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Updated on May 01, 2023 10:53 PM IST

Candidates must start taking the SAT sample papers at least a month before appearing for the exam. Attempting practice tests not just gives clarity on the type of questions asked in the actual test but also enhances the speed of attempting the questions.

Preparing through the SAT practice papers is also a great way for the students to identify their weaker areas and work on them. This page will walk you through the benefits of practising through the SAT sample papers and ways to practise the same.

SAT Sample Papers 2023

SAT sample papers enhance the effectiveness of students to answer correctly in the SAT exam and also provides an insight into the scores they can expect. As the exam is popular among undergraduate aspirants, it evaluates a candidate's potential through written, verbal, and mathematical skills.

The SAT exam also helps in assessing a candidate's knowledge in a particular subject, and if they have a specific area of interest. The subject could be Literature, Mathematics, History, Science, and Foreign Languages.

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SAT Exam Pattern 2023 – An Overview

Before we dive deep into SAT sample papers for test takers to score a competitive score in SAT exam, let us quickly shed some light on the SAT exam pattern 2023: 


Time Allotted (in minutes)

Number of Questions/Tasks




Writing and Language






Essay (optional)





(230 with Essay)


(155 with Essay)

Why Solve SAT Practice Papers?

Here are a few advantages of solving SAT practice papers before taking the SAT:

  • Exam patterns of tests like the SAT keep changing, which requires students to keep themselves updated on the latest exam pattern. For instance, the new SAT is three hours long whereas the old SAT was three hours and four minutes long. In cases especially like this, it is important for candidates to solve SAT practice papers in order to have a clear understanding of the current SAT exam pattern.

  • Solving sample papers is also an excellent way to track a student's performance. The more questions one solves, the easier it gets to figure out where they are lagging or which areas they need to work on.

  • Practice papers also make the process of revising easier. Instead of going through SAT preparation materials again, it is easier and more convenient to solve SAT practice papers.

  • Practice papers for the SAT further help a candidate increase their efficiency in terms of time management, understanding of the type of questions, difficulty level, concepts for different questions and so on. This, on the day of the test, ensure better performance.

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Guide To Solving SAT Practice Papers

Following are the guidelines that a candidate must follow while practising the SAT practice papers:

  • Candidates must keep with them a pencil and paper to solve the problems asked in an SAT practice paper. 

  • Candidates must ensure marking the answers correctly from the options provided in the question.

  • As there is no negative marking in SAT exams, candidates can guess the answer and mark an option that they think is suitable for the question.

  • It is always a good practice to analyse the performance in the test after each test. Candidates must check and analyse the solutions for any incorrectly answered questions.

How to Use SAT Practice Papers in Your Prep?

SAT practice exams may be quite helpful in preparing for the SAT. Here are some pointers on how to use practice exams most effectively in your preparation.

Always Solve Official Practice Papers First

Because the College Board creates the official SAT questions, its practice exams are the most similar to taking the real SAT. As a result, students should prioritise certified SAT practice exams. You have lots of options with the College Board's eight free practice tests.

Begin with a Diagnostic Test.

Take a diagnostic exam before you begin preparing for the SAT. This exam establishes a baseline and can assist you in identifying areas for improvement. If you receive 1050 on your diagnostic SAT, for example, you will know to study the sections where you scored the lowest so that you may improve on subsequent practice exams.

Print and Complete the Practice Tests on Paper

Although the College Board intends to convert the SAT to a digital version by 2024, students will continue to take the exam on paper for the time being. What does this signify for those taking the exam? You should still print and fill out your SAT practice tests by hand. Practising on paper will provide you with the most realistic experience.

Simulate Actual SAT Testing Conditions

You will not take the SAT in a noisy coffee shop or while sleeping on the carpet, so don't take your practice exams there either. Instead, take SAT practice tests in a calm, distraction-free environment. In addition, set an alarm or timer to adhere to the time limitations. The more closely you can replicate the exam settings, the more benefit you will obtain from taking SAT practice tests.

Use Your Most Recent SAT Practice Test as a Baseline

You have most likely been studying for the SAT for weeks if not months. You should probably cut your final study session short and rest before the test. Taking a break and getting a good night's sleep might also help you perform better.  But, before you finish studying, take one last SAT practice test to see how far you have come since your diagnostic test. Then, on test day, be confident that you will succeed.

Where to Find SAT Practice Papers?

SAT Practice tests are an excellent approach to being ready for the big day while also enhancing your overall score. Before you begin studying, you can take a diagnostic test to see how much you improve later. You may also take practice exams to see where you need to improve your knowledge. And the greatest part is that you do not have to pay for any of these SAT practice exams because they are all free to use!

  • College Board: On its website, the College Board, which administers the SAT, provides eight official SAT practice paper tests. These tools are likely the most realistic practice you can obtain because they are official practice exams prepared by the test-makers themselves.

  • Ivy Global: Ivy Global provides SAT study materials, example questions, and practice examinations. Ivy Global offers two online SAT practice tests to test participants. Both examinations provide complete scoring reports and analysis, as well as explanations for each answer. In addition to hosting the official College Board practice tests, Ivy Global provides a diagnostic practice test to assist students to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Kaplan: From daily SAT practice papers to customised SAT instruction, Kaplan has it all. Aside from SAT prep classes, the well-known test prep firm offers a free SAT practice test on its website. To use it, you must first establish an account. After completing the practice exam, you will be given a report outlining your main strengths and drawbacks. You will also get access to Kaplan's instructional videos for two weeks.

  • The Princeton Review: The Princeton Review provides several SAT preparation alternatives. Students can attend online prep classes, engage with tutors, buy SAT prep books, and use self-paced study resources in addition to taking free SAT practice tests. After the completion of the full-length practice SAT, you will be given a score report that outlines areas for improvement. To get the free SAT exam, you must first register with The Princeton Review.

  • Mometrix: Mometrix provides SAT practice tests in a variety of categories. Candidates can enhance their overall SAT skills by taking a brief general SAT practice test (with only 15 typical questions) or section-based tests focused on SAT Math, Reading, and Writing. 

  • Union Test Prep: Union Test Prep offers extensive overviews for each section of the SAT, with a concentration on Math, Reading, and Writing. In addition, the organisation provides 200 practice problems divided into 10 academic areas, including mathematics, data analytics, literature, science, and problem-solving.

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FAQs on SAT Practice Papers

How to find SAT Practice Papers?

Candidates can go to the CollegeBoard website and can find SAT test practice papers to prepare for the exam. If not, then candidates can also search for the sample question papers online which are exact replicas of the real test paper. These practice papers accelerate the preparation levels and help to score well on SAT.

Are SAT practice tests harder than the actual SAT exam?

No, usually the real SAT is harder than SAT practice tests. However, this is not a hard and fast rule. SAT practice tests are designed exactly like the real SAT exam to give all candidates an idea of the test and the real exam environment. So prepare for the exam in the best way to score well.

What is the best way to utilise the SAT practice papers?

One of the best ways to utilise the SAT practice papers is to find the right resources. When selecting study materials for an exam, always go for the ones that are informative, add value, provide the answer, and help you do better. You can improve your language and Math skills by using a variety of online and offline resources.

Can I download the SAT Practice Tests?

Yes, you can download the SAT Practice test papers. The SAT practice tests can be attempted in both online and offline modes. In other words, students can download the practice tests for SATs and attempt them during their own time.

How can I access previous years SAT questions for preparation?

A few SAT Practice Tests available online are SAT tests that have been conducted previously. You can access these SAT Practice Test questions and be assured that some of them were included in the previous SAT exams.

Are full-length SAT Practice Tests available online?

Yes, full-length SAT Practice Tests are available online that candidates can use to practise and score well on the final test. Candidates are advised to treat practice papers as a dummy of actual SAT exam papers to learn the format and know about the question type, timing, etc.

How can the SAT Mock Tests help improve my score?

SAT Mock Tests can help you understand your weaknesses and strengths in certain subjects and topics. This can help you better understand which topics you need to study more, improve your speed and understand the kind of questions that can expect from a typical SAT test.

Are online SAT mock tests timed?

The online SAT mock tests are timed so as to help you improve your speed of attempting questions in the main SAT exam. With the time barrier, candidates can work on their time management skills while answering the questions and can also figure out which question is taking longer time than the other.

Will I have to pay for the SAT Practice Tests?

The set of eight practice tests offered by the CollegeBoard are completely free and any aspiring SAT candidate can attempt the practice tests to assess their skills and knowledge in different sections.

Is it necessary to attempt the SAT Practice Tests?

No, it is not necessary to attempt the SAT practice test, However, It is advisable to take the set of eight SAT practice tests available on the official website. With regular practice, you will be able to understand the concept of SAT questions and exam pattern. This will inturn help you score better in the exam.

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