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MS in Business Analytics is a popular course in the US, not just among local students but also international students. Here is the list of top USA universities offering MS in Business Analytics along with details about its admission requirements.

Top USA Universities for MS in Business Analytics

Top 10 Universities for MS in Business Analytics in USA: Choosing to study abroad could be one of the most rewarding decisions you may ever take in your life. Business-minded students often wonder if a more specialised degree is better than a regular MBA. Considering the siginificance of Big Data and its rising interest in the tech sector, MS in Business Analytics has emerged as a popular course among students across the world. In fact, some US universities have time and again topped the QS World University Rankings for MS in Business Analytics. Arizona State University, Hofstra University, Adelphi University, DePaul University and the University of New Hampshire are some of the popular names that attract international students in great numbers.

After completing the course from any of the top 10 universities in USA for MS in Business Analytics, you can apply your skills across an array of industries such as technology, management consulting, financial services, healthcare, and business Intelligence, to name a few. So, which is the top university for MS in Business Analytics that you should choose? Is studying MS in Business Analytics in the US worth it? What are the admission requirements and how to apply to these universities? Read on to find answers to your questions.

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Highlights of MS in Business Analytics in USA

Master or MS in Business Analytics is a STEM-degrees programme offered by some of the best universities in USA for MS in Business Analytics. The programme teaches technical capabilities as well as an overview of business strategy, allowing students to understand how these technical skills might be used efficiently and effectively. 

Here is a brief overview table about the MS in Business Analytics programme in the USA for international students to check out before we dive deep into knowing about the top 10 universities for MS in Business Analytics in USA:



Programme Name 

MS in Business Analytics 

Level of Study 


Programme Type

Full Time 


12 to 24 months 

Basic Eligibility Criteria

4 year bachelor’s degree or 3 year equivalent in relevant field of study with required GPA as specified by the university

GPA Required 

3.0 to 3.6 on a 4.0 scale (83-89%)

English Language Proficiency 

Required (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or Duolingo)

Accepted Admission Tests


Top Schools

MIT, UCLA, University of Texas at Austin, University of Southern California, and more

Tuition Fee (in INR)

INR 39-80 Lakhs

Average Estimated Starting Salary (USD)

USD 50,000-85,000

Top Recruiters

Amazon, Microsoft, Santander, Walmart, Deloitte, Telefonica, American Express, Intel, Netflix, Meta, Morgan Stanley, etc. 

Nowadays, data analysts and data scientists must be knowledgeable with a wide range of programmes and methodologies for analysing and generating insights from complex, often unstructured data sets, as well as how to translate these statistics into visuals that support and affect business decisions. A business analytics expert must have strong analytical skills and a broad understanding of business.

Data Science workers interested in pursuing this career have several options: start in a lower-level analysis role, acquire a certificate, return to school for an MBA in BA, or begin an MS in Business Analytics programme. MS in Business Analytics degree is one of the best post-graduate degrees in business analytics that will help you overcome skills shortages with sophisticated modelling, statistics, machine learning, and programming skills.

Wish to Study MS in Business Analytics inUS?

MBA in Business Analytics vs MS in Business Analytics: Key Differences

While Business Analytics is quite new as a postgraduate program, it is widely used by leading companies across the world to gather a large chunk of data at a much faster rate. The major difference between an MBA and an MS in Business Analytics is the course content MBA focuses on marketing, accounting and management and a Masters in Business Analytics program takes a deeper dive into decision-making through data analysis.

A comprehensive MSBA programme covers programming, statistics, database management and data mining, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning courses. In business analytics, business forecasting, and dealing with stakeholders, you may learn about law and ethics, but the emphasis is on analytical tools and methodologies.

An MBA programme with a Business Analytics specialisation, which incorporates coursework in quantitative analysis, analytical tools, and data management, provides a broader perspective on the business world. Operations, communications, stakeholder interactions, negotiating skills, marketing strategy, as well as people, risk, supply chain, and financial management are all included in this multidisciplinary programme.

Why Study MS Business Analytics in the USA?

Data is the oil of the twenty-first century. Data, like oil, is only usable when it has been purified. This is where business analytics enters the picture. In today's quickly digitising economy, a master's degree such as an MS in Business Analytics may position you to be a driving force in the expanding field of data science and business analytics. Here are five compelling reasons to pursue this popular degree at some of the most renowned US universities: 

Protect Your Career in the Future

Companies across sectors are turning to big data to acquire customer insights and drive decisions as the digital economy advances. According to a NewVantage Partners survey, approximately 92% of organisations are boosting their spending in data and predictive analytics. And, with 92.1% of prominent organisations reporting returns on these investments, the statistics are clear: businesses that use data analytics outperform those that do not. With organisations embracing data strategy and data-driven culture, the need for analytics specialists who can use data for problem-solving and creativity is on the rise. 

It should come as no surprise, then, that the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics estimates a 36% increase in data scientist jobs through 2031, significantly above the 5% average growth rate for all occupations. This equates to a requirement for 4,050 data analysts/data scientists every year over the next decade.

Increasing Your Pay

Expect to see excellent returns on your investment in a graduate degree due to the significant demand and growth for business analytics specialists, particularly in the USA. According to ZipRecruiter, the starting salary for those with an MS in Business Analytics degree is around USD 60,000.

Work in Any Industry Where You Feel Like

Business analytics is fundamentally about providing data-driven insights and intelligence, whether to support a decision or to add intelligent features to products and services. Whatever your hobbies are, whether it is leveraging data to better target marketing efforts or powering predictive organisation for your company's budget, your abilities will be in demand across business departments. Choose from consultancy, start-ups, nonprofit, and corporate organisations in healthcare, finance, technology, retail, sports, agriculture, and many other areas as they experience digital transformation. 

Connect with a Robust Network of Business Analytics Professionals From Around the World

Having relevant ties in the analytics profession and industry can help you establish and advance your career. Because the MS in Business Analytics is provided through a university's business school, you will have access to strong alumni networks and powerful career assistance. Throughout your programme, you will have several opportunities to establish such relationships thanks to a built-in network of faculty mentors, peers, and alumni. These connections may lead to new possibilities, keep you up to date on industry trends, and act as a resource as you advance in your career. 

Develop World Class Knowledge and Skills to Boost Your Career.

Studying at top US universities for MS in Business Analytics programmes will help you enhance and advance your analytical abilities, preparing you to work professionally as a data analyst. It can also assist you in pursuing a technically driven job that necessitates a thorough grasp of statistical and machine learning modelling. With an MS in Business Analytics degree, you may also work in data science, data engineering, and machine learning engineering. 

Most universities provide students with a comprehensive grasp of business analytics as well as a strong, well-rounded set of key abilities. You will get thorough instruction in everything from statistics, SQL, and programming to advanced areas like predictive modelling, AI, and big data engineering.

Top 10 Universities in USA for MS in Business Analytics

The majority of world-class and top-ranked universities providing MS in Business Analytics for international learners are located in the United States. Millions of prospective students apply to these colleges each year. The United States has the greatest teaching and learning facilities in the world, combining classroom instruction and hands-on experience. After finishing their master's programmes, most graduates obtain full-time employment. Every year, the country faces a shortage of specialists in the field of a trillion data points.

With MIT Sloan School of Management at the top of the list, discover the top 10 universities in USA that are offering master's degrees in MS in Business Analytics along with their QS World University Rankings of 2023:

Best Universities in USA for MS in Business Analytics

QS World University Rankings 2023

MIT Sloan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Anderson School of Management, University of California, Los Angeles


McCombs Business School, University of Texas at Austin


Marshall Business School, University of Southern California


Foster School of Business, University of Washington


Krannert School of Management, Purdue University


Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities


Wisconsin School of Business, University of Wisconsin


Eli Broad College of Business, Michigan State University


Questrom School of Business, Boston University


Mays Business School, Texas A&M University


Cost of Studying MS in Business Analytics in USA

The cost of studying top MSBA programs in USA will vary depending on several factors including the location of the university, mode of the programme, duration of the program, cost of living, current exchange rate and the intended university's international tuition fee.

The tuition fee or the cost of studying at the top 10 universities in USA for MS in Business Analytics can range anywhere between USD 39,000 and USD 90,000 or sometimes even more or less depending upon the choice of the university you decide to go to. The following table consists of the estimated cost of studying or tuition fees that some of the best universities in USA for MS in Business Analytics charge from international students:

Best Universities in USA for MS in Business Analytics

Estimated Average Tuition Fees (in USD)

MIT Sloan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Anderson School of Management, University of California, Los Angeles


McCombs Business School, University of Texas at Austin


Marshall Business School, University of Southern California


Foster School of Business, University of Washington


Krannert School of Management, Purdue University


Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities


Wisconsin School of Business, University of Wisconsin


Eli Broad College of Business, Michigan State University


Questrom School of Business, Boston University

12 Month track: 105,853

16 Month track: 116,423

Mays Business School, Texas A&M University


All in all, in order to study an at the top 10 universities for MS in Business Analytics in USA, you would most likely have to spend around INR 39 to 75 lakhs. Apart from the cost of living in the US, the table below gives a brief idea of how much the programme will cost you.

Type of Expense

Estimated Average Approx. Cost (INR)

Tuition Fee

INR 39-80 Lakhs

Visa Fees










Scholarships to Study MSBA at Best Universities in USA

With tuition fees and the cost of studying ranging as high as USD 90,000 at some of the best universities in USA for MS MS in Business Analytics, as well as the added cost of living as an international student in USA, scholarships become an essential and hope-giving tool for Indian students pursuing MS in Business Analytics in USA. Some of the scholarships pay the entire tuition fee as well as other expenses. A list of popular scholarships for international students studying MSBA in the United States is presented below:

Name of the Scholarship

Average Estimated Award Value

Fulbright Nehru Masters Scholarships

Full tuition fees

Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarship

Up to USD 100,000 

AAUW International Fellowships

USD 20,000 to USD 50,000 

Broker Fish International Student Scholarship

USD 1,000 

Jobs Prospects After MS in Business Analytics in USA 

Data specialists are constantly in high demand in the United States. The data analytics industry in the United States is estimated to be valued at roughly USD 30 billion. International students with in-demand abilities have been employed 30-32% more in recent years. The average yearly pay for an MS in Business Analytics is USD 95,000.

With increased job experience, the pay scale rises. Business analysts work in a variety of areas, including banking, manufacturing, sports, education, health care, and entertainment. With rising demand, graduates in Business Analytics should be able to obtain a professional position within three months of earning their master's degree. In the United States, a Business Analyst professional earns between USD 80,000 and USD 85,000 per year.

The table below covers some of the occupations available after earning an MS in Business Analytics in the United States, along with their salaries:

Top Job Profile

Average Salary (in USD)

Business Analyst


Business Management Analyst


Operations Research Analyst


Quantitative Analyst


Financial Analyst


Management Analyst


Business Consultant


Data Scientist


Business Data Analyst


Studying at one of the best universities in USA for MS in Business Analytics is a futuristic course to study abroad with ample scope of job opportunities. Hope this article helps you the right university to study MS in Business Analytics in USA. The demand for this programme is increasing daily as a result of its strong growth and attractive pay, which results in a high return on investment; in fact, it has become the most popular programme among young people. Additionally, the United States offers outstanding business analytics training that is relevant to today's corporate climate. Additionally, after receiving an MSBA degree, you can work in the United States because top recruiters in the country are seeking people with business analysis abilities.

For any queries related to top universities in USA for MS in Business Analytics or other courses to study in the USA, you can simply reach out to us at

Wish to Know More About MS in Business Analytics?


What is Business Analytics?

When experts understood the potential of raw data, they began to construct theories and a discipline of study whose main objective is to examine data and comprehend the information that can be gleaned from it. Data Science is the name given to this area of study. When data science is applied explicitly to examining business data, a sub-section of data science known as Business Analytics is formed.

How essential is the importance of top MSBA programs in USA in today’s time?

Business Analytics is a well-balanced blend of mathematics, business studies and technology. As there will always be a need for business analysis, business analytics has grown into a massive industry. It is a subject of study that spans many industries and has shown to be a valuable addition to a company's personnel. Holders of an MS in Business Analytics in the United States will always be able to find jobs in today's industry. They might operate as analysts in corporations or as business owners who act as independent consultants with several firms.

Why should one study at the best universities in USA for MS in Business Analytics programme?

Master's degrees, regardless of their subject of study, are heavily reliant on the colleges and universities that offer them. When it comes to selecting the proper nation for your study, MS in Business Analytics in USA is one of the top options among students. The United States is said to have some of the best schools in the world. It goes without stating that the majority of these institutions provide well-developed and reputable MS in Business Analytics in USA.

Can I study at one of the top universities for MS in Business Analytics in USA without GRE?

Several colleges in the USA do not require or maintain GRE scores as an optional submission as part of the graduate studies application. Here are some of the best universities in USA for MS in Business Analytics which do not require GRE scores:

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Purdue University
  • Stevens Institute of Technology
  • The University of Dayton
  • California State University

Do top universities in USA for MS in Business Analytics require international students to know coding?

They do, indeed. Some of the top universities in USA for MS in Business Analytics need a considerable understanding of programming languages such as C, C++, HTML, Java, and Python. Several schools require students to have technical abilities such as data visualisation, data cleaning, SQL, NoSQL, and machine learning.

Is MS in Business Analytics better than MBA in USA?

MS in Business Analytics is a programme designed for students interested in Data Science, Analytics, and associated industries, whereas MBA in USA is a core degree designed for students interested in business administration in general. According to Payscale, the average compensation following an MS in Business Analytics in the United States is roughly USD 75,000 (INR 61.30 lakhs) per year. MBA graduates in the USA earn an average income of USD 90,000 (INR 73.55 lakhs) a year, which is much more than MS in Business Analytics graduates.

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