PTE Academic Preparation Tips 2023 - Check Strategy & Tricks to Crack PTE Academic

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Updated on Feb 13, 2023 2:32 PM IST

While the test may be a simple English proficiency test for some students, there is always scope for improvement, which can be achieved through strategic preparation. If you are planning to take the test this year, then it is important to understand the best preparation tips for PTE Academic, thus, helping you ace the test.

A key to properly preparing for PTE Academic tests this year is to understand and gauge your proficiency in the language, as well as understanding the exam pattern and the types of questions you may need to answer to score high on the PTE Academic test. On this page, you will find everything related to PTE Academic preparation strategies and tips and tricks to score high on the English proficiency test this year.

PTE Academic Preparation Tips 2023

Taking PTE Academic in 2023? While many may say that preparing for the test is a bit challenging, one can certainly score high with a well-planned strategy. Since the exam is conducted throughout a given year, one should apply for PTE only when they are confident with their preparation.

Only when a candidate has a clear idea of the PTE Exam Pattern and PTE Syllabus, they should start with the preparation. Lakhs of students across the world take the test to get admission to top universities or colleges in countries like Australia, New Zealand, the USA, the UK, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, Germany, etc

Some of the popular universities accepting PTE scorecards are Oxford University, Birmingham University, Leeds University, University of New Haven, Manchester University, University of Glasgow, Hertfordshire University, Aston University, Auburn University, University of Illinois, Chicago, University of South Florida, Hofstra University, Dalhousie University, etc. For the benefit of the aspirants, CollegeDekho has curated section-wise preparation tips along with general and exam-day tips that will help them excel in PTE Academic 2023.

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Tips and Tricks for PTE Academic

Some of the time tested PTE Academic preparation tips are:

Understand Your Current English Proficiency Level 

You can take Pearson's Practice Tests to determine your strong and weak areas (which may include grammar, oral fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary, and written discourse) and to analyse your communicative skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing). You may then work on the required areas to improve your English language ability.

Since your overall score is based on your performance on all test questions, focus on the weaker areas and plan how long you will need to study to increase your skills up to the desired level.

Know the Test Pattern

You should be completely familiar with the format of the PTE Academic. Understanding the paper pattern as well as types of questions is important for obtaining a good result. The test format will include details like its different sections (Speaking & Writing, Listening and Reading), length and timing, number of questions, the layout of the test, Important Instructions as well as the type of questions

Understand How the Test is Scored

All questions in PTE Academic are 100% machine scored. Scores for some questions are based on correctness alone, while others are based on correctness, formal aspects and the quality of the response.

Go for Quality Preparation Material

There is a growing range of free and paid preparation material available from PTE Academic. You may refer to the same for improving your chances of scoring well on the test.

Join an English Course

If you feel self-study is not the most effective way of reaching your full potential, you can always consider taking up preparation courses offered all around the world ranging from intensive week-long courses to courses that last for up to six months, to help you familiarise yourself with the test and improve your English skills.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

This could be the best way to prepare for the test. You may improve your English listening, reading and writing skills by spending at least 5 or 10 minutes every day on activities that build your knowledge. You can become more fluent in the language by speaking English at your home, school or workplace. You may also join English-speaking groups that offer the opportunity to improve both speaking and listening skills. You must avail yourself every opportunity to write in English. Reading newspapers, magazines, academic journals, and books as well as watching English programmes on television and listening to radio broadcasts are some of the ways you can adapt to improve your fluency. You may also observe native speakers and listen to the language used in different contexts.

General Tips & Tricks for PTE Exam Day

Here are few tips for the students to follow on PTE date:

  • Carry the correct documentation and ID to the test center

  • Allow yourself plenty of time to reach the PTE test center.

  • Read all test instructions carefully.

  • Use correct punctuation for writing tasks: full stops, capital letters, commas, etc.

  • Answer the question. If the question asks you to write or speak about sport, write or speak about ‘sport’ NOT ‘science’.

  • Stay within the word limit that is given for writing tasks.

  • Respond quickly and keep speaking during speaking tasks. The microphone will close after 3 seconds of silence and stop recording.

  • Do not spend too much time on a single question.

  • Keep time in hand to check your answers.

PTE Academic Speaking & Writing Preparation Tips

Part 1 of PTE Academic is the Speaking & Writing Section which is further divided into various sections. Each part requires a different strategic approach and skills to attempt questions. The following tips will help you enhance your performance in the PTE Academic Speaking & Writing Section:

  • Practice speaking clearly and calmly  

  • Emphasise punctuation. Make sure to pause after each punctuation mark  

  • Break sentences into meaningful phrases while speaking and writing  

  • Learn to figure out the theme of an image, passage or any book that you read 

  • Practice sufficient questions on  PTE Academic Speaking & Writing Section  

PTE Academic Speaking & Writing Preparation Resources 

You can also refer to the following resources to prepare for the PTE Academic Speaking & Writing Section.

  • Online PTE Speaking & Writing Course 

  • Academic Videos on Academic Speaking & Writing examples

  • The Official Guide to PTE Academic 

  • PTE Academic Speaking & Writing Books 

  • PTE Academic Speaking & Writing Mock Test 

  • PTE Academic Speaking & Writing Practice Papers  

PTE Academic Reading Preparation Tips

Part 2 of PTE Academic is the Reading Section. If you want to score well in this section of PTE then you must follow the guidelines mentioned below:  

  • Read good books, articles and blogs daily 

  • Build vocabulary. Learn some new words daily 

  • Try to summarise the book or paragraph you read on a daily basis 

  • Practice all types of PTE Academic Reading questions regularly

PTE Academic Reading Preparation Resources 

The best resources to prepare for the PTE Academic Reading Section is given below: 

  • Authentic Online PTE Academic Reading Course 

  • The Official Guide to PTE Academic 

  • Best books on  PTE Academic Reading

  • Mock Test on PTE Academic Reading Section 

  • Practice Papers on PTE Academic Reading Section  

PTE Academic Listening Preparation Tips

The third and final section of PTE Academic is Listening. It takes around 45-60 minutes. This section requires a completely different strategy for preparation. Know how to score well in the PTE Academic Listening Section here. 

  • Listen to audio clips and videos daily.

  • Copy the intonation and tone of the audio clip but not the accent.

  • Identify the main idea or theme of the audio clip.

  • Identify the purpose, tone, and style of the audio clip.

PTE Academic Listening Preparation Resources 

Here are some resources to prepare for the PTE Academic Listening Section:

  • Online PTE Academic Listening Classes 

  • The Official Guide to PTE Academic 

  • PTE Academic Listening Books  

  • PTE Academic Listening Mock Test  

  • Practice Papers on PTE Academic Listening 

FAQs on PTE Academic Preparation Tips

Can I score well in PTE Academic without external help/coaching?

Yes, it is possible for test-takers to score well in PTE Academic without coaching. However, the best way to score the highest mark is to go through several test materials and practice as many questions as possible. In case you need guidance, you can take professional guidance online or in a coaching centre.

Which is the most difficult section in PTE Academic?

The speaking and writing section under PTE Academic may be the trickiest one for some.

What is the right time to take PTE Academic?

The right time to take PTE Academic would be when the candidate is prepared for it.

Can I prepare for PTE Academic in two months?

Yes, you can prepare for PTE Academic within two months. Even so, it will vary from one applicant to another.

What is the right time to start preparing for PTE Academic?

The candidate can start preparation for PTE as early as possible. However, 2 months before the test date is a good amount of time to prepare for the test.

Is PTE Academic test difficult?

PTE Academic is said to be more difficult than IELTS. However, with the right preparation strategy, you will definitely be able to score well in the exam.

Where can I find preparation material for PTE Academic?

Pearson offers a variety of study material to prepare for PTE Academic. You can find the same on its official website.

How to prepare for PTE Academic speaking and writing section in order to score well?

For PTE Academic speaking and writing section, one important aspect is to listen to the question carefully and practice as many sample questions as possible. You can also download an app offered by Pearson for PTE preparation to get better results.

How to prepare for PTE Academic?

To prepare well for PTE Academic, you first have to understand what the test structure is, what kind of questions will be asked and get an idea of how much you would take to complete the entire syllabus. Prepare a plan accordingly and follow it religiously.

Can I prepare for PTE Academic in one month?

With undivided focus and a well-thought-out plan, one can certainly prepare for PTE Academic in one month.

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