Opportunities to Study Abroad after Class 12th: Courses, Eligibility and Scope


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If you want to study abroad after class 12, you need to be well-versed with the courses, colleges, tests, and application procedure, among other things, to make an informed decision. Studying abroad will give you a unique educational experience, and if done at the proper period of your career, it may be much more lucrative. If you intend to study abroad after class 12, here is all you need to know!

Opportunities to Study Abroad after Class 12th: Courses, Eligibility and Scope

Studying abroad after 12th in countries that have a rich and fascinating culture and top-notch universities which are an exciting hub of innovation and technology is a priceless experience. Also considering the current scenario in India, the top IITs and NITs have a limited number of seats which makes it extremely competitive to grab fruitful opportunities at the top institutes of India. 

Foreign universities offer a myriad of opportunities to study abroad after class 12th with their range of courses and customizable curriculum for international students. They have faculties from all over the world with a strong international network that helps graduates to position themselves in the job market favourably. Besides, the flexibility of the education system and the credit policies help students to transfer from one program to another by simply transferring credits. They can easily design a career of their choice.

The UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the governments of several other countries are offering financial aid so that they can boost the international student market. This article is intended to present students with field-wise subjects and the course and subject list to help them build a promising career by studying abroad after 12th.

Eligibility Requirements to Study Abroad After 12th

While deciding on their future pathways and results, students face several problems. If you make a thorough inquiry, you will find that there are various possibilities for each discipline overseas. As part of your research for studying abroad after 12th grade, consider the following factors: interest in the topic, future aspects, work opportunities, and salary.

Any course you choose to take in the early years of your career is crucial. You must make an informed selection because you will be investing the majority of your time and money in your first degree. This degree will lay the groundwork for your future education and job opportunities.

Here are some courses that you can pursue from universities abroad after completing class 12 in India:

Popular Fields Popular Subjects Eligibility
Engineering & Technology

Computer Science & Information Systems

Civil & Structural Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering

Mineral & Mining Engineering

10+2 with Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry as compulsory subjects

Scores of SAT or ACT and TOEFL/IELTS

Life Sciences & Medical




Pharmacy & Pharmacology

Veterinary Science

Agriculture & Forestry

Biological Sciences

Anatomy & Physiology


Candidates must also have completed the pre-medical course of a minimum 16-month duration.

It is mandatory to qualify NEET-UG.

Natural Sciences




Earth & Marine Sciences

Materials Science

Environmental Sciences

Physics & Astronomy

10+2 with Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry subjects.

Scores of SAT or ACT and TOEFL/IELTS.

Social Science & Management

Business & Management Studies

Education & Training

Communication & Media Studies

Accounting & Finance


Scores of SAT and TOEFL/IELTS.

Any two-subject test scores may also be required for US-based universities.

Arts & Humanities


English Language & Literature


Performing Arts


Art & Design

Scores of SAT and TOEFL/IELTS.

Any two-subject test scores may also be required for US-based universities.

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Popular Courses to Study Abroad After 12th

Here are some of the popular courses to study abroad after 12th and their course-wise advantages as compared to the Indian curriculum:

  • Engineering and Technology: Engineering aspirants can develop their technical abilities with the help of practical sessions conducted at advanced labs. In the case of streams like aeronautical engineering, there are better and high-paying jobs overseas. The most popular study-abroad destinations for engineering and technology are the USA, UK, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, South Korea, Hong Kong and Canada.

  • Life Sciences and Medical: Medical science is highly advanced in countries like Ukraine and Russia. Therefore you will follow the most advanced curriculum while paying lower fees compared to private medical universities in India. Medicine courses abroad will also help you discover medical science from a research point of view. Another advantage is learning alongside global experts and advanced equipment. These courses can be studied in Russia, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Germany.

  • Natural Sciences: For research aspirants who wish to pursue a PhD in the field of science, pursuing these courses from abroad universities is the best option as they will get better research infrastructure there. Natural science can be pursued in Switzerland, the USA, the UK, Singapore, Canada, Japan, China and France

  • Social Sciences and Management: Management aspirants and social enthusiasts will get a global perspective while pursuing these courses as they will follow a diverse curriculum. Students can opt for the USA, France, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia to study.

  • Arts and Humanities: Students will get greater exposure and opportunities to study alongside students from across the world in popular countries such as the UK, USA, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and Ireland.

courses to study abroad

Apart from the above courses, there are many majors and specialisations that foreign universities offer to international students. To know more about such courses and the countries that offer these courses, check out these related links below:

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List of Popular Universities to Study Abroad

Although there are various colleges to study abroad, here is the list of some of the foreign colleges to pursue bachelor's degree programmes after Class 12th:

Name of University Country Approx Annual Tuition (in INR)
University of Oxford UK 28,00,000
Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA 66,00,000
Stanford University USA 63,00,000
Harvard University USA 62,00,000
Imperial College London UK 34,50,000
Cornell University USA 40,00,000
University of Pennsylvania USA 64,00,000
University of Toronto Canada 38,00,000
McGill University Canada 36,00,000
The Australian National University Australia 25,00,000
The University of Melbourne Australia 24,00,000
Trinity College Dublin Ireland 22,00,000
Technical University of Munich Germany 30,000
Lomonosov Moscow State University Russia 6,00,000

Note: Tuition fee may vary as per programme, course or major selected by a student. Thus, the table above is a representation of the average annual tuition of each university to give Indian students an idea of estimated tuition costs and expenses.

How to Study Abroad after 12th?

Studying abroad after 12th plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of students by helping them to grow and develop as individuals. Crossing national borders to pursue international education has time and again proven beneficial for students. The process to get into an international university is often unclear and challenging at first however, proper knowledge of the procedure can make it seem like a cakewalk. To simplify the understanding of how to study abroad after 12th, we have broken down the procedure into a few steps to help you get better prepared for entrance to an ever-changing global environment.

  • Choose Your Study Abroad Course: This is the first and foremost step which you must take before planning to study abroad. There are several courses in engineering, medicine, science, arts and humanities, business and management to study bachelors at top foreign universities. You must choose the course that interests and suits your needs and career goals.

  • Choose the Study Abroad Destination: Deciding the country to study in after 12th is a crucial decision. The factors that you must take into consideration are climate, infrastructure, course curriculum, research opportunities, stay-back options, job opportunities and most importantly the cost of education. The top countries opted for by international students are the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

  • Select the Study Abroad University: Choosing the right university for your course is another vital decision that can impact your study abroad journey. You can consult the university rankings, academic standards and research facilities. Check the websites of the colleges thoroughly. You should also attend university fairs and open days to find out if that particular university is suitable for your course.

  • Take the Standardised Tests: To study bachelors in US and Canada, you need to take standardised tests such as SAT or ACT. Besides, English-speaking countries require you to take English proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo or PTE. There may be other test requirements depending on the country and course. You must take them well in advance before applying to the universities.

  • Fill Up the Application Form: First, decide which intake you want to join and start filling out the application forms as soon as they are available. Some universities offer admissions on a rolling basis. You will have to submit all the necessary documents to complete the application process.

  • Accept the Offer Letter: Once the application process is complete, you will have to wait for your offer letter. This is a very tumultuous period and has to be overcome with hope and optimism. The offer letters can be either conditional or unconditional. You can either accept or reject it.

  • Apply for a Student Visa: Once you accept the offer letter and complete the admission process, you will have to apply for a student visa to the embassy/high commission of the country where you want to study. You will be required to submit documents and attend an interview.
  • Apply for Scholarships: As overseas education is a huge financial burden, you can apply for foreign scholarships to study bachelor's abroad. There are several governmental and private sponsorers of scholarships.

  • Book your Accommodation and Flight Tickets: Finally, you should book your on-campus or off-campus accommodation in your study abroad country. Also, book your flight tickets and wait for D-day to fly to your dream university.

Studying STEM Abroad After 12th

The subjects that fall under the four disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics are called STEM courses. Governments and universities across the world have made it a priority to attract students to study STEM courses to satisfy the shortage of qualified professionals in these fields. One can choose to study STEM abroad after 12th to meet the needs of the emerging technology-based society. These courses abroad expose students to the latest technologies that help them to find solutions to the problems faced by the modern global world. They get the opportunity to build a career through theoretical and practical work. The STEM courses solidify their future by giving them a scope to reach new heights in their career.

The governments of many countries are providing several rewarding opportunities for STEM graduates which include better salary structures, job opportunities, longer stay back, and easier scores for PR calculators. STEM graduates have a better scope of research in production and quality, clinical research and other domains.

Eligibility to Study STEM Abroad after 12th

Students must meet the following eligibility criteria to study STEM courses abroad for bachelors:

  • They should complete class 12th with Science and must have Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology as subjects.

  • They have to take standardised tests like SAT or ACT.

  • They require to submit test scores of any of the English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE or Duolingo.

  • They submit their SOP, LOR and resume as required.

Top STEM specialisations to Study Abroad after 12th

STEM courses not only mean Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Several courses are under the purview of STEM such as Astronomy, Biochemistry, Computer Science, Psychology and Statistics. Here is a list of top STEM specialisations to study abroad after 12th are:


Top STEM Specialisations


Surveying Engineering, Mining and Mineral Engineering, Paleontology, Ocean Engineering and Nutritional Sciences


Civil Engineering, Forest Engineering. Computer Science, Nuclear Physics, Geology


Microbiology, Cyber Security, Data Science and Machine Learning, Power Engineering, Chemical Engineering

Documents Required to Study Abroad after 12th

Studying abroad entails fulfilling some requirements. While some requirements may vary, most foreign universities have a list of common documentation that students must provide. Here is a list for your easy reference:

  • A Valid Passport: A passport is a very important document for identification and is required by almost all universities abroad. You must submit a digital copy of a valid passport with a recent photograph.

  • Academic Transcripts: Academic transcripts of classes 10th and 12th or diploma courses are to be submitted as proof of your educational performance in school.

  • CV/ Resume: An academic resume consists of details of your educational background, professional experience, skills and other key achievements.

  • SOP: An SOP or statement of purpose is a written document that demonstrates your interest in the course and the university. Here you must state your future ambitions and goals and how they are aligned with the university and course you are choosing to study.

  • LORs: You must submit LORs or letters of recommendation from your high school teachers that would give the admission officers an insight into your character from the perspective of your high school teacher or principal.

  • Proof of Funds: You must provide proof of sufficient funds to afford your education and living in your study abroad destination. The university will require you to submit various financial documents that will testify to your financial solvency.

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Admission Process to Study Abroad

Admission to foreign universities is done on the basis of scores obtained on standardised tests such as the SAT or ACT and English Language Tests like IELTS and TOEFL. However, this would depend on the country where one is hoping to apply for a bachelor's degree. The student must make sure to go through the eligibility and entrance criteria of the respective university before applying. Sometimes, students might have to sit for an interview and not appear for any of the applicable tests.

It is also to be noted that many US colleges and universities have dropped the requirement of SAT/ACT scores and become test-optional, -flexible or -blind.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the terms and conditions of the country pertaining to the visa for which the student is applying. It is good to choose colleges that offer scholarships as there are various countries that do not allow international students to take up jobs after completing undergraduate programmes.

Scholarship Opportunities to Study Abroad After 12th

Often students are sceptical to study abroad because of the huge expenditure it entails. Besides the tuition fees, there are several other costs that students have to incur including the cost of accommodation, groceries, utility bills, living expenses, entertainment and other miscellaneous costs of education. Scholarships come to the rescue in such cases providing financial assistance to students by providing a discount on tuition fees and other benefits. Here are the top study abroad scholarships after 12th:

Name of the Scholarship


Hani Zeini Scholarship

USD 1,000

Oxford University - Simon and June Li Undergraduate Scholarship

Course fees and a grant towards living costs

QS WM Undergraduate Scholarship

USD 5,000

University of Toronto - Lester B. Pearson International Student Scholarships

Covers tuition, books, incidental fees, and accommodation for four years

Griffith University- Griffith Remarkable Scholarship

50% of the tuition fees

Salary Scope after Studying Abroad

Students who have studied abroad have the opportunity to get highest salary packages.The salary scope of different streams are:

Fields Average Annual Salary (in USD)
Engineering and Technology 83,000
Life Science and Medical 92,000
Natural Sciences 76,000
Social Sciences and Management 65,000
Arts and Humanities 68,000

Students who choose to enrol in foreign universities can tailor their programmes according to their interests and experience. They gain valuable hands-on experience that helps them explore potential career paths while building a network of contacts and learning from professionals in the field. Therefore if students wish to study abroad they can select courses that will fetch them personal satisfaction and professional growth at the same time. 

You can also reach out to us at abroad@collegedekho.com in case you have further queries about studying abroad after 12th.

Want to Make Your College Application Stand Out?


When should I start the study abroad application process after 12th?

You should start the study abroad application process after 12th when the admission deadlines are declared by the universities of your choice. This would mean that you have to apply for admission well before completing your class 12th. There are normally four intakes for various foreign universities, out of which at least two (generally Spring and Fall) are the main intakes accepting applications for Bachelor’s courses.

When should I start the study abroad application process after 12th?

You should start the study abroad application process after 12th when the admission deadlines are declared by the universities of your choice. This would mean that you have to apply for admission well before completing your class 12th. There are normally four intakes for various foreign universities, out of which at least two (generally Spring and Fall) are the main intakes accepting applications for Bachelor’s courses.

Can I get admission to Ivy League after completing my 12th?

Yes, you can admission to Ivy League after completing your 12th. Ivy League is an amalgam of the most prestigious eight US colleges. Each college is known for its excellence and graduating from these colleges will ensure a bright future ahead for you. However, only highly meritorious students are accepted to Ivy League, and the acceptance rates are also extremely low.

Can I get scholarships for bachelor's courses abroad after completing class 12th?

Yes, you can get scholarships for bachelor's courses abroad after completing class 12th. International students are offered a wide range of scholarships, specially designed for them by universities. They might need to apply for these scholarships separately, although some entry-based scholarships are awarded based on the admission application.

My education has been in the English medium, do I still need to provide my language proficiency proof to study abroad after 12th?

The majority of universities ask for English language proficiency proof to study abroad after 12th even if your education was conducted in the English medium. However, universities do make exceptions for certain courses, if the applicant has a history of scoring high in English until class 12th.

Which English proficiency tests are accepted for admissions to study abroad after class 12th?

English proficiency tests that are accepted for admissions to study abroad after class 12th are IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and Duolingo. There are many other international English tests that may be accepted by the chosen university. Notably, Duolingo may not be accepted for certain courses, and students need to check the eligibility criteria set by the university before applying.

What is the average annual tuition fee for Bachelor's courses abroad for Indian students?

The average annual tuition fee for Bachelor’s courses abroad for Indian students differs according to the country and university that have been chosen. Since students are allowed to choose their own courses for a Bachelor's degree, the fee can differ for each student according to the chosen courses. However, in general, studying Bachelors abroad can cost anywhere between INR 10 lakhs and INR 30 lakhs per year. 

Which are the most popular courses to study abroad after class 12th for Indian students?

The most popular courses to study abroad after class 12th for Indian students are STEM courses, Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Law, Literature, Cultural Studies, and Virtual Arts (Designing and Artictecturing). Students can apply to various substreams of these fields of study, and even combine diverse courses as a part of their Bachelor’s degree.

Which are the best colleges to study Bachelors abroad after 12th for Indian students?

The best colleges to study Bachelors abroad after 12th for Indian students are the ones that match the goals and vision of the student. However, some universities that are known to benefit their enrolled students unconditionally are the University of Oxford, Harvard University, Yale University, Trinity College Dublin, Imperial College of London, Australian National University, University of Toronto, and the Technical University of Munich.

Which countries are best to study Bachelors after 12th for Indian students?

The countries best to study Bachelors after 12th for Indian students are Germany, Canada, Singapore, UK, USA, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, France, Ireland, and Denmark. Indian students are welcomed by these countries through not only supportive measures but also a wide range of scholarships. These countries are also renowned for their top-class education systems.

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