Top 5 Industries in the UK Eyeing Indian Employees in 2023


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According to a recent estimate by top analysts, the post-Brexit UK economy will face a shortfall of more than 300,000 workers as a result of discontinuing the free movement of labour with the EU. As a result, UK industries are eyeing  Indian talents to fill the vacancy!

Top 5 Industries in the UK Eyeing Indian Employees in 2023

Top 5 Industries in the UK Eyeing Indian Students: The British economy is facing labour shortages and recession in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. The UK industries are looking up to PM Sunak's government to reconsider its immigration policies so as to deal with the labour shortage. 

In November 2022, 13.3% of firms polled by the ONS reported a labour shortage. Since October 2021, the percentage of firms reporting a labour shortage has ranged between 12.9% and 15.4%, with the exception of August 2022, when 16.8% of enterprises reported a shortage.

Accommodation and food services (35.5%) and construction (20.7%) had the biggest percentage of industries in the UK that experienced workforce shortages in November 2022, according to the UK House of Commons Library.

Having said that, one of the benefits for international students studying in the UK is the UK post-study work visa (PSW UK) or work permit, which allows international students to stay in the UK for two years after completing their graduate studies to look for work. This rule of living in the UK after graduation will increase the UK's appeal to international students.

In this article, we will be exploring the top 5 UK industries eyeing Indian students and looking for skilled labour to cover the labour shortage in their economy. 

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10 Biggest Industries by Employment in the UK

Listed below are the top 10 biggest UK industries by employment that international students and aspirants must know about. Based on expert analysis and our database of 440+ UK businesses, IBIS World has compiled a list of the UK's biggest industries by employment in 2023.

Industries in the UK

Employment Number for 2023







Temporary-Employment Placement Agencies 


General Secondary Education 


Direct Selling & Marketing 


Construction Contractors


Full-Service Restaurants 




Management Consultants 


Planning to Study in UK in 2023?

Why is there a Labour Shortage in the UK?

The number of vacancies at the start of the pandemic in April 2020 was 54% lower than the pre-pandemic average for April. During Covid, every occupation saw a 20% decrease in vacancies. However, vacancies have surged by 65.5% from Q2 2020, reaching a record high of 1.3 million in Q4 2021, according to the Office of National Statistics.

There were 1.19 million openings in the UK from September to November 2022, roughly equal to the number of unemployed persons.

Human health and social work had the most openings (208,000) from September to November 2022, with 3.9 vacancies for every 100-employee jobs. With 6.7 openings for every 100-employee jobs, accommodation and food services had the most vacancies per 100-employee jobs.

Let us first explore the causes of labour market shortages in the UK before delving into the top UK eyeing Indian students and are eyeing Indian students:

Labour Supply and Demand Since the Pandemic

One of the main reasons for labour shortages is that labour demand has recovered quicker than labour supply since the pandemic. According to the Bank of England's August 2022 Monetary Policy Report, labour demand - as measured by the number of persons in work and the number of openings - is higher than pre-pandemic levels, but labour supply is lower.

Due to an increase in economic inactivity - those who are not working and are not looking for work - labour supply and employment are below pre-pandemic levels. Between August and October 2022, the most common causes for economic inactivity were being a student (27%), followed by long-term sickness (54%) whereas 13% were inactive due to retirement.

Source: House of Commons Library

Impact of BREXIT on Labour Supply

While the UK is not alone in having material and labour shortages, critics have suggested that post-Brexit immigration limits may have exacerbated the crisis. There are differing perspectives on the extent to which Brexit-related variables are contributing to UK labour supply concerns.

According to the Bank of England, slower population growth is contributing to a decline in labour supply, which is being driven by lower net migration from the EU.

An ONS report from September 2021 includes figures on how many employers identified a lack of EU applicants, particularly as a cause for their inability to fill openings. This was mentioned by nearly half of the enterprises in the Transport and Storage sector (46%), as well as more than a third of businesses in Administration (40%), Education (39%), and Arts and Recreation (36%).

Ageing Population

The ageing population accounts for the majority of the labour force in the UK. Almost all occupations experienced changes as a result of the pandemic. The elderly were unprepared for the quick use of digital technologies in the workplace. As a result, many people chose to retire early. According to the International Longevity Centre-UK, the ageing population would result in a 2.6 million workforce shortage by 2030.

Government Response 

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt revealed in his Autumn Statement in November 2022 that the Prime Minister has requested the Work and Pensions Secretary to thoroughly study factors holding down workforce participation due to conclude early in the new year. 

To address recruiting issues following the end of EU free movement, the government has made a temporary exception to the skilled workers' criteria under its 'points-based immigration system' for care workers, as well as establishing a tailored visa for seasonal agricultural workers.

During the pandemic, the government implemented a number of training and employment assistance programmes. More information on employment assistance programmes can be found in the Library briefing Coronavirus: Getting People Back to Work.

UK Industries that are Aggressively Hiring

Now that we have a brief overview of the situation of the UK labour market and shortage, let us shed some light on some of the top industries in the UK that are aggressively hiring due to labour shortage: 

#1 Manufacturing 

The manufacturing industry employed 268,803 fewer workers in 2022 than in Q1 2020, a 9% decline. On LinkedIn, applicants find over 85,000 available manufacturing job openings in the UK. If you want to start a career in manufacturing or move industries, now is a fantastic moment to begin your job hunt.

#2 Hospitality

In the UK, employment in the hospitality sector, also known as accommodation and food services, has declined by 212,233, or 11.6%, compared to Q1 2020. On LinkedIn, there are over 23,000 available hospitality jobs in the UK.

#3 Wholesale and Retail

Employment in the wholesale and retail sector in the UK has decreased by 208,690 workers, a 5.23% decline from the first quarter of 2020. Applicants in the United Kingdom can check out over 98,000 retail job openings on LinkedIn.

#4 Health and Social Work

There are currently 206,000 fewer workers in the health and social work sector. Across England, approximately 6% of NHS doctor roles and more than 10% of nursing staff positions are unfilled. The NHS staff is disheartened as a result of low pay, continual pressure, and a high workload, which has been exacerbated by the epidemic, which has caused many personnel to quit. If you want to work in the health and social sector in the UK, you must first learn about the qualifications necessary by the NHS for the position you want.

#5 Construction

Between Q1 2020 and Q1 2022, employment in the construction sector in the UK declined by 148,743 persons, a 6.4% decrease. In the United Kingdom, there are over 61,000 construction jobs posted on LinkedIn.

The Top 10 Fastest-Growing Job Roles in the UK

Now that we know about the industries in the UK that are eyeing Indian students due to labour shortage, here is a list of the top 10 fastest-growing job roles in the UK for international students:

Top 10 Fastest-Growing Job Roles 

Average Estimated Annual Salary in GBP

Customer Success Consultant


Sustainability Manager


Product Operations Manager


Sales Development Representative


Chief Growth Officer


Enterprise Account Executive


Growth Marketing Manager


Cloud Engineer


Business Development Representative


Chief People Officer


A labour market with an excess of demand is a job seeker's fantasy. The surge in early retirements and the return of international workers to their home countries has created a bit of an oasis for job seekers in a very competitive market. Though the skills deficit is making life easier for job hunters, this may not continue long. The job market in the United Kingdom has always been very competitive, with highly qualified individuals pouring in from the EU and around the world.

If you are planning to study and work in the UK in the field of study that you are passionate about, write to us at and seek the right guidance to kickstart your career! 

Discover the Right University and Course to Study in UK!


What do you understand by labour shortage?

Shortage of a certain type of labour in a specific labour market exists when the number of vacancies has been (or is likely to be) above a level believed to represent 'normal' turnover at the prevailing salaries and working conditions over an extended length of time.

What’s next for the UK labour market?

The figures reflect a significant shortage in the working population in the United Kingdom. The need for labour has risen, while the supply of workers has remained constrained. This has resulted in fierce competition for employees in a labour market with an excess of demand. Employers are trying hard to keep their employees happy and are becoming more sensitive to their employees' needs.

What are some important tips to get hired during the labour shortage in the UK?

  • While applying for opportunities that correspond with your goals, applicants must exhibit their experience, skills, and knowledge in their applications.

  • Increase your hard and soft abilities, especially if you are moving industries.

  • Look for opportunities in those industries in the UK that are eyeing Indian students. While there are many jobs available, competition is tight.

  • Make changes to your online presence, resume, and cover letters. Use industry-specific keywords to create best-practice career documents.

How is the job market in UK right now?

The most recent estimate of payrolled employees for October 2022 shows a 74,000 increase above the revised September 2022 statistics, to a record 29.8 million. The unemployment rate fell by 0.2 percentage points from July to September 2022, to 3.6%.

How is the job market in UK for Indians?

Indian citizens and students looking for work in the UK can now rejoice because there are numerous career opportunities accessible. Highly qualified Indian workers can now relocate to their destination thanks to new laws put in place in 2022. The new Indian work visa for the United Kingdom provides potential career prospects for qualified employees, professionals, and students.

How competitive is the UK job market?

The increase in candidates' declining employment offers is one of the repercussions of the UK labour market becoming so competitive. According to 37% of HR experts, 21-30% of interviewees rejected one of their job offers in the previous year, while 19% faced rejections from 31-40% of prospects.

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