Australia vs New Zealand: Which is Better for Study Abroad?


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Wish to study abroad? Refer here to compare the life of an international student in Australia and New Zealand, and choose which is better for Indian students. Also, learn about job opportunities, stay back period, and PR application in two countries post-graduation.

Australia vs New Zealand: Which is Better for Study Abroad?

Australia and New Zealand are not only among the top study abroad destinations but also countries with similar education systems and learning exposures. From average tuition fees to stay-back periods, the two countries can be found mirroring each other in several instances.

While this similarity allows international students to easily understand international education in both New Zealand and Australia, the same makes it all the more difficult for students to choose between the two countries.

So, to give a better understanding of Australia vs New Zealand and which is better among the two, here is everything you need to know about the two countries when it comes to higher education.

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Overview of Ausvs NZ

Australia and New Zealand are both island countries. This geographical location is not just a characteristic of the two countries, but heavily impacts the study abroad possibilities within the two nations.

Here is a comprehensive comparison of various aspects of studying in Australia vs New Zealand:

Comparison Parameters


New Zealand

Intake Seasons

February and July

January and July

Application Documents

Student CV, Application Form, Academic Transcripts, SAT/ACT, GMAT/GRE, IELTS/TOEFL/PTE/Duolingo, SOP, LOR(s), Bank Statements, Passport

Student CV, Application Form, Academic Transcripts, SAT/ACT, GMAT/GRE, IELTS/TOEFL/PTE/Duolingo, SOP, LOR(s), Application Essays

Average SAT & ACT Scores

SAT: 1000-1210

ACT: 21-23

SAT: 1300

ACT: 21-23

Average GRE & GMAT Scores

GRE: 305

GMAT: 695

GRE: 300

GMAT: 650

English Language Proficiency Tests Scores

IELTS: 6.0


PTE: 65

Duolingo: 110

IELTS: 6.5


PTE: 64

Duolingo: 115

Top University World Ranking (THE)


University of Melbourne


University of Auckland

Annual Tuition Fees (INR)

Bachelors: 13,90,000

Masters: 19,50,000

Doctorate: 20,00,000

Bachelors: 14,50,000

Masters: 15,30,000

Doctorate: 5,00,000

Top Courses

Agricultural and Earth Sciences

Biomedical Engineering

Core Sciences


Hospitality and Tourism


CS and Engineering


Agriculture and Forestry


Business and Management


Government-funded, university-specific, and third-party organisations

Government-funded, university-specific, and third-party organisations.

Average Acceptance Rate



Average Graduation Rate



Average Employability Rate



Average Starting Salaries of Masters Students (INR)



Overall Environment

Relaxed and welcoming environment, except for lifestyle challenges.

Quality life and education with an easy-to-adapt environment. Climate conditions could pose challenges.

Tuition Fees and Cost of Living in Australia vs New Zealand

The study abroad expenses in Australia vs New Zealand include not only educational expenses but also other living expenses that an international student has to bear.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees are decided by the respective universities in Aus vs NZ. The annual tuition fees vary as per the university, the course offered, stream, qualification level, and the additional techniques applied by the university for course study.

The difference in tuition fees of universities in Australia vs New Zealand is often driven by the reputation of the institute, practical training, quality and accessibility of study equipment, course material, testing schedules, etc.

Stream and Qualification

Annual Tuition Fees (INR)


New Zealand

Arts and Humanities - Bachelors Courses



Arts and Humanities - Masters Courses



Business and Management - Bachelors Courses



Business and Management - Masters Courses



Engineering and Technology - Bachelors Courses



Engineering and Technology - Masters Courses



Medical Sciences - Bachelors Courses



Medical Sciences - Masters Courses



Accommodation Rent

International students will find the universities in Aus vsNZto be well equipped to accommodate international students for a living. The majority of universities in Australia vs New Zealand have on-campus accommodation available for students at minimised rent in comparison to off-campus accommodation.

Apart from hostel accommodations, students can also choose from various other available accommodation types in Australia. New Zealand offers accommodation in form of homestays as well.

Type of Accommodation

Monthly Rent (INR)


New Zealand

On-campus accommodation - Single



On-campus accommodation - Shared



Off-campus hostel accommodation - Single



Off-campus hostel accommodation - Shared



Private Rentals



Home Stays



Food and Other Necessities

International students in Australiavs New Zealand will have to undertake certain expenses, such as food and other basic necessities. These can be as follows:


Monthly Costs (INR)


New Zealand

Food and Groceries









Phone and Internet



Travel Expenses

International students in Australia can choose among various transport options to commute to their university, or around the city. These may include private vehicles like personal vehicles, cabs, etc., or public transport such as buses, ferries, trams, and trains. The average monthly travel expenses in Australia amount to INR 21,200.

On the other hand, New Zealand is slightly more expensive than Australia in terms of travel expenses. However, transportation options are more readily available in New Zealand. Students can choose among trains, buses, ferries, and funiculars for public transport. Rental bicycles are also extremely popular in New Zealand at affordable and much cheaper prices. The average monthly travel expenditure in New Zealand can reach up to INR 35,000.

Entertainment Expenses

International students often make the mistake of not taking entertainment expenses into account while preparing a budget to study abroad. Since the study abroad period is lengthy, it can be confirmed that entertainment expenses shall occur, both in Australia and in New Zealand.

Entertainment expenses can differ hugely on the basis of region and city, as well as the type of entertainment chosen. So, here are entertainment expenses for international students in Aus vs NZ:


Per Session Cost (INR)


New Zealand

Eating Out



Movies (Students)






Amusement Parks



Miscellaneous Expenses

There are many expenses which cannot be budgeted due to their sudden or one-time occurrence nature. Here are some of the possible miscellaneous expenses while living as an international student in Australia vs New Zealand.


Average Cost (INR)


New Zealand

One-time Medical Assistance



One-time Medical Assistance - serious


Free OR Subsidised

Round Flight to India



Stationary and Books Annual Cost



Everyday Petty Expenses



Universities and Colleges in Australia vs New Zealand

Australian universities are highly recognised to be at par with universities in the US and UK. Moreover, the education system and timeline of Australian universities match a lot with the Indian education system. This makes it fairly easier for Indian students to adapt themselves to studying in Australia.

Universities in New Zealand are well respected around the world for their research-intensive course design. The universities aim to inculcate a practice of independent and innovative thought processes and steps to develop the same into fruitful research initiatives. Heres a comparison between universities in Australia vsNew Zealand:



New Zealand

Best STEM Universities

UNSW Sydney

Monash University

University of Melbourne

University of Sydney

University of Queensland

University of Auckland

Massey University


University of Canterbury

University of Waikato

Best B-Schools

University of Queensland

University of Melbourne

Monash University

UNSW Sydney

Australian National University

University of Waikato

University of Otago

University of Auckland

University of Canterbury


Best Law Schools

University of Melbourne

UNSW Sydney

Australian National University

University of Sydney

University of Queensland

University of Auckland

Victoria University of Wellington

University of Otago

Best Art Schools

Australian National University

University of Melbourne

University of Sydney

University of Queensland

Monash University

University of Auckland

University of Otago


Victoria University

University of Waikato

Number of Universities in Top 150 THE Rankings



Number of Universities in Top 150 QS Rankings



Number of Universities in Top 150 US News and Report Rankings



Number of Universities in FT MBA Rankings



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International Scholarships in Australia vs New Zealand

International students in both Australia and New Zealand have a lot of scholarship programmes to choose from. They can find various government- or university-funded, or external scholarships to study in Australia vsNew Zealand.

International Scholarships in Australia for Indian Students

Here are some of the famous scholarships for Indian students to study in Australia:

Name of Scholarship

Funded By


Australia Awards Scholarship

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

For international students from Indo-pacific native countries

For full-time courses at Australian universities and TAFE institutions

Covers full tuition fees + return air travel + establishment allowance + living expenses + OSHC

Destination Australia Scholarships

Australian Government

To study in regional Australian universities

INR 8,28,200 awarded to over 1000 students

ARTP Scholarships

Australian Government

For full-time Master's research degree (2 years) and PhD research degree (3 years)

Internship under leading Australian researchers

Covers tuition fees + health cover costs

Griffith Remarkable Scholarships

Griffith University

Merit-based scholarship

For full-time bachelors, master's, or doctoral courses

Covers 50% of the tuition fee

International Scholarships in New Zealand for Indian Students

Indian students can apply for the following scholarships to study in New Zealand:

Name of Scholarship

Funded By


Tongarewa Scholarship

Victoria University of Wellington

For full-time bachelors, masters, and PhD courses

INR 2,48,500-4,97,200

AUT International Excellence Scholarships

Auckland University of Technology

merit-based scholarship

For bachelor, master, and PhD students

INR 3,72,890

Commonwealth Scholarships


For master's and PhD courses

Covers tuition fee + living allowance + establishment cost + medical insurance + air travel expenses + travel insurance + research costs

New Zealand International Scholarships

Ministry of Education

For selected full-time bachelor's, master's, and PhD courses

Required 6.0 IELTS bands

Covers tuition fees + airfare + living allowance + establishment cost + medical insurance + research costs

Student Visa for Indian Students in Australia vs New Zealand

A summary of the process to apply for Australia Student Visa and New Zealand Student Visa has been summarised below:



New Zealand

Cost to Apply for Student Visa (INR)



Documents Required to Apply for Student Visa



Application fee

Academic Transcripts

Work Experience documents

English Proficiency Test scores

Standardised test scores

Intent to return

Bank statements



Application fee

Academic Transcripts

Work Experience documents

English Proficiency Test scores

Standardised test scores

Intent to return

Bank statements

Special Requirements

Medical Insurance is compulsory

Travel and medical insurances are compulsory

VisaApproval Duration and Level (weeks)



Student VisaISA Rejection Rate



Job Opportunities in Ausvs NZ

There are many job opportunities available for international students after graduation from universities in Australia vsNew Zealand.


International students in Australia can refer to the following facts to understand the job opportunities available in Australia after graduation:

  • Graduates can expect a starting salary of INR 35,00,000 after graduating from master's courses.

  • Over 80% of international students manage to find themselves employed within one year from their date of graduation.

  • Graduates can apply for jobs in various sectors, including corporate, teaching, research cell, freelancing, business start-up, etc.

  • International graduates can also apply for jobs with the Australian government as well.

New Zealand

International students in New Zealand can take advantage of various job opportunities which the country has to offer. Some of the relevant facts are:

  • The New Zealand government and banks are highly cooperative with international graduates who wish to induce innovation and creativity into the countrys economy. They help with required capital support.

  • The agricultural sector, which comprises over 70% of the countrys GDP, employs over 20,000 international graduates.

  • The forecast reports for 2025 show a requirement of over 50,000 skilled labour force, which cannot be met by the countrys human resources alone.

  • Some of the highest paying jobs for international graduates in New Zealand include IT Manager, Construction Manager, Ophthalmologist, Marketing Manager, Pathologist, and Judge.

Stay Back Period in Australia vs New Zealand

International students can choose to stay back in Australia for up to a period of two years after completing their course in Australia. However, the stay back period shall be determined on basis of their course and qualifications.

International students can live after their graduation by applying for a stay back opportunity in New Zealand, with or without a job. They can apply for Post Study Work visa with a job offer, which allows a longer stay back period with easier extension. They can, alternatively, apply for stay back without any job offer, however, they may be asked to state their intentions behind their stay back.

Here is an overview of the stay back periods in Aus vs NZ:


Stay Back Period (Years)


New Zealand

STEM Courses



Medical Students


3-4 (regional areas)


Masters Graduates



PhD Graduates



PR in Australia vs New Zealand

International students can migrate to study abroad destinations, including Australia and New Zealand, by applying for a PR visa after completing their studies. They can apply for an Australia PR visaor New Zealand PR visa, through the following guidelines:

  • Australia PR visa can be applied for on basis of skills, employment, dependent relations, partner, or nomination. After four years of living as a resident in Australia, Australia PR visa holders can apply for citizenship in Australia.

  • Australia PR points calculator also considers the region in which international student completed their studies from.

  • New Zealand PR visa can be applied for after living in New Zealand for two years. Hence, international graduates can apply for a PR visa after completing their stay back period.

  • Skilled migration, business investment, and special skill-based migration are some of the pathways highly supported by the two countries while issuing PR visas.

If international students see themselves as better suited for research, forestry, agriculture, or the mining sector, then New Zealand is a better study abroad destination. On the other hand, Australia as a study abroad destination will benefit them more if their interest lies in geological sciences, construction, and building, hospitality industry, or natural resources management.

You can consult our study abroad experts to guide you better to choose between Australia and New Zealand.

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What are the eligibility criteria to study in Australia?

The eligibility criteria to study in Australia are decided by respective universities. Hence, each university has different eligibility criteria for different courses. That said, international students are commonly asked for their GPA, standardised test scores, language proficiency test scores, ad proof of past academic performance and current educational aptitude. SOPs, application essays, and LORs are also common admission requirements.

What GMAT score is required to study MBA at University of Auckland?

The GMAT score required to study MBA at the University of Auckland is 700 or above. The university is among the best universities in New Zealand and offers various specialisations for an MBA degree. In order to apply, English proficiency test scores (perferably IELTS), work experience, GPA of at least 3.0, SOP, application essay (as per question prompt), LOR(s), and Student CV shall also be required.

Can I study and migrate to Australia with a bachelor's degree?

Yes, you can study and migrate to Australia with a bachelor's degree, if it is a full-time course. Australia PR points go higher if the bachelor's degree has been obtained from an Australian university. You will have to apply for a Post Study Work visa after completing your bachelor's course or an extension on Student Visa to study master’s courses. Eventually, you can apply for Australia PR visa.

When should I apply for Student Visa in New Zealand?

The right time to apply for a Student Visa in New Zealand is on receipt of letter of enrollment. Once you have received your College Acceptance Letter from a university in New Zealand, you will have to reply with ‘intent to enroll’. Once your LoE arrives, you can immediately apply for a Student Visa of New Zealand. You must keep the other documents required for visa application ready in advance.

Which are the best regional universities to study in Australia?

The best regional universities to study in Australia are any universities which are located in parts other than central city of Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and other urban cities. Some of the best universities in regional Australia are Griffith University, James Cook University, Edith Cowan University, Charles Darwin University, and Southern Cross University.

Which are the most popular courses to study in New Zealand?

The most popular courses to study in New Zealand are relevant to the top-performing industries of New Zealand. The majority of international students prefer to study in New Zealand courses like Engineering, MBA, Tourism and Hospitality Management, IT, Data Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Psychology, Forestry, Architectural, Horticulture Sciences, Medicine, and Animation.

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