Study in the UK: Timeline for May Intake 2023 for International Students


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Interested to extend your admission application before the UK May intake 2023 deadline falls short for your desired academic course? Do not fret, consider this article as your saviour! Explore all details about the May intake in UK universities 2023 below.

Study in the UK: Timeline for May Intake 2023 for International Students

UK intake 2023 for international students: For each of the three academic seasons — autumn, winter, and summer — that make up the academic year, UK universities accept applications from international students. The UK's autumn and winter terms, which start in September and January, respectively, are when most overseas students are admitted, with September serving as the main intake month. 

A few UK institutions do, however, accept applications for the summer intake, which is typically called May intake in UK. In the month of March or April every year, certain colleges in UK also offer summer intake courses. The April/May intake in UK universities 2023 is an excellent alternative for prospective overseas students who skipped submitting applications during the September or January intake, even though the number of academic programmes and universities providing them is constrained. 

Furthermore, during the summer intakes, several institutions in the UK may provide language preparatory programmes to international students. After completing these courses, the students will then proceed to the actual full-time courses offered by the universities in that respective UK intake 2023 for international students. In this article, we will discuss the UK May intake 2023 deadline for international students, a step-by-step Summer 2023 intake timeline, a list of courses offered in May intake in UK universities 2023, and more.

Timeline for May Intake in UK Universities 2023

Being one of the more uncommon options considered by international students, the UK May intake 2023 deadline for admission applications will vary between different courses and universities. Check out the following table outlining the basic timeline for May/Summer Intakes in UK that all aspiring international students should follow.



August - September 2022: Explore Your University and College Options

Since the number of universities/colleges offering courses during the summer intake is limited, it is crucial to find out the best UK universities offering courses during the summer intake.

September - October 2022: Attempt Relevant Tests and Arrange Documents.

Allocate proper time to prepare and attempt different standardised tests required by your shortlisted universities. Take this time to gather and compile the necessary documents for admissions as well.

October 2022 - February 2023: Submit University Application Forms

After compiling all the necessary documents and receiving the appropriate test scorecards, the next step is submitting the documents and test scorecards along with a filled-out application form at the university of your choice.

February - March 2023: Wait for a Response from the University.

Once all the documents, the application form, as well as the relevant fee, have been submitted, you must wait for a response from the university, which will often be received as a confirmation or rejection email, on the registered email address.

March - April 2023: Visa Application

As soon as you receive your confirmation letter from the university, it is important to begin applying for the relevant student visa.

April - May 2023: Book Your Tickets

The final step in the entire process will be to book your tickets to reach the UK for your summer intake courses.

Note: The timeline for May intake in UK as defined in the table above has been offered for reference purposes only. The UK May intake 2023 deadline for admission application should be followed differently for each university and its respective courses as mentioned on the official website of the university.

The following video highlights the information about May intake in UK universities 2023 that starts from selecting the university and course. Students must submit the application with the documents and wait for the offer letter after which they should plan for visas and tickets. 

Why Choose Summer/ May Intake in UK?

As discussed, May intake in UK universities 2023 is open for a restricted number of academic courses. Further, it can also be said that this is the least preferred among all UK intake 2023 for international students offered. Although the primary reason for this is that the top UK universities are not open for admission in this intake, the secondary reason is that none of the popular courses is offered in this intake.

Another factor to be understood is that every country has a different education system and the final result timing varies. For example, in the case of Indian applicants, the school or college results are declared after April only. Thus, they are not able to apply for summer intakes. However, they can aim for the next summer. This also gives them enough time to prepare and plan the application process.

For students who seek to apply for the summer intake in UK, their goal is simple: less competition. During this intake, the competition is relatively less fierce and students have more chances of getting selected. The class size is also smaller for this intake which in turn can be beneficial during placements.

While for some students, the January Intake is too early, for some the September one could be too late and they do not want to wait a year to continue their studies. Thus, in such circumstances, many students choose the May intake in UK to apply to their preferred universities.

Know All About UK Intake 2023 for International Students!

UK May Intake 2023 Deadline

Most UK universities offering courses during the summer term will have a predefined schedule accepting international student applications. As the summer intakes in the UK are offered by a limited number of universities/colleges, the number of applicants fighting for the same seats as you would be less compared to the major admission intakes in the UK. However, this does not mean that competition is low or that admission will be easy.

For international applicants, the competition can still be tough for certain May intake courses in UK universities. Timely submission of the appropriate application form is important in such cases to ensure maximum chances of getting accepted as most universities fill up vacant seats on a first-come-first-serve basis. In such cases, international candidates should follow the guidelines given by the university and complete all formalities of the application process well before the UK May intake 2023 deadline.

For a better understanding of the admission process for UK universities, you can follow this general timeline for Summer/ May intake in UK universities 2023:

UK Summer Intake Timeline

Please note that the admissions process for any country or university is very time-consuming. For international students, this process becomes a year-long journey as they have to apply as early as possible. This ensures that they have enough time for the UK visa process. Thus, international students are often advised to start their planning a year before.

Step-by-Step Timeline for May Intake in UK 2023

Let us take a look at what is the timeline that international students should follow to ensure timely submission of their admission application to their desired universities well before the UK May intake 2023 deadline falls short.

August to September 2022: Explore Colleges offering Courses for Summer Intake

Usually, the admission process for fall intake in the UK is completed by August. By this time, students who are not able to get enrolled for the September term can look forward to applying for upcoming terms for admissions in the May intake in UK universities 2023. To apply for the Summer 2023 intake, students should start planning a year in advance. So, the months of August and September are when you should start shortlisting universities and courses.

Refer to the steps given below:

  • Search for universities offering Summer/ May intake in UK admissions and shortlist your choices.

  • Keeping an eye on the UK May intake 2023 deadline, check the courses the universities are being offered that align with your preferences.

  • Download university/course-specific brochures to get to know the university and course structure in detail.

  • Check the tuition fees and estimated cost of living in the UK.

  • Plan your finances for the UK intake 2023 for international students accordingly.

  • Start applying for loans or maintain a minimum account balance as required for admission and visa purposes.

September to October 2022: Take the Test and Arrange Documents

Check the university and course-specific requirements and timeline for UK intake 2023 for international students carefully. Based on the requirements, arrange all application documents required at the time of application. If any standardised exams are required, you should schedule the exam and aim for competitive scores.

Book your IELTS or TOEFL test as soon as possible so that in case you score low, you will still have enough time for another re-sit for the exam. Usually, you will be asked to submit GRE or GMAT scores for postgraduate programmes. Simultaneously, prepare your docket of all necessary application documents, such as:

October 2022 To February 2023: Apply for Admission

After shortlisting the colleges and courses for May intake in UK universities 2023, candidates can start with the application process. UK universities usually have individual application portals or admission forms. So students can apply to universities directly.

Remember to send all the required test scores while filling out the application forms regardless of which UK intake 2023 for international students you are applying for. Even if there is a delay in submitting any application document, universities usually provide a separate UK May intake 2023 deadline for the submission of documents. However, it is advised to attach all application documents at the time of form filling to avoid submitting incomplete applications.

Note: Do note that incomplete applications are not considered for admission irrespective of the UK intake 2023 for international students.

Know More About UK May Intake 2023 Deadline! 

February to March 2023: Wait for the Decision

After completing the application form and submitting a complete application, now all you can do is wait. Check the decision timelines of each university or department and await your reply. By this time, you can also finalise your finances if not already done before. Ensure to check your emails regularly for any communication from the university. Students can also track the status of their applications in the respective university portals.

Once your admission is confirmed, the university will send you a confirmation letter known as the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) letter. You will require this letter to apply for a UK student visa. Students can apply for accommodation also after getting an admission letter.

March to April 2023: Apply for Visa

Once the admission is confirmed by the university, international students must apply for a UK study visa. The visa process can be tedious and lengthy. Thus, international applicants are often advised to apply to universities well ahead of the UK May intake 2023 deadlines. This allows them enough time for all the steps included in the visa process. Students should ensure that all the important documents for a UK student visa are in order.

April to May 2023: Plan your Travel

Once your UK study visa is approved, plan your travel to the UK! A timely process of pre-departure activities will help you ease your move to the UK. For this, students are encouraged to closely follow the list of requirements sent by their universities and accordingly, create a pre-departure checklist for the UK.

The first and foremost thing students should do after getting their visa approval is book their flight tickets. Check the university orientation date and book your tickets accordingly. Most universities advise students to arrive in the country a week before the orientation so that they have enough time to get settled in and make some friends.

Students who have not already booked their university accommodation should finalise where they want to stay. It is always the best choice to stay on the university campus for at least the first year of studies. Later, students can change accommodations as per their lifestyle choices.

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Top Courses to Study in the UK for International Students

Application Timeline for April/ May Intake in UK Universities 2023

Assume you want to reserve a seat for yourself in the UK intake 2023 for international students offered from the month of May. In that scenario, you must utilise it throughout the preliminary days of the application form release. It is not advisable to wait until the last minute because the best courses may fill up. The general application period for such intakes in UK is from October to January. Classes begin between May and August. However, make sure to check the main pages of the university where you want to apply because different colleges may have different UK May intake 2023 deadlines.

How to Apply for Summer/ May Intake in UK?

The application process for Summer intake in the UK is similar to that of the primary intakes in the UK universities i.e., September and January. The only difference is in the dates of completing the application process. The application start dates and UK May intake 2023 deadline may vary from one university to another or as per the course. Thus, applicants are advised to check the university website and course pages for current academic year dates and deadlines.

Students can apply for May intake in UK universities 2023 via the university's application portals. As most of the courses offered in the summer or May intake are at the postgraduate level, their applications are submitted directly to the university. A few undergraduate courses open in the summer or may intake may require direct application via the institution's or Universities and Colleges Admissions Services (UCAS) portal.

UK May Intake 2023 Deadline for International Students

Students who desire to study in one of the universities in the UK need not wait for September as they can also enrol in Summer intake courses as well. Students can start applying for summer intakes as early as possible, however, no applications are accepted once the UK May intake 2023 deadline for application has passed. The deadline for summer intake is usually late April or April end. However, a few courses have rolling deadlines and they accept applications until all seats are full for the season of UK intake 2023 for international students.

It is important to note that the April deadline applies to most universities in the UK offering summer intake courses. However, there may be variations in closing dates and deadlines depending on the department or programme.

Application Requirements for April/ May Intake in UK

If you want to apply for May intake in UK universities 2023, you should have all of the following documents available ahead of time to avoid any last-minute stress:

  • All past academic transcripts of the previous qualifying examination (Undergraduate or graduate level, if applicable). Provisional certificates will be accepted if the originals have not been issued at the time of application.

  • GRE/GMAT scores (if applicable to the course you are taking)

  • IELTS or TOEFL score reports, as clearly an English language proficiency test is necessary to get admission to Universities across the UK. 

  • Two to three Letters of recommendation

  • Statement of Purpose along with the College Essay

  • Valid passport

  • Latest passport-size photographs

May Intake in UK Universities 2023 for International Students 

Here is the list of some of the most popular UK universities where international students can enrol during the May or summer intake session:

Name of the University

QS World University Rankings 2023

Queen Mary University of London


University of Dundee


Ulster University


Coventry University


Northumbria University


Keele University


University of Salford 


Sheffield Hallam University


University of Chester


West of Scotland University


Richmond University of London


BPP University


Let us shed some light on the above-mentioned May intake in UK universities 2023 for international students:

The University of Dundee

The University of Dundee seeks to improve lives locally and worldwide by creating, sharing, and applying knowledge. QS, the international higher education specialist, awarded the university a 5 Star rating (QS 2022). It is well-known for building on its achievements by investing in exceptional facilities, pushing the limits of research, and providing faculty and students with the tools to make a real-world difference. 

The most current Research Excellence Framework (2022) rates Dundee's research highly, assessing the quality and impact of research submitted by institutions throughout the UK. Additionally, 84% of the University's research was considered to be 'global leading' or 'internationally excellent’.

Queen Mary University of London 

Queen Mary, University of London is the University of London's third largest college, with its main campus located in the city's east. It was founded in 1785 and is a member of the Russell Group of research institutions. With 32,000 students representing over 170 countries, Queen Mary has a great worldwide reputation.

The Queen Mary University of London offers over 240-degree programmes across three faculties and was the first Russell Group university to offer degree apprenticeship programmes. From a worldwide view, the University is considered among the top 20 universities in the world. In the REF 2021, the University was placed joint seventh in the UK for the quality of its research. 92% of Queen Mary's research has been rated as internationally outstanding or world-leading.

Ulster University

Ulster University is a Northern Irish university with four campuses in Belfast, Coleraine, Magee College, and Jordanstown, as well as a fifth virtual campus, Campus One and online. Each campus has a distinct speciality, which means that students will often spend their whole time at the University on a single campus, and over 2,000 foreign students from more than 50 countries are now enrolled.

Six months after graduation, more than 90% of Ulster alumni are in job or further study, and over 4,000 students have completed eLearning courses at Ulster University. Ulster was named a premier contemporary university and ranked in the top 100 internationally in the Times Higher Education 100 Under 50 rankings. According to REF 2021, Ulster University has improved its research status in the United Kingdom. Ulster is presently among the top 10% of UK institutions in terms of exceptional or very significant research impact.

Coventry University

Coventry University has a long history of achievement as an industry leader. The university has a strong reputation as a genuinely global school, with partner universities and representatives located all over the world. With a 5 QS Star rating for Facilities in the University Ratings, you may unlock your potential by building your skill with cutting-edge industrial equipment and simulation facilities.

With over 13,000 international students from 160 countries studying in Coventry, our network of devoted professionals and consultants understands all there is to know about being an international student. Coventry University's research was classified as world-leading or globally outstanding in the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021, up from 61% in REF 2014.

Popular Courses to Study in May Intake in UK Universities 2023

There are no such accords with intakes when it comes to doing a PhD in the UK. Throughout the year, all schools remain open to accepting applications, notably from PhD academics. As a result, you can apply for the PhD consumption during any of the three consumptions or on specific admissions days for your preferred college. However, most trainees believe that the April/ May intake is the best time to begin your level.

Out of the three major intakes, April/ May intake in UK universities 2023 admissions primarily focus on Masters, however, a few universities also pick the upcoming January 2024 intake in Canada as they also approve master's applications. The optimum time to study for a master's degree in the United Kingdom is in January or April when most colleges are accepting applications. You can also enrol in at least five universities.

Know All About May Intake in UK Universities 2023! 

Courses Offered for May Intake in UK Universities 2023

The January application intake 2023 is already complete and now a few universities readily accept admission applications for May UK intake 2023 for international students. The popular courses offered for Summer intake in the UK include Business and Management, Computer Science, Information Technology and Tourism. The following is the list of courses offered for May intake in UK universities 2023:

University Name

Courses Available

Bedfordshire University

MBA in Data Analytics

MS Computer Networking with Project Management

MS International Business with Data Analytics

MSComputer Security and Forensics with Project Management

MS Software Engineering and Applications with Project Management

MS Accounting and Business Finance with Data Analytics

MS Project Management with Data Analytics

MS Applied Computing and Information Technology with Project Management

MS Computer Science with Project Management

MS Cyber Security with Project Management

MS Purchasing Logistics and Supply Chain Management with Data Analytics

MS Electronic Engineering with Project Management

MS Sensors and Smart Cities with Project Management

University of West London

Adult Nursing

BSc.Nursing (Hons)

Midwifery- Bachelors in Midwifery (Hons)

Nursing (Adult)

PG Diploma in Nursing

Northumbria University

MS Business with Human Resource Management

MS Business with International Management

MS Business with Business Analytics

MS Business with Entrepreneurship

MS Business with Hospitality and Tourism Management

MS Business with Financial Management

MS Business with Marketing Management

MS Computing and Technology

MS Cyber Security

BA Business Enterprise, Creation and Management

Ulster University

Extended MSInternational Business

Extended MS Marketing

Extended MS International Business with Data Analytics

Extended MS International Business with Human Resource Management

Extended MS International Business with Advanced Practice

Extended MS Marketing with Advanced Practice

MS International Business with Human Resource Management with Advanced Practice

Extended MS International Business with Data Analytics with Advanced Practice

Extended MS International Business with Human Resource Management with Advanced Practice

MS International Business with Human Resource Management

MS International Business

MS Marketing

MS International Business with Data Analytics

MS International Business with Advanced Practice

MS Marketing with Advanced Practice

MS International Business with Data Analytics with Advanced Practice

University of East London

MBA with/without placement

General LLM with/without placement

MS Computer science with/without placement

MS Construction Management with/without placement


Coventry University

MS Psychology

BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance for International Business

MS Adult Nursing (pre-registration)

MS Biomedical Science

MS Biotechnology

BBA (Hons) Business Administration

MS Civil Engineering

MS Computer Science

MS Cyber Security

MS Data Science and Computational Intelligence etc.

Keele University

MS Adult Nursing

MS Mental Health Nursing

MS Learning Disability Nursing

MS Children's Nursing

Kingston University

MS Information Systems

MS IT and Strategic Innovation

MS Software Engineering

MS Network and Information Security

MS Networking and Data Communications

MS Advanced Product Design Engineering and Manufacturing

MS Mechanical Engineering

MS Aerospace Engineering

MS Mechatronic Systems

MS Renewable Energy Engineering

MS Engineering Projects and Systems Management

Liverpool John Moores University

Pre-Masters Programme in Business, Management and Law

Pre-Masters Programme in Engineering and Computing

University of Salford

MS International Business (Placement Year Option available)

MS Project Management (Placement Year Option available)

MS Management

MS Managing Innovation and

MS Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Placement Year Option available)

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of courses offered in the May intake in UK universities 2023. There may be other UK universities open for summer intake.

Scholarship for UK Intake 2023 for International Students 

For international students wanting a high-quality education with a worldwide reputation, studying in the United Kingdom may be the best option. Yet, tuition in the United Kingdom might exceed GBP 40,000 per year. Yet, if you plan carefully, studying in the UK may be feasible.

The British government, as well as UK organisations and universities, provide a number of UK scholarships for Indian and other international students. Scholarships in the United Kingdom range from GBP 1,000 to GBP 8,000, depending on the student's profile and degree.

Scholarships in the United Kingdom are extremely competitive and are granted based on academic excellence, professional experience, programme choice, and vision. You must submit your application before the UK May intake 2023 deadline falls short for your desired academic course if you want to be considered for admission.

Student Visa Process for April/ May Intake in UK Universities 2023

You are only one step away from your destination after being admitted to the UK's April or May intake. All you have to do is apply for a student visa to the UK. The British government issues three types of visas:

  • General (Tier 4): This visa is intended for students aged 16 and up who have been accepted into a UK educational institution.

  • Tier 4 (Youngster): Students aged 4 to 17 must apply for this Visa if they have been accepted into a UK school. They also require a Tier 4 enroller.

  • Short-Term Research Study Visa: This visa is intended for students who intend to pursue a temporary training or course, such as an English language programme.

Given that the majority of you will most probably be eligible for the Tier 4 (General) visa, let us take a closer look at it.

Eligibility for a Rate 4 (General) Visa

  • You must be at least 16 years old.

  • You must have enrolled in a programme in a UK college.

  • One should be fluent in speaking, reading, and writing English.

  • Have enough money saved up to afford the cost of your education.

  • You are not an EU citizen.

The Procedure 

  • When you receive an offer from a UK education organisation, you will be given a Verification of Approval for Studies (CAS).

  • This number must be entered in Tier 4 (General) Student Visa Online Application Form.

  • You must have your photo and fingerprints taken at a Visa Application Centre to acquire the Biometric Home Authorisation.

  • Pay the visa costs as well as the 'Health Care Additional Charge' with your application.

Interested in extending your admission application before the UK May intake 2023 deadline falls short? Email us at and connect with our expert team to know the whole application process!

Planning to Apply for May Intake in UK Universities 2023?

Speak to Our Experts Now!


What is the UK May intake 2023 deadline for admission application?

Those interested in applying to a university in the UK during the May intake will most likely be in the months spanning between December and February of each academic year. For instance, if you are interested in applying for the 2023 May intake in the UK, then you must apply to your desired university by December 2022 - February 2023.

Is May intake in UK universities 2023 available for international students?

Yes, the May intake in UK universities 2023 is available for international students. Being one of the main admission intakes in the UK, the May intake usually sees an opening for the largest variety of programmes across different disciplines and levels of education in the UK. Register and connect with us to find out the universities accepting applications for the May intakes in the UK.

When is the best time to apply for May intake in UK?

If you are planning to apply for the May intake in the UK, then experts suggest that aspirants apply for the same at least 6-8 months prior to the application deadlines. For example, application deadlines for 2023 May intakes in the UK are usually set around December ’22 - February ‘23. Therefore, you must begin the application process by May-June ‘22.

Can I apply in May for May intake in UK?

Depending on the application deadlines of each university in the UK, some universities may allow you to apply for the May intake in the UK during the month of May. However, this number will be extremely limited with additional application charges applicable as well. Therefore, before applying to any university in the UK, check out the application deadlines for the May intake at that university.

What is the May intake in UK called?

The May intake in the UK is also commonly called the summer Intake in the UK, as the country experiences the summer season during this admission intake. Being the summer season during the months of May and October in the UK, the temperature is also usually warmer, allowing international students from warmer countries to adapt more quickly to the colder months to come.

When should I apply for summer intake in the UK?

If you plan to begin your higher studies during the summer intake in the UK, then experts suggest applying at least 1-2 months before the application deadlines at the different universities. This will allow you to prepare all the necessary documents before submitting your application form while setting aside time and efforts to accumulate the necessary financial funds to study in the UK.

Which month does the summer admission in the UK start?

The summer admission season in the UK usually starts in the months of May and October, which usually means that universities and colleges commence their term classes during these months. However, the application deadlines for the summer admission usually span across the months of December and February (variable across different universities and colleges).

What is the major intake in the UK?

The primary intake in the UK is commonly referred to as the summer or May intake in the UK. Universities across the UK accept international student applications across two major intakes, i.e. the May and January intakes, with the May intake being the primary admission intake in the country, however, some universities also accept applications during the months of February for the May intakes in the UK.

Is the summer intake better to study in the UK than the spring intake?

Yes, as stated in this article, the summer intake, also known as the May intake is the primary intake in the UK, where a large number of courses are offered. Along with the variety of courses, the May intake in the UK is usually set in the months of May and October, wherein the weather is relatively warmer, allowing international students to adapt to the colder weather to come.

Why choose the May intake over the January intake in the UK?

The major reason to choose the May intake in the UK over the January intake is simply due to the fact that the May intakes in the UK are the primary admission intakes, while the January intake is the secondary. Additionally, the May intake will also see a large variety of courses and programmes available for international students, compared to the January intakes in the UK.

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