Part Time Jobs in Germany for International Students


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Find out about fascinating chances for international students to work part-time in Germany! These jobs, which range from retail work to internships, provide worthwhile experience and additional revenue. 

Part Time Jobs in Germany for International Students

Part Time Jobs in Germany for International Students: Are you an international student wishing to look into part-time job options while studying in Germany? Look nowhere else! In this thorough guide, we explore the world of part-time employment opportunities in Germany for foreign students, providing insightful information, helpful advice, and a list of the best fields to look into. 

Germany offers a variety of flexible part-time jobs for international students that enable you to obtain real-world experience while completing your education, with a strong emphasis on work-life balance. There are several possibilities available to suit your abilities and interests, whether you are interested in tutoring, retail, IT, or the hospitality industry. Learn how working a part-time job may help you build a stronger resume/CV, develop your language skills, and achieve financial independence. 

This guide will assist you in navigating the job market, understanding legal obligations or rules, and making the most of your time as a student in Germany. Don't pass up the possibilities that are available to you! Let us explore the world of part-time jobs in Germany for international students and start our road towards integrating work and education.

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Rules and Regulations for Part Time Jobs in Germany

As specified above, there are certain regulations that all international students who are not citizens of the European Union (EU), Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein or Iceland, need to follow. Students belonging to any of these countries will practically have the same right to jobs in Germany as German-national students. However, students from other countries will be required to adhere to strict regulations for part time jobs in Germany, set up by the FEA, as outlined below:

  • As an international student, you will be permitted to work a total of 120 full or 240 half days each year. This, however, may differ between high and low-employment locations. Simply said, if your institution is in an area with significant unemployment or wants extra staff, you may be granted a work permit for longer than 120 days. The part-time work option does not permit self-employment or freelancing.

  • Typically, a student is not permitted to work more than 20 hours a week throughout the school year. Students, on the other hand, might work full-time throughout their holidays.

  • Working more than 20 hours a week is generally not recommended. Working more than this limit is not only against most university rules, but it also necessitates the payment of health insurance, unemployment insurance, and nursing care insurance.

  • When it comes to working at the institution, however, the working hours and remuneration are different. They are significantly superior, and you can work for extended periods of time. Getting a job at a university, on the other hand, may be more difficult.  

  • A work permit from the "Agentur für Arbeit" (Federal Employment Agency) and the authorisation of foreigners are necessary. The permission would specify the maximum amount of work that a student might do.

  • The rules are stricter if you are enrolled in a preparation course or a language course. As a result, you are only permitted to work during lecture-free hours and with express authorization from foreign authorities.

  • A student who earns less than EUR 450 per month is exempt from paying taxes or social security contributions. You are also exempt if you labour for less than 50 consecutive days in a calendar year.

  • It is important to comply with federal law. If you are discovered to be breaking them, you may be expelled from the country. Keep the bills in place, follow the regulations, and have your permit ready.

Want to Work and Settle in Germany?

Where to Find Part Time Jobs in Germany for International Students?

For all international students seeking part time jobs in Germany, there are many platforms to learn about the different job opportunities available. Various recruiters and employers send out job offerings to these platforms, which may also include the university Bulletin Boards or the International Student Office, or the Career Centre of each university, where students can easily spot available part time jobs in Germany and apply for the same. Therefore, if you are looking for a full-time or a part time job in Germany, then, be sure to check out the popular platforms where you can find these jobs, below:

  • University Bulletin Boards: A common place to find such employment offers is the university bulletin boards, which may contain numerous job offers, including part time jobs in Germany or any other jobs in Germany. It is common to see employers putting up flyers with different job opportunities, specifically designed for university students. Depending on your skills, you can apply to the most appropriate part time job in Germany available at the time.

  • Career Centers in University: Most universities will have a career centre established specifically for the purpose of connecting students to employers seeking candidates for part time jobs in Germany. Through their network and constant connection with the industry, career centres can help students find a variety of employment opportunities while they study in Germany. This is another method you can use to find a part time job in Germany while you pursue higher education in the country.

  • Online Portals: Being in the 21st century technology-infused world has its benefits. Numerous job opportunities can be found across different online portals and platforms. Employers usually provide the employee requirements along with their job offerings, which can help the students know if they are eligible for the same. However, finding a part time job in Germany for students that are in line with the FEA part time work regulations for international students can get a little difficult.

  • Family and Friends: The final option that international students can make use of is asking around friends and family. Taking help from friends and family in finding part time jobs in Germany is not a popular choice among international students. However, it is still possible to find part time jobs in Germany through this method and you may be in the right at the right time to learn about it too. Therefore, if you are in search of a part time job in Germany, informing or asking your friends and family in the country may also pan out in your favour in the end.

Common Part Time Job Profiles in Germany for International Students

While seeking employment or part time jobs in Germany for Indian students is allowed, finding a job best suited to your skills and qualifications may be equally easy. There are many part-time job profiles available for international students in Germany, ranging from academic assistants to couriers, waiters/Waitresses, tutors or cashiers, among others. Some of the common job profiles for part time jobs in Germany for international students include:

1. On-Campus Jobs 

  • Library supervisor

  • Tutorial Assistant

  • Literature researcher

2. Off-Campus Jobs

  • Waiter/Waitress

  • Trade Fairs

  • Courier

  • Office Documents Filing 

  • Data Entry 

  • Media (Students of Journalism)

  • Tutoring 

  • Babysitter

  • Bartender

  • Cashier

  • Gardening 

The jobs and profiles available to international students in Germany can be varied, depending on the skills and experience you possess. Therefore. When checking out the job offers, ensure that you are eligible and capable of carrying out the tasks outlined by the employee.

Online Part Time Jobs in Germany for International Students 

With the turn of the century, online job profiles have become one of the most convenient and accessible part time jobs in Germany for students, especially in today's digitally dependent world. You can choose from a variety of online part time jobs in Germany, curb the time wasted in travelling and can earn an extra few bucks from the comfort of your room. Some of the part time jobs in Germany that you can take up include:

  • Social media
  • Digital Marketing
  • Data entry 
  • Translations
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Web Development

One of the positive elements of choosing online part time jobs in Germany for students is a good level of professional work experience that students can gain, even if the role requires you to work only a few months.

Part Time Jobs in Germany Pay-Scale and Taxes

Among the common questions asked by aspiring students when they are looking for a part time job in Germany is “How much will I earn?”, “Are earnings from a part-time job in Germany enough for a student?”, "Do I need to pay taxes if I earn while studying?”, etc. Let’s go through these questions one at a time.

Answering the first two questions “how much will I earn?” and “are earnings from a part-time job enough for a student?”. As is the case anywhere in the world and in any sector, one cannot just assume the amount that they may earn from a part time job in Germany as a student. However, according to federal regulations for part time jobs in Germany for international students, the current minimum wage followed in Germany (as of 2022) is at €9.82 an hour. This can be enough for a student to get by living and carrying out daily expenditures or act as pocket money while they study in Germany.

Note: Your salary will be determined by the skills and experience you bring to the table. Additionally, your salary will also be affected by the location of the part time job in Germany and the daily expenses incurred while living in a city or town.

Now answering the question “do I need to pay taxes if I earn while studying in Germany?”. Yes, only if your monthly income is less than EUR 450, otherwise, students will not be required to pay taxes. However, for students who earn more than EUR 450, federal regulations state they will need a tax number, wherein the tax will be directly subtracted from the earnings, even if the student is employed in a part time job in Germany. Nevertheless, students will be able to receive the subtracted amount at the end of the year by submitting a tax return.

It is a common practice for students to opt for part time jobs in Germany while they pursue bachelor's or master's in the country. However, it is advised that students avoid being reliant on the earnings they receive through these part time jobs in Germany. As stated before, international students will only be allowed to work for a certain period of time, and earnings gained in this period will only be sufficient to reduce a certain percentage of the financial burden. Seeking scholarship opportunities that international students can avail of is the logical way forward if you aim to reduce your financial responsibilities while you study in Germany.

Social Security Contributions in Germany for International Students

If a student is permanently employed in any one of the full-time jobs in Germany then they are eligible for social security contributions payment, which includes:

  • Health insurance
  • Nursing care insurance
  • Pension
  • Unemployment insurance

If a student works in a part time job in Germany for less than 2 months, then they will not be eligible to contribute for any social security contributions. According to current federal regulations for part time jobs in Germany for international students, those who are employed for more than 2 months are liable to have pension insurance.

Top Cities in Germany to Study and Work for International Students 

Without a doubt, Germany is recognised for its outstanding chances of studying and working, as well as its dynamic part-time job market. The following top German cities are well-liked by both professionals and students:

  • Berlin: The cosmopolitan capital is renowned for its start-up sector, strong arts community, and multicultural atmosphere. It provides a broad variety of colleges and employment options, especially in the digital and creative industries.

  • Munich: Munich is known for its top universities and research organisations and is a centre for innovation. The city has a robust economy, especially in sectors like engineering, the car industry, and banking.

  • Hamburg: Hamburg, the second-largest city in Germany, combines academic brilliance with job prospects. Particularly in the media, marine, and logistics sectors, it offers a broad job market.

  • Cologne: Cologne is a bustling city with a strong student population and a rich cultural legacy. Numerous work opportunities are available, particularly in the media, creative sectors, and tourism, and it is home to prominent colleges.

  • Frankfurt: Frankfurt is a dynamic corporate environment and a major worldwide financial hub. Students interested in professions in finance, economics, and related subjects find it to be an appealing location because it is home to important banks and financial organisations.

Note: With a variety of educational institutions, part-time job opportunities, and cultural experiences, these cities offer a climate that is favourable for both learning and working. When selecting the best city in Germany for your education and potential job, take into account your academic interests, professional objectives, and personal preferences.

Students may improve their resumes and effortlessly combine work and studies by exploring a variety of businesses and taking advantage of flexible employment alternatives. Benefit from Germany's robust employment market, abide by the law and set off on a fulfilling journey that advances your career and personal development. 

If you wish to learn and clarify your doubts about international education or admissions, write to our experts at, who have great experience in sending students abroad. Know more!

Have Queries About Working in Germany While Studying?


Which city is the best for part-time jobs in Germany for international students?

Munich, Germany's third-largest city, is regarded as the greatest place to work part-time as an international student in Germany. It is because earnings in Munich are significantly higher than the national average for international students, which is roughly EUR 9.82 per hour (as of 2022). Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart, and Cologne are among the other German cities that provide high-paying part time jobs in Germany for international students.

Is it easy to get part-time jobs in Germany for international students?

While studying in Germany, international students can readily obtain part-time work. The country's economy is strong, and there are numerous full-time and part-time job options for international students. Research assistants at universities, English teachers, and support personnel at cafes and bars are among the popular part-time jobs in Germany for international students.

How many hours may an international student work in a part-time job in Germany?

International students in Germany are permitted to work 120 full days or 240 half days each year. They are not permitted to be self-employed or freelancers. Students who want to work more must obtain approval from the Agentur für Arbeit and the Ausländerbehörde (foreigners' office).

Do international students work part-time in Germany and pay taxes?

Students working in part-time jobs in Germany can earn up to 450 EUR per month without having to pay taxes. If you make more than that amount on a monthly basis, you must obtain a tax identification number. In this manner, a set amount is deducted from your pay each month, but you can get it back at the end of the year if you file a tax return.

Can international students find part-time jobs in Germany from university bulletin boards?

Yes, of course! While at university, the campus bulletin board can be an effective approach to getting a student job. Typically, these bulletin boards are filled with fliers for students to see, and in some cases, firms are providing positions with flexible hours, which are ideal for university students. The university bulletin board contains a plethora of part-time job options based on your area of knowledge and talents.

How can international students find part-time jobs in Germany from the university career centres?

Typically, universities have their own career centres that help students locate jobs that they can do while studying. These career centres maintain ongoing touch with a diverse range of businesses and employers, ensuring that they are up to speed on the job market. Students generally schedule appointments to discuss their situation and the type of work they are qualified to undertake, as well as to determine if any chances exist.

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