Study in the UK: Timeline for January 2024 Intake


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Updated on May 09, 2023 02:09 PM IST

Interested in studying at one of the top universities in the country during the January Intakes in UK? Check out this timeline for January Intake in UK 2024, you can follow for successful admissions in the UK. Learn more about the steps you need to take to enrol in your dream university.

Study in the UK: Timeline for January 2024 Intake

To study at any one of the top UK universities this academic year, you will have to choose between the September and January intakes in UK. Most universities in the county offer admission through these two major intake sessions, however, some even accept international student applications through a third intake season, called the May intake.

The January intakes in UK is the second most important intake season in the country, with the Fall intakes being the primary intake. Most universities in the country accept international student applications to numerous courses and programmes during the January intakes in UK. However, universities offer fewer options during this season compared to the Fall intake. The fewer options also lead to comparatively lower competition between international students to get into their dream courses and universities.

Even though the competition is lower, having a plan of action by creating a timeline for January intakes in UK will help improve your chances of enrolment. There are several aspects to consider when creating a timeline for January intakes in UK, some of which have been outlined below. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about scheduling the timeline for January intakes in UK.

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Entrance Exams to Study in the UK

Timeline for January Intake in UK: Highlights

Similar to the Fall Intake, students will be required to begin prepping for the admission processes a year before the deadline for the submission of the application forms. Prepping for the Winter Intake includes shortlisting colleges and universities, attempting standardised tests, applying to different institutions, and completing the visa requirements. Refer to the timeline below:



April - June 2023

Research and shortlist universities

June - September 2023

Attempt standardised tests

September - November 2023

Submit the application forms

October - December 2023

Respond to college/university emails

December 2023 - January 2024

Arrange the finances (loans and scholarships)

Keep reading for the detailed timeline for Winter (January 2024) Intake in the UK for stress-free admission to the universities.

Wish to Study in UK?

Timeline for Winter (January 2024) Intakes in UK

In most study abroad destinations, winter intake acts as a second chance for students to commence their higher education in the university and programme of their choice. In the UK, a limited number of universities offer Winter Intake options for a few programmes. Students who either missed out on applying for or were not able to apply to the programme of their choice due to various reasons can opt for the Winter Intake.

Timeline for January Intake in the UK

Study in UK: Step-by-Step Process for January Intake

For those interested in pursuing their higher studies during the Winter (January) Intake in UK, detailed below are the steps they should complete in order to start their higher studies in the upcoming academic year.

Shortlist Best Universities (April - May 2023)

One of the first steps towards beginning your higher education aspirations in pursuing higher education during the January Intake in UK is to shortlist the universities or colleges that you wish to enrol in. There are numerous universities across different locations of the country that offer unique student experiences to all those looking to join a bachelor's or a master's degree during the winter intakes in UK.

  • Shortlist universities and colleges based on your requirements and restrictions, while ensuring they offer admissions during the January Intake in UK.

  • Shortlist degrees or disciplines that you wish to pursue in the colleges and universities that you shortlisted.

  • While shortlisting the universities and colleges, a good practice is to look out for the scholarship opportunities and financial aid offered to international students specifically joining in the winter intakes in UK.

  • Download the respective University brochures and read through the individual admission requirements, facilities, infrastructures, and other offerings along with the future scope of its students.

Note: Gaining the required knowledge regarding any university and its offerings will allow you to understand which college or university is best suited for you. Therefore, take your time and read through everything thoroughly before applying to any university during the January Intake in UK.

Take Up Standardised Tests (June - September 2023)

All universities offering admissions to international students during the January Intake in UK, require applicants to have attempted one of the standardised tests from IELTS or TOEFL and GRE or GMAT. IELTS, TOEFL, PTE and Duolingo, along with other popularly accepted English Proficiency tests are mandatory requirements by all universities and colleges accepting admissions during the winter intakes in UK. Meanwhile, GRE and GMAT are common entrance exams for graduate programmes, especially for Management, Architecture, Engineering and Technology programmes.

  • Visit the official website for each of the universities and colleges you have shortlisted and check out the individual admission requirements for international students looking to start their higher studies during the January Intake in UK.

  • Depending on the programme and degree that you choose, the university may require you to present valid test scores in either IELTS/TOEFL and/or GMAT/GRE.

  • As per admission requirements for Indian students looking to study during the January Intake in UK, you must attempt any one of the accepted English language proficiency tests.

  • Prepare and attempt the tests between June and September 2023, as results for the respective tests may take time and delay in the release of the test scores may not be a risk you want to take when applying for admissions during the winter intakes in UK.

  • For IELTS and TOEFL, you must register a month before the test date. Meanwhile, for GRE and GMAT, you must register at least 3 months before the test date.

Note: Since these tests are commonly accepted by numerous colleges and universities around the world, it is advisable to attempt the tests as early as possible. This can help you during different intakes in UK as well.

Send in Your Applications (September - November 2023)

Filling out and submitting the application forms to all the universities you shortlisted to enrol during the January Intake in UK, is the next step in the admission process to study in this top study abroad destination. Each university will define their requirements to submit the application forms and the required documents to upload, which should be met by each applicant if they wish to start their bachelor's or master's education during the winter intakes in UK.

  • Fill out the application form with the appropriate information on the official website of the shortlisted universities, while also uploading the required documents.

  • Most universities would also require you to submit 2-3 Letters of Recommendation and/or Statements of Purpose or Essays.

    • Acquire the letters of recommendation at least one month prior to the deadline of the application submission date.

    • Structure and form your University Essays or Statements of Purpose at least 2-3 months prior to the date of submission of the application forms.

  • Submit these letters of recommendation and the SOPs or Essays along with the application forms before the deadline, as mentioned by the university specifically for the January Intake in UK.

Note: A good rule of thumb to follow is to complete your applications as early as possible and not wait until the last moment to submit the forms to study in the UK. You must also ensure that the information you have entered in the application forms is correct and complete.

Get help to fillup application forms from our study abroad experts.

Replying to Emails (October - December 2023)

After successfully submitting your application forms with the necessary documentation and information for the January Intake in UK, the respective colleges and/or universities will contact you to participate in further admission processes.

  • The university or college admissions committee will contact you on the registered email ID.

  • Keep yourself vigilant and updated on the emails you receive from the university. Each university admission policy for the January Intake in UK is different, however, you should receive a response at least 3 months prior to the commencement date of your desired course.

  • The emails will contain information regarding the next steps in the admission process including taking part in a Personal or Video Interview.

  • The email will also contain all information regarding the date and time that you need to appear for your interview or other selection processes specified by the university. However, many would just require you to deposit a non-refundable amount as your confirmation of accepting the admission offer.

  • Reply to these emails within the stipulated deadline and follow the directions set by the university offering your desired course during the winter intakes in UK.

  • In case international students are required to sit for interviews and selection processes, the universities will send further communications in the form of an offer letter once all the processes have been completed. Subsequently, applicants will be required to submit the non-refundable deposit and follow any other directions set by the university to begin their studies in the January Intake in UK.

Note: Completing the payment of the non-refundable deposit will confirm your admission to your desired programme and university for the January Intake in UK. However, you will be required to pay the deposit within a given timeline, therefore, make this decision carefully.

Arrange Your Finances (December 2023 - January 2024)

An important aspect of any admission process related to any admission intakes in UK is to ensure that your finances are arranged and settled. Here, you must also look out for scholarship opportunities and financial aid offered by a university along with the government for international students starting their studies in the January Intake in UK.

  • Research and study the different student loans, scholarships and financial aid that you can avail of as an international student starting studies during the January Intake in UK.

  • Apply for the appropriate student loans, scholarships and financial aid to reduce the financial burden you will face when starting your studies in the winter intakes in UK.

  • A few universities automatically offer scholarships right after you accept the offer letter. Meanwhile, for others, you may be required to apply separately for different scholarship opportunities.

Note: It is advisable to settle your finances as early as possible as last-minute hiccups in your finances can halt your entire higher education aspirations which can also negatively impact your future prospects.

Get Your Visa and Plane Tickets

The last step, however, is one of the more crucial steps before you start your higher education during the January Intake in UK is to apply for the appropriate student visas and search for the best flight tickets you can find.

  • Apply for the correct UK student visas as soon as possible as the entire process of confirmation and receiving the same may take time.

  • Search for the best plane tickets at affordable prices that you can find early on as well. Booking your tickets early can help you find relatively inexpensive yet good tickets to the UK.

  • Grab your tickets, visas and other important documents and head on over to the university you chose and pursue higher education during the winter intakes in UK.

Note: In all these steps it is crucial to ensure that you complete the tasks correctly and completely. Any mistakes during any one of the steps may bring about negative effects that can be expensive for you in the long run.

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Why Apply During the January Intake in UK?

There can be several reasons why you must choose the January Intakes in UK to enrol in some of the top universities in the country. However, the reasons to choose January over September Intakes UK may be varied as well. Listed below are some of the reasons why the January Intakes in UK:

  • The January Intake is the secondary intake in UK where most universities accepting international student applicants will offer limited seating availabilities and limited course availabilities as well.

  • The secondary nature of the January Intakes in UK further allows international students to apply without facing too much competition. In other words, their chances of enrolment at some of the top universities in the UK will improve drastically.

  • The January Intakes in UK also allow international students who missed applying to their desired universities before the application deadline for the fall intake to not miss out on one entire academic year.

  • International students applying during the January Intakes in UK will receive similar benefits, in fact, even more, compared to the UK September Intake, as the estimated course completion date may put them right around the prime time when UK companies are seeking new skilled and qualified recruits.

Need a quick run-through of the admission timeline for January intakes in UK? Here’s a brief of the entire article you can refer to get an understanding of the timeline you should follow. However, we recommend reading the entire article to get an in-depth understanding of the topic.

If you are interested in studying your dream course during the January Intakes in UK, then register and connect with our team of experienced study abroad professionals.

January Intake in UK: Popular Universities for International Students

If you have decided that you wish to pursue higher education during the January Intake in UK, then check out this list of top universities for international students.

University Name

Annual Tuition Fee (in GBP)

University of Leeds


Liverpool John Moores University 16,100 - 16,600
University of Birmingham 19,380 - 22,140
University of Bristol 9,250
University of Westminster 9,250 - 13,000
Queen's University Belfast 18,000 - 24,823
University of Lincoln 9,250 - 38,650
Queen Mary University of London 18,000 - 27,900
Manchester Metropolitan University 16,500 - 18,000
University of Stirling 9,250

Among the hundreds of colleges and universities located in the UK, these are some of the popular universities that you can apply to.

And thus, with a clearer understanding of the admission process followed in the UK, you should be able to create your own timeline for January intakes in UK. Therefore, when creating your timeline, be sure to incorporate the time you’ll need to prepare and be ready for each step of the admission process. An objective, each aspirant should follow is to reduce the number of mistakes they make during this process.

One way to ensure the best chances of enrolment is gathering all the important information and more before starting the process. This includes the minimum enrolment requirements, the accommodation options available as well as the approximate costs you may incur when studying at a particular course or university. Moreover, candidates should define their requirements and restrictions to narrow down the options that they can choose from.

If you wish to pursue higher studies in the top universities in the UK, connect with our highly experienced study abroad counsellors and enrol in your dream university. To clarify any confusion regarding international admissions, write to us at

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How many admission intakes in UK are there?

There are a total of 3 admission intakes in UK that top universities in the country offer international students from across the sea: Winter/January, September, and Summer or May Intake in the UK. However, admissions for international students in the UK will vary from university to university as well as course to course, therefore, when applying to your dream course and university, it is important to check the admission policies, deadlines and requirements.

Can I study in UK during the January intake?

Yes, many universities across the UK offer admissions to international students across different levels of education and disciplines. Those interested in applying during the January intakes in UK must apply either via the UCAS portal or directly to the university. You can also register and connect with our team of experienced study abroad counsellors to apply during the January intakes in UK.

What is the best time to apply for January intakes in UK?

If you are planning to apply during the January intakes in UK across different universities in the country, then you must ensure that you have all the documents and funds required ready to be submitted at least 3 months before the application deadline of any given university. Some universities may invoke a first-come-first-serve priority enrolment. However, refer to the application deadline of your desired university in UK before applying.

What are January intakes in UK called?

Those universities in UK that accept international student applications for the January intakes each year may call the admission intakes either the January intake or the Winter or Spring intake as well. However, commonly, the January intakes in UK are referred to as the Winter intakes in UK and only a limited number of universities accept international student applications for a limited number of seats as well.

Is the September intake better than the January intake in the UK?

While there are several pros and cons to studying in UK during both the September and January intakes in UK, however, it is difficult to determine which intake is the best. The September intake offers a larger variety of courses and universities, while the January intakes in UK offer less competition compared to fall intakes. Nevertheless, the course and university options during the January intakes in UK would be fewer.

Why study in UK during the January intakes?

There are several reasons to choose the January intakes in UK which include increased chances of enrolment and a second chance at admissions during an academic year. Some courses may also be offered during the January intake in UK. But more importantly, international students apply during the January intake as they may have missed admissions during the Fall intake.

Can I apply in December for the January intake in UK?

Yes, depending on the application deadlines of the university and the UCAS, international students may be able to apply in December for the January intakes in UK. However, it is advisable to check the application deadlines of your desired universities in the UK before sending in your applications for the January intakes in UK.

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