Popular USA Universities Accepting SAT Score Above 1340


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If your SAT score is above 1340, you can apply to some of the top-ranked universities and colleges in the US for admission in their undergraduate programs. Check the list of colleges that accept SAT scores above 1340 here:

Popular USA Universities Accepting SAT Score Above 1340

Popular US Universities Accepting SAT Score Above 1340: The SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test can be your passport to success if you are an Indian student seeking a bachelor's degree in the USA. Popular American universities and colleges that accept SAT scores above 1340 are accessible to students who perform well on the exam. 

High SAT scores are taken into account throughout the admissions process at prestigious universities such as Yale University, MIT, and Harvard University, among others. The SAT exam is essential for demonstrating your academic competence and potential for success in college. A high SAT score improves your chances of admission to prestigious colleges as well as your eligibility for financial assistance and recognition.

Moreover, popular US universities accepting SAT score above 1340 are all extremely selective and receive applications from students all around the world. Indian students' chances of being accepted to one of these prestigious colleges would rise with a high SAT score, which will help them stand out from their competitors. Let us now take you through the list of some of the popular US universities that accept SAT scores above 1340, their respective SAT average scores, scholarships on offer and so on.

What is a Good SAT Score to Study in USA? 

Before knowing about the popular USA universities accepting SAT score above 1340, let us know about what constitutes a good SAT score varies according to the schools and universities to which you are applying. Generally, the higher your SAT score, the better your chances of admission to a prestigious university. Yet, your score is only one aspect of your application. It is reviewed alongside your grades, any essays or statements submitted, extracurricular activities, charitable work, and other factors. Having said that, it's still an excellent objective to perform well on your SAT.

The SAT is divided into two sections: Arithmetic and Evidence-based Reading and Writing, each of which is scored on a range of 200 to 800. To be admitted to one of the top 100 most selective colleges, you need to have a composite SAT score of at least 1200, ideally 1400 or higher. Composite SAT scores of more than 1400 place students in the top 5% of test takers.

Your test results' percentile ranking against all test takers worldwide might show you how you compare to other undergraduate-bound pupils. The percentile represents the percentage of test takers who scored lower than you. The median is the 50th percentile, which means that half of the test takers scored lower and half scored higher. You are above average if your composite SAT score is 1083 or above. The aggregate SAT score for the 75th percentile is 1215, the 90th percentile is 1340, and the 95th percentile is 1410.

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Popular USA Universities Accepting SAT Score Above 1340

An SAT score of above 1340 is considered a good SAT score to apply for admission to some of the popular US universities. Here is a list of popular US universities to you can apply for admission with an SAT score of above 1340. You can also check the average SAT scores acceptable at these universities.

The average SAT scores of a university are calculated by taking the median of the 25th percentile and the 75th percentile of the SAT scores acceptable at a university.


QS World University Ranking

Average SAT Score

Massachusetts Institute of Technology



University of Chicago



Duke University



Johns Hopkins University



Rice University



Yale University



Harvard University



Columbia University



Princeton University



Stanford University



University of Pennsylvania



Dartmouth University



Brown University



University of Michigan



Boston University



George Washington University



Note: The SAT score requirements mentioned above are not final as the minimum score accepted at institutes is expected to change every year. You must confirm the minimum SAT score requirement specified by the university or college of your choice for the academic year in which you wish to take admitted.

Is 1340 a Good SAT Score to Apply to Top US Universities?

Candidates who have earned an SAT score of above 1340 are considered among the top SAT scorers, among both domestic and international students. An SAT score above 1340 is considered good enough to apply for admission to some of the top universities abroad, nevertheless, the final SAT score acceptable at an institute is determined by the respective department. The above-mentioned are some of the top US universities that accept SAT scores above 1340. You can confirm the specific SAT requirement of a specific college at the time of admission.

Applicants must note that an SAT score is not the only criterion to determine the admission of a candidate at a university. Other documents like academic transcripts, letter of recommendation, or statement of purpose are equally important if not more, to get admission to a college in the US. However, a top-ranked score on the SAT increases the credibility of an applicant and is useful to determine the intellectual abilities of a candidate.

What ACT Score is Equivalent to a 1340 SAT Score?

Wondering if you can convert your 1340 SAT score to your ACT score? Well, you surely can. While the SAT is scored on a scale of 400-1600, the ACT composite score ranges from 1-36. Here is the SAT to ACT conversion table:





























































Scholarships if Your SAT Score is Above 1340

Given below are some of the scholarships offered by US colleges to students who have scored above 1340 on the SAT:

Scholarship Name

Offered By


Out of State Tuition Scholarship

Clemson University


Merit Scholarships for Non-Residents

Colorado State University

$5,000 to $10,000

Distinguished Scholars Program

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University


Blue and Green Scholars Award

Blue and Green Directors Award

Florida Gulf Coast University

$10,000 to $15,000

Automatic Scholarships

Georgia State University

$500 - one-time to $3,000 - renewable

Non-Resident Arizona Scholarships

University of Arizona

$1,000 to $35,000 depending on GPA

Mark Twain Awards

University of Missouri


How to Score Above 1340 on the SAT?

In case you are preparing for the SAT or trying to improve your SAT score, here are a few trips you can follow to score above 1340 on the SAT:

  • Start Early: Do not wait for the last month to start preparing for the SAT. Ideally, you must start preparing at least two-three months before the test. That way, you will have enough to cover all the sections, find out your strengths and weaknesses and also revise. Also, choose an SAT test date way before, which will let you create a unique test plan of your own, depending on your schedule, enabling you to figure out how much you can study each week.

  • Know What to Expect on Test Day: The first thing you need to do is to find out the test structure of the SAT, the sections included, the mode of exam, the score range, the duration of the test, key features and so on.

  • Take At Least Two Full SAT Practice Tests: It is advisable that you take at least two fully-timed SAT practice tests after you have prepared for the test. This will give you an idea of the real exam environment, and time management and help you do away with test anxiety. Make sure that you time yourself when taking these practice tests.

  • Identify Your Weaknesses: After you have taken SAT practice tests, analyse your scores and figure out what weaknesses you have. Following that, focus on improving on your weaknesses while not forgetting about making your strengths stronger.

  • Enjoy the Process: Amid all of this, do not forget to enjoy this preparation process. Always remind yourself why you are taking the test and what goals you want to achieve by scoring above 1340 on the SAT. This will keep you determined and focused.

  • Keep Calm and Take the Test: Take deep breaths, get a good night's sleep for eight hours, be confident and give your best on the test.

In conclusion, this guide is an invaluable tool for prospective students who want to study abroad in the United States. It gives students the power to choose their colleges wisely by showcasing highly esteemed US universities that accept SAT scores above 1340, such as Yale, MIT, Harvard, and more. With this knowledge, applicants may efficiently narrow down their top colleges depending on their SAT scores, improving their chances of getting accepted into their selected programmes. Students can advance significantly in achieving their academic objectives and securing a prosperous future abroad by making use of this guidance.

In case you have further queries about admissions in the US, you can write to us at abroad@collegedekho.com.

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What is the SAT score requirement of Ivy League Colleges?

SAT score requirement of Ivy League Colleges ranges from 1390-1420. However, in order to successfully get admitted to any of the eight colleges, students will require an SAT score within the range of 1480-1580. There are students who have been admitted with SAT scores of 1400 as well, however, their admission processes have been difficult.

How much SAT score is required to apply for Engineering courses in US?

The SAT scores required to apply for Engineering courses in US range between 1400-1490. Engineering courses are considered challenging to cope with, and so US universities require high composite and SAT Math scores for admission. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the best university for engineering in the world, requires an SAT score of 1480-1590 from applicants.

Can I apply for medical courses with SAT scores?

You may apply for medical courses with SAT scores, however, US universities will require additional tests or GPA to evaluate applications. Moreover, students who have an SAT score below 1500 are advised to not apply with SAT scores, if they have the option of a waiver available. The medical course requirements are very different from other courses.

What is a good SAT score to get admission to the best US universities?

A good SAT score to get admission to the best US universities is 1340 and above. International students will find that the best US universities require high SAT scores, and generally successful applicants have at least 1360 on the SAT exam. For better chances of admission, students must target an SAT score higher than the minimum required score specified by the university.

Do universities require SAT subject test scores as well?

Yes, US universities require SAT subject test scores as well. Apart from asking for a certain composite SAT score, universities can also ask for a minimum SAT subject test scores as well. There are two subject or section wise scores considered for composite SAT scores, Mathematics and Reading-Writing & Language. Each section is scored in the range of 200-800 SAT scores.

Which US universities are accepting the 1360 SAT score?

The universities accepting 1360 SAT scores include Yale University, Emory University, Georgetown University, University of Memphis, Florida International University, and Boston Unversity. Students with a 1360 SAT score are advised to strengthen their CVs, SOPs, and LORs, as the admission process will be quite difficult for top universities, even though they accept the scores.

What is the percentile of 1350 SAT score?

The percentile of 1350 SAT score is 90-92. The score will easily put the applicant in the top 10% of the SAT test takers, and they can easily apply for admission to popular US colleges. Although getting admission to STEM courses at top US universities will be hard, certain bachelor’s courses could be tried.

What is the percentile of the 1360 SAT score?

The percentile of the 1360 SAT score lies between 92-95. The scores of 1360 SAT scores are considered among the top 8% of the overall SAT test-takers. Students can choose to apply to any US university they want to with this score. That said, students are advised to opt for non-Math relevant courses when applying to Ivy League colleges or MIT.

What is the highest SAT score required at any US university?

The highest SAT score required at any US university is 1600. It is the maximum possible SAT score, and many top universities in US require a score between the 1495-1590 range. It is, therefore, advisable for students to check the eligibility criteria of the university along with the successful score ranges beforehand.

Which SAT score makes it possible to apply for scholarships?

The SAT score that makes it possible to apply for scholarships easily is 1500 and above. If the university, or any external organisation, is awarding scholarships based on SAT scores, students can boost their chances by scoring a score higher than the sponsor’s minimum SAT requirement. Students can check the various scholarship programmes and their eligibility criteria before applying for them.

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