TOEFL Exam 2023 - Dates, Full Form, Registration, Pattern, Eligibility, Syllabus

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Updated on Aug 02, 2023 4:16 PM IST

Test of English as a Foreign Language, or TOEFL exam, is a test to evaluate the English proficiency of a student in the four basic communication skills in English — Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. Administered by (Educational Testing Services) ETS, it is a standardised test taken by non-native speakers of the English language who wish to get enrolled at universities abroad. It is recognised by over 11,000 universities and other institutions across 190 countries. The TOEFL exam is comprehensively accessible in the computer-delivered version, popularly known as TOEFL iBT (internet-based test). Only recently, ETS has made an effort to resume the TOEFL paper-delivered tests in India to help students get larger access to appear for the test.

Latest Update

  • August 02,2023 03:25 PM IST
  • From July 26, 2023 onward, TOEFL iBT has become the shortest English language proficiency test worldwide as ETS released a newer and shorter exam TOEFL iBT version (less than 2 hours) to provide students with an easier and quicker testing experience.

  • April 12,2023 12:10 PM IST
  • ETS launches a reformed TOEFL iBT test version with a shorter duration and changes in exam format. Additionally, ETS has streamlined the TOEFL iBT registration process to enhance the test-taking experience for candidates. Check more details here: TOEFL iBT to be Shortened by 1 Hour From July 26, 2023: ETS

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What is TOEFL Exam?

TOEFL is one of the most popular language proficiency tests with the TOEFL iBT test in India. It is accepted in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and many more. It is a doorway for foreign institutions for international students and is well-recognised everywhere. Colleges and universities all over the world incorporate TOEFL scores to check the proficiency level of non-native speakers. 

TOEFL Full Form

The TOEFL full form is the “Test of English as a Foreign Language.” This test helps students to demonstrate their level of English proficiency at foreign universities. Not only it can be taken by students who aspire to study abroad but also by anyone who wants to prove their mastery over the language. The scores can also be used for visa purposes, exchange programmes, studying at a community college or enrolling in a foreign high school. From July 26, 2023 onward, TOEFL iBT has become the shortest English language proficiency test worldwide as ETS released a newer and shorter exam TOEFL iBT version (approx. 116 minutes) to provide students with an easier and quicker testing experience.

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TOEFL Exam Highlights 2023

An overview of the key highlights and important details pertaining to the TOEFL exam are provided in the table below:

Exam Name


Full Name

Test of English as a Foreign Language

Year of Development


Developed By

National Council on the Testing of English as a Foreign Language

Developed In

The United States of America

Overseeing Body

Educational Testing Services (ETS)

TOEFL Exam Eligibility Criteria


TOEFL Exam Exam Sections

Reading Section

Listening Section

Speaking Section

Writing Section

TOEFL Exam Duration (Updated version)

Approx. 116 minutes

Number of Accepting Institutions


Number of Accepting Countries


TOEFL Test Dates

60+ test dates every year

Types of TOEFL

There are two versions of the TOEFL exam that students take to fulfil the English language proficiency requirements at foreign universities. The two versions of the TOEFL exam include 

  • TOEFL iBT or Internet-Based Test

  • TOEFL PBT or Paper-Based Test

Let us check out both versions of the test in detail:

TOEFL iBT or TOEFL Internet Based Test

TOEFL iBT is a type of TOEFL exam that is conducted online. In India, it is the most preferred version of the exam. The TOEFL iBT test took the role of the TOEFL Computer-Based Test or CBT. The format being more participatory, it is generally a superior version of the TOEFL CBT exam.

One can take the TOEFL test from the comfort of their home using their personal computer. This edition of the TOEFL exam is known as the TOEFL Home Edition or TOEFL at Home Testing Scores. However, there is one downside to the test and that is it is not accepted by all the universities. It is generally seen that TOEFL iBT scores 2023 are given more preference than TOEFL PBT scores 2023 by most universities.

TOEFL PBT or TOEFL Paper Based Test 

The TOEFL PBT which is also known as TOEFL Paper Based Test is a type of TOEFL exam that is conducted in pen and paper format. In India, TOEFL PBT is not a popular test option as TOEFL iBT. In the areas where internet connectivity is difficult, only test centres there provide the TOEFL PBT exam. 

The major difference between the TOEFL iBT and TOEFL PBT is that the speaking section is excluded from the paper-based test due to the limited availability of equipment. A limited number of test centres administer the PBT version of the test and it is conducted only four times a year. Presently there are no TOEFL PBT centres in India and that leaves students with no choice but to take the TOEFL iBT test. 

Whichever type of exam you choose to take, the set of documents required to take the TOEFL is the same.

Why TOEFL Exam is Taken?

The dream of studying in English-speaking countries or pursuing English-taught programmes at universities abroad is shared by thousands of students around the world. However, these universities and courses do also share one common requirement for admission. It is an English proficiency test requirement that must be met by all applicants, which you can satisfy by taking the TOEFL.

Why TOEFL Exam is Taken?

In addition to the TOEFL exam, several English language proficiency tests like IELTS, PTE, DET, etc are recognised by institutions all around the world. Despite this,  TOEFL scores are still widely accepted by almost every university for a variety of reasons. Some of the justifications to attempt the TOEFL exam are listed below:

Global Acceptance and Recognition: The TOEFL exam's widespread acceptability in institutions in various nations is among the main justifications for taking it. Applying for the test becomes a no-brainer when you consider that more than 11,500 universities and institutions worldwide, spread across more than 160 nations, accept TOEFL exam scores.

Multiple Testing Options: ETS has provided test-takers with a variety of TOEFL exam alternatives inside the TOEFL iBT edition in order to better meet their demands. Test takers have a variety of options, including the TOEFL iBT test centre, the TOEFL iBT Home Edition, and the TOEFL iBT Paper Edition. 

Faster Score Results: The TOEFL exam's instantaneous score review is a special feature. At the completion of the exam, ETS currently permits applicants to see their unofficial TOEFL Reading and TOEFL Listening scores. Furthermore, candidates will be notified of their official TOEFL results six days after taking the test.

Multiple Attempts: As opposed to other English proficiency exams, the TOEFL exam can be taken multiple times, and applicants would not have to wait too long to retake it afresh. As per regulations, there must be a three-day waiting period between each TOEFL exam. Candidates can reserve their TOEFL exam slots two days before the preferred test date.

Check out the List of TOEFL Accepting Universities in the USA, here.

A Brief History of TOEFL

The Early 1960s - More than thirty educational institutions come together to form the National Council on the Testing of English as a Foreign Language. The council consists of educators and government officials who were charged with the responsibility of developing an exam to test English competency. The council developed the ‘Test of English as a Foreign Language™’, which is now popularly known as the TOEFL exam.

1964: The TOEFL exam was delivered for the first time in a paper-based format. However, the test was nothing like its present-day version.

1965: CollegeBoard and Educational Testing Services (ETS) take over the administration of the TOEFL exam.

1973: TOEFL Board forms to advise ETS on the policies governing TOEFL exams.

1998: The TOEFL CBT (computer-based test) is conducted for the first time.

2005: TOEFL iBT is conducted for the first time.

2006: TOEFL CBT was discontinued and replaced by TOEFL iBT.

2019: TOEFL iBT is introduced in a new, streamlined format.

2023: TOEFL iBT became the shortest English language proficiency test worldwide.

TOEFL Exam Dates 2023

Similar to all other international standardised tests, the TOEFL exam is offered throughout the year. All year, numerous test alternatives like TOEFL iBT and TOEFL PBT are available at recognised TOEFL test centres all over the world. Candidates who wish to register for the TOEFL exam must create a profile on the official website before proceeding further.

TOEFL Exam Dates 2023 in India

Each month, the TOEFL exam is offered in all major Indian cities, making it more accessible to students throughout the country. To avoid a chaotic mess and to guarantee that their desired test dates and locations are still available, candidates should reserve their TOEFL exam slots well in advance. With appointments accessible, just hours following TOEFL registration, the TOEFL test at home is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

TOEFL iBT Test Dates 2023

There is no limit on the number of attempts for the TOEFL Internet-based Test (TOEFL iBT). ETS provides a list of all the TOEFL exam dates that are open to applicants well in advance on its official website. Once applicants have selected the TOEFL dates for their respective test centres, they should first finish registering for the TOEFL exam. For the Home version of TOEFL, candidates will only be able to take the test if they meet the equipment requirements set by ETS.

What is the Right Time to Book a TOEFL Exam Slot? 

The majority of applicants usually struggle with deciding when to take their TOEFL exam in a given year. The freedom to choose a TOEFL exam date that works best for you is one of the advantages of taking the TOEFL iBT. The next advised action is to register for the test after a test-taker has adequately prepared for their scheduled TOEFL exam.

If you are taking the TOEFL exam for the first time, experts advise booking a slot 45 days before submitting an application to your preferred institution abroad. If candidates do not get satisfactory TOEFL exam results on their first try, they would have sufficient time to take the test again.

Want to learn more about TOEFL exam dates and how to pick the best test date for you? Head on over to our TOEFL Test Dates page here.

TOEFL Test Centers 2023

One of the commonly asked questions by TOEFL exam aspirants is asking for "TOEFL test centres near me", or "TOEFL test dates". As an advisory, it is better to choose your preferred TOEFL exam centres and test dates according to the time you need to prepare for the test and your other commitments.

TOEFL Test Centers

For candidates who are interested in scheduling TOEFL tests, check out the following cities where you can find relevant test centres:








New Delhi



















TOEFL Test Center Rules and Regulations

Candidates taking a TOEFL exam this year must know in detail the TOEFL test centre rules and regulations as defined by ETS, the exam administrator. Listed below are the rules and regulations for TOEFL exam centres in India:

  • The only document that students are required to provide is a legitimate photo ID.

  • It is advised that you bring two photo IDs just in case one is invalidated or not accepted.

  • As per the official ETS website, candidates must reach their allocated TOEFL test centre at least 30 minutes before the test begins.

  • During the exam, electronic types of equipment including watches, cell phones, timers and other personal belongings are explicitly forbidden.

  • Food and beverages are strictly prohibited inside the TOEFL exam centres and exam rooms. Before starting the test, candidates must ensure that their microphone is fully functional.

It is advisable that candidates should choose both the TOEFL test centre and the TOEFL test date that is most appropriate and accessible for them. This is also in accordance with the amount of time one takes to reach their allocated test centre. It is therefore recommended that candidates should carefully evaluate all of the offered TOEFL exam dates and centres in order to select the test date and location that work best for them.

In addition to choosing a TOEFL exam test date in India, applicants should start their preparation well in advance. They should start taking baby steps to measure their accuracy of preparation in accordance with the application deadlines for their preferred university abroad. In this way, applicants will eventually become fluent in English and increase their chances of getting high TOEFL scores.

TOEFL Eligibility Criteria 2023

For those who have their minds set on studying abroad, taking the TOEFL exam is a mandatory requirement. Since the TOEFL test is one of the most crucial English proficiency tests, the eligibility standards have been developed to include as many applicants as possible while maintaining the most flexible TOEFL application requirements.

There are some standards that all applicants must complete before applying for the test, but no specific age or educational qualifications are listed in the most recent TOEFL exam rules and regulations by ETS, the organisation that administers the TOEFL.

TOEFL Exam Eligibility Criteria 2023

Before a candidate is deemed qualified to take the TOEFL exam, certain requirements must be met such as:

  • Students in high school or college can take this examination to learn their TOEFL results beforehand. You must provide evidence of your ability to communicate in the English language in order to study and work abroad. Nearly more than 11,000 international universities and organisations recognise the TOEFL exam.

  • For the TOEFL exam, you must have completed your undergraduate or graduate studies at a recognised Indian university or completed 10+2 exams. Apart from this, if the test-takers meet the following requirement, then they are eligible for the exam:

    • Applicants who have transferred from a Canadian or American institution with highly acclaimed academic courses.

    • A non-native English speaker who has completed post-secondary education in an English-speaking country, such as the UK, the USA, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, or Australia.

    • For non-native English speakers who have successfully completed two years of education at any English-speaking institution.

    • If you did not speak English as your first language and you took the TOEFL exam within the last two years.

TOEFL Exam - Age Limit 

As mentioned, ETS has not incorporated an upper age limit for TOEFL test takers. Nevertheless, it has been noted that a large percentage of applicants who take the TOEFL exam are older than 18 years. This is because the majority of these applicants take the test to prove their English language proficiency to apply for undergraduate or graduate programmes at foreign universities. 

Is TOEFL Only for Students? 

No, there is no such rule that TOEFL can only be taken by students. Most students who opt to take the TOEFL exam do so to prove their English language proficiency to attend colleges or graduate programmes in English-speaking nations. However, individuals also take this exam to boost their employment opportunities and chances of immigrating to English-speaking nations. Additionally, students who intend to enrol in high schools in other English-speaking nations often take the TOEFL exam.

Are you eager to prove your expertise in English or rule the roost of grammar? Check out our detailed TOEFL eligibility criteria page and see if you are eligible to take the renowned test.

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TOEFL Exam Fee 2023

As is tradition when applying for any study abroad standardised test, TOEFL registration includes the payment of the TOEFL exam fee as part of the confirmation process.

TOEFL Exam Fee 2023

For those interested in attempting the test, the ETS has defined specific TOEFL fees that are applicable to all test-takers, as can be found in the table below:



TOEFL Registration Fee


Late TOEFL Registration Fee


Rescheduling Fee TOEFL Exam


Reinstatement of Canceled TOEFL Exam Scores


Additional TOEFL Score Reports

20 per report

TOEFL Exam Speaking/Writing Section Score Review


TOEFL Exam Speaking and Writing Section Score Review


Note: The TOEFL exam fees are subject to change at the discretion of ETS, the official TOEFL exam administrator. Therefore, please check the TOEFL fees right before you begin your application process, or register with us and we can help you through the entire process.

TOEFL Registration 2023

For both immigration and academic purposes, all applicants may choose to take the TOEFL exam. As part of their admission process to foreign universities, students are required to provide their TOEFL exam results as evidence of their English language proficiency. ETS allows test takers the flexibility to schedule their TOEFL exam at any plausible time throughout the year. It is important to note that applicants can only reschedule their following attempt after three days of taking the previous test.

What is the TOEFL registration process?

If you are interested in attempting the TOEFL exams this year, then you will be required to complete the following TOEFL exam registration steps:

  1. Visit the Official Website for TOEFL exams.

  2. Set up a profile as a TOEFL test-taker.

  3. Fill out your TOEFL exam application form.

  4. Decide on your TOEFL test date, along with the convenient TOEFL test centre, or if you wish to take the remotely, choose the TOEFL test at home option.

  5. Complete the payment of the TOEFL exam fee of INR 14k as part of the registration.

  6. Verify and submit your application form for your desired TOEFL test.

  7. To facilitate future use, bookmark or print your TOEFL exam confirmation page.

TOEFL Registration 2023: Modes of Registration

To make the TOEFL exam registration process as accessible and inclusive as viable, the ETS has offered additional alternatives. Candidates in the New Delhi NCR vicinity have the option of physically registering for the test at the TOEFL Resource Center in addition to registering online. Nonetheless, prospective applicants also have the option of selecting one of the following TOEFL exam registration methods.

TOEFL Registration via Phone 

To make TOEFL registration via phone, applicants are still required to fill out the online registration form prior to placing a call to the Regional Registration Center. It is a must to note that the name of the applicant must be spelt exactly as it appears on the registration form and on the passport. Applicants from India can use this 91-124-4147700 phone number to reach the Regional Registration Center. Candidates can pay using a credit or debit card as instructed. Registration for the TOEFL exam typically closes seven days prior to the test date; thereafter, a late fee will be charged.

TOEFL Registration via Email 

Applicants must download and print the TOEFL registration form. After that, they must meticulously complete the TOEFL exam registration paperwork. As your passport is a legitimate form of identification, make doubly sure that your name on the application form corresponds exactly to the name on the passport. On the TOEFL test day, candidates must also bring their passports to test centres to confirm their identity. Submit the TOEFL exam application form and the required application fee to the Gurgaon Resource Center if you are applying from that region or any nearby Regional Registration Center.

Need to know how to register for the TOEFL exams using an ETS account? Take a look at our TOEFL registration page here and find out everything you need to register for the test.

TOEFL Slot Booking 2023

The registration process for this English proficiency test also includes a TOEFL slot booking. You will need to reserve a slot for the exam as part of the overall registration process. Applicants can check out the available TOEFL test dates on the official ETS website if they are looking to schedule the TOEFL test.

You must choose a test date when you create an account with ETS because, as mentioned before, reserving a TOEFL exam slot is a requirement of the registration procedure. If you are confused about which is the right time to take the TOEFL exam, we advise giving yourself ample time to study for the test efficiently.

According to experts, it takes around two months of consistent training and TOEFL preparation, therefore, we also recommend keeping a period of two months for TOEFL exam preparation before selecting the appropriate date.

Steps to Book Your Slot for TOEFL

To book a slot for TOEFL, aspiring test-takers must:

Step 1: Create an account with ETS and log in with the registered username and password.

Step 2: Select the date, time and centre, as per your convenience. A good rule of thumb is to book a date according to the amount of time you need to properly prepare for the test.

Step 3: You can check the upcoming TOEFL exam dates on the official website;

Step 4: Since selecting the date, time and test centre is part of the application process, you will be asked to complete the rest of the registration process for the TOEFL exam, and pay the TOEFL exam fees to confirm your exam slot.

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TOEFL Exam Pattern 2023

Each year, the TOEFL exam pattern is established by ETS, the organisation in charge of conducting the exam. As you may be aware, the TOEFL exam consists of four sections: reading, listening, speaking, and writing, which is totalled to determine your score. It is always advised that applicants practise as much as they can, as doing so increases the likelihood of succeeding on the TOEFL and receiving a good result.

The TOEFL test includes a writing problem as an example. The applicants will be required to respond to questions of varying lengths throughout the speaking section of the exam. The TOEFL exam should normally take three hours to complete according to the current exam structure. The TOEFL combines three disparate linguistic abilities to assess candidates' performance:

  • First: A written answer to a particular question made in response to a lecture or audio recording.

  • Second: Reading passages, listening to lectures or audio recordings, and personally responding to questions.

  • Third: Reading a passage, paying attention to a recorded lecture, and providing a specific or direct response.

To put it simply, after the TOEFL exam results are announced, ETS delivers the certified TOEFL test score reports to the institutions and universities the applicant has chosen. The revised TOEFL exam pattern is provided in the section below.

You can retrieve your TOEFL test results online six days after the test date by adding up the scores for each of the four skill areas. At the time of TOEFL registration, candidates can choose up to four institutions or universities to which they can send the results of their TOEFL exam.

TOEFL Exam Pattern 2023

A short overview of the old vs new TOEFL exam pattern is presented in the table below, which consists of different sections and their durations, along with the total number of questions asked:

Old TOEFL Pattern

The following table shows the old TOEFL exam pattern which used to last nearly 3 hours:

TOEFL Exam Sections


Total Questions

TOEFL Reading Section

54 to 72 minutes

30 to 40

TOEFL Listening Section

41 to 57 minutes

28 to 38

Break: 10 minutes

TOEFL Speaking Section

17 minutes

Depends upon tasking (usually 4 tasks)

TOEFL Writing Section

50 minutes

Depends upon tasking (typically 2 tasks)

New TOEFL Pattern

The following table shows the new or updated TOEFL exam pattern which only lasts 116 minutes approx:

TOEFL Exam Sections


Total Questions

TOEFL Reading Section

35 minutes


TOEFL Listening Section

36 minutes


Break: 10 minutes

TOEFL Speaking Section

16 minutes

4 tasks (Fixed)

TOEFL Writing Section

29 minutes

2 tasks (Fixed)

TOEFL Exam Section-Wise Task List

The tasks that students have to perform under each section are explained below:

TOEFL Reading Section Tasks

Students are asked to read 3 or 4 passages from various academic texts and answer questions related to them.

TOEFL Listening Section Tasks

Test-takers need to attend lectures, conversations, and classroom discussions and answer questions based on what they have heard.

TOEFL Speaking Section Tasks

Students will be expected to speak about a topic familiar to them and based on reading and listening.

TOEFL Writing Section Tasks

Candidates will be asked to write essays based on reading and listening comprehension and to support their opinions in writing.

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TOEFL Exam Syllabus 2023

The TOEFL exam syllabus comprises subjects that assess skills like Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing, to determine the test taker's levels of English language competence. The sectional syllabus for TOEFL is provided in the subsequent sections below. 

TOEFL Exam Syllabus: Listening Section

The listening section of the TOEFL exam will include both quick and in-depth interactions. Candidates will be expected to attempt questions based on the brief/short conversation, with multiple-choice options for the responses. Based on the type of interaction, you may be required to respond to MCQs during lengthy conversations.

Question Types:

1. Three to four lectures, each averaging three to five minutes and comprising 500-800 words, with a total of 30 questions. 
2. A total of two to three conversations (each averaging around three minutes) with a total of five questions.

Total Questions


Overall Duration

36 minutes

TOEFL Syllabus: Writing Section

This section of the TOEFL syllabus requires candidates to adequately discuss the different topics, as presented in the questions, in their essays. Candidates are advised to use appropriate explanations and provide detailed evidence along with their responses. While answering the questions candidates should ensure their responses is cohesive, interrelated, and present a good progression of thoughts.

Question Types:

  1. One integrated task – Reading (3 minutes of reading time) / Listening (2 minutes of listening time)/ Writing (20 minutes of writing time).

  2. An independent task of 30 minutes.

Total Tasks


Overall Duration

29 minutes

TOEFL Syllabus: Reading Section

The reading portion of the TOEFL exam will require the candidates to read 3-5 passages and answer 12-14 questions about each passage. Subsequently, each passage will be graded based on the number of questions answered correctly.

Question Type: 10 questions for each of 3 to 4 passages.

Total Questions


Overall Duration

35 minutes

TOEFL Syllabus: Speaking Section

If you wish to score the highest marks in the TOEFL speaking sections, it is recommended to not make too many mistakes. An understanding of the topic and the ability to keep a sustained conversation is what the TOEFL exam evaluation is looking for.

Question Types:

  1. Perform a single independent task (preparation in 15 seconds, response in 45 seconds).

  2. Read, Listen, and Speak in 30 seconds (preparation time: 30 seconds; response time: 60 seconds).

Total Tasks


Overall Duration

16 minutes

A good way to improve your English language skills is to familiarize yourself with the exact syllabus and begin studying it. To find in-depth knowledge of the test, check out the TOEFL Exam Syllabus.

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TOEFL Preparation Tips 2023

To obtain high scores in the exam, using the right TOEFL preparation strategy is vital. TOEFL exam preparation involves collecting reliable study materials, planning a proper study schedule, attempting practice tests, and revising each section regularly.

TOEFL Preparation Tips and Tricks

As you prepare to take the TOEFL exam, make use of the following tips and tricks to enhance your aptitude for the test:

Plan Your Study Time: A good and effective TOEFL exam study plan will ensure the most efficient progress during the entire preparation process. One of the first steps is to establish a goal for the required exam score and then plan your TOEFL preparation accordingly to achieve it. However, it is more important to maintain your dedication to strictly adhere to your TOEFL exam study plan.

Become Familiar with Exam Patterns of TOEFL Tests: Make sure you are familiar with the exam pattern of TOEFL tests. You will have no problem navigating the TOEFL exams after you learn its format and the different topics and questions.

Resources for TOEFL Online Learning: With the turn of the century, finding resources online has become the norm, therefore, it makes sense to find your TOEFL preparation online. There are several platforms online that will offer you free guidance and allow you to get an understanding of what to expect on test day. Review the detailed TOEFL preparation guide, here.

Practice Regular Reading: For the TOEFL reading section, the main goal is to gauge a candidate's ability to understand written English and respond accurately and appropriately to the relevant questions. Taking up books, journals, news, articles, and other professional reading materials will help you study with your TOEFL preparation.

Make Note-taking a Habit: Especially during the TOEFL Listening section, you will be able to listen to audio clips only once. Depending on what you heard, you may be asked questions, subsequently asked to speak or required to write your responses. Therefore, it becomes essential to develop a habit of taking notes since you cannot replay the audio. Practice taking notes while you attempt TOEFL listening practice tests.

Hear Podcasts: Aspirants must demonstrate their abilities to understand both the English language and various regional accents when taking the TOEFL listening component. Online platforms like Youtube and radios typically carry English-language talks, which you can listen to.

Note: Your reading comprehension skills will improve as you become more exposed to current concepts and vocabulary. A good method to improve your skills is to take the TOEFL reading practice tests to develop your skills further.

Preparing for your entrance exam to make your study abroad journey a reality might feel like a challenging task. If you must prepare for a language test to prove your proficiency in English, you may refer to the difference between the 4 standardised English exams to study abroad IELTS vs TOEFL vs PTE vs Duolingo and decide which one to take.

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TOEFL Best Books 2023

Choosing the best guides and books for TOEFL exams should depend heavily on your needs depending on the level of TOEFL preparation you currently possess, i.e. beginner, expert, or only interested in vocabulary and grammar. It is then your duty to choose the appropriate TOEFL preparation books according to your needs. Aspirants can use these four books as preparation guides when taking the TOEFL exam.

Kaplan’s TOEFL iBT Prep Plus 2020-2021

The Kaplan TOEFL iBT Prep Plus (2020-2021) is widely regarded as one of the best TOEFL preparation books. It falls into the category of one of the prominent TOEFL preparation books due to its online content and book-to-book connection.


  • Together with the book, it provides access to online resources.

  • 450+ practice questions along with 4 fully-fledged mock tests.


  • Sophisticated comprehension.

  • Answers to online resources cannot be recorded by students.

Official TOEFL iBT Tests Volume 1 (3rd Edition)

As one of the most sought-after TOEFL books, the Official TOEFL iBT Tests Volume 1 (3rd Edition) is written by the TOEFL test-forging organization.


  • Practice tests with the highest accuracy possible.

  • Adapted to changing patterns in questions.


  • The DVD format is no longer supported.

  • It is not possible to use the McGraw Hill site code more than twice.

Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL iBT Test (CUP)

Due to its exceedingly flexible learning ingredients, the Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL iBT Test Book is contemplated as the best of the bunch for TOEFL exam preparation.


  • Over 100+ practice exercises and strategies.

  • 7 full-fledged TOEFL Mock Tests.


  • An additional charge will apply for audio files.

  • Answers to practice questions lack adequate explanations.

Official Guide to the TOEFL Test (ETS)

A beautifully written and comprehensive book. As the name implies, the Official Guide to the TOEFL Test (ETS) is published by the TOEFL test-forging organization. As a result, no wonder why it is considered to be the pinnacle of TOEFL preparation books.


  • A five-point test is administered.

  • 4 full-fledged TOEFL Mock Tests.


  • With this book alone, you cannot prepare extensively for the TOEFL.

  • Answers are inadequately explained - incompetent details.

TOEFL Preparation Books Ratings

Given below are the ratings for the Best Books for TOEFL Preparation:

TOEFL Exam Preparation Book

Ratings (out of 5)

Kaplan’s TOEFL iBT Prep Plus 2020-2021


Official TOEFL iBT Tests Volume 1 (3rd Edition)


Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL iBT Test (CUP)


Official Guide to the TOEFL Test (ETS)


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TOEFL Practice Test 2023

While a part of the success comes from utilizing authentic study material for your TOEFL preparation, however, the most recommended preparation technique is to attempt as many TOEFL practice tests as they can. In this way, candidates will have a double-edged sword at their disposal to be able to perform skillfully in TOEFL examinations.

To conquer the TOEFL tests this year, candidates can go through the TOEFL practice tests or question papers available on the official exam website and get familiarized with the latest TOEFL exam pattern, types of tasks assigned with respect to the time allocated, and then evaluate their answers independently by correlating with the model answers.

TOEFL Reading Practice Test

The TOEFL Reading section has been designed to evaluate the reading and comprehension skills of the candidate, using materials commonly found and used in an academic environment. Therefore, it is inevitable to see texts taken out clutched from university textbooks present in the TOEFL exam reading section.

Moreover, the passages in this section would normally consist of at least 700 words, thus, requiring students to focus on enhancing their abilities to wade through 700 words or more within the allocated time for the section. Using TOEFL practice tests for the reading section can significantly improve their time management for the section and, overall, increase their chances of securing a good score in the section.

TOEFL Listening Practice Test

The TOEFL listening test assesses an individual's preparedness to comprehend the essence of the conversations, especially in an academic environment. Test-takers must possess impressive comprehension skills, including being able to discern the speaker's mood and confidence level as well as the ability to classify and interpret concepts.

Thus, with the help of the TOEFL listening practice tests, students can improve their skills in listening and understanding different accents and diction that they may possibly be exposed to during their stay abroad.

TOEFL Speaking Practice Test

The TOEFL speaking section analyses a candidate's ability to conversate distinctly and effectively in English, their ability to maintain proper grammar and evaluate the mistakes that the candidate makes during the section. In order to do well in this section, candidates must learn how to elaborate explicitly and rationally answer questions with the help of the TOEFL speaking practice tests that can be found online or with coaching centres.

TOEFL Writing Practice Test

The TOEFL exam scores are influenced by the quality of essays presented during the test. As per the current exam structure, there are two parts to the TOEFL writing section, wherein students are directed to compose essays responding to an array of reading and listening exercises. Test-takers will first be provided with a theme around which to produce an argumentative essay based on their opinion.

Furthermore, the second task of the TOEFL writing section will require the test-taker to describe their thoughts on the brief provided. Aspiring test-takers can use TOEFL writing practice tests to improve their writing skills as well as maintain good time management that will lead to better results in the end. 

TOEFL Question Papers 2023

Practising through the previous year's TOEFL exam paper has been known to be another one of the few highly recommended ways to best prepare for the English Proficiency test. Among the different TOEFL preparation techniques used by trainers and faculty around the globe, students are often asked to attempt sample or previous year's question papers for the TOEFL exam.

There are several reasons to practise TOEFL question papers as part of your entire TOEFL preparation strategy. Some of the other important aspects that should be included in everyone's TOEFL preparation plan include understanding the proper exam pattern of the test, enhancing your time management skills as well as boosting your confidence in attempting the test, thus, directly resulting in securing a great TOEFL exam score.

However, candidates must maintain certain guidelines and regulations while attempting the TOEFL practice tests, in order to make the best use of the TOEFL exam question papers.

TOEFL Scores & Results 2023

Scores for the TOEFL exams are calculated based on a 0 - 120 scale. Each section of the TOEFL exam will be scored on a range of 0 - 30. Taking raw TOEFL exam scores and converting them to scaled scores results in the total scores of the TOEFL exam. Within six days of taking the test, candidates will receive their TOEFL test score reports.

TOEFL Exam Score Calculation

In TOEFL tests, raw scores are converted into scaled scores. Each of the four sections of the TOEFL test produces raw scores representing the number of correct answers. For instance, the raw TOEFL reading score will be 25 if a candidate correctly answers 25 questions in the section. Subsequently, the scaled scores are only reported in official TOEFL exam results.

What is the Anticipated Release Date of the Official TOEFL Exam Score Reports?

If you chose the Special Home Edition of the TOEFL exam, your official score would be available within 6-10 days of the scheduled test date. If you applied for a TOEFL iBT exam, an unofficial score will be available immediately after the test date. However, only for the Reading and Listening sections of the TOEFL exam.

After the test, a copy of the candidate's score report will be mailed to the test-taker within 11 days if they had requested one before they appeared for the test. Candidates can always print out a copy of their TOEFL exam scores in PDF format from their registered account with ETS. Normally, candidates will receive their PDF score report within eight business days.

If you are interested in viewing your TOEFL exam score, you will be required to complete the following steps:

Step 1: Check out the official website of the TOEFL exam.

Step 2: Click the member login button.

Step 3: Type in your credentials for your TOEFL exam account.

Step 4: Download/View your TOEFL exam results.

How long are TOEFL exam scores valid?

One of the most common questions asked by aspiring test-takers is regarding the validity of TOEFL exam scores. As per the current regulations, TOEFL exam scores remain valid for a period of two years, starting from the date of the test. For detailed information, visit our TOEFL Scores and Results page.

TOEFL Scholarships 2023

A total of 14 grants and awards are offered each year to TOEFL test-takers, mostly offered after considering their scores on the language proficiency test. Students who are either working in an English-speaking country or pursuing second language research, teaching, or assessment programme, or have enrolled in an international higher education institution can be eligible for TOEFL exam scholarships, offered jointly by ETS and TOEFL Board Sponsors. 

Scholars and test-takers can receive scholarships ranging from USD 1,000 to USD 50,000, varying between different institutions and courses. In addition to TOEFL Grants, TOEFL offers a variety of scholarships and awards such as the TOEFL Young Students Series (YSS) Research Grants, TOEFL Awards by Application and Nomination, TOEFL Awards (part of the conference proposal review process by TESOL), and TESOL Awards and Grants.

Eligibility Criteria for TOEFL Scholarships 2023

A candidate must have completed their 10+2 from a recognized institution, as well as present a passport in order to qualify for the TOEFL scholarships. Indian students may be able to apply for TOEFL exam scholarships in the following ways:

  • Students must be residing in India at the time of application

  • University applications must be submitted to the universities available at the TOEFL-based organization.

  • The applicant must have earned an overall GPA of 3.0 or 80/100.

  • A valid TOEFL exam score is required of all applicants.

If you are applying for any of the different TOEFL exam grants and scholarships, it should be noted that there are different eligibility criteria for each category of TOEFL scholarships, which have been defined as follows:

TOEFL Research Grants

Students who have been approved for a dissertation or research project in a foreign language can apply for these grants.

TOEFL Young Students Services (YSS) Research Grants

TOEFL YSS students are eligible for TOEFL scholarships only if they conduct research on YSS topics while attending any university. Additionally, they must demonstrate their ability to teach in the English language.

TOEFL Awards by Application

Students who have published appropriate research within the last three years are eligible for this type of TOEFL exam scholarship, namely, the Jacqueline Ross Dissertation Award. Common regulation of this type of TOEFL exam scholarship is to present their dissertations in the English language.

TOEFL Awards by Nomination

This type of scholarship for TOEFL exams is for those who have been nominated for the Samuel J. Merrick Memorial Lecture Award.


Candidates must be members of TESOL living outside of Canada and the US in order to qualify for this TOEFL exam scholarship. Furthermore, it is also necessary for them to be presenting at the TESOL Convention for the first time.

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TOEFL Exam Cutoffs 2023

The TOEFL exam score is accepted by more than 11,000 universities, colleges, and other organizations worldwidein over150 countries across the globe. Most countries accept TOEFL exam scores from prospective immigrants, students, and professionals who wish to study, work or settle down in countries where theEnglish language is the primary language of communication.

Commonly, top universities around the world have set individualTOEFL exam cutoffsthat would range between 79 and90. Applicants to top US universities like Harvard, Brown, Columbia, UC Berkeley, and others would need to have secured TOEFL exam scores ranging between90 - 100. Some of the top study-abroad destinations among international studentssuch as the UK, Canada, the US, New Zealand, and Australia. If you have obtained a TOEFL exam score between 100 - 110 means you have achieved a high enough score for a chance to attend one of the 100 top-ranked universities in the world.

TOEFL Exam Cutoff: Why Are They So High?

Some of the universities that have been listed here are among the best in the world and some of the more selective universities, so naturally, their TOEFL exam score requirements are quite stringent as well. The TOEFL exam cutoff requirements may vary between90 to 110 at most universities in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and other popular studydestinations. For Business andMS courses at US universities, the TOEFL cutoff is usually 90 or above (typically around 80 to 90).

Specifically for these topuniversities, international students willface heavy competition during theadmission process and have to meet high TOEFL cutoff score requirementsto be considered eligible for admission.

However, there are a few universities that are equally popular among international students across the world where the TOEFL exam score requirement is comparatively lower. By practising regularly and managing their time properly, it will be easier for candidates tomeetcutoffs.

TOEFL Exam Acceptance 2023

In order to be admitted to most universities in English-speaking countries, presenting valid TOEFL exam scores will be mandatory for non-native English-speaking applicants. Currently, there are more than 11,000 universities across 150 countries that accept valid TOEFL exam scores as proof of English proficiency.

UK Universities Accepting TOEFL Exam Scores

Universities in the UK are recognized internationally for providing creative and challenging environments that encourage students to achieve their maximum potential. In terms of international rankings, they're generally ranked high in many academic areas, with experts on many topics.

Being one of the top study-abroad destinations, some of the top universities in the UK that accept TOEFL exam scores include the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, University College London, the University of Manchester, Kings College Imperial College (London), University of Leeds, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Edinburgh, etc.

Australian Universities Accepting TOEFL ExamScores

In terms of international education standards, Australia has always set the bar high. A network of prestigious educational providers, world-class facilities, outstanding lecturers, and student support services make up its renowned and more sought-after educational sector.

Some of the top Australian universities that accept TOEFL exam scores include Australian National University, Curtin University, Monash University, RMIT University, The University of Adelaide, etc.

US Universities Accepting TOEFL Exam Scores

Universities across the US have consistently ranked highly among the top university rankings in the world, making it one of the most prestigious countries in the world to study in. A unique aspect of US institutions is that they have extremely high academic standards, adhere to rigorous academic practices to maintain quality, and are well-supported to offer a high-quality education to their students.

The top US universities that accept TOEFL exam scores are Brown University, California Institute of Technology, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Duke University, Harvard University, John Hopkins University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Northwestern University, etc.

Canadian Universities Accepting TOEFL Exam Scores

Canadian universities and colleges are among the best in the world and are currently one of the top study-abroad destinations in the world. It is also home to a large number of other post-secondary schools that offer both highly reputable technical and professional training to students.

Some of the top Canadian universities that accept TOEFL exam scores are McGill University, McMaster University, the University of Alberta, the University of British Columbia, the University of Calgary, the University of Montreal, the University of Ottawa, and the University of Toronto.

New Zealand Universities Accepting TOEFL Exam Scores

Quality education is regarded as a hallmark of New Zealand. The country boasts of an advanced educational system with its universities offering state-of-the-art facilities. Besides providing a safe learning environment, the universities in New Zealand provide excellent opportunities for higher studies along with excellent support services for international students.

Amongst the top universities in New Zealand that accept TOEFL exam scores are the University of Auckland, the University of Canterbury, the University of Otago, the University of Victoria (Wellington), the Auckland University of Technology, and the University of Waikato.

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TOEFL Coaching Centre 2023

While TOEFL exam preparation can be achieved individually by each test-taker, one of the best tried and tested method is to seek guidance from experts or others who have taken the test previously. With the exam structure designed to evaluate the English language skills of a person, TOEFL tests can be tricky for many whose first language is any language other than English.

Nevertheless, there are thousands of TOEFL coaching centres offering students TOEFL practice tests along with exam preparation tips and tricks among other support services. However, it is important to note that the best exam coaching centres will offer you the following TOEFL preparation support:

  • An Individual Study Plan designed to work effectively and efficiently around your requirements and commitments.

  • Individual evaluation sessions after classes to help you monitor your level of progress while preparing for TOEFL exams.

  • Extra classes and result-oriented strategies to help you improve your scores keeping your strengths and weaknesses in mind.

  • Customised questions and quizzes to enhance your aptitude for TOEFL exams, along with question banks designed to provide you with ample revision material in the form of TOEFL practice tests or TOEFL mock tests among others.

  • More importantly, the coaching centre should connect you with experienced TOEFL exam faculty who know the best ways to tackle challenges that are unique to you.

TOEFL Conducting Body

The TOEFL exam is conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), the largest global non-profit educational testing organization. Headquartered in New Jersey, the organisation administers a number of standardized tests, including the TOEFL exam,majorly for students seeking admissions in, not onlyUS universitiesbut also universities located across the globe.

The Educational Testing Servicesor ETSwas created in 1947 and currently delivers research and learning solutions apart from developing and conducting tests such as TOEFL, GRE, TOEIC and Praxis tests in over 180 countries at more than 9,000 locations across the globe.

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FAQs on TOEFL Overview

What is TOEFL full form?

The TOEFL full form is Test of English as a Foreign Language. The exam is conducted by Educational Testing Services (ETS). It checks the English proficiency of test-takers who do not belong to countries where English is the first language. Applicants are gauged on the basis of their writing, listening, reading and speaking skills. 

What is the new TOEFL Essentials Test?

The TOEFL Essentials test measures the 4 parameters of the English language skills of Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking in about 1 and a half hours. Its benefits include its availability and accessibility to take the test at home, from any part of the world, with appointments available 24 hours a day, 1 day per week.

Is TOEFL conducted in online mode?

Yes, TOEFL is conducted in online mode and is called TOEFL iBT. Short for internet-based tests, TOEFL iBT is currently the only option available for test-takers. TOEFL iBT had been offered as a replacement for TOEFL CBT and has since become the most popular option among aspiring test-takers around the world.

Is there any break between each section of TOEFL?

Yes, ETS has integrated a 10-minute break between the sections of TOEFL. According to the current exam pattern of TOEFL, test-takers will be able to take a 10-minute break after completing the Reading and Listening sections, following which, they will be asked to complete the Speaking and Writing sections of TOEFL subsequently.

Is TOEFL a Paper-Based Exam?

No, TOEFL is no longer offered as a Paper-based test by ETS. Previously, across several test centres in India and around the world, students could choose between online and offline formats, i.e. TOEFL iBT and TOEFL PBT. However, effective April 2021, ETS removed TOEFL PBT from its list of test options.

Who conducts TOEFL?

ETS, i.e. the Educational Testing Service, conducts/administers the different TOEFL tests. ETS administers the TOEFL iBT and Essential tests under the guidance and advisories offered by a TOEFL board. The ETS board consists of 14 individuals selected from a wide range of fields in the international education sector.

Who is a suitable candidate for TOEFL?

As an English Proficiency test, TOEFL is suitable for any person looking to travel abroad to an English-speaking country for the purpose of pursuing higher education. Additionally, TOEFL is recommended for all international students whose first language is anything other than the English Language, who are preparing to enrol in an English-taught programme.

Why should I take the TOEFL exam?

There are several reasons why students should attempt TOEFL, among which, the most common reason is to enrol in English-taught programmes offered by universities in English-speaking countries. However, there are other reasons to take the TOEFL exam, which include meeting different immigration and visa requirements. It should be noted, if you are planning to study an English-taught programme, you will need to provide some sort of proof of English Proficiency.

What type of English does the TOEFL Essentials Test measure?

The different sections of the TOEFL Essentials test are designed to assess different aspects of the English language skills of a candidate. TOEFL Essentials has been designed to partly assess General English skills of the candidate, while also assessing the academic English skills of a test-taker. If you need TOEFL scores for university admissions abroad, it is better to attempt TOEFL iBT as most universities require TOEFL iBT scores.

Has the TOEFL Paper-Delivered test been discontinued?

Yes, ETS has discontinued its offering of the TOEFL paper-delivered test. Effective April 11, 2021, the revised TOEFL paper-delivered test had been taken off the official offering list. However, currently, ETS offers a TOEFL iBT Paper Edition, wherein students can take the same TOEFL iBT test but delivered in paper format and completed in 2 separate sessions.

Is TOEFL better than IELTS?

With pros and cons to both English proficiency tests, it is important to understand different aspects of each test individually. However, if need help on how to choose between IELTS and TOEFL, then first figure out why you need to take the tests, i.e. for immigration/visa purposes or admissions to universities abroad, then go through the individual application requirements. This will allow you to narrow down which test you should take.

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