What is a Work Experience Certificate? Check Format, Sample & Components


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The work experience certificate presents insight into a student's previous professional experience and related details. Universities abroad may ask candidates to submit a work experience certificate for MBA or MS programmes. Check out this article for the work experience certificate format and other essential information about it.

What is a Work Experience Certificate? - Format and Requirements

A work experience certificate is an official document that an employee receives from an employer after working in that organisation. Not obtaining your work experience certificate upon leaving a company is comparable to neglecting to pick up your report cards after finishing school. Your future career prospects hinge on obtaining an experience letter. If you aim to change your profession or pursue academic studies overseas, you must furnish specific records related to your prior employment background. One of the significant documents, the experience letter, may be required for specific MBA or MS programs that require work experience.

Professional setting work provides students with practical knowledge known as work experience. The certificate of experience is a letter or official document given by a previous employer in support of an applicant to the university. The document referred to as a work certificate, acts as proof of a student's prior job history with the company or organisation. The certificate should not exceed the length of a paragraph, unlike a reference letter, which can be a full page long. Through the experience letter, your new employer will get a glance at your personality and quantified measures of your performance which will help them arrive at a decision. In this article, we will explore in detail what a work experience certificate is, why is it required, what should be the content of the work experience certificate and how it can be beneficial for studying higher education abroad. 

Work Experience Letter

An official document printed on the company's letterhead that provides a succinct overview of the student's previous work experience is referred to as a work experience certificate. The applicant's records may also consist of one or two noteworthy accomplishments during their period of appointment. When applying to study at a foreign university at the tertiary level, students may need to furnish reference letters from their prior employers or a single work experience certificate from the employer where they last worked. In essence, a work experience certificate is a document provided by your employer that outlines the duration of your employment, the responsibilities you were given, the competencies you acquired, and an appraisal of your overall performance. 

Who Writes a Work Experience Letter?

The work experience letter is written by the organisation's HR department. It is usually the reporting manager who has worked closely with you who is the perfect person to provide details about the work experience letter. Before preparing the experience letter, HR normally gathers information from the reporting manager.

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Why is a Work Experience Certificate Required?

A certificate of work experience is a formal record that is printed on business letterhead and gives a brief summary of the student's prior employment. The applicant's records might also include one or two standout achievements they made while they were employed. When seeking admission to a foreign university for advanced studies, students may need to give evidence of prior work experiences such as letters or a certificate from their most recent employer. This is particularly important for MBA or MS programs, where previous experience is highly valued. The evaluation of your application will be based on the work experience mentioned in it.

What Should a Work Experience Letter Contain?

There is no special or specific format for a work experience letter for studying abroad. The work experience certificate, unlike the Statement of Purpose (SOP) or Letter of Recommendation (LOR), is not constrained by any writing guidelines. However, a good work experience certificate or letter should cover certain important details, such as:

  • Addressed to a specific person/institution or address it as 'Whomsoever it may concern'

  • Date and year when the letter has been issued

  • Name of employee/candidate

  • Designation/role/title of the candidate at the organisation

  • Work details with major responsibilities

  • Dates of recruitment and resignation or last day of work

  • Any additional pertinent job information

  • The company's signature and seal

Here is a detailed breakdown of some points a work letter experience should contain:

  • Employee’s details: The employee's name, roles, responsibilities, abilities, and tenure must be included.

  • Date of issue: The issuing date lies on the second line in the upper right corner.

  • Letterhead: It must be typed on the business or official letterhead of the organisation. It certifies your work with that organisation as official and authorised.

  • Conduct of the employee: This section covers your managers' feedback and observations.

Work Experience Certificate Format & Components

The work experience certificate must be formatted properly. As we have discussed above what a work experience certificate should contain, let us now discuss what is the correct order or format your work experience letter must follow. While the letter's language should be formal and polite, the following elements should be included:

  • The experience certificate should be printed on the company's letterhead

  • The date the certificate was issued

  • To Whom It May Concern- Declaration/Salutation

  • Based on official records, the full name of the employee should be mentioned

  • Duration of employment (date of joining date and last working day)

  • Employee's role or designation

  • Description of performance or responsibilities

  • Warm regards to the candidate

  • Signed by the authorised signatory of the company, the Head of Department, the Head of Human Resources, or the Manager

  • The company's stamp or seal

Why is Prior Work Experience Important for Higher Education Abroad?

Unlike other programmes, for programmes like MBA and MS, prior work experience is of paramount importance. It bridges the gap between you and your desired course or university. Prior work experience may enable you to seize an opportunity to take on some exciting and challenging responsibilities. Most significantly, it aids in the development of contacts who may provide you with information about potential career opportunities. Prior work experience may be beneficial for higher education abroad for the following reasons:

  • Work experience is an excellent approach to mapping out your career if you are unsure of what you want to do.

  • Work experience aids in demonstrating interest and enthusiasm for your chosen profession.

  • Having work experience allows you to speak with and interact with peers, which is the best method to gain an in-depth understanding of your chosen industry.

  • With prior work experience, you will have learnings or case studies which can be insightful for the class.

  • Work experience allows you to learn how to sail your way about, as well as discover the dos and don'ts of the workplace.

Are the Relieving Letter and Work Experience Letter Same?

No, the relieving letter and work experience letter are not the same. However, the relieving letter and the experience letter have the same purpose and nearly the same content format. The following is the distinction between a relieving letter and an experience letter:

Relieving Letter

Work Experience Letter

Analyses and demonstrates your qualities

Discusses work experience, time period, and position

Only when students/employees are leaving the company, they receive this letter

Can be used for a variety of reasons, including loans, college acceptance, and visa applications

Mostly issued for academic purposes

Can be issued for both academic and work-related purposes

Tips for Writing a Request Letter for a Work Experience Certificate

Many students do not claim a work experience certificate despite having legitimate prior work experience due to a lack of timely paperwork. As a result, they may face difficulties later in procuring this certificate once they have left the organisation. Thus, it is important that study abroad aspirants should sort out all of the necessary paperwork to avoid any last-minute hindrance in getting a work experience letter. Here are some tips which you can follow to write a request letter for a work experience certificate:

  • Address the request letter to the authorised person of the company.

  • Always show gratitude for the chance to work with the organisation.

  • Mention your job title and the department where you worked.

  • Mention the reason for your request for an experience certificate.

  • Keep the request letter/email straightforward and concise.

  • When requesting the experience certificate, be kind and professional.

  • Before sending it, double-check for grammatical and spelling errors.

Now that you are familiar with the essential features and the format of a work experience letter, it is easy to spot how it’s different from a relieving letter. For admission purposes, especially for MBA and MS programmes, having a working experience letter is like icing on the cake. Additionally do not forget the above-mentioned tips for writing a request letter for your work experience certificate.

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Who issues the work experience certificate?

The employer or the company issues the work experience certificate after an employee has finished working there. If the relieving procedure has been properly followed, the company will award its employees with an experience certificate. You will need to request them for an experience letter if they do not provide one.

Can I get a work experience certificate if I work for six months?

Yes, you can get a work experience certificate even if you work for six months. Every employee who has worked for an organisation for more than six months has the right to receive a letter from their employer, regardless of whether they resigned or were terminated.

Is a work experience certificate required to study MBA abroad?

Yes, a work experience certificate is required to study MBA abroad because it is one of the deciding factors for admission to a top MBA college abroad. MBA after job not only boosts personal development but also enhances skill sets. Work experience is preferred by top business schools throughout the world since it improves the student's work quality.

Does a work experience certificate required to study MS abroad?

Yes, a work experience certificate is required to study MS abroad. If your professional background aligns with the programme you want to pursue abroad then it is counted as an additional benefit. Ideal candidates for the MS programme will have at least two years of professional experience.

Is a work experience certificate mandatory for international students to study MS in Canada?

No, a work experience certificate is not mandatory for international students to study MS in Canada. However, it can be beneficial to your application if you want to study at leading Candian universities. If your work experience relates to the MS subject you want to study, it could increase your chances of admission to your desired institution.

Is a work experience certificate mandatory for international students to study MBA in Germany?

No, a work experience certificate is not mandatory for international students to study MBA in Germany. In contrast to numerous other countries where work experience is a requirement for MBA degrees, you can obtain an MBA at German universities without having any prior professional experience. As a result, each university has its own prerequisites for earning an MBA.

Is a work experience certificate mandatory for international students to study MBA in Australia?

No, a work experience certificate is not mandatory for international students to study MBA in Australia. Although it is not a requirement to apply for an MBA in Australia, top business schools in Australia prefer it in order to shortlist the finest individuals. IELTS scores or TOEFL scores for English language skills are also needed to study for an MBA in Australia.

Is a work experience certificate mandatory for international students to study MBA in UK?

Yes, a minimum of two to three years of work experience certificate is mandatory for international students to study MBA at UK universities. This is because the MBA programme teaches students the value and significance of teamwork. Therefore, it will be simpler for the student to understand management concepts if he has prior work experience. In the UK, GMAT scores are often accepted more widely than GRE scores for MBA admission.

Do work experience certificates help students get into top-rated universities abroad?

Definitely, work experience certificates do help students get into top-rated universities abroad. Any successful university application should include work experience. It is a necessary entry requirement for some degree programmes. Work experience enables students to demonstrate their transferrable abilities for all UCAS applications as well as important experience to demonstrate their readiness for vocational degrees.

How to write an application to request a work experience certificate?

To request a work experience certificate, your application should begin with your introduction, which should include your name, employee code, and profile. The second important thing is to emphasise the number of months or years you have worked for the organisation.

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