How to Write an LOR for MBA?


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LOR is an integral part of the MBA application process. Getting the right LOR is important to increase your chances of admission as well as availing scholarships. Read on to know how to write an effective LOR for MBA and explore a few LOR tips for popular MBA specialisations. 

How to Write an LOR for MBA?

When it comes to pursuing MBA abroad, a well-written and compelling LOR can be a game-changer in your application process. An MBA LOR serves as a testament to your abilities, achievements, and potential, providing admissions committees with valuable insights into your professional and academic capabilities.

You must tailor the recommendation letter for each MBA program. Familiarize yourself with the specific requirements, values, and focus areas of each program. Highlight the relevant experiences, skills, and qualities that align with the program's goals and values. Personalizing the letter shows your genuine interest and understanding of the program, making it more effective and helping the admission committee to understand your eligibility. 

In this article, we will explore the key elements and strategies to help you craft an exceptional MBA LOR that will impress the admissions officers and increase your chances of securing admission to your dream business school abroad. Also, know the common mistakes to avoid in MBA LOR. 

What Does an MBA LOR Exactly Mean?

Before you begin writing a letter of recommendation, it's important to know the purpose of the letter. Your goal is to help the student get the most out of their application by having someone with a level of academic authority. Having a strong relationship with the person who you are writing for is very important. 

The letter of recommendation should highlight various aspects of the student's character, which you have observed to be the most admirable. Examples of their previous work should also be included to show how their achievements would benefit them in the future with respect to the program of MBA.

How Do You Choose an MBA LOR Writer?

The student's choice of whom to ask for a letter of recommendation is entirely dependent on their current relationships with prospective recommenders. If you regularly interact with this applicant, then you might be the best person to write them their MBA recommendation letter.

This is especially important for students who are not yet coming out of their undergraduate studies. MBA students typically need at least two years of professional experience to demonstrate their skills and expertise. This ensures that prospective MBA students have plenty of time to develop their skills and build strong relationships before they start their studies.

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Points to Remember Before Writing Your MBA LOR

Here are a few points you need to remember before writing a LOR for MBA:

The letter of recommendation is an important part of a student's application. It should match their personal statement and should also reflect their outgoing personality.

The MBA LOR should include keywords related to:

  • The student's relevant experience should also include their analytical skills, leadership qualities, and critical thinking.

  • The work experience that they gained during their undergraduate years. It would also help them gauge their future goals.

  • The recommender's relationship with the student will also play a huge role in how many details they request from the recommender. 

Understanding the Goal of the Applicant: To write the best recommendation letter for an MBA program, you have to customise it to include the most relevant information. 

Applicant’s Academic Credentials: The student's academic record should tell you where their academic performance currently stands. Based on the experience with the student, how do their best course grade, extracurricular activities, and teaching assistant skills relate to their ability to excel in the MBA program - the recommender has to have a concrete answer to that.

Know the Key Points of the Applicant's Academic Journey: This is very important, as it will help the applicant stand out from the rest of the pack and be considered for admission to a particular institution.

Understand the Prospective University of the Applicant: This will also help you understand the institution's requirements and how the same will influence the recommendation letter. The goal in writing the MBA recommendation letter is to highlight the applicant's skills and qualifications, which meet or exceed the program requirements.

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Structure of an MBA LOR

The following sections are the parts of a letter of recommendation that should be written for an MBA program. It should be a one-page document that consists of at least two body paragraphs and a conclusion.

A brief description of the applicant's qualities, goals, and potential future employer. Examples of the applicant's skills and accomplishments should be included in the letter of recommendation. This should include real-world examples of their excellence.

Body of the Letter

1st paragraph: 

The tone of the letter will also play a huge role in describing the candidate's qualities and qualifications. It should also contain positive attributes and credentials without being too flowery. While maintaining a formal and objective tone, try to avoid emphasising the personal relationship between the two of you.

In this section, you should discuss the student's problem-solving abilities and other key factors that will help you make a decision. This section of the letter should also discuss the student's problem-solving abilities.

2nd paragraph:

In the second paragraph, provide examples of how the applicant manages their responsibilities. This trait contributes to their potential admission to the MBA program. The goal of the letter is to thoroughly review the applicant's qualities in order to make a recommendation that is both objective and credible. For instance, describe how the candidate handled an unfavourable situation or criticism.


The conclusion of your MBA recommendation letter should summarise the main reasons why the applicant should be accepted to the program. It should also introduce the candidate's strongest qualifications for admission, state their contact details and end with a formal sign-off. After enclosing an invitation, you should also leave the university with an invitation to contact you if they require further information.

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What Admission Officers Look For in MBA LOR?

MBA admissions officers are searching for proof that each applicant is prepared to move on to this next educational stage of their career growth during the whole application process. They use recommendation letters to get a third-party perspective on a potential student's acquired skills, professional objectives, and future prospects.

Recommendation letters can be a crucial component of the application package because they support the applicant's first-person account with actual, practical experience. The following are some things an MBA admissions officer may see in a recommendation letter:

How well the person recommending the candidate knows them

  • Stories that attest to the applicant's virtues

  • Proof of particular MBA applicant attributes, such as leadership and capacity for growth

  • How effectively it complements the rest of the application materials

LOR Tips for Popular MBA Specialisations

Check the following recommendations for popular specialisations of your MBA LOR:

The letter of recommendation is the first step in the application process for any MBA program. It should include the following topics: the ideal candidate, the qualities that the candidate possesses, and the relationship between the two. 

LOR for MBA in Marketing

For the ideal candidate, the recommendation should highlight the various facets of the applicant, such as academic excellence, creativity, and quantitative skills. Aside from these, the letter should also introduce the candidate's comprehensive personality, which should include his or her art and design background.

Some of the top qualities that an MBA in marketing candidate should possess are analytical thinking, writing skills, and negotiation skills.

LOR for MBA in Finance

The letter of recommendation for an MBA in Finance should highlight the students' analytical skills.

Some of the skills that can be highlighted are logical reasoning, good communication skills, the ability to manage time effectively, and reporting to supervisors and managers.

Aside from these, the academic background should also be mentioned in the letter of recommendation to ensure that the student has the necessary knowledge about financial terms.

LOR for MBA in Human Resource

Aside from having the necessary skills, such individuals should also demonstrate a good relationship with people. This is an essential component of an MBA program. While writing a letter of recommendation for an MBA, HR professionals should highlight the various skills that can be utilized by applicants.

LOR for MBA in Information Technology

Reviewers should also point out the skills that candidates can use in areas such as data security, project management, and telecommunications. In addition, skills related to information technology systems should also be highlighted in the letter of recommendation.

Some of the key skills that information technology professionals possess include Data mining and coding, the ability to adapt to various conditions, and the ability to work with various machinery and systems.

LOR for MBA in International Business

Letter of recommendation for MBA in international business should highlight the candidate's knowledge and vision in handling international trade. Some of these qualities are knowledge of international business, the ability to communicate effectively with international audiences, and the willingness to learn more about various international business subjects.

A letter of recommendation is a requirement for most MBA programs. International business schools usually require at least two letters of recommendation from their prospective students. With these simple steps, you can improve your chances of being a good applicant with a powerful recommendation letter. These examples will help you gather important details about the person you hope to draft a recommendation letter for.

For any doubts or queries related to MBA admissions or studying abroad, write to us at and get access to the guidance of our team of experts. 

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Should I tailor the recommendation letter for each MBA program?

Yes, it is advisable to tailor the recommendation letter for each MBA program. Familiarize yourself with the specific requirements, values, and focus areas of each program. Highlight the applicant's relevant experiences, skills, and qualities that align with the program's goals and values. Personalizing the letter shows your genuine interest and understanding of the program, making it more effective.

How can I make my MBA LOR stand out?

To make your MBA LOR stand out, provide specific examples and anecdotes that showcase the candidate's unique qualities, achievements, and impact. Use vivid language and highlight their leadership abilities, innovative thinking, problem-solving skills, and impact on organizations or projects. 

What should be the length of an MBA LOR?

A typical MBA LOR should ideally be around one to two pages in length. It should provide a concise yet comprehensive evaluation of the applicant's qualifications, skills, and potential. Avoid exceeding the recommended length, as admissions committees receive numerous letters and prefer concise and impactful recommendations.

What information should be included in an MBA LOR?

An effective MBA LOR should include specific examples and anecdotes that highlight the applicant's accomplishments, leadership abilities, teamwork skills, and personal qualities. It should also discuss the candidate's potential for success in the MBA program and future career. Providing concrete evidence of their efficiency adds credibility to the recommendation.

Who should write an MBA LOR?

An MBA LOR should be written by someone who knows the applicant well and can provide a comprehensive assessment of their abilities. This could be a current or former employer, a supervisor, a client, or a professor. The recommender should be able to speak to the candidate's professional achievements, personal qualities, and potential for success in an MBA program.

How should the content be structured in an MBA recommendation letter?

A well-structured MBA LOR includes an introduction that establishes the recommender's relationship with the candidate, followed by paragraphs discussing specific aspects of the applicant's qualifications, such as leadership, teamwork, problem-solving skills, and intellectual abilities. It is important to end the letter with a strong concluding statement that summarizes the candidate's strengths and potential.


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