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Updated on Aug 01, 2023 11:56 AM IST

PTE Academic exam is scored on the basis of the Global Scale of English - a granular score scale that ranges from 10 to 90. Based on this measure, students earn an overall score that accurately reflects their performance in the PTE exam and hence, their level of English proficiency.  In the majority of countries, PTE results are valid for up to two years. However, in certain countries such as Australia, PTE scorecard is valid for three years for immigration purposes.

The PTE results represent a test taker’s performance on two parameters, namely communicative skills and enabling skills. The communication skills are decided through four test components: writing, speaking, reading, and listening. On the other hand, enabling skills to measure the test taker's written and spoken discourse, pronunciation, oral fluency, and vocabulary.

PTE Academic Exam Result 2023

PTE Academic results are announced within two days of the test date with candidates being able to generate their test scores within 48 hours of their respective exam date. They have to wait for a maximum of five working days to get the PTE  score report. 

Students receive a mail after completing the test, that describes the steps and manner to get the results. The PTE Test Report Form (TRF) is generated in a PDF format. Only if Pearson VUE sends the TRF, it is accepted by the universities. 

The PTE test results are accepted by several universities abroad in the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. About 3,000+ institutions accept the scores. For visa purposes, the Australian, New Zealand and UK governments also accept PTE test scores. 

Some of the popular universities accepting PTE results for admission are Oxford University, Birmingham University, Leeds University, University of New Haven, Manchester University, University of Glasgow, Hertfordshire University, Aston University, Auburn University, Yale University, University of Dayton, Arizona State University, Colorado State University, and others.

You can know more about the PTE Academic exam by comparing it with other English proficiency tests like the TOEFL exam, IELTS exam, and the Duolingo English Test.

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Highlights of PTE Result/ Score

Students receive PTE results in the form of a report. To decipher the information provided in the scorecard, test-takers need to know the key features of the test report. Check out the highlights of the PTE certificate:

  • The overall PTE score range is on a scale between 0 and 90.

  • It takes two to five days to release the score report.

  • The score report has three parts.

  • The validity of the PTE score report is 2 years.

  • The results are directly sent to the university through the Pearson VUE account. 

  • No additional charges are to be paid for sending the score reports.

How is PTE Score Calculated?

To understand how PTE result/score is calculated, let us first understand what PTE Score Report is based on. The PTE Score Report which all applicants receive within 72 hours of the test can be divided into enabling skills and communicative skills as described in the following table:

Enabling Skills

Communicative Skills




Written discourse


Vocabulary & Spelling & Grammar


Oral fluency

To determine the average PTE score, the six enabling skill scores are summed together and then divided by six. The four communication skill scores are then added to this to determine the final score.

As of November 2021, these enabling skills are no longer included on PTE score charts or in the PTE score reports that applicants receive. The PTE score is no longer determined by taking the average of the results for each of the communicative skills; instead, it is now determined as an overall score between 10 to 90 based on a candidate's performance in all of the test tasks.

The report now includes a new personalised Skills Profile that makes use of test performance to offer targeted feedback. If an applicant needs to retake the exam because they did not get the required score, it can be extremely helpful. This is because it is only visible to the candidate and not to any of the institutions to which they are applying.

Performance bars are provided in the PTE score report for each of the following: 

  • Reproducing Spoken and Written Language  

  • Open Response Speaking and Writing   

  • Extended Writing       

  • Extended Speaking  

  • Short Writing    

  • Short Speaking     

  • Single-skill Comprehension

  • Multiple-skills Comprehension

One important difference between PTE scoring and other tests is that it is entirely automated without any instructor involvement. The process is made more streamlined, less stressful, and more consistent and fair by this method.

An algorithm was developed based on thousands of sample questions scored by examiners and fed into the automated scoring process in order to provide fair, accurate, objective and consistent PTE results.

Sections of the PTE Score Report

There are three sections in the PTE score report. The detailed analysis of the scores helps students to analyse their performance and they get an opportunity to understand their strengths and weaknesses.  The contents are as follows:

  • The first section has a photograph and personal information taken on the PTE exam date.

  • The middle section consists of a detailed PTE score on a scale of 0-9.

  • The last section gives an analysis of the performance of the students. The Communicative Skills and Enabling Skills scores are given.

What is the PTE Score Chart?

PTE Score Chart describes the manner in which all of the skills tested in the PTE exam will be evaluated. The chart is designed to ensure a fair and uniform manner of evaluation of performance by the test takers. The skills elaborated by the exam include written skills, communications skills, oral fluency, spelling, pronunciation, vocabulary, and writing skills.

The chart ensures that any score that the candidate receives is a true indication of their proficiency in the English language. The calculation is conducted using the guidelines of the Global Scale of English, which is a detailed scoring system. The scores are calculated on a scoring range of 10-90. The universities and immigration authorities can confidently base their decisions on them because of the consistency of the scoring methodology. It is also the reason why it is critical to understand how the PTE scores and PTE Score Chart function.

How to View Your PTE Result/Score Report?

In order to view your PTE result/score, you will have to log into your Pearson account at and follow the steps given below: 

  • Click ‘Sign In’ and enter your username & password and click ‘Sign In’.

  • After logging in, click the ‘Current Activity’ link.

  • Then click on the ‘View Score Report’ link for the score.

  • The Score Report will be displayed in a PDF format, and you can use Adobe Reader to view the same.

How to Send PTE Result/Score to Universities?

Once your PTE result or score is released you can send it to multiple universities and colleges through Pearson VUE Account. There are no additional charges to send PTE Score.

Following are the steps you need to follow to send your PTE scores to universities:

1. Log in to Pearson VUE Account. You must have valid credentials to log in to the account.

2. Access ‘View Score Report’. Section to View your PTE Score.

3. Now Click the ‘Send Scores’ button.

4. Type and search the university you want to send your PTE Score.

5. Select the institution as the name appears. You can select up to 7 institutions at one time.

6. Click Next until you select all the institutions and then send the score.

Interpretation of PTE Result/Score

PTE is scored on a scale of 10 to 90. You can measure your English language test skills based on the score range you obtain. Refer to the following table to interpret your PTE result:

PTE Score Range  Description    Acceptance of PTE Result/Score at Universities Abroad

85- 90 

High level of English proficiency.


Proficient in the English language.


Very fluent in the English language.


Excellent English writing and speaking skills.


Ability to interpret complex paragraphs, phrases and sentences.

Usually, universities do not require such high scores. 

84- 76 

Fluent in English.


Highly effective social, academic and professional communication skills.


Ability to understand long texts and expressions.


Ability to write well-structured and grammatically correct sentences.

Usually, top Universities have such high PTE cutoff 



Such a high PTE result or score is usually not required for undergraduate admissions 

75- 59 

Ability to Interpret the main idea of a topic.


Ability to produce clear and concise content. 


Decent language use and vocabulary.    


The acceptable rate of speech.


Some grammar errors and pronunciation issues are expected.  

Most universities require this PTE score range for undergraduate and postgraduate admissions 


Language use is appropriate.


Fluent in speaking.


Few grammatical errors are expected.


Demonstrates a wide range of vocabulary.


Tone and stress are appropriate. 

Most universities require this PTE score range for undergraduate and postgraduate 

59- 75 

Ability to understand the main idea of topics. 


Can produce clear and detailed text.


Grammatical errors and incorrect use of sentences are expected.


Vocabulary is weak.


The acceptable rate of speech.  

Most universities require this PTE score range for undergraduate and postgraduate.



Hesitation while speaking. 


Poor Pronunciation and language use.


Numerous grammatical issues.

Required at universities for undergraduate admissions 

30- 42

Understands simple terms. 


Ability to interpret the language. 


Numerous grammatical errors and incorrect use of sentences. 

Low PTE score for acceptance at universities

10- 29 

Understands only familiar words. 


Interprets simple sentences. 


Very basic knowledge of the English language. 

Too low PTE result for acceptance at universities

PTE Result vs IELTS Score

While almost all foreign universities and immigration authorities accept PTE scores, they often determine the proper PTE Academic score in relation to IELTS minimum requirements. Moreover, the comparison of IELTS and PTE scores can be of help for test takers to understand how well a PTE score shall be viewed when seen alongside IELTS scores. Candidates can refer to the following table to compare  PTE scores to the IELTS band scores:

PTE Score ( 10- 90)

IELTS Band Score (0- 9)





















PTE Result vs TOEFL Score

Similar to PTE Academic results and IELTS results, TOEFL results are also highly recognised by foreign universities and immigration authorities. The common acceptance makes it important that PTE scores are viewed alongside TOEFL scores for comparison and corresponding scores. 

As test takers already know, PTE scores are scored on a scale of 10-90, they can now check the TOEFL scoring range as well, which is 0-120. Here is a direct comparison and corresponding score levels of the PTE results and TOEFL exam scores:

PTE Score (10- 90)

TOEFL Score (0- 120)























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FAQs on PTE Academic Result/Scores

Who scores PTE Academic?

PTE Academic is based on automated scoring, with no instructor, ensuring quicker results to share with intended institutions.

How many institutions can I send my PTE scores to?

You can send your PTE Academic scores to an unlimited number of institutions for free,

For how long will my PTE Academic scores be valid?

PTE Academic score report will be valid for two years from the test date.

Can I send my PTE Academic scores to Universities?

Candidates can share their Score Report Code (SRC) with any institution through your PTE Academic account. The institution can take around 48 hours to verify the scores.

What will my PTE Academic scorecard include?

Your PTE Academic scorecard is a comprehensive test report form. Elaboratively, your scorecard will primarily contain the overall score, sectional score, skills score, etc. Apart from the numerative results, your scorecard will also provide descriptive interpretations of your numerical scores. It is designed to help you as well as the institutions you are applying to properly decipher the scores and language proficiency. 

How is the PTE Academic exam scored?

The PTE Academic exam is scored on a scoring scale of 10-90. This scoring is done not only on an overall basis but on a sectional basis as well. Each of the four sections, namely reading, writing, listening, and reading, of the PTE Academic exam, is scored on the said scoring scale. Pearsons uses a machine scoring system and algorithms to score the exam. All the scores are based on accuracy, consistency, and fairness. 

Can I request a rescore on my PTE Academic test?

Yes, you can request a rescore on your PTE Academic test. The service is subjected to certain conditions. You can only request one rescore on a single test registration. Moreover, you can request the rescore only on your most recent attempt. Hence, if you have re-registered for your PTE exam and have attempted the same, then your rescore request of the previous attempt is invalid.

What to do if I do not receive my PTE Academic score report?

If you do not receive your PTE Academic score report within the standard time, then you can contact the authority by using their ‘Delayed Score’ form. You can access the complaint form by logging in to your registered Pearson PTE account. In normal cases, all PTE TRF are available within 24 hours of the test completion. These can be accessed as a PDF either by mail or on the registered account.

Will I receive an email whenever my PTE Academic scores are released?

Yes, you will receive an email whenever your PTE Academic scores are released. Pearson uses the information submitted by you at the time of registration to send you a notification of your results. You can also request the original TRF of your PTE results, which will also be emailed to you. However, you cannot use it by copying or printing multiple hard copies of it, it comes under forbidden practices.

When will my PTE Academic scores be announced?

Your PTE academic scores shall be announced within 48 hours from your test date. Since there are a number of slots available for the PTE exam, which is in turn conducted throughout the year, it is hard to declare a single result date or designated dates for each test date. Hence, a designated time is fixed within which the results shall be declared. You can access the results from your official account on the site.

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