Universities in UK With Highest Acceptance Rates for Int'l Students


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UK universities can have some of the toughest competition when it comes to international admissions. However, there are few popular universities that have high rates of acceptance. Let us have a look at the UK universities with high acceptance rates in 2023.

Universities in UK With Highest Acceptance Rates for Int'l Students

UK universities with the highest acceptance rates for international students: Many international students harbour the dream to make the UK their study and work destination and there are ample reasons to support these wishes. The UK is home to numerous world-famous universities that cater to the academic needs of thousands of students every year with their splendid curriculum which is based on classroom and experiential training.

Nonetheless, with its ample charm and beauty, UK universities attract students from all over the world but they can be extremely competitive to get into. The acceptance rates are very low for the top-ranking institutions in the UK.

Still, this should not be a reason to dissuade students from applying to UK universities that have high acceptance rates and greet them with camaraderie. Through this article, let us walk you through the meaning of acceptance rate, the universities in UK that have the highest acceptance rates for international students and how you can also be a part of those prestigious institutions.

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What is an Acceptance Rate?

In simple terms, the acceptance rate is the rate at which a particular university accepts its students. It is the percentage of students that applied for the coveted seats in the institution and the number of students who actually got through to the university. It is calculated simply by dividing the number of admitted applicants by the total number of applicants and multiplying by 100.

The acceptance rate is an important parameter that students must look into before applying to a UK university. A highly selective school has lower rates of acceptance while a less selective school has a higher acceptance rate. The acceptance rate of a university is the testimonial of its exclusivity and not its quality.

The factors that determine the acceptance rate of a university are tuition fees, financial aid and grants, scholarships, size and popularity and fame. Students prefer applying to those universities that provide numerous facilities to students apart from academics. For example, a college with lower tuition fees will attract more applicant pool than a university with high tuition fees.

Although it would be unwise to ignore the statistics completely, acceptance rates give an insight into the selectivity of a school and a realistic perception of the chances of admission to a particular school.

Are the Acceptance Rates High at UK Universities?

Acceptance rates at UK universities depend on their popularity and exclusivity. It is true that the universities which have high rankings and are famous will draw more international applicants than others. And also, if the universities attract more applications, it will be less viable for them to offer seats to each and every applicant. Therefore, with more applications and less admittance, the acceptance rates are lower.

In spite of the fact that top universities have low acceptance rates, there are UK universities with high acceptance rates for international students. They provide you with the assurance that if you apply you have a good chance of getting a seat. These are also the easiest universities to get into. Famous UK universities like the University of Exeter and the University of Durham have high acceptance rates, allowing more students to fulfil their dreams of studying in the UK.

Therefore, it can be claimed that while some universities have low acceptance rates, there are others which have high acceptance rates for international students. You may refer to the list given below before applying to UK universities and understand where your chances of getting admission lie.

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UK Universities with Highest Acceptance Rates for International Students

Here is a comprehensive list of UK universities with the highest acceptance rates for international students. One must note that the acceptance rates given are an approximate estimation and are provided to give you a glimpse of the selective nature of the university where you are planning to study.

UK Universities

Complete University Guide 2023

Acceptance Rates 2022 (in %)

Aberystwyth University



Ravensbourne University London



Plymouth College of Art



University of Creative Arts



York St John University



University of Wolverhampton



St. Marys University



University of Roehampton



Bishop Grosseteste University



Cardiff Metropolitan University



Northumbria University Newcastle



University of Leeds



University College Birmingham



De Montfort University



Newman University, Birmingham



Liverpool Hope University



University of Bristol



Loughborough University



University of Edinburgh



University of Southampton



Acceptance Rates at Top UK Universities

Some of the popular UK universities are notorious for their low acceptance rate with students all over the world competing for few seats in those universities. This results in a high rejection rate and most students do not make it to the final merit list of these top universities in the country. The acceptance rate at top UK universities are given below for your easy reference:

University Name

Acceptance Rate (in%)

University of Oxford


University of Cambridge


London School of Economics and Politics


Imperial College London


University of Bath


University College London


University of Warwick


Lancaster University


University of Birmingham


Best Universities in UK - Graduation Rates for 2022

The graduate outcome of a university shows the success of graduates after leaving the university. Here is a list of the UK universities with the highest graduation rates:

UK University

Graduation Rate (in%)

St George's, University of London


Imperial College London


London School of Economics and Politics


University of Oxford


University of Cambridge


University of Bath


University College London


University of Warwick


University of Buckingham


Durham University


King's College London


Queen's University Belfast


University of Surrey


Cardiff University


University of Nottingham


Application Process for UK Universities with High Acceptance Rate

UK universities have similar application processes with minor variations. The step-by-step process for application is given below:

  • Step 1: Choose the university and programme you are opting for. Notably, the acceptance rate may vary from one programme to another. Please make sure to have a thorough idea of the same before applying.

  • Step 2: Check out the entry requirements of the university.

  • Step 3: Decide the year and intake you wish to apply for.

  • Step 4: Check the tuition fees and other funding requirements.

  • Step 5: Fill up the application form.

  • Step 6: Submit all the documents as required by the university.

  • Step 7: Pay the application fees.

  • Step 8: Wait for the offer letter.

Note: There might be slight changes in the application process of different universities and therefore you must strictly visit the university website and check out their individual application process.

Admission Requirements at UK Universities with High Acceptance Rates

UK Universities and colleges set their own entry requirements and accept only those students who fulfil all the criteria. Therefore, you must check the eligibility of your preferred course at your preferred university. Generally, the entry requirements differ from one university to another and it is important that you understand the qualifications needed to pursue the courses. Choose the colleges and courses based on your grades and also add one or two safe choices so that you get easily accepted. The common admission requirement at UK universities with high acceptance rates are:

  • Average GPA of 3.0 or first-class degree with at least 70% marks

  • English language scores 

  • Standardised test scores (SAT/ACT for bachelors, GRE/GMAT for masters)

  • A well-crafted statement of purpose 

Documents Required to Study at UK University with High Acceptance Rate

UK universities require students to submit certain documents while completing their application process. You must go through this checklist before applying to the universities so that you have all the documents at hand:

Some universities may ask you to submit some other documents. Please clarify them by visiting the respective university website.

It would be incorrect to think that UK universities with high acceptance rates do not adhere to the highest academic standards. They provide equally good opportunities for students to have a satisfactory learning experience and a good career outcome. These universities look into the fact that those who want to eagerly study with them are not disappointed and aim to bring positivity and lessen competitiveness in this extremely selective university education ecosystem. 

If you have any queries related to universities in the UK and other countries, write to us at abroad@colllegedekho for further guidance.

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Which UK universities are easiest to get into?

The UK universities that are easiest to get into are Cardiff Metropolitan University, University of Winchester, Newman University, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, University of Exeter and London Metropolitan University. These universities have high acceptance rates and students can be more or less sure to be a part of these prestigious institutes. 

Which UK medical schools have a high acceptance rate?

The UK medical schools that have high acceptance rates are Anglia Ruskin University School of Medicine, Aston Medical School, Barts and London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Cardiff University School of Medicine and Glasgow Medical School. These medical schools are relatively less selective and there are high chances of getting admission to these universities.

What is the general acceptance rate at UK universities?

The general acceptance rate at UK universities is hard to define as universities have different acceptance rates which may be high or less. The popularity of the university and its rankings play an important role in deciding which university will have high or low acceptance rates.

Are UK universities with high acceptance rates hard to get into?

No, it is not difficult to get into UK universities with high acceptance rates. Students can easily get an offer from these universities given that there is low competition and more seats for students to get a fair chance of admission. Therefore, one should apply to universities that have high acceptance rates.

Are UK universities with high acceptance rates are good?

Yes, UK universities with high acceptance rates are good. Students should not equate a high acceptance rate with low academic excellence as there is no relation between the two. One must know that the universities that have high acceptance rates are equally good for students and they can have bright future studying and graduating from there. 

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