How to Write an LOR for MS?


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A letter of recommendation serves as a validation of the student's academic and professional experience. Read on to find out how to write an effective LOR for an MS application along with a few LOR tips exclusively for popular MS specialisations such as Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, etc. 

How to Write an LOR for MS?

How to Write an LOR for MS: With the MS admissions deadline approaching, you may find yourself preparing and organising all of the necessary materials. The Letter of Recommendation, or LOR, is normally needed to be submitted as part of that package of paperwork. The Letter of Recommendation is just as crucial as your Statement of Purpose (SOP), and it may make or break your prospects of being accepted to an institute or receiving a scholarship.

A letter of recommendation is a type of reference letter that students must get from their previous professors or employers. An LOR for MS programmes should include all the achievements and skills of a student supported by real-life instances witnessed by the referees or recommenders. As a result, students who desire to study MS abroad have to request for a good LOR from their recommenders.

Check out this article to know how to write an impactful LOR for MS programmes at foreign universities.

Our study abroad experts have guided students to craft perfect CVs and LORs for MS applications abroad. You can seek their support to draft a perfect Letter of Recommendation to attract your admission officers.

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Importance of LOR for MS

A Letter of Recommendation, or an LOR for MS, validates your accomplishments and gives a third-party opinion on your knowledge, skills, and personal characteristics. There have been cases where students with below-average GRE scores were admitted to top universities abroad thanks to outstanding letters of recommendation for MS courses. A letter of recommendation provides significant insight into not just your academic achievements but also your personality, allowing the admission committee to distinguish you from the thousands of candidates. Thus, a well-crafted LOR that highlights and supports your academic qualifications while also providing a peek at your personal traits and attributes which helps the admissions committee to set you apart from the crowd and eases your admission to your desired college.

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Difference Between a Letter of Recommendation and a Reference Letter

Students will also be asked to provide references and letters of recommendation. In theory, these two documents are very different. You might think that these two documents are the same. In reality, they are different when it comes to the application process.

A letter of recommendation is required for all MS programmes and should be sent to the university or employer without you knowing it. The letter should be around 300 to 400 words long, and it should state your personal achievements and character traits from an objective perspective. A letter of reference is usually given to the student by the referee, and it should be addressed to the person who wrote it.

Whom Should You Ask for a Letter of Recommendation For Your MS Application?

Generally, universities ask for recommendation letters from professors and employers. The short answer is that universities may ask for only recommendation letters from professors and employers.

If you're applying to universities, make sure that the recommendation letter you send to the school is focused on your academic achievements and skills. Your employer's recommendation letter should also reflect your skills and interests that are relevant to your MS program. 

It's important that you pick the right person to send the recommendation letter to. Ideally, you should have known the person for at least six months. Ask for a letter of recommendation from someone who knows you well and who might not write you a favourable recommendation letter.

When writing a recommendation letter, make sure to include someone who has worked closely with you. If you're applying to a certain speciality, you should also consider hiring a professor who's in the same field as you're applying. 

When applying for an MS degree, it's important to pick the right person to provide a recommendation letter. For instance, if you are applying to a tech-related field, you should have a reference letter from the supervisor of a tech company.

How Many LORs are Required for MS?

Almost all the study abroad programs require students to submit LORs.You may also think about how many letter of recommendation for MS is needed? Generally, 2 to 3 Letters of Recommendation are required for MS. The LORs act as a support to your academic transcripts, mark sheets and certificates.

Ideal Structure for a LOR for MS

A recommendation letter for MS is a type of formal letter that should be written with care and structure. One should consider the following aspects while writing a LOR for MS:

  • Introduction: Your referee will introduce themselves to you and their relationship with you. They will also provide their general impression of you. 
  • Content: Your referee will then discuss your educational background, personality traits, and activities. They should also tell the university why they should consider you for the MS programme.
  • Conclusion: Your closing statement should also include a standard closing phrase and should have the contact details of the referee. 

Tips To Write an Exceptional LOR for MS

A recommendation letter is a vital part of your MS application, and it's one of the many factors that will determine your chances of being accepted. Below are some of the best strategies on how to write LOR for MS in the USA and other countries, as well as some keywords to include in your letter of recommendation for MS.

Choose your Recommender Wisely

Even before you draft a great LOR for Master, it is important to consider who should write it. Best recommendation letters reveal your personal character and should be personal and insightful. Letters of recommendation from the head of a department or a professor are more powerful than those from junior professors. If the person writing the recommendation knows little about you, then they are not the right choice for writing a LOR. Aside from knowing you, their credentials also matter.

If you are a final-year student or have just completed graduation, you may obtain a letter of recommendation from professors with whom you have worked on projects or excelled in class. If you have experience, your supervisor or the head of your division may be able to provide you with a recommendation letter.

Provide Relevant Information to Your Referees Well in Advance

Even if the person you know only has one letter, chances are that they don't keep a record of all your achievements and tests. Having multiple recommendation letters makes it easier for people to write them.

Before submitting the letter, make sure that all of your details are in one place. This includes your CV, your grades, and the date when they should submit the letter. 

Always Ask the Referee to Add Examples of Your Achievements

Not only should the person who is recommending you provide examples of how and why they used them, but they should also include a brief description of their work.

The MS LOR should Showcase Your Growth and Improvement over Time

This aspect is very important since admission officers have seen thousands of applications. When you started your application, maybe you were shy and did not have a lot of enthusiasm in class. But, through the years, you have developed a positive attitude. Check out the best LOR samples for MS.

Your recommender should also discuss how you improved over the years. This is also important since it shows that they care about you and the skills that you have developed.

The Tone of the LOR should be Lively and Engaging

A recommendation letter is a type of formal document that refers to an academic recommendation. It should not be confused with the term dryness.

The goal is to make a strong recommendation that speaks to the student instead of the other people who might be able to influence it. If you are admitted to college, make sure that you thank the referee with a formal letter. 

LOR Tips for Popular MS Specialisations

Given below are some hot tips on how to write an LOR for MS abroad including computer science, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, etc:

LOR for MS in Computer Science

A Letter of Recommendation is a type of document that highlights the career achievements of a prospective student in Computer Science. LOR for MS in Computer Science is more significant when compared to the SOP for Computer Science as it highlights the various achievements of a prospective student. A good LOR for Computer Science should focus on the applicant's analytical skills, logical thinking, and previous academic knowledge. A LOR should also analyze the various facets of a prospective student's personality and academic record.

The best sample LOR for MS in CS will help you draft a Letter of Reference for MS courses. It should also be formatted similarly for writing one for CS. Although it is not necessary to highlight specific technical skills, it is still important to highlight other areas of expertise that the student has. In this letter, your referee should highlight any project where the student used his/her technical expertise.

LOR for MS in Mechanical Engineering

Similar to the attributes mentioned in LOR for MS CS, the qualities of LOR for MS in Mechanical Engineering students can be highlighted with suitable examples. 

The Letter of Recommendation is among the most important documents that you will need to submit for admission to a graduate program in mechanical engineering. It will be looked at by the universities very carefully. There are a number of qualities that a LOR should highlight in their letter of recommendation. You should also include examples of how these attributes have been used in your life. Check out the LOR samples for MS in mechanical engineering.

LOR for MS in Civil Engineering

An MS in Civil Engineering recommendation letter can come from various sources, such as a well-known organization, a job interview, or a personal letter. It should be short and straightforward and should promote what will make a great candidate. Make use of LOR samples for MS in civil engineering.

LOR for MS in Electrical Engineering

A letter of recommendation for an MS in Electrical Engineering is required for admission into top universities. The letter should include all of the qualities that the applicant needs to stand out. Aside from having the necessary skills and attributes, the letter should also include personal references that demonstrate his or her interests and abilities. 

The recommender should write a list of skills that the applicant should possess that will stand out from the rest. If you're applying for MS in electrical engineering, the prospective referee should be someone who has taught you in college. The skills that the candidate should possess are those that are most important to an electrical engineer. The other skills that the recommender should also include are communication and organization.

Key LOR for MS Strategies for Indian Students

During each admission session, the admission team members of some of the country's top universities evaluate thousands of applications. 

  • They can also tell if the recommendation is shallow or fake. 

  • They can also detect inconsistencies in the various components of the application. 

  • They can also detect if the same applicant wrote the same essay or letter of recommendation multiple times.

  • Hence, don't write a letter of recommendation that's not strong enough for the admissions team. It can affect your chances of being accepted at the top schools.

  • You can also shortlist your recommenders to make sure that they are not only supporting your strong application but also contributing to the overall success of your graduation. 

  • Share the tips and sample letters that you'll draft for them to draft. Don't allow your otherwise strong application to get overshadowed.

Letters of recommendation are required to support the academic application of students, along with other documents such as transcripts and SOPs. The format and structure of the LOR for MS programs are the same as those for other subjects.

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From where can I source my LOR for MS studies abroad?

It's important to choose your letter writer before even beginning to compose an outstanding LOR for MS. The best letters of recommendation (LOR) are insightful and individualised, and they should reflect your character. If you are in your last year of school or have recently graduated, you might get your letter of reference from:

  • professors you have worked closely with on projects.

  • professors with whom you have had successful classes.

  • If you have experience with internships, get a mentor.

How much time does it require to compile an LOR for MS?

A strong recommendation letter requires time to write since it offers a thorough understanding of the candidate. And waiting until the last minute to organise your recommendation letters is another common error people make. It is of the utmost importance that you contact the recommender with all the relevant information three to four months before the application date. The process of creating a customised report of your successes and accomplishments will be made simpler.

Why an LOR for MS is needed to study abroad?

The academic community and admissions committees at universities abroad do not know you well. All of the information they have about you comes from several sources, including your SOP, LOR, GRE score, TOEFL score, projects, etc. Every document matters to them, but a good letter of recommendation adds far more value than students realise and is frequently overlooked. Because LORs frequently originate from neutral sources, the institution believes that using them to evaluate students is a superior practice. They rank among the best criteria for evaluating applicants.

What Makes a LOR for MS abroad good?

No more than one page or 500 words should be used in a decent letter of recommendation. Maintain a cheerful tone throughout. A solid LOR consists of:

  • An Introduction

  • Acquaintance

  • Positive attributes

  • Academic achievements

  • Specific skills

  • Work and research experience

  • Recommendation

  • Positive closing

Is maintaining a positive tone in an LOR for MS important?

Yes, maintaining a positive tone in an LOR for MS is very much important. The LOR's tone speaks volumes about the student. The LOR writer should assess if the tone is neutral or hostile. The upbeat attitude demonstrates that the student is a serious candidate for that MS course. A pessimistic attitude casts some doubt on the student's skills. To demonstrate that he/she is the top competitor, the person writing a LOR might contrast the students with others.

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