Job Opportunities in Australia for Indian Students

Sristy Sharma
Updated on Jan 05, 2023 2:45 AM IST

Job Market for Foreign Students in Australia

Universities in Australia are highly-ranked for part-time work opportunities on- or off-campus and graduate employability. The country offers a number of casual jobs for international students in the industries of retail, hospitality, telemarketing, sales, reception, customer service, labour, driving, deliveries, etc.

It is quite obvious for an international student who spends lakhs of rupees on education in Australia to know about the scope of studies and job opportunities while studying and after completing studies. While there are several options for students completing their studies from an Australian institute, most international students prefer staying in the country for jobs, gain work experience and later apply for a permanent visa after graduation.

Australian universities hold global rank in a variety of fields including physical sciences, social sciences, life sciences, engineering and technology, and more. Apart from high standards of education, the country is also popular among study destinations because of the study-work flexibility it offers. An international student in Australia will have the same protections as a full-time employee in the country. A number of charities and non-government organisations in Australia also offer volunteer work opportunities in each state and territory including Victoria, Western Australia, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland and Northern Territory.

Here’s What You Need to Work in Australia

Study-work Regulations in Australia

International students in Australia are allowed to work alongside studying. However, this comes with a number of regulations and conditions which are as follows:

  • One can work on- or off-campus up to 40 hours per fortnight while their course is in session. A fortnight refers to the period of 14 days starting from a Monday.

  • Unrestricted work rights are also offered to family members of subclass 573 (Higher Sector) and subclass 574 (postgraduate research sector) visa holders enrolled in a masters by research or doctoral degree.

  • Australia is working with the Fair Work  Ombudsman to help students understand Australian Workplace laws.

  • One shall not be allowed to start working in Australia before their course commences.

  • A course is considered to be in session if it is in line with the school semesters or if the student can take another course that may count towards the main course during term period.

  • Work experience is added to a student’s work hour restriction whether it is paid or unpaid.

  • One will be allowed to work for more than 40 hours a fortnight only if it is a part of the course and is mandatory; their masters by research or doctoral degree has started or their course is not in session.

  • Volunteer work in Australia does not have a work limitation of 40 hours per fortnight.

  • One will get at least a minimum pay per hour no matter what job they do.

Part Time Jobs in Australia

International students need approximately AUD 45,000-120,000 for three to four years of bachelor’s study in Australia. Similarly, for a master’s study of two years, students need AUD 30,000-75,000. These are however only tuition fees and living expenses are adhoc. The overall financial burden on the students is doubled with the educational loan. It is hence highly recommended and common for international students to work part-time jobs in Australia.

Australian Student Visa allows international students to work up to 20 hours per week on a part-time basis. These jobs pay on an hourly basis to the students, and many allow the students to earn enough to uphold their lifestyle and even save for their future.

The best-paying part-time jobs in Australia for international students have been listed below:

Job Profile

Average Hourly Wage ( in AUD)

Freelance Writer


Freelance Graphic Designer




Cab Driver 


Personal Trainer


Customer Service Representative




Delivery Person


Shop Assistant




Source: Talent

Top Region-wise Part-time Jobs and Expected Salary in Australia

The most popular jobs for international students in Australia are available in:

  • Hospitality: restaurants, cafes, bars, delivery

  • Tutoring

  • Services: aged care, cleaning, childcare

  • Farming and fruit-picking- seasonal work

  • Retail: supermarkets, boutiques, department stores

  • Administration: Clerical work

Given below are some of the top region-wise part-time jobs open to international students in Australia:

South Australia

Job Role

Expected Salary per Hour



Aged Care Worker


Cafe Waiter


Administrative Assistant


Delivery Person



Job Role

Expected Salary per Hour



Data Entry Operator


Customer Service Expert


English Tutor


Market Research Interviewer


New South Wales

Job Role

Expected Salary per Hour

English Teacher


After School Care Educator


Aged Care Worker


Delivery Person


Receptionist & Admin



Job Role

Expected Salary per Hour

IT Support


Private Tutor


Outbound Phone Sales Agent


Client Services


Freight Handler


Custom Service Expert


Western Australia

Job Role

Expected Salary per Hour

Office Assistant


Marketing Assistant


Kitchen Hand


Sales Representative


Personal Tutor


Northern Territory

Job Role

Expected Salary per Hour

Marketing Administrator


Research Assistant


Private Tutor


Dog Groomer/Walker




Administrative Assistant


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Stay Back Options in Australia

International students have the option to stay back in Australia on basis of their course duration. The country allows a stay back ranging from six months to four years, with or without employment, depending on the course duration of the students. The highest stay back is allowed on master’s courses and STEM degree courses. However, students can avail the benefit even through short-term courses, such as diploma courses.

There are certain conditions that need to be met to avail of the stay-back benefits on the courses. These include:

  • The enrolled course must be of at least two years duration.

  • The course delivery must require the student to be present in person on campus.

  • The student must hold a valid Student Visa.

Apart from the above, students can also benefit from the stay-back provision on basis of their institutes. There is an additional and favourable credit available to the students enrolled in universities situated in regional areas of Australia.

The following are the respective stay-back period benefits available to students enrolled in varying types of courses offered in Australia:

Course Type

Stay Back Period (in months)

Diploma Courses


Bachelor’s Courses


Master’s Courses


PhD. Courses


STEM Courses


Regional University Courses


Post-Study Work Rights in Australia

Australian Student Visa allows students to stay back in the country after completion of their course for up to four years, with or without an employment offer. They can use the time period to find a job relevant to their degree. To take up the employment offer and work the job graduates need to let go of their student visa as it bars them from working full time. The student visa allows the holder to work on a part-time basis for up to 20 hours per week, however, full-time employment demands the graduates to devote 40 hours per week to their job responsibilities in service of their employing organisations. To gain work rights students need to apply for a Post Study Work Visa in Australia.

The steps to acquire a Post Study Work Visa are:

Step 1: Apply for a Post Study Work Visa while in the last semester of the course programme, which is well before the expiry of the student visa.

Step 2: Apply for job opportunities while staying back in Australia with a Post Study Work Visa.

Step 3: Once the job offer has been availed and the visa holder has started working they need to wait to receive a Permanent Job Offer on their current job position.

Step 4: On receiving a permanent job offer, graduates can apply for Work Permit Visa in Australia.

Post-Study Work Opportunities in Australia

An international student must hold a work visa to stay, live and work in Australia after completing their education in the country. So, before graduating, they must apply for a temporary graduate visa (subclass 485) without which stay in the country will not be permitted for work purposes. The visa allows students to live, work and stay in Australia on a temporary basis for 2 to 4 years depending on their qualification.

Except for permanent residents in Australia, every other person needs to follow rules and regulations in order to work. This majorly includes the following:

  • The type of work one is eligible to engage in

  • Number of working hours

  • Eligibility for a job role

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485)

While applying for a Temporary Graduate visa in Australia, an international student must make sure that they meet the following conditions:

  • Must be below 50 years of age

  • Must hold an eligible visa

  • Must have held a student visa in the last 6 months

  • Must have evidence of adequate health insurance

  • Must have a recent degree in a CRICOS-registered course

  • Must provide evidence of having applied for an AFP check

  • Must provide evidence of the required level of English

Full-Time Job Opportunities for International Students in Australia

Top 5 Industries in Australia

Australia offers abundant full-time job opportunities for students in various industries based on relevant skills and experience. Filled with expatriates, the country employs skilled people in a wide range of sectors including the following:

  • Hospitality and Retail

  • Engineering

  • Education

  • Healthcare

  • Mining and Energy

  • Construction

  • Science & Biotechnology

  • Accounting and Finance

Pay Scale for Full-Time Job in Australia

Check the average pay scale for different full-time job roles offered to recent international graduates in Australia. The pay scale may vary depending on skills, experience and organisation. However, one can estimate the average salary pay in Australia on the basis of the table added below:


Average Pay Scale per Year 




$75,000 to $100,000 

Hospitality and Retail






Healthcare Industry


Science & BioTechnology Industry


How to Get a Full-Time Job in Australia?

Many international students in Australia study in the country with a hope to land a full-time job after graduating. While there are many job openings for skilled and qualified students, getting a job requires a lot of patience and time. Usually, students enrolled in a 2-year degree program in Australia start applying for jobs when they are in the second or third semester.

Here are the guidelines which will a student already in Australia to apply for a full-time job:

Apply for Jobs through Job Portals

There are multiple job portals and websites where employers from different sectors keep posting job openings regularly on the basis of their job requirements. One can visit authentic websites, search and shortlist jobs according to their skills and experience and apply for it and make sure to be aware of the fake post and cross-check eligibility and other requirements before posting details on the website.

Look for Jobs on Social Media

Nowadays, a lot of employers post job openings on social media platforms. Students can keep checking the posts on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn for the same or also join and follow groups that are associated with job openings in Australia.

It is also a good way for students to be informed of the latest job opportunities and trends in the job market.

Create an Effective CV

CV is the most important document to be considered for a job role as it marks the first impression on recruiters. It is highly recommended that international students spend a good amount of time on creating an effective CV before sending it to recruiters.

One must make sure to keep it simple and honest, highlighting their achievements, experience and qualifications. The format of the CV must be appropriate which must certainly include a valid email Id and contact details.

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Highest Paying Jobs in Australia

Australia is one of the best countries for job seekers. There are not only immense job opportunities but individuals get paid handsomely as well. These general characteristics coupled with the economic statistics of the country give way to high-paying jobs in the market. 

In 2022, Australia recorded an economic growth rate of 4% and has projected a growth rate of over 1.5% for the upcoming years. The wage index of the country has already stabilised itself to pre-pandemic figures, and the inflation rate is expected to reduce by two to four percent by the year 2024. These positive projections assure positive trends in the employment sector as well.

International students completing their higher education in Australia can easily transform to become a part of the Australian economy. There are varying high-paying job opportunities available for them, out of which the most prominent have been summarised below:

Job Profile

Average Annual Salary (in AUD)







General Legal Consultant


General Manager


Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


Company Secretary


Portfolio Manager


Operations Manager


Investment Consultant


Source: Salary Expert

MBA Salary In Australia

MBA is widely considered the best postgraduate master’s degree in terms of career enhancement and professional development. The ROI of the degree is extremely high as well. It is one of the main reasons behind the high MBA salary in Australia for international graduates.

As MBA is one of the best courses, students can pursue the course in Australia and further get lucrative remunerations through job profiles that are highly paid.

Here are some of the MBA-relevant job profiles with the highest salary after graduation in Australia:

Job Profiles

Amount (in AUD)

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


Chief Operations Officer (COO)


HR Manager


Finance Manager


Project Manager


Marketing Manager


Source: Indeed

FAQs on Job Opportunities in Australia for Indian Students in 2024

What are the popular part-time jobs for international students in Australia?

Popular part-time jobs in Australia include Babysitter, Mail deliverer, Driver, Retail sales jobs, Head Server, Hospitality executive, etc. Apart from these, international students in Australia can also perform freelance tasks in the areas of their expertise or what they feel is of good service. The students must ensure that they plan their working and study hours accordingly.

Is the part-time hours cap also applicable during semester vacations in Australia?

No. The cap on part-time job hours for international students in Australia is applicable only during their semester study program. During semester vacations in Australia, they can easily work as long as they want. The aim behind the cap is to ensure that their part-time work doesn’t hamper their studies.

Which are the maximum paying part-time jobs in Australia?

The maximum paying part-time jobs in Australia include Freelancing, Tutoring, Driving, Agency, Secretary, Stylist, Oral Hygienist, Personal Trainer, Mail Carrier, Makeover Artist and Waitering. A handful of part-time job options can generate comparatively higher levels of incomes due to presence of variable rate or presence of variable incentives.

Are part-time jobs secure for international students in Australia?

Part-time jobs in Australia are as secure as the dedication and appropriate behavior of the student on job. However, when students are helped by an Australian university in securing jobs, they can negotiate better terms and a certain security against the turbulent market of Australia. On an overall basis, since there is no permanency in part-time jobs, security is a consistent issue.

Are part-time jobs beneficial for international students in Australia?

Yes, part-time jobs are beneficial for international students in Australia which can help international students not only to finance their leisure and incidental expenses but also as savings and investments. These additional funds can prove quite decisive for the international students in ensuring their stay and maintenance of personal goals. They help students with experience about the work culture and general environment of the country.

What kind of expenses can be covered by part-time jobs in Australia?

International students in Australia can easily cover leisure expenses and incidental expenses with the help of income from their part-time jobs. They can also use this income to enjoy random explorations of the city they are in. They can use this income to cover their traveling expenses as well which seem minimal but often mount heavily over time.

Can international students do part-time jobs in Australia?

International students can easily do part time jobs in Australia. Although there is a cap of 20 hours per week, international students can manage the time with their program of study Students need to ensure that their part-time employment does not hamper their education or course in any manner while working part-time in Australia.

What is the maximum wage for international students in Australia?

There is no cap on maximum wages for international students doing part time jobs in Australia. As long as the student ensures that they are following the working hours cap, they can earn as much as possible based on their potential. In case the taxable limits are crossed by the wages, it is recommended to take advice from university administration.

What is the minimum wage for international students in Australia?

The minimum wage for international students in Australia has been fixed at AUD 18.43 per hour. The wage rate may differ in accordance with the industry, but in order to put such a case forward, the student shall prove that the minimum wage rate is nominal with regard to the industry and job role.

What is the scope of job opportunities for international students in Australia?

Job opportunities in Australia for international students requires them can apply for varying part-time jobs either on an individual or university level. At the university level, the administration can act as an agent of yours. While in Australia during the ongoing course, an international student can only work for 40 hours per fortnight (starting Monday), and during vacations, there is no work-hour limit.

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