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Updated on May 06, 2023 11:14 AM IST

To enhance your ACT preparation or as part of one’s last-minute revision, practising ACT sample papers is mandatory so that candidates can identify their weak areas and prepare for the ACT exam accordingly. 

ACT practice tests give students a complete idea about the ACT exam pattern and help them improve their ACT test scores. While one can find many samples of ACT question papers in both online and offline modes, it is crucial for students to access the most reliable sources or best books to prepare for the test. 

On the ACT website, test takers can find sets of free English, Mathematics, Reading, Science and optional Writing papers to understand ACT question types as well as the difficulty level.

ACT Practice Tests and Sample Papers

Study abroad experts and exam faculty across the globe suggest attempting ACT practice papers and practice tests to enhance your chances of scoring high. Apart from getting a wider understanding of the exam pattern and syllabus as well as using a good preparation strategy, ACT sample papers and practice papers will cement your knowledge and skills for the test.

As stated previously, ACT practice papers will only enhance a candidate’s test knowledge. This includes a better understanding of the ACT exam pattern and syllabus, subsequently giving test-takers the opportunity to get higher test scores. Therefore, when you begin your test preparation, it is recommended to keep a number of ACT practice papers and practice tests at hand.

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Online ACT Practice Test Papers

Candidates preparing for the ACT can access the free online practice papers on the official website of ACT. 

It contains a full-length practice test including questions for the writing section. The practice tests are available for all four subject areas, namely Reading, English, Science, and Mathematics.

One will have to enter the name, a valid email ID, and select the country and role (say student) to download the free online practice paper.

The free online practice paper is a complete guide for students as it contains the following:

  • An overview of ACT 2023

  • Full-length subject-wise practice papers

  • Solutions

  • General test-taking strategies

  • Guidelines to approach each section of the ACT. 

The practice papers will help students get familiar with the ACT Pattern and analyze their level of Preparation. 

Guidelines to Practice ACT Mock Test

Following are the guidelines that a candidate must follow while practising ACT Mock Test to get effective results: 

  • The candidate must attempt the questions as if they are taking the original test.

  • After each attempt of the practice test, the candidate must analyse their performance in the test. 

  • The candidate must check solutions for each incorrectly answered question and make sure to avoid the same mistake in the next test.

  • Always access the authentic and reliable practice sets whether it is from the official ACT website,  Kaplan or any other reliable materials from ACT coaching centres.

  • Make sure to practise as many practice papers as possible before taking the original test to gain confidence, improve speed of attempting questions and maintain accuracy. 

How to Utilise Official ACT Practice Tests to Yield Results?

It is imperative to reiterate that practice assessments cannot cover every conceivable ACT topic. For instance, you must ensure that you thoroughly review your study material as well as challenging topics from scratch if you are having trouble grasping a particular concept. Consequently, even though ACT practice tests are a great way to monitor your development, they are by no means the only resources available. You must try to make the best possible use of every single sample paper you take considering the average ACT test requires four hours to complete. The following are some critical pointers on utilising the official ACT sample papers that yield targeted results to ace the ACT exam:

Follow the Official Exam Time Allotment

As you attempt practice assessments, it is of the utmost importance that you mimic the time limitations or deadlines as given in the actual ACT exam. The majority of aspirants run out of time in each section, particularly the ACT Maths section, where you have to respond to more than one question in approximately 60 seconds.

However, resist the urge to give yourself even two additional minutes because doing so might improperly allow you to complete more questions, which could significantly boost your ACT score. Keep in mind that your actual ACT score should be accurately predicted by your ACT sample papers. You will not be able to determine your actual score if you grant yourself a longer time than the actual test allows.

Complete Each ACT Practice Paper in One Sitting

The ACT is a marathon exam that makes you sit still and pay attention for four hours on a Saturday morning i.e., on your ACT test date. So that you avoid committing thoughtless errors at the end of the assessment, you need to increase your test-taking durability.

You will only improve your ability to endure the actual ACT by completing all of the practice exams in a single sitting. If you lack the time in your schedule for a four-hour session, breaking it up over several days is acceptable as long as you pay attention and restart again with the number of questions left with regard to the remaining time limit.

Evaluate Your Responses After Taking Each ACT Sample Paper

Thoroughly analyse or evaluate all of your mistakes as well as the questions you answered correctly after each test. Avoiding this step would prevent you from learning from the mistakes you made and guarantee that you keep repeating the same ones, maybe unconsciously.

As a general rule of thumb, evaluate each ACT practice test you take for at least two hours. Despite the time commitment, it is necessary to place more emphasis on the quality of learning than learning quantity. Simply put, taking five tests and thoroughly evaluating them is preferable as compared to taking ten tests and not evaluating them.

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FAQs on ACT Practice Papers

When should I take ACT practice tests?

Make sure that you are taking ACT practice tests after you are done with your preparation for the test. Attempting ACT practice tests after you are well prepared will help you identify your weaknesses on which you can later work. The more you practice, the better will be your preparation.

How many ACT practice tests should I attempt?

You may attempt at least 3 ACT practice tests for better results. Attempting more practice tests will benefit you in the real examination. Try to at least practice three test papers. Plan to complete your syllabus accordingly so that you can dedicate time to attempt the tests.

What is the ACT mock test?

ACT mock tests are practice tests taken before the real exam to get a clear idea of the types of questions, test pattern, exam duration, exam environment, and more. Scores obtained in practice tests do not count. But they are useful indicators to predict your score in the real examination.

Where can I find free online ACT practice papers?

You can find free practice tests for the ACT on the official website of ACT. The questions are real questions that were previously provided to the students. The quality of the questions is similar to the ones that will come in the real test and gives the students a glimpse of the standards of the questions that will be asked in the examination.

What after taking ACT practice tests?

Identify your weaknesses and work on them after you have taken ACT practice tests/papers. This will help you in repeating similar mistakes in the examination. It will reduce your anxiety regarding the real exam when you will get to know your faults and weak points. The students will be also able to bridge the gap between their baseline and target.

How can I practice for ACT free?

ACT offers free practice test papers for the ACT test which you can practice to get acquainted with the question paper pattern. You can click on each question and see if you are correct. For English and Mathematics, 5 sets of question papers are available, for reading 4 sets are available and 7 sets are available for science.

Is practising ACT practice papers compulsory?

No, it is not compulsory for you to take ACT practice tests. However, they help candidates score high when they give the test. While practicing papers you can see the areas where you are struggling and the areas where your knowledge is solidified. A practice test will help you to address the crucial areas.

Why attempt ACT practice tests?

ACT practice tests will give an idea of the exam pattern, types of questions, and exam environment among other things which will further help students score higher. Taking practice tests will help your brain get adjusted to the difficulty level of the ACT examination. You will remain more focused and alert.

Where can I find ACT practice papers?

ACT Inc, the administrator of the ACT test, offers free practice tests that you find on its official website. You can get access to the question papers by signing up for myACT account. You can practice each section individually or as a whole. You can reap the maximum benefit by practising them regularly.

Is the practice ACT harder than the real ACT?

ACT practice papers cannot be said to be harder or easier than the real ACT as it may vary from one test-taker to another. However, ACT practice papers will help students perform better on the real ACT. The practice tests are designed in such a way that they familiarize the students with the difficulty level expected in the ACT.

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