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Updated on Jun 02, 2023 4:24 PM IST

GRE is a necessary standardised test for applicants to graduate programmes like MSc, MS, PhD, MBA, etc. in universities across the world. It is administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS). The GRE registration process can be completed in a variety of ways. If a student wants to take the GRE, they can register online, over the phone, or by mail or fax. In most locations around the world, the GRE General Test is available year-round as a computer-based test. Register early to get your preferred test date and test location since appointments are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. 

GRE Registration Process

The GRE registration process takes place in three ways: one is through the candidate’s ETS account, or via mail or phone. The test is conducted in over 1,000 test centres in over 160 countries and GRE at Home also makes it comfortable to take the test from the convenience of home.

GRE at Home requires meeting the ETS-specific equipment and some specific environment requirements. Both the registration process for GRE at the test centre and GRE at Home are the same. GRE appointments are generally scheduled on a first cum first-serve basis. The candidates must make early registrations to get their preferred test date and test centre.

The Graduate Record Examination or GRE is both a computer-based and paper-based exam that is conducted to measure and assess one’s ability to pursue a graduate programme in a university abroad. 

Go through the page and check out the detailed steps of GRE registration. This will help you in completing your GRE application process without any mistakes.

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Online GRE Registration

The online method of GRE registration is completed on the official website of ETS. Here are the steps for the online GRE registration.

Online GRE Registration Process

The online registration process for GRE can be completed on the ETS website. The following steps must be completed to register for the GRE exam:

Create an Account

  • Creating a GRE account depends on the fact that whether you are taking the test for the first time or not. 

  • First-time users will have to create an account on the ETS website.

  • In case, you have previously opened an account, it is possible to directly login into the account by entering your username and password. 

Enter the Required Information

  • Once the account is created on the ETS website, more information needs to be provided.

  • Some additional details have to be provided that will prove handy during the time of admission.

Select the GRE Test Centre and Date

  • When all the personal details have been entered, you require to select a GRE test centre to suit your convenience.

  • A test date as per your preference can also be selected.

  • The whole GRE calendar is available on the ETS website which will enable you to make informed choices about selecting the test dates.


  • Once you have selected the GRE test date and test centre, you will be redirected to the payment page. 

  • You are required to pay USD 228 through that page.

  • Read the exam details before proceeding with the payment.

Acknowledgement Receipt

  • A soft copy of the acknowledgement slip is given.

  • You will have to print the acknowledgement slip for future use.

  • This will confirm your registration for GRE. 

GRE at Home Registration

GRE at Home is an online format of the GRE exam. You can take the test from the comfort of your home, provided you fulfill the requirements and follow the guidelines of ETS for the GRE at Home test.

To register for GRE at Home, you have to follow the same steps as online GRE registration, except for a few adjustments.

Steps to Register for GRE at Home

Step 1: Create an ETS account. The process and requirements shall be the same as that of online GRE registration.

Step 2: Provide the required information, including Id (passport), and any other details as asked. This step is also the same as online GRE registration for GRE at Home registration.

Step 3: Select the GRE test centre and date. In this step, you have to follow same process as online GRE registration, except, to choose the mode of exam as ‘GRE at Home’ and then choose available GRE test centres and GRE test dates.

Step 4: Complete GRE registration fee payment.

Step 5: Acknowledge the payment receipt.

Step 6: After acknowledging the payment receipt, you have to complete an additional step to complete GRE at home registration process. You will receive an email from ProctorU. You have to use the attached link and temporary password to book a slot for your GRE at home test on the chosen test date.

GRE Registration Through Phone

Applying for the GRE through phone is a very simple process. Here are the steps you would need to follow to complete the GRE registration via phone.

Step 1: Call the RRC (Regional Registration Centre).

Step 2: You must make sure to make a call prior to at least two business days from the GRE test date of your preference. 

Step 3: To ensure your registration, you will be given a confirmation number, your test centre address and your GRE reporting time.

Step 4: The RRC (Regional Registration Center), which is ‘Prometric’ is located in Gurugram, Haryana.

GRE Registration Through Mail

Students must follow the steps mentioned below to register for the GRE test via mail.

Step 1: Print an application form for GRE that you can access through the ETS website. 

Step 2: Complete the application form entering all the required details.

Step 3: You can then mail the application along with an application fee to the following address: 

2nd floor, DLF Infinity Tower–A
Sector 25, Phase II,
DLF City, Gurgaon,
Haryana – 122002 

Step 4: Once your application has been received at the address, you will be either mailed or faxed a confirmation number and address of your exam centre along with the timing of your test. 

Step 5: You must ensure to mail the application at least three weeks before your preferred GRE test date.

Modes of Payment for GRE Registration Fee

ETS accepts the following modes of payment for GRE registration fee:

  • Credit Card or Debit Card, with card logos of American Express, Diners Club International, Rupay, Discover, JCB, Visa, Global, UnionPay, and MasterCard.

  • PayPal

  • E-checks, drawn against US bank accounts.

  • Money Order, Certified Cheque, or Voucher.

Although ETS prefers the above modes of payment, Personal Cheques, drawn against US bank accounts, are also accepted, provided:

  • Bank name and address are pre-printed on the face of the cheque.

  • Cheque number is also preprinted.

  • Cheque includes Payee’s name and address.

  • Is not older than 90 days.

  • Is not a new bank starter cheque, with a missing pre-printed name and address.

Note: ETS can revise, delete, or add existing or other modes of payment anytime at its discretion.

GRE Test Fee Reduction Programme

The GRE fee reduction program is for people who can meet certain financial needs and are unemployed. It is also distributed annually to various programs serving students from diverse groups. These vouchers are distributed to various programs that help students from diverse groups.

For people who are planning on taking the GRE General Test or a Subject Test, a GRE fee reduction voucher can help them save 50% on their test fees. Also, those who receive the voucher can also receive a USD 100 value worth of practice tests and online writing practice. For more information about the GRE fee reduction program, visit

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FAQs on GRE Registration

How do I register for GRE at home?

To register for the GRE at home, it must be made clear that the GRE registration process for GRE at Home is similar to the GRE online registration. The only difference is that candidates are required to select the “test at-home” option when booking the GRE test. Before candidates begin the GRE at Home registration, they must ensure that ‘at Home’ requirements are met.

Can I register for the GRE Subject Tests in online mode?

Yes, students can register for the GRE Subject Test in online mode. Students need to create an account to register to receive email notifications when their test choice has been confirmed. To update their personal data or change the recipients of their score, students must contact GRE Services at least one week before the test date.

How to cancel my GRE test registration?

Students can cancel their GRE Test registration online or by phone at any of the Regional Registration Centre (RRC) in the country. If students cancel their registration for the General Test within the next four days, they will receive a refund equal to half of the original test fee. For instance, if students want to cancel their appointment for Saturday, the deadline is Tuesday.

What is the fee to reschedule the GRE test date?

USD 50 is the fee to reschedule the GRE test date. If students need to reschedule their GRE General Test, they must do so within four days of their scheduled appointment. Student’s test registration fee will be forfeited if they do not schedule another appointment. Students' names and confirmation numbers will be required when they rebook their appointment.

Can I see the list of GRE test centres before registering?

Yes, candidates are able to see the list of GRE test centres before registering for the GRE Test nearest to their preferred location. The General Test is offered year-round at various Prometric test centres. Hence, students are offered the flexibility to choose a GRE test centre based on their preference and convenience.

How to reschedule the GRE test date?

Students can change their test registration online or by phone at the appropriate RRC. To confirm their appointment, students must provide the necessary details such as their name and appointment confirmation number. If students need to reschedule their GRE General Test, they must do so within four days of their scheduled appointment.

Will I get a confirmation email upon successful registration for GRE?

After the completion of their successful registration, students do receive a confirmation email from ETS on their personal registered mail accounts which states their GRE Test Dare, GRE Test Center, and Score recipients. If there are any mistakes in the confirmation email and students would like to correct them, they must contact GRE Services.

How to register for GRE via phone?

Candidates can register for the GRE via phone easily. A few simple steps will guide students on how to complete the registration. Candidates must call the RRC at least two business days before the test date of their choice. To ensure that you are registered, the RRC will give you a confirmation number and your test centre address.

Can I register for GRE via mail?

Yes, students can register for the GRE via mail. After completing the General Test Authorization Voucher form PDF, send the paper check or money order to the address indicated in the form. The procedure for processing and mail delivery of the test authorization voucher can take up to three weeks.

How to register for GRE in online mode?

Candidates can register for the GRE Test via online mode by following a few simple steps. Candidates are first required to create an account for the GRE, at ETS. Then, candidates must fill in their complete details, search for the “book a test” option, and select the preferred time slot, and test centre as per their convenience. At last, candidates must pay the application fee of USD 213 online via credit card or debit card.

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