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LLM in UK is one of the highly sought-after postgraduate degrees by Indian students and for a reason. Since the UK was the first country to teach law abroad, its LLM degrees are highly recognised across the world. Right from commercial law to criminal justice, UK universities provide a variety of specialisations to advance your career in Law. In the academic year 2019-20, over 29,565 students applied to study LLM in UK, out of these, 8,925 were international students. So, there can be no denying why the UK is eternally footed among the top destinations to pursue a law education abroad.

The UK is home to some of the finest and most well-known legal firms in the world, like DLA Piper and Clifford Chance LPP, offering law students a huge opportunity to get hired by reputed firms. Whilst available across many countries, pursuing an LLM in UK comes with numerous advantages.

Quick Glance: LLM in UK

Approximately 60 colleges in the UK offer master's degrees in law. Students can study LLM in a variety of specialisations in the UK, including business law, marine law, commercial law, international law, medical law, etc. Pursuing an LLM in UK requires at least one year of full-time study, compared to two years in India, while there are additional options for part-time study. Take a quick glance at the highlights of studying LLM in UK here:



Course Duration

Full time: 12 months

Part-time: 24 to 48 months

Number of LLM Universities in UK


Standardised Tests for LLM in UK

LSAT (if applicable)

English Proficiency Tests

IELTS exam, TOEFL exam, PTE exam

Admission Intakes

Spring and Fall

Average Tuition Fees

GBP 19,000-44,000


Any bachelors degree with minimum 60% marks

English proficiency scores

LSAT scores (if required)

Documents Required

Personal Statement

Academic Transcripts

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Letters of Recommendation (LORs)

Work Experience Certificate (if required)

Transcript Certificate

Curriculum Vitae

Top LLM Specialisations

LLM in Commercial Law

LLM in Banking and Finance Law

LLM in Corporate Law

LLM in International Trade and Commercial Law

LLM in Human Rights Law

Average Salary

GBP 83,000

QS and THE Rankings for Top 10 LLM Colleges in UK

If you are planning to pursue an LLM in UK, take a look at the QS and Times Higher Education rankings of the top 10 LLM colleges in UK:


QS LLM Rankings UK 2022

THE LLM Rankings UK 2022


Oxford University

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)


University of Cambridge

University of Edinburgh


The University of Edinburgh

Kings College London


Kings College, London

University of Oxford


University of Glasgow

University of Cambridge


University of Leeds

Durham University


University of East Anglia

The University of Manchester


Brunel University, London

University College London (UCL)


Coventry University

University of Bristol


University of Greenwich

University of Glasgow

Eligibility for LLM in UK

In order to be admitted to any LLM college or university in the UK, students must fulfil the following eligibility criteria listed below:

  • A bachelors degree in relevant discipline

  • Some universities may require LSAT exam scores

  • IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE score as English proficiency proof

  • Some universities prefer individuals having prior work experience in law related fields. However, it is not mandatory.

Admission Process for LLM in UK

Candidates without a background in law who have degrees in fields like economics or history are eligible to apply for an LLM in UK. Students holding a law bachelor's degree or an undergraduate degree in a relevant field should strongly consider an LLM. When applying for an LLM in UK, the steps listed below should be followed properly:

Step 1: Check out the admission requirements and procedures for international students on the official website of the LLM college of your choice.

Step 2: Check each university carefully before sending in your applications because they may have different admission requirements and procedures.

Step 3: Submit all required documents along with your application form, including academic transcripts, LORs, SOPs, English proficiency scores, etc. as specified by the university.

Step 4: Pay the application fee via a debit or credit card as part of the application procedure for an LLM in the UK.

Step 5: In order to be accepted into the LLM programme, certain colleges may also ask applicants to take part in an interview session.

Documents Required for LLM in UK

While applying for an LLM in UK, international students will be required to submit the following list of documents:

  • Completed application form

  • A recognised bachelors degree from any academic background

  • Letter(s) of recommendation as specified by the university. Some universities may require applicants to submit more than one LOR.

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)

  • Valid IELTS score report or TOEFL score report

  • Valid LSAT score report (if required)

  • Revised CV or resume

  • Written supplemants (if any)

Cost of LLM in UK

Students who wish to pursue a Masters of Law (LLM) in the UK should be aware of the actual costs associated with it. This includes both the cost of living and the tuition fees. Pursuing an LLM in UK can cost anywhere between GBP 19,000-44,000, which is roughly INR 18,23,668-42,23,232. On the other hand, the average cost of living for the first year is approximately INR 5.89 lakhs.

Average Tuition Fees for LLM in UK

The average tuition fees for LLM in UK can be somewhere between GBP 19,000 and GBP 44,000. It is important to note that tuition fee for LLM in UK varies from one university to another. Here is an overview of first-year tuition fees for top UK universities offering LLM courses:

University Name

First-Year Tuition Fee (in GBP)

Kings College London

Full-time: 30,150

Part-time: 14,730

London School of Economics and Political Science


The Queen Mary University of London


The University of Edinburgh


University College London

Full-time: 29,400

Part-time: 14,700

University of Bristol


University of Durham


University of Glasgow


University of Oxford


Pre-arrival Expenses for LLM in UK

Pre-arrival costs, often known as pre-departure costs, include costs such as application fees, visa fees, and so on. These are one-time fees that an international student incurs before arriving in the United Kingdom:


Cost (in GBP)

UK Student Visa Fees


UK Universities Application Fees


Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS)


Cost of Living for LLM in UK

Apart from tuition and visa processing expenses, international students need to bear the living expenses in UK as well. The cost of living in the UK will vary depending on the type of accommodation, lifestyle choices, city of residence, and so forth. Following is a breakdown of living costs that international students should be aware of before applying to study in the UK:


Average Monthly Expenses (in GBP)

Food and Drinks


Mobile Phone and Internet








Scholarships for LLM in UK

For international students who desire to study a master's degree in law in the UK, there are numerous scholarships available. All qualifying requirements must be met by the students who wish to apply for the scholarships. The list of scholarships offered in the UK for master's degree programmes in law is:

  • Global Study Awards

  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarship

  • K.C Mahindra Scholarships for Post-Graduate Studies Abroad

  • Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship

  • Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award

  • Felix Scholarship

  • Norman Spink Scholarship

  • Oxford-Finnis Graduate Scholarship in Law

  • UCL Laws Academic Excellence Scholarships

  • Bosco Tso & Emily Ng Scholarship

Job Opportunities After LLM in UK

A LLM from one of the top law schools in the UK can increase your career opportunities. After receiving their LLM, many people typically start their own independent practice as Advocates. On the other hand, you can also seek a PhD in law. Working with law firms or private or governmental organisations is a different choice you could take into consideration. Here are some job opportunities after pursuing an LLM in UK:

  • Legal Consultant/Associate/Documents Reviewer

  • Notary

  • Advocate

  • Magistrate

  • Trustee

Salaries After LLM in UK

After completion of LLM in UK, following jobs with the mentioned salary packages can be available for international students:

Job Role

Estimated Salary (in GBP)





Consultant (Legal)


Executive (Legal)






Writer (Legal)


Work Permit and Stay Back Period for LLM in UK

International students are permitted to stay in the UK for up to two years after finishing their education to search for employment. After earning an LLM in UK, students on a UK Student Visa (Tier 4) can apply for a Graduate Route Visa while the Tier 4 visa is still valid. Under the Graduate Route, you are permitted to stay in the country for at least two years. If you possess a PhD or another doctoral degree, it will be valid for three years. Your graduate visa cannot be extended after its expiry in two/three years. A decision on your visa is typically made within eight weeks of your online application, identity verification, and submission of your supporting documents. While you wait for a judgement, you are free to stay in the UK.

Students can apply for another stay back permit called a High Potential Individual (HPI) visa. This allows individuals to stay in the UK for two or three years (for PhD candidates only) after completing their education from a recognised UK institution. Applicants should have received a degree from a UK university within the last five years to be eligible for an HPI visa. For more details, refer to our guide on Stay Back Period and Post Study Work Permit in the UK, here.


Q. Which are the top universities to pursue LLM in UK?

A. Top universities to pursue LLM in UK are the University of Oxford, University College London, Queen Mary University of London, University of Durham, University of Bristol, University of Cambridge, The London School of Economics and Political Science, King's College London, University of Edinburgh, and the University of Nottingham.

Q. Can I get a job after pursuing an LLM in UK?

A. Yes, you can get a job after pursuing an LLM in UK. Working in the UK legal sector is permitted for LLM students with various cultural origins, levels of experience, and freshmen. Candidates may also submit an application for positions as a legal adviser, legal manager, or legal associate in banks.

Q. Can Indian students study LLM in UK?

A. Yes, Indian students can study LLM in UK which is one of the many popular degrees among Indian students. More than 75 UK universities provide a range of LLM programmes, including those in social and health law. Since the UK was the first country to teach law abroad, the LLM degree is highly renowned.

Q. Can I pursue LLM in UK without LLB?

A. Yes, you can pursue LLM in UK without LLB. Students without a background in law are welcome to apply to the LLM programme at UK universities. However, they must show that they have significant professional or academic experience in fields that are closely related to the subjects or specialisation they want to study.

Q. How much GPA is required for LLM in UK?

A. A GPA of at least 3.0 or above is required for LLM in UK. The majority of UK universities like the University of Hertfordshire, Bangor University, Swansea University, etc. require international students to have a 2:2 degree. Apart from this, students will also need a minimum IELTS band of 6.5 to 7.0.

Q. How much does it cost to do LLM in UK?

A. It can cost somewhere between GBP 19,000 to 44,000 (approximately INR 18,21,248 to 42,17,628). However, the cost of pursuing an LLM in UK varies from one university to another, the type and duration of the course, lifestyle, etc.

Q. What are some low-cost universities for Indian students to study LLM in UK?

A. There are many low-cost universities for Indian students to study LLM in UK like the University of Exeter, the University of Durham, University of Manchester, University of Lancaster, University of Nottingham, University of Bristol, and Kings College London.

Q. Are there any scholarships available for Indian students to study LLM in UK?

A. There are many scholarships available for Indian students to study LLM in UK like the Prathiba M Singh Cambridge Scholarship (University of Cambridge), LLM Opportunity Scholarship (University College London), Marchant Foundation LLM Scholarship (London School of Economics and Political Science), Norman Spink Scholarship (Kings College London), and Oxford-Finnis Graduate Scholarship in Law (University of Oxford).

Q. Is IELTS required to apply for LLM in UK?

A. Yes, IELTS is required to apply for LLM in UK. Although IELTS is one of the basic requirements for international students to enrol in LLM programmes at the majority of UK universities, some universities also offer admissions without IELTS scores. Candidates having prior work experience in law are preferred by several UK universities.

Q. Can I practise law in India after completing LLM in UK?

A. Yes, you can practise law in India after completing LLM in UK. The Bar Council of India has accredited around 35 universities in the UK, allowing graduates to work in India. With a degree from a BCOI-recognised UK university, you can register to practise law in India.

  • Leeds, United Kingdom
    Established in 1904
    QS World University Rankings #93
    No of Programs
    Fee Range
    17,56,000 - 35,12,000 INR
  • Norwich, United Kingdom
    Established in 1963
    Times Higher Education #192
    No of Programs
    International Students
    Fee Range
    14,69,500 - 18,66,900 INR
  • Universities Offering LLM Courses Abroad

  • London, United Kingdom
    Established in 1992
    No of Programs
    International Students
    Fee Range
    8,54,900 - 12,29,200 INR
  • Hatfield, United Kingdom
    Established in 1992
    US News #972
    No of Programs
    Fee Range
    12,01,500 - 17,13,500 INR
  • Manchester, United Kingdom
    Established in 1967
    US News #1041
    No of Programs
    Fee Range
    9,43,000 - 15,52,700 INR
  • Leeds, United Kingdom
    Established in 1992
    US News #1355
    No of Programs
    Fee Range
    8,96,500 - 12,93,900 INR
  • Swansea, United Kingdom
    Established in 1920
    QS World University Rankings #462
    No of Programs
    Fee Range
    8,31,800 - 20,33,300 INR
  • Belfast, United Kingdom
    Established in 1908
    QS World University Rankings #173
    No of Programs
    Fee Range
    12,41,300 - 19,87,100 INR
  • Liverpool, United Kingdom
    Established in 1823
    US News #493
    No of Programs
    Fee Range
    10,16,700 - 14,88,000 INR

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