to take the Duolingo English Test, primarily for the purpose of enrolling in their desired universities abroad, specifically in English-speaking countries. There are several benefits of taking the Duolingo English Test which has allowed the test to become highly popular among aspiring international students. Among the benefits of the test, all Duolingo English Tests are evaluated by Expert human proctors, with the help of the AI.

However, there are numerous other reasons why thousands of students choose to take the test and why you should also attempt the Duolingo English Test. Some of these reasons have been outlined below:

  • The Duolingo English Test certificate is accepted at over 3,000 institutions in countries like the USA, UK, UAE, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and many more where English-taught programmes are available to international students.

  • You can take the test from anywhere provided you have a laptop or a computer with a good, stable internet connection.

  • The registration fee for the Duolingo English Test is comparatively less than other English proficiency tests. According to current policies, the one-time Duolingo registration fee has been set at $49.

  • The Duolingo test result is released within 2 days of taking the test, thus giving students more time to prepare and score well in the test.

  • You can send your Duolingo English Test results to any of the universities and colleges mentioned on the list without having to pay any extra charges.

  • The Duolingo English Test is secure, transparent, and convenient to attempt. The integration of expert intervention and the use of advanced technology like AI and Data Forensics makes the test easy to take while also ensuring that it remains secure and transparent for the test-takers.

Why Duolingo English Test is Taken?

While the reasons mentioned above are why test-takers choose the Duolingo English test, there are other striking features of the test, as defined below:

1) Accessibility

The Duolingo English Test can be accessed by any aspiring test-taker online, on demand. Moreover, the test is a computer adaptive test, which in the words of Duolingo, means that the level of difficulty of each question presented in the test, will change according to the performance of the test-taker. Additionally, test-takers can receive an accurate Duolingo score within 1 hour of taking the test.

2) Accuracy

Duolingo has established a grading engine which evaluates each question in the Duolingo English Test, wherein the engine has been, in the words of the test administrator, trained to understand language abilities the same as an expert human rater.

The grading engine assesses the questions, answers, and the time taken to attempt them, subsequently generating scorecards that properly outline the language proficiency level of the test-takers. The strengths and weaknesses, along with a minute dissection of results presented on the scorecard.

3) Security

The test-takers are required to be in the centre of the camera screen during the test. The expert and advanced AI detects and reads various movements made by Duolingo test-takers during the test and ensures that unfair means are not being used. Duolingo states that each test is invigilated with the help of AI and multiple human proctors to assure fairness in testing.

Duolingo vs IELTS vs TOEFL

If you wish to decide between the popular English proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL and Duolingo, then check out the table below outlining certain basic differences between the characteristics of Duolingo and the other major English language proficiency exams: 


Duolingo English Test IELTS TOEFL
Duration (minutes) 60 165

210 +30 (for check-in)

Total No. of Questions Variable 89 + oral interview 64 - 85
Score Scale 10 - 160 0 - 9 0 - 120
Conducted By Duolingo British Council IDP

Education Testing Service

Mode Online On Paper and Online

On Paper and Internet

For more details on which English exam to take to study abroad, check out IELTS vs TOEFL vs PTE vs Duolingo.

Duolingo English Test Eligibility 2023

Duolingo is an online English assessment test and students are not required to meet any particular eligibility criteria for the test which means there are no minimum requirements for age, background, sector, income, etc required to register for the test. However, it is imperative to meet certain requirements for Duolingo English Test that will make the process smooth and valid. 

The pre-requisites of taking the Duolingo exam are:

  • Having a valid ID for registration

  • Having a laptop or desktop for the test

  • There should be a front-facing camera

  • Reliable internet connection

Apart from the identification card which is the basic eligibility criteria for taking the test, the others are compulsory requirements that students must fulfil to take the test.

Pre-Test Requirements for Duolingo English Test 2023

Attempting the Duolingo English Test is a simplified process. Some of the pre-test requirements for the Duolingo English Test is to visit the official website and register for the Duolingo test by clicking on the ‘Purchase the Test’ option.

Subsequently, necessary details should be entered and a unique account with login credentials will be generated for the aspiring test-taker. To further complete the Duolingo registration process, test-takers must log in to their account and 'Purchase the Test'.

If you are planning to register for the test, then make sure you satisfy the following application requirements for the Duolingo English Test. It should be noted that the whole Duolingo application process is to be completed online. Listed below are the system requirements to attempt the Duolingo English test:

  • A computer/laptop with a front-facing camera, speaker, and microphone.

  • A good stable internet connection

Along with the system requirements, test-takers will need a passport, driver's license, or government-issued ID to attempt the Duolingo English Test. Further, candidates need to pay the Duolingo registration fee of USD 49 while applying for the Duolingo English Test. Make sure you attempt the test in a quiet and well-lit room. Ensure that there is no disturbance for 60 minutes until you complete the test.

Duolingo English Test Registration 2023

The Duolingo English Test registration process can be done from anywhere as long as the candidate has a valid government-issued ID with them along with a system with an internet connection. Valid government-issued IDs include Registered Income ID (PAN Account Number for Indian students), driver's licence, passport, or any other Unique Identification ID cards such as Aadhar cards issued by the government for the citizens of the country.

Steps to Duolingo English Test Registration 2023

Students can follow the following steps to register for Duolingo English tests this year:

Step 1: To complete the Duolingo registration process, candidates must first visit the official Duolingo English Test website. The details that need to be submitted for Duolingo registration include the email address of test-takers, a valid government-issued ID card, and any other documents as prompted by the form. Once the Duolingo registration form is complete, a confirmation shall be asked, following which, the website will redirect the candidate to a payment portal.

Step 2: It is necessary to have a working online payment method so that the Duolingo English test application fee can be paid. The test fee for Duolingo is set at USD 49, currently. The payment for the Duolingo English Test can be processed through net banking portals or digital payment options such as Debit or credit cards.

Step 3: On successful payment of the Duolingo application fee, candidates will receive a confirmation of the same along with the details of the registration on the email address they provided. On receiving the confirmation mail, the candidate will have 21 days to attempt the Duolingo English Test. During this period, they can attempt the test according to their convenience.

However, it is recommended that candidates attempt the Duolingo English test within a safe time frame, which according to experts is around 12 to 14 days after receiving the confirmation email. This will help the candidate to have enough time on hand to send their test scores to universities or retake the Duolingo English Test in case of an unsatisfactory score.

Step 4: In case the test is not attempted within the stipulated time frame of 21 days, the Duolingo test registration will stand cancelled and the candidate will have to re-register for the test. Test-takers are allowed to reschedule or cancel their Duolingo English test at any time within these 21 days.

Duolingo English Test Slot Booking 2023

The Duolingo English Test is one of the popular English proficiency tests conducted in an automated, online, and AI-powered format. Along with benefits, there are various parameters on which it differs from other tests. One such parameter is the Duolingo English Test slot booking process.

While various other tests require test-takers to search and select their preferred locations and select preferred timings and dates, for Duolingo, each registration and session is individualistic. Since the system is AI-powered and online, test-takers do not need to select preferred locations, dates, and sessions, separately.

The Duolingo English Test Slot Booking is completed along with the registration or test purchase. According to the Duolingo registration process, after the payment of the test fee, each test-taker receives 21 days to attempt the test. It will be up to the test-taker to set aside 90 minutes, i.e. 20 minutes for preparation, 60 minutes for the test and 10 minutes to upload the test and attempt the test. Current Duolingo application procedures state no need for a separate process to book an appropriate time and date for the test.

The exam administrator assures that the integration of AI helps in making each Duolingo English Test registration an individual project, starting from registration to generating a valid Duolingo certificate and sending it to selected institutions. This acts similar to how other test administrators treat their test for a semester or year as a project with deadlines and results. However, there is much more feasibility and comfort on offer to the test-taker in this test.

Booking date and time through the Duolingo slot booking process, as stated above, is integrated with the registration process for the test, however, Duolingo English Test policies and guidelines require test-takers to present a satisfactory testing environment, testing equipment and meet other testing requirements, before attempting the test.

Duolingo English Test Dates 2023

The Duolingo English Test has no fixed or planned dates that students choose between registering or taking the exam. Current Duolingo testing policies allow test-takers to attempt the test at their own convenience and discretion. However, if you are finding it difficult to choose between different DET test dates, then take a look at the following suggestions:

  • Keep a note of the application deadlines of the university where you wish to pursue your bachelors or masters abroad. The application deadline date of the intended universities will help test-takers to register for the test, keeping aside enough time to prepare as well as re-take the test if they received an unsatisfactory result.

  • Set aside enough time to prepare for the Duolingo English Tests before choosing an appropriate test date. This will allow prospective test-takers to take the test without worrying about the end result.

  • According to the official regulations, test-takers aha have 21 days to take the test from the date of registration for a Duolingo English Test. A student can choose to take the test within any of the 21 days and prepare the testing environment, and testing system and satisfy other testing requirements as stipulated by the testing authority.

  • Candidates are advised to check their internet connection as well as the proper functioning of the device they will be using for the test, including checking the video and audio input and output, before sitting for the test.

  • Test-takers are advised to read the guidelines and instructions properly before attempting the test. It is necessary to follow all the instructions in order to ensure that the Duolingo English Test score generated is considered valid.

  • Students will be able to access their official Duolingo English test within two days, or 48 hours, of taking the test and immediately send over the results to anyone they wish to.

  • Test-takers will be able to reschedule and/or cancel their Duolingo test dates, however, it is advised to do so with proper caution as you may not receive a refund, while also delaying your application to the university of your choice.

  • On the day of the test, candidates are required to remain available for a period of 60 minutes without any break. Moreover, each question has to be attempted within an allotted time. Therefore, practising speed and accuracy is a must before attempting the Duolingo test.

Ideally, a test-taker must make their decision regarding Duolingo English Tests well before their admission deadlines as the test results need to be added to their list of transcripts. It is advisable to schedule the Duolingo test date at least 2 months before having to submit the university application form.

Duolingo English Test Exam Pattern 2023

Compared to other language proficiency tests, the Duolingo exam pattern is extremely simple and easy to understand. The exam has been designed to test the comprehensive and applicative knowledge of the candidate. Overall, Duolingo tests contain questions on Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing skills of the language.

Duolingo Exam Pattern: Highlights

Here are some important highlights of the Duolingo exam pattern 2023:

Parameters Details
Test Duration 60 minutes
Sections 2 Sections - Adaptive & Video Interview
Adaptive Test Skills Tested Based on the grammatical and comprehensive knowledge of the test-taker
Video Interview

1-3 minutes; 30 seconds to decide between two topics; self-introduction and speak on their decided topic

Writing Skills

3-5 minutes; 30 seconds to decide between two topics

Auditive & Understanding Skills

Write the statements as heard; 3 listening chances allowed

Descriptive & Perceptive skills Speak or Write about an image shown
Vocabulary & Summarising Skills Text Passages
Difficulty Level Moderate to High

The Duolingo English test has been designed to test the application in general life and conversations. The overall difficulty level of the Duolingo tests is set out to be moderate to high depending on the level of proficiency the test-takers present during the test.

Duolingo English Test Syllabus 2023

Duolingo has specified no Duolingo English test syllabus for the aspiring test-takers. However, Duolingo has defined its own set of English language parameters or skills that they evaluate, which can help you better understand the Duolingo syllabus for this year. Some of the parameters tested in the Duolingo English Test include:

  • Overall knowledge of subjects in English Grammar. Some of these include sentence structures, article and punctuation usage, word types, subject-verb agreement, voices, modals, clauses, phrasal verbs, etc.

  • Proper pronunciation such as proper phonetics will be evaluated as well. However, Duolingo English Test will accommodate for the candidate's accent.

  • Good analytical skills and judgment of candidates will be evaluated to help gauge their proficiency to read a text/information and understand the inferences, themes, title of the given text and the ability to summarise the same.

  • The Duolingo English test will also assess the candidate's level of fluency where the ability to formulate thoughts and integrate those thoughts in spoken conversations and settings will be evaluated.

  • Ability to handle the linguistic demands even with impromptu and unplanned settings of general conversation or work setting.

Based on the English language parameters tested, as discussed above, the syllabus Duolingo tests can be outlined as:

  • Vocabulary includes different forms of the word and related words as well. These will include synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, degrees, and participles.

  • Idioms and phrases

  • Sentence structure grammar, including articles, word types, conjunctions, subject-verb agreement, tenses, determiners, punctuation, etc.

  • Phrasal verbs and clauses, including modals, question tags, negation, etc.

  • Speaking skills, including pronunciation, formulation of thoughts, attending to unplanned conversations and topics and ensuring proper communication of the thoughts.

  • Attempting and analyzing unseen passages.

This Duolingo English Test syllabus is expected to be common for both the sections, i.e. Adaptive and Video Interview. With this knowledge of the syllabus for the test, you can practice and prepare for Duolingo properly.

While the outline of the syllabus includes everything that may be asked during a Duolingo test, it should be noted that the test also focuses on ensuring that the candidate can comprehend and attend to even specialized and unfamiliar subjects with similar ease and confidence to general subjects.

Duolingo English Test Preparation Tips 2023

Duolingo is considered to be one of the easiest among all English Language Proficiency Tests, yet the multi-faceted nature of the test makes it important that candidates prepare for the test properly. Therefore, a good preparation strategy for Duolingo becomes necessary, thus, allowing test-takers to attempt the test with confidence, especially during the sections including the Video interview and questions assessing their writing skills.

Preparing well for Duolingo tests will also help in ensuring the speed and accuracy of attempting the questions and will help in completing the whole test within the allotted time. Most universities require a good score on the Duolingo English Test for admissions to their courses, which can only be achieved through an excellent Duolingo preparation strategy.

Keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, the following Duolingo prep tips will be helpful to those planning to attempt or take the test this year:

  • The first step is to ensure that the syllabus has been covered and if you are already familiar with it, a good revision of the topics will only be beneficial.

  • Students who are attempting the test for the first time are advised to plan their Duolingo preparation accordingly. Experts suggest that a minimum of 1.5 months of preparation can be helpful in understanding how to attempt the Duolingo tests.

  • Practice makes perfect. Take up practice or mock tests to figure out the weaker sections of the test and where you need to spend more time preparing.

  • Simultaneously, practise speaking English through monologue sessions, conversational sessions and using other support material such as songs and movies. Experts suggest allocating 30 minutes to each monologue and conversation session while preparing for the test.

  • According to the current testing policies, the test should be completed in a single sitting. Therefore, when preparing for the test, candidates are advised to try and complete entire mock tests in one sitting. Duolingo experts suggest attempting multiple Duolingo English mock tests to improve one's speed and accuracy in correctly answering all questions correctly.

In order to prepare for the foundations and theoretical syllabus, it is advisable to consult Duolingo guide books, or English language exercise workbooks and practice paper sets to enhance their English language proficiency.

While preparing different topics in Duolingo English tests are important, it is also important to pay attention to other testing parameters as well, such as:

  • Finding a good place where the Duolingo practice tests can be attempted in a quiet and bright environment.

  • Going through the system requirements as stipulated by the test administrator and ensuring the system you wish to use during the test satisfy's the Duolingo equipment requirements.

  • When practising Duolingo English practice tests, it is better to do so in an isolated room, free of distractions.

Check out the Duolingo English Test: Speaking Interview Questions, here for better preparation.

Duolingo English Test Best Books 2023

A Duolingo English test requires a dedicated 2 months to prepare for the test properly, as per experts. In order to prepare well, books are considered to be the best tools, as they ensure proper information and also provide reasoning for a particular solution.

The best part about using preparation books for Duolingo is the foundational strength they provide to the language skills allowing the candidate to make use of the language dynamically and confidently. 

Here are some of the best books for Duolingo that candidates can refer to:

  • Oxford English Grammar

  • English Grammar In Use

  • Word Power Made Easy

  • Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

These Duolingo test prep books are only a few examples of the recommended books for Duolingo preparation. In order to assess which are the best books for Duolingo English tests, candidates must first understand their preparation level for the test and accordingly take up relevant books for preparation.

For instance, 'Oxford English Grammar' and 'English Grammar In Use' are both books that focus on grammar preparation, perfect for those who specifically wish to improve their knowledge of English grammar.

If you are facing difficulties in deciding between different Duolingo preparation books then here are some steps to choose the best book for you:

  • For a single topic, no more than two books should be referred to, among which one book should be kept as the primary Duolingo preparation book and the other as a reference or practice book.

  • In order to select the best primary Duolingo preparation book, experts suggest selecting a book that covers all the topics in detail,  while offering proper explanations, examples, common confusion and additional tips and tricks for Duolingo English Test or English proficiency tests in general.

  • While your primary Duolingo prep book does not need to have several practice exercises, it is always better to choose a book that also helps you gauge your preparation level. In fact, simple and short practice exercises are also good to help you understand whether you have been able to grasp the important tips and tricks to ace the test.

  • Another good rule of thumb is to use the Duolingo practice tests offered in a separate test prep book.

  • While you can choose a reference book that contains lessons, however, choosing one that includes several extensive Duolingo practice tests to help build a proper understanding and application, will be more beneficial in the long run.

  • Keep a dictionary and/or a thesaurus along with the Duolingo prep books. These are incredibly useful in expanding your vocabulary, thus, improving your overall grasp of the English language.

  • A single Duolingo test prep book can be selected as both the primary and reference book for reading comprehension. This is because the books on the topic are already extensively exercise-based and only a few topics require theoretical study.

Duolingo English Test Practice Papers 2023

Attempting Duolingo practice papers are some of the best ways suggested for preparing for Duolingo English Tests. Since Duolingo 2023 focuses on the ease with which a candidate is able to use the language in a general setting, impeccable English vocabulary and grammar are not necessarily required.

However, experts recommend that the test-takers use books and extensive material for Duolingo English test preparation as they can help in strengthening their foundation in the English language, allowing the candidate to confidently and effectively use the language.

The difficulty level of the questions in the Duolingo English tests is said to be moderate to high. Those candidates who feel using Duolingo prep books is too much effort, can skip them altogether and use practice papers to score high.

Duolingo practice papers present a number of advantages to candidates looking to prepare well for the test, some of which have been outlined below:

  • They cover a major part of the Duolingo test material and even help in solving questions just as they would be asked in the actual test.

  • They help in maintaining speed while enhancing the accuracy of solving the questions asked in a Duolingo test.

  • The Duolingo exam pattern outlines a properly-allocated time for each question, which, if missed, will lead to a question marked as 'unattempted'. Attempting Duolingo practice papers can help in improving your speed and accuracy in answering the question correctly within the given time slot.

  • An expert recommendation to help in properly preparing for the test is to clearly identify your weak and strong sections on the Duolingo test. Duolingo preparations become easier when you are able to identify the weaker sections, allowing you to allocate more preparation time to those sections in particular.

  • Duolingo practice papers, rather than any practice papers, are known to help test-takers mimic the testing condition on the day of the actual test. Thus, attempting practice tests for Duolingo English tests will help students attempt questions in an environment mimicking the actual test, thus, helping them overcome any anxiousness or fear that may arise.

  • Experts recommend attempting practice papers, whether you choose to use books or not. Duolingo practice papers can help in improving your knowledge of the test while also enhancing your skills to attempt the Duolingo test this year.

  • The more you attempt Duolingo practice tests, the better your confidence will be on the day of the test.

  • If you do not have enough time to properly prepare for Duolingo English tests then, attempting multiple practice tests can help you better understand the exam pattern of the test as well as the major topics commonly seen in the tests.

Eventually, the decision to choose an appropriate preparation strategy for the Duolingo English Test rests upon the candidate, yet they can rest assured that choosing to prepare only through practice papers for Duolingo English tests will not affect their test results, adversely.

Though, experts recommend at least a month of dedicated Duolingo preparation to ensure you receive a good score. Check out the benefits of practising through the Duolingo Practice Tests and How to Attempt them.

Duolingo English Test Question Papers 2023

The exam administrator for Duolingo English tests has often stated and maintained that the test is not one that evaluates a candidate’s ability to prepare for similar tests, but their proficiency in the language. The authority maintains that in order to communicate, understand and ensure the ability to converse in a particular language it is necessary to know the language and that is the only concern and mantra that the test exists upon.

The preparation schedule for the Duolingo English test does not have to be extensive like competitor language proficiency tests. The test-taker can easily prepare to earn a high Duolingo score with simplistic and direct prep methods such as attempting Duolingo Question Papers.

Regularly attempting Duolingo English Test question papers for 2-3 weeks is more than enough to help the candidate score well. The whole process relaxes even more with the test’s focus to evaluate the basics of the language and their applicability in general day-to-day usage.

However, it is important to ensure that these Duolingo question papers are reliable, following the current test format, including the types of questions asked. Experts recommend attempting Duolingo English test question papers within a similar time frame to the actual test. It is also important to check whether the questions framed in the question paper are based upon the actual Duolingo test format.

Duolingo English Test Result/Scores 2023

The Duolingo test scores are usually used for the purpose of enrolling in an English-taught programme offered by a university abroad. Therefore, it is important to know how to access your Duolingo English test scores and the steps to send them to the relevant universities or institutions abroad. In order to get the score in a printed format, candidates will have to visit the Duolingo website where the result will be declared two days after attempting the test and print the score.

Subsequently, the Duolingo Test scores can also be saved in a PDF format as well. These scores can then be sent to universities directly from the Duolingo website by clicking on the 'Send Scores' option and choosing the appropriate university.

General Details of Duolingo Scores

Listed in the table below is some general information regarding Duolingo English Test Scores:



Score Range


Subscore Heads

Literacy, Conversation, Comprehension & Production

Subscores Range

10-160 each

Description of Scores

Key Skills; Strengths and Critical Analysis of Weaknesses; Areas to Work upon

Test Score Validity

Two years

Ideal Score

120+ (overall); 100+ (subscores)

Cancellation of Scores




Re-Registration Fee

USD 49

The candidates who opt to retake the test can purchase 3 Duolingo English tests within 30 days. However, test-takers are only allowed to attempt the Duolingo test twice within 30 days. Once the period has lapsed they can take any number of tests if they so wish.

Duolingo English Test Cut-offs 2023

Over 3,000 universities worldwide consider the Duolingo English test as a simple and easy test to prove the English proficiency of an applicant. As more and more Duolingo scores are being accepted by universities across the globe each year, questions on "what is a good Duolingo English Test score?" is also rising.

According to experts, an overall score of 120+ on a Duolingo English test along with subscores of 100+ each will be enough to get the candidate successfully through the screening process at a Duolingo accepting university abroad, however, with the different cut-off scores it is possible that the candidate may get confused regarding good Duolingo scores.

The Duolingo test cut-offs are the minimum required scores required by any university or institution abroad for the purpose of admissions to undergraduate or graduate courses. In order to assess what the minimum requirement of a particular course or university abroad is, it will be helpful to study an average range of cutoffs and decide accordingly whether your Duolingo test score is submittable or not.

In order to assess the average Duolingo score cut-offs there are certain pointers that need to be considered:

  • Comparison with other English Proficiency tests

  • Range of accepted scores and subscores

Duolingo vs IELTS/TOEFL/PTE: Good Scores

When assessing the average score range for Duolingo scores, other language proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL and PTE can also be considered and compared to understand what the average range of language proficiency cut-offs is required by a university abroad. This is specifically helpful in cases where the minimum Duolingo score has not been mentioned but the test scores are accepted as valid submissions.

Check out the table below showcasing the relationship between the good scores of IELTS, TOEFL and PTE and the corresponding Duolingo scores:

Comparison Fields IELTS TOEFL PTE
Scoring Range 0-9 (bands) 0-120 10-90
Good Scores 6-8 (bands) 90-110 58-84
Simultaneous DET Score 95-140 110-130 105-140

Range of Accepted Duolingo Scores and Subscores

In order to assess a proper Duolingo test cut-off at a particular university or institution abroad, it is easier to calculate an average that is commonly accepted across universities in a particular region or country.

Countries and Duolingo 2023 Cut-Offs

Here is a table showing some of the top study abroad destinations and their corresponding Duolingo score cut-off range:

Country Overall Duolingo Cut-Off Duolingo Subscore Cut-Off
UK 110-130 105+
USA 95-120 100+
Canada 90-110 95+
Australia 90-115 95+
Germany 110-140 105+
New Zealand 90-115 95+

Duolingo English Test Scholarships 2023

The Duolingo English Test is famed for its affordability and accessibility, and the exam administrator has been introducing several different friendly approaches for test-takers. Recently, Duolingo introduced fee waivers are just another feather in this range of friendly approaches to students.

Duolingo has a special program under which organisations can apply for fee waivers as well. This facility allows organisations that work to support students from low-income backgrounds to apply for Duolingo fee waivers. The organisation has to provide proof that the individuals they are supporting are high-achieving students and their financial incapacity is proving to be a barrier to their education, and that the organisation is devoted to supporting and taking initiatives for the welfare of such students, which will allow them to participate in the Duolingo fee waiver.

The quantum of waiver differs on a case-by-case basis. The organisation applying for the fee waiver has to finance the Duolingo tests for students they have claimed to be their beneficiaries.

Duolingo English Test Exam Acceptance 2023

Over the past few years, Duolingo English Test gained good recognition and reputation globally making the top universities in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany and New Zealand accept Duolingoscores as valid submissions for proof of English language proficiency levels of an applicant.

The reason behind such an acceptance of Duolingo test scores is its online format which allows the candidates to attempt the test with ease from any part of the world. Moreover, keeping true to its objectives, the Duolingo English test is fast, convenient, affordable and trusted as well as secure, making it an easy choice for students and universities abroad.

Duolingo English Test Exam Acceptance 2023

Some of the top countries accepting Duolingo English Test scores include:

UK: The United Kingdom is world-renowned for its education system. The UK universities and institutions are ranked among the top universities in the world and students enjoy global employment opportunities. Moreover, the country sets the bar for communication in the English language itself.

Numerous universities across the UK accepting Duolingo scores prove the credibility and reliability of the test format. The average minimum Duolingo English Test scores accepted by universities in the country range from 100-110.

Some of the universities accepting Duolingoscores include Imperial College London (UG), Queens University Belfast, Birmingham City University, etc. For a detailed list of UK Universities accepting Duolingo Scores, refer to the article.

USA: The US, known for its standard of education and popularity among international students, is at par with the UK when it comes to the standard of English language used. In fact, US institutions dominate the top global university rankings by the majority.

The American dream is no secret and studying there opens up several opportunities across industries in all disciplines. The average Duolingoscores accepted in US universities, commonly range between 95-110.

Among the universities that accept Duolingo scores for admissions to undergraduate and graduate courses include Marshall University, West Virginia, Texas A&M University, Washington State University, etc. Check out a detailed list of US Universities accepting Duolingo Scores, here.

Canada: Included among the top countries like the US and the UK, Canada is also one of the most popular study destinations among international students. The hospitable nature of Canadian citizens and the welcoming acceptance of cultural diversity makes the whole experience inviting and attractive to prospective international students. The country is a market for top global MNCs and Research centres. The minimum required Duolingoscores for universities in Canada, range between 100-120.

Top universities in the country such as McGill University, McMaster University and Queens UniversityacceptDuolingo English Test scores for the purpose of admission to their bachelor's and master's degree courses. Refer to the list of Canadian Universities accepting Duolingo Scores for more details.

Australia: Australia is known for being the best in terms of work culture and growth opportunities for international students. In recent years, the international education sector has quadrupled itself and has proven to be welcoming and supportive of prospective international students, who have, in turn, improved the country's overall economy as well. The average minimum Duolingoscores needed to apply to Australian universities usually ranges between 105-120.

Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT), Sydney Institute of Business and Technology, and Australian National University (UG) are some of the top institutions accepting Duolingo English Test scores. Check out more Australian Universities accepting Duolingo Scores, here.

Germany: Among the upcoming study-abroad destinations in the world, Germany has been offering a lot of growth opportunities for its international student cohort. The reason is that while half of the country is extremely developed, the other half is now on the rise, providing a scenario of developing civilization in a developed country. Further, the technical and mechanical superiority of the country over others remains unmatched. The average Duolingo English Test scores required for admission to undergraduate and graduate courses commonly range between 105 and 117.

Jacobs University Bremen and the University of Applied Sciences Europe, among many others, accept Duolingo scores as proof of English proficiency among prospective international students.

New Zealand: Globally recognised for its research sector, the aid of the natural resources in New Zealand assures international students of receiving some of the best research environments in the world. The country is also known for its quality of living standards and conditions, especially for international students. Being an island nation only the best is brought within the secured borders. The minimum Duolingoscoresusually range between 90 and 110 to get admission in the variety of bachelor's and master's degree courses offered by universities in the country.

Institutions accepting Duolingo English Test scores include Victoria University of Wellington, Massey University, University of Waikato, etc. For more details, visit Duolingo exam acceptance.

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Duolingo English Test Coaching Center

While Duolingo English Tests are extremely straightforward and simple to attempt, taking up coaching classes to improve your proficiency level in the English language. The exam administrator currently offers students coaching classes from its Duolingo online portal, allowing students to enhance their language skills, specifically to ace Duolingo English tests this year.

However, study abroad aspirants have chosen to improve their English language skills by attending professional coaching classes, not only to ace English language proficiency tests but to also improve their ability to communicate with people in an English-speaking country.

If you are looking to improve your English language skills for the purpose of studying abroad, then you will be able to find numerous English coaching centres near you. Nevertheless, the best coaching institutes for Duolingo English Tests in India, in fact, for any English proficiency tests, will offer you the following services:

  • An individualised Study Plan that includes your requirements and commitments.

  • Personalised evaluation sessions allow you to monitor your progress while preparing for the test.

  • Offer you extra classes and result-oriented strategies to improve your scores.

  • Customised questions and quizzes to help enhance your aptitude in the English language, along with question banks to help you revise all the topics covered during your classes.

  • More importantly, the coaching centre should connect you with experienced faculty who can help you overcome challenges unique to you.

Duolingo English Test Conducting Body

The Duolingo English Test (DET) is conducted by the corporate organisation, also called Duolingo. The core platform called 'Duolingo' which is a famous online platform to learn various languages has more than 500 million users actively registered as of yet and is growing rapidly. The company aims at making education fun and available to all for free and has been designed to work as an educational game.

Through the Duolingo English Test, the organisation aims to change the current scenario of extensive preparation for tests to a genuine and required testing of English language skills possessed by an individual. It plans to shun the special preparation practice, results of which fade over time from the minds and lives of test-takers in favour of actual knowledge possessed and using the same to build a 'native' level proficiency in the language.

FAQs on Duolingo English Test Overview

What is DET full form?

The DET full form is Duolingo English Test. The test is a part of an education company called Duolingo. It is a fully online English language proficiency test which gained immense exposure during the Covid-19 pandemic when the test centres of other exams were closed. Duolingo is also a computer adaptive test that checks the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills of non-native English speakers.

What is Duolingo?

Duolingo is a language proficiency test. The test examines the sitting candidate on their fluency in the English language, based on the questions asked. The test aims to judge the knowledge of the candidate, and how well they can use the language in an academic setting.

Does Duolingo allow sending scores directly to universities?

Yes, Duolingo does allow sending scores directly to universities. Candidates willing to use the test scores as proof of their English proficiency can directly send their scores to their desired universities. Students should only choose the institutes they have to send scores to.

Is the Duolingo certificate free?

Yes, the Duolingo certificate is free. There are no additional fees to generate the certificate. The test only charges a single fee at the time of registering for the test. The fee is chargeable individually for each attempt. It is an affordable amount of USD 49.

Is Duolingo accepted for visa applications?

Yes, Duolingo is accepted for visa applications based on the immigration rules of a particular country. The test is accepted in some countries for certain visa types. Majorly, visa applications do not accept online-based tests, if they are required to be submitted alone.

Is Duolingo too hard?

Duolingo is not extremely hard. The test is inbuilt with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology. The test learns from the pattern of how test-takers attempted questions and generates further questions on their proficiency. Hence, the questions are always within the ability of the test-taker to attempt.

Can I take Duolingo more than once a month?

Yes, you can take Duolingo more than once a month. There is no limit on the number of attempts. However, the certificate can be generated only twice a month. The gap between two Duolingo certificates should be 30 days. If you are not satisfied with the attempt, it is better not to generate a certificate for it.

What is the difference between Duolingo and IELTS and TOEFL?

The difference between Duolingo and other English proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL is the mode, accessibility, and affordability. Duolingo can only be taken in online mode and is cost-effective, unlike TOEFL and IELTS and each Duolingo attempt costs only USD 49. There is no fixed date to register or attempt the test.

Is Duolingo secure?

Yes, Duolingo is a secure AI-based test. Before taking the test, the ID and the face of the test-taker are scanned remotely for verification. Duolingo does not own, support or control any third-party websites, services, or other events or activities. The personal information collected is used solely for identification, test verification, and security purposes.

Is Duolingo a reliable test to check English language proficiency?

Yes, Duolingo is a reliable test to check the English proficiency of a candidate. It uses Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence technology to ensure the test’s reliability. Test-takers need to follow the specified guidelines and rules, like the uncovered and visible face, no suspicious items present during the test, communication not allowed with another person, etc.

Which colleges and universities accept Duolingo scores?

Colleges and Universities accepting Duolingo scores are spread worldwide. More than 3000 colleges and universities across the globe accept Duolingo test scores for admission in bachelor's, master's, and doctorate courses.

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