Top 10 Most Employable Courses To Study in UK 2023


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Looking for courses and degrees to study in the UK that have the highest employability? Scroll down to get detailed information about the most employable degrees UK, their average starting salary, job prospects, employment rate, etc.

Top 10 Most Employable Courses To Study in UK 2023

The United Kingdom is one of the remarkable destinations for studying abroad, with reputable colleges providing a wide variety of programmes to choose from. It enrols more than 600,000 international students each year in a range of courses, from English language instruction to PhDs. Choosing the best courses and degrees to study at UK universities will allow you to develop your expertise and enhance your job prospects.

You may tailor or customise your degree to suit your requirements and interests. Big props to the UK education system, which allows international students to enrol in courses and subjects from a wide range of study fields. When choosing which degree to undertake, students usually struggle between electives that interest them and ones that will enhance their career prospects.

The real kicker is that UK universities place a strong emphasis on their students' learning transferable skills. This implies that a lot of students major in one subject before utilising the skills they acquired while studying to work in a different industry. You should prioritise getting one of the most employable degrees in the UK, like many other aspirants, as an indispensable initial step for your potential future.

For example, you could have a better chance of landing a high-paying job if you decide to study Data Science, one of the most popular degrees in the UK. In the same way, there are numerous top courses and degrees to study in the UK in 2023 that can advance your profession.

If you are planning to study, work, and settle in the country, you must pick the most employable courses and degrees in the UK since the job market is very competitive. To help you find a suitable course and/or degree in the UK, we have compiled a list of the most employed ones in the year 2023.

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Most Employable Courses in the UK

More than 50,000 courses are available at UK universities, hence, choosing the most demanding ones plays the most integral part. This is because a student’s university life and career prospects almost entirely depend on the definite course selection. The following is a discussion of the most employable courses to study in the UK.


The UK is renowned for its state-of-the-art medical facilities, infrastructure, and top-tier medical institutions, which provide students with cutting-edge, research-based medical education. The majority of the time, you will be working in an actual hospital setting taking care of daily patient demands. This is because medical institutes in the UK typically believe in educating students in a real-world context.

A medical professional who completes the course earns an annual salary of approximately GBP 45,000. Due to the university's excellent instruction and close ties to the National Health Service, UK medical graduates have a high employment rate.

Medical graduates in the UK are 99% likely to find employment or pursue further education within six months of graduation, making medicine the most employable degree. The following table highlights the employment rate, starting salary, and job opportunities in the field of medicine:

Employment Rate


Estimated Annual Starting Salary

GBP 45,000

Job Prospects

Cardiologist, General practice doctor, Dental technician, Anaesthetist, Clinical radiologist, Hospital doctor, Dental hygienist, Dental therapist, Neurologist (Medicine), etc.

Medicine-Related Subjects

It is closely related to a field that comes after medicine. These include biological sciences, neuroscience, and drug research degrees. It makes sense that, given its linkage to medicine, a degree in that field would be the UK's most marketable after it. 95% of graduates with degrees in medical-related subjects find work within six months of graduation. This is a difficult course that necessitates arduous labour, and many working hours, and awards a decent starting salary of GBP 22,000.

Earning this degree will save your opportunity to seek a medical specialisation early in your career which is gradually advantageous. This is because being a young professional is great, but being an expert in your industry will allow you to demand higher pay in the future at an early age. The following table outlines the employment rate, starting salary, and job opportunities for medicine-related subjects field:

Employment Rate


Estimated Annual Starting Salary

GBP 22,000

Job Prospects

Nutritionist, Physiotherapist, Dietician, Occupational Therapist, etc.


One of the most sought-after careers nowadays is engineering. Graduate engineers in the UK rank among the most employable individuals and also among the highest-paid. Students can develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence necessary to meet the professional demands of the corporate world by majoring in engineering in the UK.

For UK graduates with specialisations in rare disciplines like aerospace engineering, marine, nanotechnology, etc., there is a considerable probability that they will find their dream jobs in the country. For engineering graduates, the starting pay is typically GBP 25,000 along with a 92% of employment rate. The following table highlights the employment rate, starting salary, and job opportunities for the field of engineering:

Employment Rate


Estimated Annual Starting Salary

GBP 25,000

Job Prospects

Mechanical Engineer, Design and Development Engineer, Programme and Software Engineer, Civil Engineer, Chemical Engineer, etc.


Not just UK, every country needs ethical teachers. Within six months of graduation, an astonishing 92% of graduates find work or continue their studies. Given the constant level of hiring for teaching jobs in the UK, this is not expected to shift suddenly. A lot of educators enrol in teaching courses after initially earning a second degree.

A degree relating to education may become more in demand as a result. This will help you progress and get a better job in the teaching area in the future. Furthermore, if you decide to become a teacher in the UK, you will receive an average starting salary of GBP 22,000. The following table summarises the employment rate, starting salary, and job opportunities for the field of teaching:

Employment Rate


Estimated Annual Starting Salary

GBP 22,000

Job Prospects

Ofsted inspector, Teaching assistant, Early years teacher, Primary school teacher, etc.


With this degree, students can choose to major in everything from the arts to math to science to technology. As a result, having a degree in architecture will prepare you for a variety of jobs. Graduates can choose to specialise in commercial construction, house architecture, or urban planning, among other fields.

With 92% of graduates in architecture enrolling in full-time employment or further study six months after graduation, they still have outstanding career prospects. It is imperative to note that many graduates in architecture opt for self-employment, and those who do not can find work in established businesses with a salary of roughly GBP 22,000.

The following table highlights the employment rate, starting salary, and job opportunities in the field of architecture:

Employment Rate


Estimated Annual Starting Salary

GBP 22,000

Job Prospects

CAD technician, Architect, Urban designer, etc.

Business & Management

Business & Management is one such programme that offers a wide range of work opportunities in different organisations. 90% of management students who earn their degrees go on to work full-time since no business could function well without managers. An MBA from the UK is a highly desired credential on a CV or resume that can lead to various opportunities.

You can learn a variety of skills through management courses, such as interpersonal skills, communication and motivational skills, organisational and delegation skills, planning and strategic thinking skills, problem-solving and decision-making skills, business awareness, mentoring skills, etc.

The degree has a 90% rate of employment in the UK. The following table outlines the employment rate, starting salary, and job opportunities for the field of Business and Management:

Employment Rate


Estimated Annual Starting Salary

GBP 37,000

Job Prospects

Supply chain manager, Project manager, Management consultant, Business development manager, Business analyst, Business adviser, Actuarial analyst, etc.


The finest place to study financial-related courses is in the UK, which serves as the world's financial hub. While enrolled in financial courses in the UK, students will be able to study finance through practical application. The financial professional is responsible for overseeing a company's monetary operations.

An astonishing 90% of graduates with this degree find work in the UK. Financial management, international finance, finance and investment, banking and finance, marketing-related finance, etc. are only a few of the finance degrees offered by UK universities.

In addition, you can learn financial IT skills and acquire knowledge in budgeting, financial planning, risk management, and cash flow management. UK university graduates in finance typically make roughly GBP 32,000 annually. The following table highlights the employment rate, starting salary, and job opportunities in the field of Finance:

Employment Rate


Estimated Annual Starting Salary

GBP 32,000

Job Prospects

Accounting technician, Bank manager, Business consultant, sustainability coordinator, Financial officer, etc.

Computer Science

One of the most employable degrees in the UK is in computer science. The demand for freshmen in computer science is extremely great in the modern world due to the massive expansion and quick advancement of technology. 90% of those with the degree find employment in the UK.

You will gain a variety of skills and knowledge in many fields, including digital marketing, web development, programming, cloud computing, etc. if you obtain a computer science degree in the UK. One of the most sought-after careers in the UK is data science, a subfield of computer science.

Employees in the field of computer science make about GBP 30,000 annually, as per the UK’s official national statistics. The following table summarises the employment rate, starting salary, and job opportunities for the field of Computer Science:

Employment Rate


Estimated Annual Starting Salary

GBP 30,000

Job Prospects

Web developer, Systems Analyst, Data Analyst, Programmer, Software Developer/Software Engineer, etc. 


Economics is one of the most exciting academic fields to study because of its practical reality. Students studying economics in the UK will be able to get a perspective on the global economy. In the economics course, you will also learn about a variety of economic strategies and regulations that the government uses to maintain fiscal discipline.

89% of students with economic degrees are employed in the UK. The average annual salary after completing economics courses is roughly GBP 35,000. After completing the course, you will have a wide variety of career options, including compliance officer, statistician, actuarial analyst, economist, data analyst, etc.

The following table highlights the employment rate, starting salary, and job opportunities for the field of Economics:

Employment Rate


Estimated Annual Starting Salary

GBP 35,000

Job Prospects

Statistician, Risk manager, Political risk analyst, Investment analyst, Financial risk analyst, External auditor, Economist, Data analyst, Compliance officer, etc.


Law is one of the subjects that UK colleges provide in a variety of flexible ways. Due to the reputation of legal degrees from UK schools around the world, you will be able to find jobs with the finest corporations in the world. The employment rate for the degree is 88%.

Students have a wide selection of legal topics to choose from, such as public law, general law, family law, business law and religious law. Lawyers in the UK make an annual salary of roughly GBP 35,000 on average. The law courses will help you develop a wide range of skills, including communication, analytical and problem-solving skills.

After receiving a law degree, you can work as an Advocate, Barrister, Patent Attorney, Solicitor or Legislative Analyst in the UK. The following table outlines the employment rate, starting salary, and job opportunities for the field of Law:

Employment Rate


Estimated Annual Starting Salary

GBP 35,000

Job Prospects

Patent Attorney, Legislative Analyst, Arbitrator, Barrister, Solicitor, etc.

If you wish to know the top 10 employable courses in UK that will help you to get the desired salary amount that will be a good return on investment, then check out this video to know the 10 popular courses that will provide employability in UK:

Most Employable Degrees to Study Bachelors in the UK

Employment prospects are one of the most important aspects international students think about when they plan to study in the UK. The following are the top 10 employable degrees to study bachelor's in the UK:


A degree in dentistry has the highest salary in the UK. It is a specialised and vocational field where most graduates promptly land professional employment in a position related to dentistry.

Dentistry graduates can expect to make GBP 38,000 annually as their first job. You can anticipate earning much more as you gain knowledge and expertise. Most dentists working for the NHS make up to GBP 80,000 yearly, and private consultants potentially earn six figures.  This is the degree to choose if your primary consideration is pay potential.


One of the highest-paying degrees in the UK you can choose is medicine. A medical professional's job is typically challenging and highly specialised, which is why it is so well compensated. For instance, if you work as a surgeon, doctor, anaesthetist, or neurologist, you have a significant impact on and accountability for the health and well-being of people.

A medical professional might start with a starting salary of about GBP 33,500 annually. This will get better every year as your self-assurance and experience grow. Before they retire, many medical professionals make six figures in income.

Veterinary Medicine 

This subject area has great work prospects, generous compensation, and a high level of vocational. Graduates in veterinary medicine have a 94% likelihood of finding employment and a yearly starting salary of GBP 31,000. However, becoming a vet is challenging.

It can be difficult, draining, and emotionally taxing to care for ailing animals. However, this is mirrored in the compensation potential as experienced and specialised experts can make up to GBP 70,000 annually.

Chemical Engineering 

A degree in Chemical Engineering has the greatest potential for financial gain among all engineering-related degrees in the UK. Employers in a wide range of industries and sectors seek graduates in this subject area because they possess the expertise they need; as a result, they pay an annual average starting salary of GBP 30,000.

Chemical engineers with experience can eventually achieve significantly higher salaries. If you get chartered status, land a senior position, and work in a lucrative sector like oil or banking, you may make almost GBP 80,000 annually.

Pharmacology & Pharmacy

Chemists, pharmacists, researchers, technicians, etc. are the typical careers for graduates with degrees in pharmacology and pharmacy. They receive an average starting salary of GBP 30,000, which is more than the majority of other subject areas. This is due to the increasing demand for graduates with appropriate skills, particularly in light of the ongoing expansion of research into novel pharmaceuticals.


With an average starting salary of GBP 29,700 and a high likelihood of landing a graduate job, economics graduates have it effortlessly. In this field, 75% of graduates find employment within six months of completing their education, while 11% further their education. Having advanced in their careers, individuals in senior positions in the banking, insurance, or consulting industries, for example, may even make remuneration of GBP 75,000 or more annually.

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

For students studying electrical and electronic engineering in the UK, the graduate prospects appear promising. There is a great need for graduates with particular skills: 73% of Electrical & Electronic Engineering graduates land jobs within six months of graduation. For instance, you might work in the broadcasting, network engineering, or aerospace industries as an analyst, consultant, or manager. Individuals in this field receive an average starting salary of GBP 29,000.

General Engineering 

With a General Engineering degree, you can anticipate an average initial salary of GBP 29,000. Since competent engineers are in such great demand across practically all industries and sectors in the UK, it can be challenging for companies to fill open positions, which drives up wages. You might be able to earn a salary of GBP 75,000 or more throughout your engineering career, particularly if you have chartered status and a senior position.

Social Work 

Among the subjects centred on health and physical sciences, social work stands out as the only one. The social worker's job is difficult yet crucial to society's well-being, and the annual graduate starting salary of GBP 29,000 underlines that.

On the NHS pay scale, Band 6 is typically where social workers begin their careers. Graduates in this field earn a decent salary of more than GBP 31,000 per year. If you choose not to work as a social worker, you can also work as a counsellor, career advisor, probation officer, or youth worker.

Mechanical Engineering 

If you major in mechanical engineering, you could be able to get a graduate job that pays GBP 28,000 annually. Graduates of this fieldwork as contractors, aeronautical engineers, CAD techs, and instrumentation engineers, among other positions.

Mechanical engineers will continue to find employment opportunities in the UK. In a world where innovative devices are emerging every day, their expertise will always be in demand. As a result, most graduates find employment within six months of graduation. An annual average starting salary of GBP 60,000 or more can be earned with career advancement.

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Most Employable Masters Degrees in the UK

Which master's degrees in the UK result in job positions with the highest employability? This is yet another aspect that may influence your choice of investing in a postgraduate degree in the UK. The following numbers outlined in the table do not ensure that you will make a specific sum of money after completing a master's programme. However, they can help you get a fair notion of the impact a postgraduate degree will have on your earning potential. Below is a list of the most employable master’s degree subjects along with their per cent of employability after completing graduation in the UK and expected annual starting salary:


% of Employability After graduation

Median salary (in GBP)

Veterinary Sciences



Sport and Exercise Sciences



Sociology, Social Policy and Anthropology









Physics and Astronomy



Philosophy and Religious Studies



Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmacy






Performing Arts



Nursing and Midwifery



Medicine and Dentistry



Medical Sciences



Media, Journalism and Communications



Master of Business Administration (MBA)



Mathematical Sciences



Materials and Technology






Languages and Area Studies



History and Archaeology



Health and Social Care



Geography, Earth and Environmental Studies



General, Applied and Forensic Sciences



English Studies






Education and Teaching






Creative Arts and Design









Business and Management






Architecture, Building and Planning



Allied Health



Agriculture, Food and Related Studies



Most Employable Masters Degrees in the UK

International students looking to pursue PhDs find the UK to be a desirable destination. Many job prospects can be launched with a PhD from the UK. Graduates will have a competitive advantage when starting their careers, whether they want to work in academia, government, research, non-profit organisations, or private sector agencies.

Since the UK draws many of the brightest minds from around the world, many PhD programmes in the country have an international focus. This creates an environment that is cognitively and ethnically compelling, intellectually stimulating aspirants to grow both personally and professionally as they can create a large network of experts in their field. 

There are numerous ways to earn a PhD in the UK. Anthropology, biology, business administration, theology, and sociology are just a handful of the many employable majors that universities in the UK offer to international students.

While specifications may vary based on the institution and the programme, candidates for a UK PhD are often expected to engage in independent research in their chosen area of study. This research must make a substantial contribution to the field to be eligible for a PhD in the UK, and the accompanying dissertation or thesis must be successfully defended in front of a committee of academic authorities.

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Career Prospects After Pursuing a PhD in the UK

Following graduation, PhD holders from the UK conduct commercial research in a variety of disciplines, including science, education, medicine, technology, and others. In addition to working in academia or pursuing further research, students can also engage in the private sector conducting research for commercial organisations.

Given below is the approximate salary for a few PhD job profiles so you can get a better idea of what the earning potential looks like after a PhD in the UK:

Job Profile

Estimated Average Annual Salary (in GBP)

Associate Professor


Data Scientist


Research Scientist


Senior Economist


Senior Software Engineer


Best Courses for UK PR and Immigration 

The Graduate Immigration Route allows international students who are studying in the UK to apply for a Post Study Work Visa to remain and work in the country for two years (three years for PhD students). The students do not need to be sponsored by someone from the UK to stay in the country for a longer duration to obtain experience working in the country with this visa. Graduates may also apply for additional visas, such as the Global Talent, Innovator, and Skilled Worker visas, once their PSW visa expires.

Choosing the correct degree of study is a necessary first step in getting recruited and being able to immigrate to the UK because of the severe competition in the job market. You will have a better chance of settling permanently in the country if you concentrate on specific courses, such as STEM courses and the jobs mentioned in the Shortage Occupation List UK. The following table shows a list of the best course for UK PR for Indian Students After Study along with their demanding specialisations:

Course Name

Demanding Specialisation

Life Sciences (Health and Medicine related fields)

Radiography, Veterinary Medicine, Psychology, Paramedical Science, and Nursing.

Mathematics and Actuarial Science

Mathematics, Actuarial Science, and Statistics.

Creative Arts

Graphic Design, Art and Design, and Animation.

Life Sciences and Biosciences

Biotechnology, Pharmacology, and  Bioinformatics.


Mechanical Engineering, Design and Development Engineering, Programme and Software Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, etc.

Computer Science

IT Business Analytics, Cybersecurity, Data Science, and Web Designing and Development.

Geology and Earth Sciences

Energy and mining, Construction, etc.


STEM Education

Other subjects

Archaeology, Social Work, Economics, etc. 

Graduate Employability in UK Universities

As discussed, the majority of the top degrees in the UK are in business, computing, and law fields. As per Department for Education data, graduates in a small number of bachelor's programmes in business and management, computer science, and law make an average wage that is more than double the UK's national average within just five years of graduation.

The business and management programme at the University of Oxford leads the list of the most lucrative courses in the UK, with its select elite graduates earning an average of GBP 70,800 after five years of completing a degree. As per ONS data, the median annual wage for a typical full-time employee in the UK in 2019 was roughly GBP 30,420. However, out of all subject areas, degrees in medicine and dentistry typically lead to the highest starting salaries following graduation, with a median salary of GBP 49,300.

The performing and creative arts fields pay the least upon graduation, with average earnings of GBP 21,200 and GBP 22,000, respectively, which are below the UK average. Making the optimal university selection is more pertinent than ever for prospective international students now that some tuition fees have increased to GBP 9,250 annually and the job market is experiencing instability while it recovers from the Covid-19 outbreak.

With around 200,000 undergraduates enrolled in business and management programmes in 2020, it will be fair to assume that this discipline is the most employable to study at UK universities. The table below shows the list of UK universities along with their employability rank, subject names and average annual earnings:

University Name

Subject Name

Average Annual Earnings (in GBP)

UK Employability Rank 2022


University of Cambridge












University of Oxford









Imperial College London




London School of Economics and Political Science London







King's College London





University College London (UCL)







University of St Andrews




Durham University




Source: Department for Education

In the end, it is significant to note that the employment rate for the 10th most popular job position in the UK is 88%, as mentioned. This means that 12% of graduates having the 10th most employable degree in the UK fail to land a job within six months after their graduation. Hence, it is advisable that students must think carefully choose a course that interests them and have a decent employment rate in the UK.

Ultimately, it is crucial to weigh all the benefits and drawbacks of your degree, wherever you study in the UK. There may be some room for change even if your preferred subject is not in high demand. Exists a chance to get knowledge of a significant industry? Are you able to complete a dual honours degree? Alternatively, how about an MBA?

Whatever programme you choose, UK institutions are famous for providing distinctive, cutting-edge courses that are suited to your professional objectives. It is always advisable to do some research about the university you have chosen before submitting an application.

Have queries regarding the UK study permit or work visa? Write to us at to get your answers or avail yourself of one-on-one guidance from our experts.

Interested to Know More About Jobs in Demand in the UK in 2023? 


What are the best subjects to study based on the Shortage Occupation List UK?

The best subjects to study based on the Shortage Occupation List UK differ from those that compulsorily lead to the Highest Paying Jobs in the UK for International Students. As per the Shortage Occupation List UK, the best subjects to study are Life Sciences (Health and Medicine related fields), Mathematics and Actuarial Science, Creative Arts, Life Sciences and Biosciences, Culinary Arts, Engineering, Computer Science, Performing Arts, Geology and Earth Sciences, Education/Teaching, etc.

Which course has more scope in future in the UK?

MBA and MIM courses have more scope in future in the UK. One of the top degrees in the UK is business and management studies. In most organisations around the world, management graduates are the most in-demand professionals. MBA or MIM graduates from prestigious UK universities include some of the world's top CEOs.

Which degree has the highest employment rate in the UK?

Engineering-related degrees have the highest employment rate in the UK. As the field of engineering is vast, engineers continue to be in high demand in the country. This is demonstrated by the 85% employment (or continued study) rate for professionals within 6 months after graduation. It covers disciplines including acoustics, mechanics, civil engineering, chemistry, software, and environment.

What are the fastest-growing jobs in the UK?

As per the need of the employer, there are several fastest-growing jobs in the UK. Some of them are CNC machinists, Recruiting assistants, Designers, Conveyancing assistants, Medical receptionists, Workshop engineers, IT Engineers, Product designers, Assistant principals, Mobile developers, Payroll officers, Kitchen supervisors, etc.

What are the most employable courses in the UK for international students?

Most employable courses in the UK for international students are MSc International Business, General Engineering, MA Human Resource Management, Pharmacy, Chemical Engineering, Software Engineering, Aeronautics, MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Web Designing and Development, Psychotherapy, Veterinary Medicine, Biomedicine, BA Law, IT Business Analytics, Data Science, etc.

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