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Updated on Aug 02, 2023 1:47 PM IST

ACT scores are detailed and divided into composite scores and section-wise scores. Overall, the ACT exam is scaled on a range of 1 to 36, and depending on the minimum ACT requirement of a specific institution, the candidate is shortlisted for further admission process.

Generally, it takes up to two to eight weeks for the conducting to release ACT scores. The result of multiple-choice questions taken on a computer is released within two business days, while the score for the writing section is usually released within the next two or three weeks. Scores are released online and those who take the ACT must know how to view, download, use and send ACT scores to the universities they are applying to.

ACT Results 2023

The ACT results are declared within two days for the multiple choice part while the writing exam part may take 14 to 20 days to be announced after the exam is conducted. Students must keep checking the website so that they can update themselves with the details regarding the results. The ACT result dates 2023 have been declared and one can refer to them in the table given below:

Test Date

Estimated Score Release Date

(ACT Results 2023)

11 February 2023

21 February - 7 March 2023

15 April 2023

25 April - 10 May 2023

10 June 2023

20 June - 4 July 2023

15 July 2023

25 July - 8 August 2023

ACT Result 2023: Quick Highlights

The ACT results have certain components that you must be aware of to increase your understanding of the output. Here are some of the key features of the ACT scores:

  • Students need to create an ACT account during  ACT registration and the same can be used for viewing the ACT scorecards online.

  • After they take the test, the student report is made available on the ACT Web Account within two days to eight weeks.

  • After combining the writing scores, the final ACT scores are announced.

  • The average of the four sections of the ACT is a composite score except for the ACT writing section. A scale from 1 to 36 is used to grade it. 

  • The English, reading, science and maths sections are also graded on a scale of 1 to 36.

  • The ACT writing section is scored separately and there is no impact of it on the ACT composite score.

  • The writing score ranges from 2 to 12 whereas the composite score is between 1 to 36. 

What do ACT Scores Mean?

ACT Score report is a detailed document which can be divided into two broad categories: composite scores and section-wise scores. The Composite score is the overall score that the candidate receives and is hailed as the official score in the ACT exam scenario. Also, the section-wise score includes scores in Maths, Science, English and Reading and Writing as individual sections. 

Composite Score

It is the average score of all four sections: Science, English, Mathematics and Reading. The ACT composite score is scaled on a scale of 1 to 36. 

Mathematics, Reading and Science Scores

The scores of these sections are released along with composite scores. Each score is scaled on a scale of 1 to 36. 

Writing Section

The writing section of ACT is released separately and scored on a scale of 2 to 12.

Detailed Result

There is a detailed reporting category for each section of the ACT. In each reporting category, you will find the total number of questions asked in the category, the total number of questions answered correctly and the percentage of questions that are correctly answered.

Important Dates of ACT Scores 2023

Tabulated below are the important dates related to ACT Scores. Check them out to find out when the ACT multiple-choice scores are expected to release.

Test date

Score date

September 10, 2023

September 13, 2023

October 22, 2023

October 25, 2023

How to Check ACT Scores 2023?

ACT 2023 scores are released online. To check the ACT score, you need to log in to the ACT account created at the time of ACT registration.

ACT scores are not sent through mail, chat, SMS, email or fax. It can only be accessed online. However, you can get in touch with the customer care executive to help you dictate the ACT score on the phone line. You must keep checking the notification for the release of the test by logging in to your ACT account.

When are ACT Scores Released?

  • ACT multiple-choice scores are usually made available within two business days after taking the test using computer-based testing.

  • Writing scores of ACT are typically released around two to three weeks after making multiple-choice scores available.

  • Special testing score are generally issued two to ten weeks after the test date.

How is the ACT Scored?

ACT scores are different for the multiple-choice test and the writing test. Check out how ACT scoring is done:

  • For multiple-choice exams, candidates receive +1 for each accurate response and receive zero points for an incorrect response.

  • The maximum raw ACT score possible for a test with 60 questions is 60. Likewise, the highest raw ACT score of 40 can also be obtained for 40 questions.

  • These raw scores are scaled from 1 to 36, except writing test.

  • The average score from all four rounds is known as the composite score.

  • As it is impossible to assign question papers with the same difficulty levels, this is done to eliminate the possibility of difficulty level variability having any negative impact.

  • Two examiners grade writing scores on a scale of 1-6 based on four categories: development and support, language use and norms, ideas and analysis, and structure. Briefly stated, the writing section of the test is graded on a scale of 2 to 12.

  • The candidate's writing score has no bearing on the final score.

How Colleges Use ACT Scores?

ACT scores is used by colleges for following purpose: 

  • Admissions: ACT scores amongst other factors such as academic record, future plans, etc. help colleges select candidates who fit the best for a given programme at the undergraduate level. 

  • Course Placement: Universities may take into account scores obtained in the ACT to place applicants in first-year courses.

  • Scholarships and loans: Several scholarships are granted to students based on ACT scores. 

What is a Good ACT Score?

After reviewing your ACT scores, you might be wondering if they are good enough to get you into renowned universities abroad. The ACT score that falls within the range that your college normally seeks or accepts is therefore a good score. The simplest way to assess whether your ACT score is competitive or sufficient is to look at the average ACT scores of the colleges you are considering in, which are listed on their official websites.

You should put more emphasis on your exam preparation, choose your target score, and work toward achieving it rather than focusing on what an acceptable ACT score is. A score of 21.8 on the ACT, which is the average, places you over 50% of test-takers, giving you a good chance of getting into the colleges or universities of your preference.

Another crucial thing to keep in mind is that admission to a top-tier university does not necessarily depend solely on one's ACT score. Admission to foreign universities also relies heavily on other variables, including high school performance, applications, Statement of Purpose (SOP), and other documents.

Average ACT Scores 2023

The ACT uses a point system from 1 to 36 to score each section. At the end of the exam, an applicant's aptitude is evaluated using the composite score. All four components are averaged out to get the composite test. The writing component's score is given separately to students who choose it. It is graded on a scale of 1 to 6 by two distinct graders in four different domains. In a nutshell, the applicant's overall score is unaffected by the applicant's writing test score, which ranges from 2 to 12. The typical ACT scores, broken down by part, are shown below:


Average Score











Can ACT Scores be Cancelled?

ACT has the authority to cancel ACT test scores if the scores are believed to be invalid. There is also the provision to voluntarily cancel your scores wherein ACT will cancel your scores upon request.

If they have already been sent to colleges/universities, then the ACT will notify the recipients that the scores have been cancelled. 

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FAQs on ACT Result/Scores

What is the range of writing scores on the ACT?

The ACT writing score ranges from 2 (lowest score) to 12 (highest score). The average ACT writing score ranges between a 6 and 7. This test will give five scores: a single subject-level writing score reported on a scale of 2-12, and four domain scores, also 2-12, based on an analytic scoring rubric.

I have taken the ACT test twice. Which of the ACT scorecards is considered to be valid?

In the case of multiple ACT scorecards, the test score chosen depends on the institutions. Some institutions select the most recent test score while others may consider the best-scored test.

Can I cancel the ACT Score?

The ACT scorecard can be cancelled in case it is invalid. The candidate can also cancel the scorecard voluntarily upon request.

How can I send ACT scores to universities?

The ACT score is sent directly to the universities from the ACT test centres. These are the universities that are selected by the candidate at the time of registration for the ACT test. Apart from this, the test score can be sent to other universities by individual candidates.

What is the validity of an ACT scorecard?

The ACT scorecard of ACT is valid for five years.

What is the range of ACT scores?

The ACT composite score ranges from 1 to 36.

Does the writing section affect the composite score of ACT?

Writing section scores are calculated separately. It does not affect the composite score of ACT.

What is ACT composite Result?

ACT composite is the average of the four tests scores which is rounded to the nearest whole number.

How to check ACT Test score?

The scorecard of ACT is released on its official website. Candidates must log in to an ACT account to get access to the ACT scorecard.

When is the result of ACT released?

The ACT test is released within two weeks of taking the test.

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