MBA Salary in UK - Check Average and Highest Salary for Indians


Sristy Sharma
Updated on Mar 31, 2023 09:34 PM IST

MBA salary in UK is one of the best investment returns an international student can think of making. The country provides affordable UK MBA fees along with better returns than other countries. Check out the ROI on average MBA salary in UK against other countries, top job profiles, recruiting industries, and more below.

MBA Salary in UK - Check Average and Highest Salary for Indians

With MBA in the UK being one of the most sought-after courses, you might wonder what the MBA salary in UK could be around. The majority of international students are drawn to an MBA in the UK for two key reasons: the employment prospects and remuneration after completing an MBA degree in the UK. That said, the average remuneration offered as an MBA salary in UK ranges from GBP 80,000 to GBP 150,000 depending upon skills and expertise. You can ascend your way up to a manager-level position in your career by completing an MBA from the UK.

It was reported in a Business Statistics Briefing Paper from 2020 that there are approximately 6 million private sector business organisations in the UK.

With such a massive job market, graduates with MBA in UK may find it easy to get employment in the country. For UK MBA graduates, Newcastle, London, and Sussex are the three potential hubs to live comfortably and earn a higher pay scale. This article discusses each particular detail about MBA salary in UK, popular MBA specialisations, MBA in UK ROI, top recruiting and employment industry for MBA graduates, and more.

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Why Study MBA in UK?

Although an MBA in itself is a very prestigious course, it cannot hold its importance if your average salary after MBA in UK does not match the efforts and finances invested by you. Here are some of the characteristics of the average MBA salary in UK per month which make the course study reliable.

Study at Worlds Best Business Schools

UK business schools are among the best in the world. Many global ranking charts, such as Financial Times, the QS World Univesity Rankings, THE, and, US News have always ranked them highly. Even in cases of employability scores and graduation rates, the b-schools are among the best.

Employment Opportunities With Best Recruiter

MBA graduates of UK b-schools find jobs with the best organisations in the world. Since the skill enhancement and employability of any MBA graduate in UK is so high, many international employers seek employees for top managerial positions.

You can expect to get recruited by world-class organisations, such as JP Morgan Chase & Co, HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group, Ernst Young, Oliver Wyman, Walmart, Tesla, Apple. Inc., NVIDIA Corp., and Alphabet Inc., after completing your MBA in UK.

Are you planning to study masters in the UK? Consult our study abroad experts and choose courses that align with your desired career goals.

Find the Right MBA Specialisation for You!

Global Opportunities

As an MBA graduate from the UK, you will be able to get offers from over 25 countries globally, without putting much effort. This number may seem underwhelming, but it is due to the inability of certain countries to offer remunerations suitable to the professional capabilities of a UK graduate. However, your own discretion makes you free to find a respectable and high-earning job in over 100 countries, if the salary is not your concern.

Awarding Career Paths

You can choose any career path relevant to your MBA specialisation and still rest assured to earn enough to make it through inflation rates, recession, and other economic ups and downs. The type of recruiters and managerial positions MBA graduates in UK have access to makes them among the world's best-paid professionals. Your average MBA salary in UK per month is enough to let you live a luxurious life in the most expensive cities in the world, such as New York, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, Zurich, London, Paris, and Seoul.

Chance to Become a Change Driver

If you wish to do something for your country's economy, or global economy, then MBA courses in UK can offer you a chance. They provide an education suitable for you to become a change driver. You can strengthen the economic and operational foundations by becoming a consultant or an independent entrepreneur. You can also find government jobs, not only in the UK, India, or other countries but at international authorities, such as the IMF, as well.

Popular MBA Specialisations in UK

MBA courses are branched out in several specialisations. If you have a field that has your interest already, then your future path is sorted. However, if you are not sure about which MBA specialisation to choose, or are having second thoughts about your decision, then here are the top 10 MBA specialisations in UK along with a brief description of what they deal with.

MBA Specialisation



The branch explores the suits, responsibilities, and tricks of an entrepreneur. A holistic course-study outline is designed to help students become successful entrepreneurs in their real-life ventures.


The course highlights the importance of a third voice when it comes to organisational decisions. That said, there can be many professionals working internally in an organisation, and only a third party can provide unbiased opinions and solutions.

Finance Management

Finance or money is among the four important Ms of any organisation. The branch teaches students how to control the adverse flow and market trends of finances, and how to make the most out of favourable situations.

General Management

While specialisations offer an opportunity to deeply explore every possible branch of management, General Management teaches how to coordinate all these branches for effective organisational functioning.

Human Resource

Manpower is a part of four Ms of an organisation. It is also the most complicated resource. Hence, the branch deals with how to manage it so that both individual and organisational goals can be achieved.

Investment Management

Investments pave paths for the flow of income and expenses for an organisation. If they are properly balanced, the organisation can lose too much or it can gain an unmanageable income. Hence, the branch shows how to make appropriate investments.


The main source of income for any organisation is its sales. To ensure proper sales, appropriate growth rate, and convey the product's existence to the target audience, marketing is the branch of study. It is among the most popular and profitable branches of management around the globe.

Operations Management

Operations management oversees all those functions which cannot be handled by any other branch, including general management. The biggest difference between general and operations management is that the latter is wholly concerned about internal organisational working.

Product and Brand Management

When compared, it is easier to establish a brand or product quality than to maintain it in long term. The biggest concern is to ensure growth and innovation, while always maintaining the reputation achieved. Product and Brand management deals with these aspects.

Sustainability and Environment Management

Green and sustainable management is the new trend, and important as well. As people grow more aware of their carbon footprint, and natural resources threaten extinction, sustainability and environment management teach how to ensure the least damage to our planet while ensuring advancement.

Highest Paying MBA Job Profiles in UK

Many work prospects are accessible after earning an MBA in the UK, and they heavily depend on the specialisations or coursework you have chosen to take. As discussed, depending on the MBA job type and its concentration, an MBA salary in UK might vary from roughly GBP 80,000 to GBP 150,000 annually. As the courses promise employability they must lead to a good average salary after MBA in UK. Here are some of the highest paying MBA job profiles in UK, along with their average annual salary:

MBA Job Profile

Average Annual Salary (in GBP)

Business Development Manager


Equity Portfolio Manager


Finance Manager


Human Resource Manager


International Business Manager


Investment Analyst


Marketing Manager


Product Manager


Project Manager


Risk Analyst



ROI on MBA in UK

ROI or Return on Investment is a financial formula. It helps in understanding how much profit has been generated on a particular investment.

In the case of MBA in UK, the ROI refers to the growth, both monetary and qualitative, that you can expect upon completing the course. Though the qualitative returns are also considered important, the factual representation is made on a monetary basis only. Qualitative returns are used to provide arguments and support for the figures calculated.

This guide has already discussed selected qualitative returns at the beginning itself.

ROI Calculation of MBA in UK

For a quantitative analysis of the ROI of MBA in UK, the formers formula is used.

ROI = Growth Income-Original Investment/Original Investment

For the purpose of ROI of MBA in UK:

Growth Income = Post MBA Salary => GBP 55,000

Original Investment = MBA Fees => GBP 28,500

ROI = 55,000-28,500/28,500 => 0.93

This implies that the average salary after MBA in UK, in which you annually recover your MBA fees investment by 93% every year, that is your annual salary will be around 93% of your annual MBA fees.

Growth from Pre-MBA Salary in UK

You now know that MBA in UK will reap high returns, however, the ROI calculated was a national average. The reputation and course design of a UK b-school can heavily affect the post-MBA returns of their respective graduates.

Here are selected top b-schools in UK along with their average graduate salary, and the growth percentage from their pre-MBA salaries:


Average Annual Graduate MBA Salary (in GBP)

Growth % from Pre-MBA Salary

London Business School



University of Cambridge



University of Oxford



Imperial College Business School



Alliance Manchester Business School



Warwick Business School



Durham University



Source (average salary):

Source (growth %):

MBA Salary in UK VS Other Countries VS India

There are many factors which affect your salary after MBA courses. One among such is the country from where you study MBA, the country you seek a job, and finally your skills and negotiation. Here are the countries of top b-schools of the world according to FT, their MBA fees, MBA graduate salary, and respective ROIs:

Other Study Abroad Destinations

Average Annual MBA Fees (in GBP)

Average Annual MBA Salary (in GBP)



































UK ROI vs Other Countries ROI

Upon comparison of ROIs, you can see that while in India and the USA, MBA graduates are not able to recover even 1% of their annual fee through salaries, graduates from Canada and Singapore are only able to recover almost 50% of their annual investment. All these four countries have a lower ROI than the United Kingdom. Countries like Australia, France, and Germany compete with the UK, however, Spain surpasses all other countries including the UK.

From this analysis, it is clear that you can earn a good average MBA salary in UK per month, which will allow you to clear out your educational debts in one or two years. Moreover, you can recover all your investments within three to four years.


ROI on MBA Degree


























What Industries Employ the Most MBA in UK Graduates?

It should come as no surprise that operations, marketing, finance, and technology continue to be the businesses that entice the most graduates from UK business schools. Graduates are increasingly seeking tech-related careers, further solidifying the industry's position as one of the most wanted. Surely, your chosen specialisation will affect your typical MBA salary in UK. The following is a discussion of the top five industries that provide the highest graduate salary for MBA graduates in the UK:

Business Analytics

Currently, one of the most sought-after employment categories is this one. It all comes down to the methodical analysis of data to draw reliable findings and make business-related decisions. A business analyst's duties include leading data-driven analysis, developing analytical models, etc. The list below includes a few job roles that fall under this category:

Job Position

Average Annual Salary (in GBP)

Business Application Analyst


Business & Data Analyst


Business Strategist Analyst



An operation manager's duties include formulating, implementing, and reviewing the organisation's operational regulations and processes. By supporting the best performers and maintaining strong morale, they aid in developing the business culture. They mostly collaborate with the company's senior stakeholders. The following are a few of the job roles along with their typical MBA salaries in UK:

Job Position

Average Annual Salary (in GBP)

Commercial Manager


Operations Manager


Research Analyst


Human Resource

The company's Human Resources department makes sure all operations adhere to all applicable local, regional, and federal regulations. They also manage the projects and benefits packages for their staff members. In the UK, a human resource manager typically makes roughly GBP 54,900 annually. In addition to a human resource manager, some other job profiles are shown below along with their respective salaries:

Job Position

Average Annual Salary (in GBP)

Human Resources Officer


Human Resources Specialist


Human Resources Coordinator



After an MBA in finance in the UK, one of the most well-liked industries regarding wages is finance. The financial department is primarily in charge of assessing the company's financial needs and objectives and developing an investment strategy that will work in the company's favour. For monitoring and maintaining track of the company's finances, almost all large corporations and companies always look for financial consultants. In the UK, a finance manager has an average pay of GBP 76,000 annually.

Job Position

Average Annual Salary (in GBP)

Financial Controller


Financial Analyst


Finance Officer



Upon the completion of an MBA in marketing in the UK, marketing is one of the highest-paying job positions. A marketing manager works with the departments of sales, finance, manufacturing, and corporate communications to coordinate promotional strategies. They generally manage the organisation's marketing, advertising, and commercial initiatives. The following list includes a few high-paying marketing positions in addition to a marketing manager.

Job Position

Average Annual Salary (in GBP)

Sales Manager


Communications & Marketing Manager


Product Specialist        


Top Recruiters Offering Highest MBA Salary in UK

After completing an MBA in the UK, there are many potential career and employment prospects available. Top employers also lure graduates by paying MBA grads a competitive commencing wage along with signing bonuses. The annual pay for MBA graduates in the UK varies from GBP 64,000 to GBP 128,000. The following is a list of the top recruiters offering the highest MBA salary in UK:

  • Accenture

  • Bain and Company

  • Barclays Bank PLC

  • Ernst Young

  • FTI Consulting

  • HSBC

  • JP Morgan Chase & Co

  • Lloyds Banking Group

  • Oliver Wyman

  • Santander

Stay Back and PR in UK After MBA

If you wish to stay back in the UK after MBA, then it is quite easy. Since the employability rate of MBA graduates in UK is over 90% it is easier to apply for a Post Study Work (PSW) Visa. As an MBA graduate, even if you do not have a job offer in hand before graduation, you can still apply for the PSW visa. The reputation and employability of MBA courses allow the UKs immigration department to trust your ability to get employed and earn a good average MBA salary in UK per month.

You can also apply for Permanent Residency (PR) in UK based on your MBA course in UK, and the resultant job. It will take you about five years to become eligible to apply for PR in the UK. However, the MBA courses in UK, and the ability to get paid a good average salary after MBA in UK will help you to speed up the process in your favour. An MBA will prove of exceptional help in gaining high PR points, which eventually help you get your visa.

Certain factors contribute highly towards the success of things, like an MBA in UK. As you have seen, this includes your investment, in money and efforts, and expected returns, in money, quality of life, and opportunities. Your average MBA salary in UK per month assures that it was money spent well.

Still have doubts about MBA in UK? No worries! You can approach our study abroad experts to ensure proper and specialised doubt clarification. You can also write to us at to know more.

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How many types of MBA courses offer a high MBA salary in UK?

There are several types of MBA courses that can offer a high MBA salary in UK. Apart from various specialisations, full-time courses in Executive MBA are also available. UK b-schools have been increasingly offering part-time and online MBA courses as well. The majority of online MBA courses from UK b-schools will help you earn a 36%-40% higher annual salary than pre-MBA salary.

Can I earn a high salary in UK through an executive MBA course?

Yes, you can earn a high salary in UK through an executive MBA course. An executive MBA course in the UK is designed for those students who wish to continue working while studying. Generally, people well set in their careers, but seeking growth apply for EMBA programmes. They help in earning a high average MBA salary in UK while allowing continuous growth.

What is the starting MBA salary in UK for graduates?

The starting MBA salary in UK for graduates is dependent on a lot of factors. These include your GPA, specialisation, university, work experience, visa status, and the job profile you shall be applying for. Your negotiation with the employer is the major factor that decides your starting salary. You can expect to earn at least GBP 40,000 annually as an MBA professional in the UK.

What is the monthly salary after an MBA in UK?

The monthly salary after an MBA in UK is within the range of GBP 3,750-12,500. The actual salary depends on your contract with the employer and experience. The starting salaries often grow over time with experience and the job profiles and industry also affect the monthly salary. All these salaries are taxable according to your residence status and slab rates applicable in the UK.

Which MBA offers the highest salary in the UK?

There is no particular MBA that offers the highest salary in the UK. However, graduates of the London School of Business and Finance are known to earn the highest starting salaries. Additionally, MBA job profiles relevant to CS, AI, Marketing, Finance, and Human Resources are also considered among the high-earning profiles.

What is the MBA marketing salary in the UK?

The MBA marketing salary in the UK ranges from GBP 28,000-180,000. There is a lot of scope in marketing jobs for MBA professionals. These jobs require the core skills taught in any MBA course, hence, even as a major of different MBA specialisation, you can eventually get a marketing job. However, completing MBA in marketing will ensure a better starting salary in the industry.

What is the average MBA salary in UK after 5 years?

The average MBA salary in the UK after five years is GBP 50,000-75,000. This range is only a representation of the actual salaries. Your actual salary will depend on how you have managed your career, your job profile, and your current employer. Although a general yearly growth of 2%-5% is applicable it can be accelerated through smart career decisions.

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