PhD Scholarships for Indian Students to Study Abroad


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PhD scholarships for Indian students to study abroad? Look no further! Here is a list of some of the popular PhD scholarships for Indian students available across the globe. You can check out the eligibility requirements, scholarship values, duration, and how to apply for PhD abroad.

PhD Scholarships for Indian Students to Study Abroad - Apply Now!

Being one of the popular degrees chosen, there are a number of PhD scholarships that Indian students to study abroad. As is popularly understood, drafting a thesis and conducting research takes significant financial support to complete. One way scholars can find funding for their research is by applying for scholarships, fellowships and grants.

Organisations, both government-run and private, including numerous trusts, offer financial support for the advancement of different fields, subject areas and industries. However, finding such popular PhD scholarships for Indian students planning to study abroad can be tasking. Moreover, finding relevant and up-to-date information may even be more tasking.

Therefore, to ease the process, we have compiled a list of some of the top PhD scholarships for Indian students abroad that can be used across a number of universities and colleges and even degree programmes. You will also find important details about each individual scholarship that will help you shortlist the best ones for your PhD abroad.

List of PhD Scholarships for Indian Students Abroad

Check out the table below to find the list of scholarships for PhD courses, specifically for Indian students travelling abroad:

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Gates Cambridge Scholarships

Australian Government Research Training Programme (AGRTP) International Scholarships at Flinders University

Vice-Chancellor's International Scholarship for Research Excellence at the University of Nottingham

AAUW International Fellowships for Women PhD Scholarships for International Candidates, Swansea University 2019
President's PhD Scholarships, Imperial College London 2020-2021 Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral Research Fellowships 2023-2024

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Want to Pursue PhD Abroad?

Let's check out the details of the listed scholarships for PhD in abroad for Indian Students, along with their eligibility, scholarship value, duration, and the steps on how to apply for PhD scholarship abroad.

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Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

Through Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships, doctoral students from different parts of the globe can pursue their doctoral studies in the country. With a total of 166 scholarship awards available for distribution, international PhD aspirants have immense opportunities to avail of the scholarship.




Be nominated by a Canadian University with a Vanier CGS quota.

Candidates must be pursuing a PhD or a Joint undergraduate/graduate research programme.

Candidates must not have completed more than 20 months of doctoral studies at the institution.

Candidates under joint undergraduate or graduate research studies must not have completed more than 32 months of study.

Scholarship Value

USD 50,000 per year


3 years

Application Process

Candidates nominated by a Canadian College with a Vanier CGS quota are considered for the scholarships. Aspirants are not required to apply directly for the scholarship.

Candidates can inform the faculty in charge of the graduate studies at the institution and be selected for the scholarship; or

Eligible candidates are nominated by the academic institution.

Note: The eligibility criteria, application and selection process and other details about the scholarship are subject to change at the discretion of the organisation offering the award.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships

Offered by the University of Cambridge, the Gates-Cambridge Scholarship is among the top scholarships available for postgraduate students. The scholarship is awarded to outstanding students from outside the UK who wish to pursue a PhD or other postgraduate degree at the University of Cambridge. Every year, eligible students compete for one of the 80 Gates-Cambridge Scholarships.


December or January, depending on the courses


Candidates must be a citizen of any country outside of the UK

Candidates must be pursuing a full-time residential programme at the University of Cambridge, i.e. PhD, MSc or MLitt

Scholarship Value

Covers the full cost of studying at Cambridge, which includes tuition fees, travel costs, visas, and other expenses.

Additional funding such as academic funding, fieldwork, family allowances, etc. is offered at discretion.


Specific to different components of the scholarship

Application Process

Research Candidates are required to submit an application form along with a research proposal to be considered for the Gates-Cambridge Scholarship.

The application must be submitted on the university's Graduate Application Portal.

Note: Before applying for the scholarship, it is advisable to go through the scholarship brochure to be up-to-date with any latest changes that the university may implement since the university holds the sole discretion to update or change the requirements.

Australian Government Research Training Programme (AGRTP) International Scholarships at Flinders University

Offering financial assistance to all overseas students, Flinders University offers an Australian Government Research Training Programme International Scholarships at Flinders University. The AGRTP International Scholarships at Flinders University aims to offer assistance to all overseas students, except those from New Zealand, who wish to pursue a higher degree by research at the university.




All Candidates must meet the academic requirements for the Master's by Research or Doctorate by Research degree at the university

Candidates need to meet the English Proficiency levels accepted by Flinders University.

Candidates must not possess an equivalent master's or higher degree with research qualifications.

Candidates with Australian or New Zealand citizenship are not eligible.

Scholarship Value

AUD 28,092 with an establishment allowance of AUD 1,485.

Application Process

Candidates need to apply for a Higher Degree by Research programme followed by an application for the International RHD Scholarship.


International Tuition fee offset, living stipend (AUD 28,092) and Overseas Health Care cover.

Note: Note down all the requirements for the scholarship before sending in your application form in order to avoid making any mistakes at the time of application. It is advisable to check the official website thoroughly for any last-minute updates pertaining to the scholarship.

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Vice-Chancellor's International Scholarship for Research Excellence at the University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham offers a unique scholarship for international students aspiring to pursue a PhD or an M.Phil for their higher degree by research programme. The scholarship is applicable to all students in any discipline except engineering, for which the university offers a different scholarship.




All candidates who are classed as overseas students for fee purposes can apply for the scholarship.

Candidates must possess a valid offer for a full-time PhD or M.Phil in any discipline (except engineering) at the University of Nottingham for the current academic year.

Application Process

Applications to this scholarship shall be made through MyNottingham after the admission offer has been received by the candidates.

Scholarship Value

The scholarship covers the entire tuition fee with a monthly stipend allowance of GBP 1,015.


Awarded each year subject to satisfactory progress.

Note: The University of Nottingham holds the discretion to update and change requirements for the scholarship, therefore, check for any last-minute updates that the university may have implemented.

AAUW International Fellowships for Women

Intending to empower women in academia, the American Association of University Women (AAUW) offers International Fellowships to women who wish to pursue full-time study or research in the US. These scholarships are aimed at women who are not classed as US citizens or residents. All accredited universities in the US accept the scholarship.




All women candidates who are not classed as US citizens or residents are eligible for the fellowship.

Women displaying a prior commitment to the advancement of women through civic, community or professional work, are given preference.

Application Process

All applications for the scholarship are done online via the official website of AAUW.

Candidates are required to log in to the website and complete the application processes as per the guidelines.

Scholarship Value

USD 20,000

Note: Applicants are advised to check for any updates that may have been introduced by the organisation for the scholarship. AAUW holds the authority to implement any changes to the scholarship as it sees fit.

PhD - Overseas Visiting Doctoral Fellowship Programme

To support students to undertake research training during a doctoral research programme in overseas universities, the Overseas Visiting Doctoral Fellowship Programme provides scholarship opportunities. The scheme is available for Indian STEM graduates who want to undertake research at Purdue University, USA and the University of Alberta, Canada.

Application Start Date





Must be Indian nationals

Must register for a full-time PhD programme in any one of the recognised universities in STEM disciplines

Part-time students and those who have submitted their PhD thesis are not eligible for the programme

Scholarship Value

Monthly fellowship of USD 2,000

One time contingency allowance of INR 60,000

Travel allowance of INR 1.5lakh for a round trip

Subsistence allowance for Indian Supervisors is USD 75 per day


12 months + 6 months extension

Application Process

Students have to visit the website of Purdue University and the University of Alberta to apply directly for the scholarship

Note: Since changes and updates to the scholarships can happen even before the application deadline for the scholarship, all aspirants are advised to keep themselves updated with the latest information by either reaching out to their study abroad consultants or their respective universities.

PhD Scholarships for International Candidates, Swansea University

Swansea University provides PhD Scholarships to overseas students interested in pursuing doctoral studies at Swansea University's Department of Physics, College of Science. Scholarship awardees are eligible for tuition fee reductions of up to GBP 8,650. Scholarships are offered for the following study areas:

  • Materials and Applied Physics

  • Physics at the atomic, molecular, and quantum levels

  • Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology

The details of this scholarship are discussed below:


Always Open


Be an international candidate (non-UK/EU).

Have a First, Upper Second Class Honours or a Masters degree with Merit, or equivalent, in a related subject

Fulfil the English language requirements (IELTS 6.5 bands with 6.0 bands in each component or equivalent)

Be interested in obtaining a PhD at the Department of Physics at Swansea University's College of Science.

Scholarship Value

GBP 8,650


3 years

Application Process

Fill out the application form.

Fill out the application form with your personal information, educational information, employment information, and references.

Send the filled application form along with all the documentation by mail to the university.

Note: Swansea University may update or implement changes to the scholarship if required, therefore, consult with the university or your professors before applying for the scholarship of such changes.

President's PhD Scholarships, Imperial College London

The Imperial College London welcomes applications for President's PhD Scholarships from high-achieving undergraduate or Master's students interested in pursuing a PhD. This fellowship is awarded to up to 50 research students. Qualifying students receive a tuition remission as well as a sizable annual stipend.


Always Open


Be a bright applicant from Imperial College London, the United Kingdom, or any other place in the globe.

Be among the top students in the undergraduate cohort

Receive of or due to obtaining a first-class UK degree or equivalent

Have earned a distinction (for applicants with a solo Master's degree)

Have received scores/grades that are comparable to the applicable qualifying requirement (for overseas students)

I've already spoken with a supervisor at Imperial College London, who has agreed to oversee the research study.

Scholarship Value

Full Funding of Tuition Fee

GBP 21,400 (Living Costs)

GBP 2,000 ( consumables fund for first 3 years)


3 - 3.5 years

Application Process

Visit the application site online.

Choose the appropriate programme.

Log in or sign up for a new account.

After you have verified your email address, you may access the application.

Fill out the application form with the necessary information.

Please upload the necessary documentation.

Submit your application.

Note: Similar to the other scholarships that the university offers, candidates are advised to check for any updates or changes introduced by the university to avoid any last-minute hassles.

Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral Research Fellowships

The Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral Research Fellowships are a United States-India Educational Foundation (USIEF) initiative for Indian academics enrolled in a PhD programme at an Indian university. These fellowships for PhD in the USA for Indian students with scholarships are for a period of six to nine months.

Agricultural Sciences, Anthropology, Bioengineering, Computer Science, Chemistry, Economics, Education Policy, and Planning, Energy Studies, Geography, History, Language and Literature, International Law, International Security and Strategic Studies, Materials Science (with an emphasis on environmental applications), Mathematical Sciences, Neurosciences, Performing Arts, Physics, Physical Sciences, Public Health are all encouraged to apply.

This fellowship allows the best students, academics, and professionals from India and the United States to study, research, and teach in the host nation. Shortlisted scholars receive a variety of honours.




Have conducted appropriate research on the relevant topic, particularly in identifying resources in India

Be enrolled in a PhD programme in an Indian university by November 1. (For US applicants)

Scholarship Value



6-9 months

Application Process

Visit the online application site, click the Apply Now button, and carefully read all details.

Fill out your personal information and then click Continue.

To finish the procedure, enter the pin you received through email to activate the account and establish a password.

Log in using proper credentials after successfully establishing the account.

Fill in the relevant information step-by-step and upload the required documents as specified by the scholarship facilitator.

Fill out the grant application and extra information, then submit the form.

Note: These grants are for research at the pre-doctoral level. Applicants having PhD degrees or in the final stages of submitting their PhD thesis are not accepted.

While these are some of the popular scholarships that you can apply for, there are many PhD scholarships for Indian students across different countries and universities that all international students can apply to. A few PhD scholarships for Indian students can be offered through the country's government, while others are available to students through the university itself.

Even though there are different types of scholarships on offer at universities, it is important to understand the types of PhD scholarships for Indian students that have been offered. Understanding the types of scholarships will give you a clearer understanding of the scholarships available and the ones that are perfect for your PhD courses abroad.

Or, get in touch with our study abroad experts and get detailed information about PhD scholarships for Indian students.

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Types of PhD Scholarships Abroad for Indian Students

There are different types of PhD scholarships for Indian students abroad that they can apply to across top universities in the world. Prominently, there are two different types of research scholarships that are available, i.e. Full or Partial Scholarships.

Fully Funded Scholarships

In this scholarship for PhD in abroad, the trust fund covers all expenses including the entire tuition fee, accommodation, and food expenses, among other expenses as well.

Partial Scholarships

This type of scholarship for PhD in abroad offers partial financial support to students in the form of covering either their tuition fees or accommodation expenses or any other expenses outlined by the trust fund.

Note: The amount, duration, and other specific information of the PhD scholarships for Indian students are completely defined by the organisation, university, or government offering the support.

For instance, certain scholarships may also be specific criteria that students may need to satisfy such as academic background, financial standing, and domicile requirement, among others, without which, students may fail to receive the scholarships.

And thus, through this list of the best PhD scholarships for Indian students to study abroad, we hope to have helped aspirants find relevant scholarships. However, before applying to any university and degree programme, be sure to check the scholarship opportunities available apart from the ones that have been mentioned here. 

Many universities offer a number of different scholarships and other types of financial aid to international students, therefore, conduct a thorough research of the different financial assistance on offer, before applying to any scholarships you come across.

Looking to pursue a PhD abroad under scholarships for Indian students? Register and connect with highly experienced study abroad consultants to find and apply for the best PhD scholarships abroad.

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Are there PhD scholarships in Canada for Indian students?

Yes, Indian students will find themselves eligible for several different PhD scholarships. Among them, one of the most popular PhD scholarships in Canada for Indian students is the Vanier Scholarship, wherein selected individuals will receive a scholarship award valued at CAD 50,000 per year for three years to complete their research work in Canada. For detailed information, check out our article on PhD Scholarships to Study in Canada.

What are the best foreign PhD scholarships for Indian students?

Among some of the popular foreign PhD scholarships for Indian students, you can apply to Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships, Gates Cambridge Scholarships, and Fulbright-Nehru Scholarships, which have been designed to include Indian PhD students too. Interested students are advised to check the individual university scholarships designed for Indian or international students.

What are the different types of PhD scholarships for Indian students?


Indian students can primarily choose between two major types of PhD scholarships abroad, i.e. fully funded and partially funded PhD scholarships. As the name suggests, fully-funded scholarships mean that all the costs of studying and living abroad while partially-funded scholarships will only cover a part of your doctoral studies and research abroad.

Can I complete my PhD in Germany for free?

Yes, you can complete your PhD degree in Germany for free, provided you either enrol in a public university in Germany or apply for one of the many DAAD scholarships for Indian students. All public German universities offer PhD programmes practically free of charge for all students including non-EU students. However, the best option to study PhD for free in Germany is to apply for PhD scholarships by DAAD.

Does the USA offer PhD scholarships for women?

Yes, universities across the US offer several different PhD scholarships, specifically designed for women completing their PhD studies. One of the most popular PhD scholarships in the USA for women is offered by the American Association of University Women (AAUW) called the AAUW International Fellowships for Women, where non-US female candidates will be eligible for scholarships worth USD 20,000.

Can Indian students apply for the Gates Cambridge scholarships?

Yes, among the popular PhD scholarships in the UK for Indian students, the Gates Cambridge Scholarships sees one of the largest numbers of applications. The Gates Cambridge Scholarship has specifically been designed for students pursuing PhD, MSc or MLitt at Cambridge University, covering the full costs of studying at the university including travel and visa costs.

Are PhD scholarships abroad for Indian students fully funded?

Yes, some of the PhD scholarships abroad for Indian students are fully funded, which means all the costs of studying and living abroad while completing your PhD studies abroad. However, such fully-funded PhD scholarships for Indian students abroad will be extremely competitive and highly selective. In other words, you must be able to present an impeccable academic and research record along with other application requirements for such scholarships.

Can I apply for free PhD courses abroad?

Yes, several universities, especially those located in the EU offer free PhD courses to international students, however, there are conditions to this. International students, regardless of their nationality, will be able to apply for PhD programmes offered by public universities in Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, etc, without having to pay tuition costs or pay relatively inexpensive tuition.

Where can I apply for full PhD scholarships abroad?

There are many countries and universities offering full PhD scholarships to international students, for example, DAAD in Germany. If you are interested in applying for fully-funded PhD scholarships for international students, you must first visit the official government websites of university websites where you will be able to find a list of prospective scholarships that you may qualify for.

Do foreign PhD students get paid?

Yes, foreign PhD students do get paid a stipend along with their scholarship for a limited period of time to cover their daily living and/or research expenses. However, this will vary among the different PhD scholarships available for international students. If you need help applying to PhD scholarships abroad, register and connect with experienced study abroad counsellors who can help you find appropriate scholarships and financial aid.

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