New Record: Indian Students Surpass the Number of Chinese Students in UK


Mrunmayai Bobade
Updated on May 11, 2023 01:21 PM IST

Chinese students are outnumbered by Indian students in the UK, said Mr Alex Ellis, the British High Commissioner to India, while presenting a distinguished public lecture on the India-UK relationship. The British envoy then summarised the geopolitical strategic constraints that would affect the ties between India and the UK.

New Record: Indian Students Surpass the Number of Chinese Students in UK

At a Distinguished Public Lecture on India-UK relationships at O P Jindal Global University (JGU), Mr Alex Ellis, British High Commissioner to India, stated that Indian students in the UK outnumbered international students from other nations, including China. He asserted that although there is an incredible interpersonal tie between the two nations, there is still room to grow the India-UK alliance to a more profound and meaningful dimension.

It was an exceptional and highly esteemed occasion when the British High Commissioner made his first visit to JGU and spoke to scholars regarding global affairs, legislation, and other fields while providing them with a diplomatic and tactical perspective on the alliance across the two major democratic countries worldwide.

He added that there is a human connection between India and the United Kingdom. By 2030, India will overtake the UK as the economy with the third-largest GDP worldwide, while the UK is currently the fifth and sixth-largest. Therefore, both governments are attempting to negotiate an India-UK Free Trade Agreement, and it is of the utmost importance that both countries consider both the economic and diplomatic advantages of such an agreement. 

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The British envoy then summarised the geopolitical strategic concerns that would affect the ties between India and the UK. The conversation on tandem will also be influenced by the effects of climate change, investment and international trade, and stability in the area and the Indo-Pacific regions. However, the human connection that b exists between both countries is more crucial, he added.

The founding vice chancellor of JGU, Professor Dr C Raj Kumar, welcomed Mr Ellis at the university and stated that the India-UK interpersonal connection's astounding development is one of their impressive features, particularly given that both countries dealt with over two centuries of colonial history. 

The India-UK alliance is one of the 35-year-old post-colonial ties that has had the biggest influence on worldwide affairs. As this connection goes beyond the typical confines of security, strategy, investment, trade, and more, high-quality education serves a pivotal role.

The dire need for an increasing number of British students at Indian institutes represents one of the facets of this interpersonal connection that needs even more encouragement, although the inward mobility of Indian students into the UK has been rather significant.

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In his analysis of the India-UK association, Professor Dr Sreeram Chaulia Dean of the Jindal School of International Affairs noted that there is much room for India and the UK to collaborate on initiatives in developing nations to fully reap the rewards of mutually beneficial alliance.

Prospective collaboration between the two countries will be broader, advancing beyond the current FTA and concentrating more on cooperative triple defence agreements with external nations, Chaulia added.

Further, the Dean and Director of the Jindal Global Centre for G20 Studies, Professor Dr Mohan Kumar, welcomed Mr Ellis to India and highlighted the necessity of knowing local customs and dialects. However, he also said that the Centre for G20 Studies would appreciate the High Commissioner's input regardless of when India's G20 Presidency ends in the year 2024.

Source: News 18

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