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Over 1,700 universities in the US offer masters degrees or MS in US that last no longer than two years although some graduate courses may be one year long. International students are invited to apply for masters throughout the year, with Fall being the most popular intake, followed by the Spring, Summer, and Winter Intakes.

With American universities being second to none, the US is one of the most preferred study destinations for masters abroad. The flexibility offered by US universities with regards to attendance, assignments and course requirements can alone make graduate studies worthwhile. Additionally, a master's degree in US is extremely research-oriented and discussion-based with ample scope for rapid acceleration of ideas, giving students the latest and most modern classroom experience.

One of the top advantages of doing MS in US is the excellent support facilities offered to international students, be it in terms of career opportunities upon graduation or networking with large global companies or pursuing further education in the country.

American graduate programs require international students to have a bachelors degree from an accredited university with a minimum GPA of 2.75 to 3.5 on a 4.0 scale. They will also have to take the GMAT or GRE, depending on the program and the university.

Quick Glance: MS in USA

With a huge variety of programmes for MS in US, understanding what a masters in US actually entails can be confusing. Have a look at the key highlights of studying postgraduation for MS in US:




1-2 years

Average Fees

USD 40,000 per year

Top Courses/Specialisations

Computer Science, Engineering, Business Administration Management, Medicine and Life sciences, Mathematics, Art and culture

Academic Requirements

Bachelors degree from a recognised university

Minimum GPA of 2.7 to 3.5 on a 4.0 in bachelors

Exam Requirements

GMAT - 565

GRE - Verbal & Quantitative - 130-170, AWA - 3.5

Language Test Requirement

IELTS Academic: 6.5 bands


PTE Academic: 75

Duolingo English Test: 105

Admission Intakes

Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter

Average Salary on Graduation

USD 77,000 (annual)

Average Salary after 10 Years

USD 120,000 (annual)

Top Recruiters

Merck & Co., Southwest Airlines, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Philips, Trader Joes, Hard Rock International

Top MS Universitiesin USA

Given below are the most popular MS universities in USA along with their THE World University ranks:

University Name

THE World University Ranking 2022

Harvard University


Stanford University


Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Yale University


Columbia University




Cornell University


University of Michigan


Boston University


Purdue University


Looking for the perfect MS Colleges in USA? Register and find an MS college best suited for you with the help of our team of experienced study abroad counsellors.

Top Courses Available for MS in USA

Following is the list of some popular courses offered for master's or MS in USA along with their average duration and tuition fees:


Duration of Study

Average Course Fees (USD)

MS in Computer Science

12-24 months


MS in Mechanical Engineering

24 months


MS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

12-24 months


MS in Business Analytics

12-14 months


MS in Industrial Engineering

24 months


MS in Civil Engineering

18-24 months


MS in Finance

18-22 months


MS in Supply Chain Management & Logistics

12-24 months


MS in Economics

12-24 months


MS in Physics

24 months


MS in Aerospace Engineering

12 months


MS in Data Analytics

24 months


MS in Biomedical Engineering

12-20 months


Register and connect with us to find your perfect MS course in USA with the help of our team of experienced study abroad counsellors.

Cost of MS in USA

To study an MS in USA, there are several financial aspects that international students will have to take into consideration. Along with the tuition fee for MS in USA, other costs include the living costs while studying MS in USA as well as the costs associated with applying for the appropriate student visas and other travel/immigration-related costs. Listed below are some of the general costs of studying MS in USA.

Average Tuition Fee for MS in USA

The average tuition fee for MS in USA can range anywhere between USD 20,000-65,000 per year. Listed below are the average tuition fee for MS in USA, as offered by the top universities in the country for international students:

University Name

Average Annual Tuition Fee (in USD)

Stanford University


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Harvard University


University of California, Berkeley


Carnegie Mellon University


Cornell University


Princeton University


The University of Texas at Austin


Georgia Institute of Technology




Columbia University


University of Pennsylvania


University of California, Los Angeles


University of Michigan


California Institute of Technology (Caltech)


Pre-arrival Expenses for MS in USA

Along with the tuition fee for the programme, international students will also have to pay for additional costs, specifically the pre-arrival costs for MS in USA, which may include student visa application fees, and other applicable fees for MS in USA:


Expenses (in USD)

US Visa Fee

F - 160

J - 160

M - 160



Cost of Living for MS in USA

In addition to paying off the semester or annual fees for MS in USA, students will also be required to pay off monthly and annual bills of living in USA as an international student. Listed in the table below are the general costs of living costs while studying MS in USA:


Expenses (in USD)

On-Campus Residence


One-room Off-Campus Residence


Off-campus Dorms


Food and Drinks


The costs stated in all the tables above are just for reference purposes only. If you wish to know how much it would actually cost to study MS in USA, then register and connect with our team of study abroad experts.

Eligibility Criteria for MS in USA

If you have decided to study a popular graduate degree in the country, then the first steps would require you to find out the eligibility criteria for MS in USA. Subsequently, you should ensure that you satisfy the following international student admission requirements for MS in USA:

  • Applicant must hold a bachelors degree in a relevant field or discipline from a recognised university.

  • Must have obtained a minimum GPA of 2.7 to 3.5 on a 4.0 scale in bachelors.

  • Should meet the English requirement specified by the university by submitting a valid test score achieved in one of the accepted English proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Academic, etc.

  • Should also have taken the required standardised test such asGMAT or GRE and met the university-specific cutoff.

  • Some graduate programs in the US also require applicants to have prior work experience of one to three years.

Note:Each university will specify the admission requirements for MS in USA, therefore, check the individual admission requirements for international students at your desired university for your desired MS courses, before sending in your application.

Admission Requirements for MS in USA

Admissions to your desired MS courses at your desired university will be based on your eligibility for the programme and the admission process of the university. Listed below are the admission processes commonly followed by universities offering MS in USA.

  • Visit the official website of the desired university/department offering your desired MS course in USA.

  • Read the admission criteria, policies and processes before submitting your application for the programme.

  • Submit the application form for your desired programme along with the necessary documents.

  • Some universities may require the applicants to appear for a personal or video interview with the admission panel to complete the admission process.

  • Pay the application fee for the MS programme offered by the university and any other additional charges such as accommodation fees.

  • Most universities will require applicants to submit a non-refundable deposit to confirm their admission to the selected programme.

Note: The admission processes at each university/department will be unique. Therefore, read the admission policies and requirements before submitting your application processes. Register and connect with our team of study abroad experts to learn more about studying MS in USA.

Documents Required for MS in USA

When applying for your desired course in the country, a crucial step is submitting the appropriate documents required for MS in USA. Listed below are some of the documents for MS in USA that universities may request international applicants to submit along with their applications.

Note: Many universities also offer admissions with test scores as optional, instead of it being a requirement.

Scholarships for MS in USA

If you are looking to reduce the financial commitment towards studying an MS in USA, then one of the better options available is to apply for scholarships. Universities across the country offer a number of scholarships for MS in USA for international students specifically. Some MS scholarships in USA for international students may partially cover the cost of studying in the country, while others may cover the entire tuition fees. Listed below are some of the scholarships for MS courses in USA that international students can apply for:

  • Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Programme

  • AAUW International Fellowships

  • Fullbright-Nehru Fellowships

  • #YouAreWelcomeHereScholarships

Note: Universities offering an MS in USA offer a variety of scholarships that have been designed specifically for international students. Some universities may even offer scholarships for Indian students, while some may offer MS course-specific scholarships. A good rule of thumb to follow when applying to your desired MS programme in USA is to go through the scholarship list at the university/department offering the course of your choice.

Salaries After MS in USA

The USA has been one of the top study-abroad destinations for international students to pursue their higher studies and one of the major reasons behind the immense availability of lucrative career opportunities after MS in USA. Here are some of the salary packages that graduates of MS in USA have received in the past few years:

MS Courses in USA

Average Salaries after MS in USA (in USD)

MS in Computer Science


MS in Data Science


MS in Mechanical Engineering


MS in Business Analytics


MS in Finance


It should be noted that the salaries mentioned here are just for reference purposes only and the actual salaries after MS in USA that you may receive will vary on several factors, such as job description, your skills and qualifications, demand for the job, the job market for your field of study, etc.

Job Opportunities after MS in USA

As stated above, MS in USA is one of the top degree courses chosen by international students across top universities due to the job opportunities after MS in USA. Listed in the table below are some of the top recruiters for MS in USA:

Masters Programmes


MS in Computer Science

Amazon, Microsoft, Lockheed Martin Corporation, JP Morgan, American Express, Nike, Activision, etc.

MS in Business Analytics

Amazon, Accenture, Adobe, ExxonMobill, Walt Disney Studios, Goldman Sachs, IBM, Microsoft, etc.

MS in Finance

Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Mckinsey, Boston Consulting Group, Bain and Company, Deutsch Bank, Barclays, etc.

MS in Physics

Universities and community colleges across the US, Ebb Carbon, Amazon Services, Rogue Space Systems, Science Laboratories in USA, etc.

MS in Mechanical Engineering

Google, Amazon, Facebook, Raytheon, Northrup Group, Boeing, Phillips 66, Fitbit, Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, etc.

Note: The top employers for each of the MS courses in USA will differ from discipline to discipline. However, you can check the employment report listed by your desired university/department offering your desired course. You can also reach out to the university individually and request employment statistics.

Register and connect with our experienced team of study abroad counsellors who can help you choose the right course and university for you.

Work Permit and Stay Back Period after MS in USA

One of the benefits of studying MS in USA is the ability to work while studying as well as get a job after completing your studies. Most universities for MS in USA allow international students to pursue part-time work while studying, through two major practical training programmes, i.e. OPT and CPT. Listed below are the important things you need to know about work permit and stay back period after MS in USA:

  • OPT or Optional Practical Training allows international students to work temporarily for a period of 12 months. However, international students can only be able to work for a total of 12 months, whether they choose to study before or after completing their higher studies.

  • CPT or Curricular Practical Training is a programme that international students can choose to be able to take up job roles related to their field of study. However, students will only be able to take up jobs and complete them before the completion of their studies.

  • Students choosing OPT as their method of working as an international student in USA will be able to apply for a 24-month extension if they have majored in one of the STEM-field majors.

  • You can seek guidance and support from your university, mentors or faculty in finding the appropriate job roles.

Our team offers world-class guidance and helps you achieve your true potential by providing enriching advice on how to improve your profile and find the best options for you.


Q. How much does MS in USA cost?

A. For international students looking to take up a graduate programme in the country, the cost of studying MS in USA will vary between courses and universities. Commonly, the tuition fees for MS in USA usually range between USD 20,000-70,000. However, international students can choose from a number of scholarships for MS in USA to reduce the cost of studying the course in the country.

Q. What is the eligibility for MS in USA?

A. The eligibility criteria for MS in USA will vary from university to university as well as courses. However, international students must have a recognised bachelors degree in the relevant field, with a minimum of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0. Additionally, students may be required to submit a GRE score along with an English proficiency score from IELTS, TOEFL and PTE Academic, etc.

Q. What is the duration of an MS in USA?

A. Generally, an MS in USA usually takes 2 years to complete, however, the MS course duration will be pre-defined by the university offering the course as well as the course itself. Most universities for MS in USA will offer a 2-year course, however, some universities may offer either a 1.5-year course or even a 1-year course. Register with us to find the best MS course in USA for you.

Q. What will be my salary after MS in USA?

A. In General, the salary after MS in USA can range anywhere from USD 70,000-110,000 per year. Pursuing an MS in USA is one of the better decisions as the career opportunities and salary packages after graduation are lucrative. Companies and multinationals from across the globe hire graduates of MS in USA due to the quality of education, skills and training they receive.

Q. Is studying at MS Universities in USA expensive for Indian students?

A. While the US offers a great quality of education, skills and knowledge along with great employment opportunities, studying at MS universities in USA can be slightly expensive on the pocket. However, many colleges, universities, organisations, and governments across the country offer a number of scholarships for MS in USA that international students can apply for at the time of admission. Some universities automatically consider international students for lucrative scholarships for MS in USA.

Q. Do I need to give entrance exams for MS in USA?

A. Depending on the admission policies of the universities for MS in USA, international students may be required to submit valid GRE test scores. However, many universities in the country have become test-optional, allowing international students to apply without submitting a GRE or GMAT test score. Some MS courses in USA may also accept GMAT scores. Therefore, check individual course admission requirements at your desired university before applying.

Q. Can I study atMS colleges in USA for free?

A. There are several methods to reduce your financial commitment when pursuing your desired MS colleges in USA. However, you must possess an extremely good academic record or present novel research or thesis ideas to become eligible for financial aid. International students can apply for a number of scholarships, fellowships and other financial aid to help reduce the cost of studying an MS in USA.

Q. Why study MS in USA?

A. There are several reasons why studying MS in USA is one of the best options for international students. The USA has been recognised as a leader in STEM research and innovation that are taken up at the top universities in the world, many of whom are situated in the US. Moreover, universities, governments and organisations greatly support research work done through MS courses.

Q. Is studying MS in USA difficult for Indian students?

A. No, while the standard of education maintained at US universities is extremely high, studying an MS in USA as an Indian student is not that difficult. With extremely skilled and qualified professors with years of experience under their belt, studying MS courses in USA will be a career booster for many students. Studying MS in USA is further complimented by the use of state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities.

Q. Can I work while studying MS in USA?

A. Yes, all international students will be able to pursue temporary work while studying MS in USA. With two major practical training programmes, i.e. OPT and CPT, international students can work for 12 months temporarily. Those who need to work as part of the curriculum can apply for CPT, while others can choose the OPT programme. Additionally, students on OPT, majoring in STEM subjects can apply for a 24-month extension.

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