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Planning to study in UK after 12th? Universities in UK provide a wide variety of undergraduate programmes for Indian students after 12th. Read the article to know the best courses in UK after 12th for almost every stream and a list of popular universities offering these courses. 

Top Courses After 12th to Study in UK

Indian students planning to study in UK after 12th have an extensive range of academic programmes to choose from. Aspirants can choose to pursue various certificate, diploma and degree courses in the UK after completing their higher secondary. 

As we all know that the UK is the home to some of the most popular and oldest institutes in the world. Indian students time and again have chosen high-ranking universities in the UK for their quality education and academic programmes. 

UK universities provide global exposure along with a degree that is credible and excellent. Their credentials are accepted worldwide by institutes and organisations alike. One cannot deny the lucrative paths that a UK degree can open for students.

Studying top courses in UK after 12th can be advantageous for the future of the students. Firstly, you will get the exposure that will help you create a mark from your contemporaries and you can stand tall. In your career path, you get to learn about the perspectives of other people and engage in international dialogue which will help develop analytical, interpersonal and leadership skills.

Planning to study in UK after 12th but unable to make an informed decision about which course to choose? Discuss your profile with our expert team and get help to apply to top UK universities!

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Top UG Degree Programmed in UK After 12th

The United Kingdom is one of the best study abroad destinations and offers a multitude of undergraduate courses to Indian students who have completed their 12th grade. Given below is the list of top courses to study in UK after 12th along with their streams:


Popular UG Degree Programmes


Arts and Humanities

Anthropology and Archaeology

English Literature

Hospitality and Tourism

Mass Communication






Science (Medical)

Animal Sciences



Earth Sciences



Molecular Sciences


Science (Non-Medical)

Automotive Engineering


Civil Engineering

Computer Science

Electrical Engineering

Industrial Engineering


Mechanical Engineering








International Relations



Note: This is not an exhaustive list of top courses to study in UK after 12th.

Curious to know about top courses to study after 12th in other countries as well? You may check out the following links for the same:

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Top Diploma Courses in UK After 12th

Along with UG courses, the UK has a wide variety of diploma courses too. For short-duration courses, diploma courses are quite popular amongst the international student community. Diploma courses are generally technical which helps the student get a job by utilising all the training experience they obtained during their course of study. The table below contains some of the popular diploma courses along with the universities they are offered in:


Diploma Courses

Harley Oxford

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Diploma

University of Bolton

Diploma in Accounting and Finance

London School of Planning and Management

Diploma in Business and Management

London School of International Business

Diploma in Health and Social Care

Shipping College

Diploma in Maritime Shipping

International Career Institute

Executive Diploma in Mediation

Cambridge School of Visual Arts & Performing Arts

Foundation Diploma in Arts and Design

Regent College, London

HND in Accounting and Finance

Regent College, London

HND in Entrepreneurship and Business Management

London Film Academy

Screenwriting Diploma

Top Courses in UK After 12th for Arts and Humanities

For students wanting to pursue arts and humanities after 12th, the UK universities provide a huge collection of courses that are popular all over the world. The UK being home to Shakespeare gives good career opportunities to the students of the arts stream. Some of the top courses to study in UK after 12th in the arts and humanities stream are given in the table below:

Anthropology and Archaeology

English Literature

Hospitality and Tourism

Mass Communication





Language Literature


Graphic design and visual communication


Top Courses in UK After 12th for Science (Medical)

With one of the best research programmes to offer, the UK has an excellent selection of courses related to the science stream. Generally, in almost all countries including India and UK, science students have the option of two pathways: medical and non-medical. Given below are some of the popular courses students wanting to opt for medical pathway in UK after 12th can choose from:

Animal Sciences



Earth Sciences



Molecular Sciences


Top Courses in UK After 12th for Science (Non-Medical)

As mentioned above, one of the pathways that a science student chooses is non-medical, which means anything apart from life sciences can be included in the list. Generally, this stream is a combination of physics and mathematics along with chemistry. The table given below shows a list of popular courses for non-medical Science aspirant in UK after 12th:

Automotive Engineering


Civil Engineering

Computer Science

Electrical Engineering

Industrial Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

Top Courses in UK After 12th for Commerce

It is a stated fact that good commerce has the potential of increasing the country's economic growth by leaps and bounds. England has one of the finest groups of colleges offering commerce courses that are famous worldwide for providing excellent graduates every year. Following is the list of some commerce courses that are famous amongst the student community:






International Relations





Top Law Courses in UK after 12th

Studying law in UK will not only enable you to practice as a solicitor or barrister but also help you develop diverse skill sets which you can apply in several situations. You will learn to assimilate complex information, form arguments, think with clarity and write with precision. The UK universities expect students to develop views about the law, why it is so, whether it should be so and how things might be different. The popular law specialisations to study in UK after 12th are:

Legal Studies


International Law

Environmental Law

Intellectual Property Law

Family Law

Constitutional Law

Labour Law

Property Law

IT Law

Human Rights Law

Healthcare Law

Top 10 UK Universities to Study After 12th

As discussed, the UK is known for its extensive group of the oldest and most popular group of colleges that has successfully bagged the top position in the QS World University Ranking list. The following table contains the top 10 universities in UK along with their rankings for 2022:


QS World University Ranking 2023

First Year Tuition Fees (in GBP)

University of Oxford


27,840 to 39,010

University of Cambridge


22,000 to 58,000

Imperial College, London


31,000 to 45,300

University College of London


23,300 to 34,100

University of Edinburgh


23,100 to 32,100

The University of Manchester


24,500 to 48,000

King's College, London



London School of Economics and Political Sciences


23,330 to 34,584

University of Warwick


22,280 to 28,410

University of Bristol


20,100 to 38,000

Admission Intakes for Top Universities in UK After 12th

There are three major admission intakes for UK universities. The application dates of the universities are specified and vary from one course to other. The students must be well aware of the majority of intake applications for undergraduate programmes. There are three types of intake seasons in UK which are:

  • Fall Intake: This is the primary intake in UK and is from September to December. The application process for the same opens between December and July of the previous year. 

  • Spring/Winter Intake: The winter intake is the second major intake for students who do not get admission in the fall intake for any particular reason. The intake is from January to April and the application opens from September to November. 

  • Summer Intake: The May intake or summer intake lasts till August. Students start filling up the form in October - November of the previous academic year. 

Eligibility Criteria to Study in UK After 12th

The eligibility criteria or requirements to study in UK after 12th are subject to the type of programme one chooses along with the university. Given below is the basic list of requirements that is required for admission to almost all UK universities:

Note: Applicants must check the detailed eligibility criteria by visiting the official website of their desired UK university.

Application Process to Study in UK After 12th

In the UK, a central agency called University and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) is in charge of collecting undergraduate applications and sending them to the appropriate universities. You must begin applying to UK universities once your paperwork is prepared. The UCAS application portal is used to apply for the vast majority of undergraduate applications to UK universities. You can use UCAS to submit one application to five universities.

International students can enrol in the UK in a variety of ways, including in January, September, and May. Select the intake that provides the programme of your choice, and then submit your application before the deadline. After being accepted into a university, you may start applying for a UK student visa at your nearest embassy.

Scholarships in UK for Indian Students to Study After 12th

The UK universities to attract international students offer a wide variety of scholarships. These aids help them to finance a part of their stay and education in UK. Scholarships are provided by the individual departments of the universities, government or other organisations to eligible students.

 More often than not, the eligibility criterion is good academic grades in higher secondary. However, scholarships are also awarded based on region, gender, sports achievement, co-curricular activities, etc. As scholarships will help considerably with the costs of staying in the UK, you must take the application process seriously and apply for as many scholarships as possible. Here is a list of the top scholarships offered by the top UK universities for courses after 12th:

Name of Scholarship

Provided By

Award Amount

International Pathways Scholarship

Coventry University

GBP 3,000

Think Big Undergraduate Award

University of Bristol

GBP 6,500-13,000 towards tuition fees and 3,000 towards living costs in the first year

Transform Together Scholarships

Sheffield Hallam University

50% discount on tuition fees

The Bursary Beyond Price

University of Westminster

GBP 5,000

Chancellor's International Scholarship

University of Hertfordshire

GBP 500-4,000

Global Buddy Scholarship

University of West England

25% discount of tuition fees

Students must note that they also need to pay living expenses in the UK in addition to their tuition fees. Depending on your selections and the city you stay in, the cost of living in the UK varies for students. The typical monthly cost of living in the UK is approximately GBP 1,100 to 1,400.

The UK is one of the popular destinations for those who have high aspirations. The majestic universities with their rich heritage have a lot to offer to international students. They emerge as refined individuals after studying different medical, non-medical, engineering and law courses in the UK. The popularity of the institutions is because they have high standards of education, excellent curriculum, a diverse range of courses and active research and experimentation. So, students intending to study in the UK must research well and choose the courses that suit them well. 

Need more information about top courses to study in UK after 12th? Or, got queries to ask our experts? Drop your queries at

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Can I study in UK after 12th without IELTS?

Yes, you can study in UK after 12th without IELTS. There are many universities in the UK that accept international students without an IELTS score. These include the University of Plymouth, University of Bolton, London South Bank University, University of Central Lancashire, University of Essex, Robert Gordon University, Northumbria University, University of Greenwich, Portsmouth University, etc. For more information, visitTop Countries to Study Bachelors, Masters, and MBA Abroad Without IELTS.

Which courses are best to pursue after 12th in UK?

The following courses are best to pursue after 12th in UK:

  • Biological sciences

  • Business & administrative studies

  • Engineering & technology

  • Physical sciences

  • Computer science

  • Law

  • Medicine & Dentistry

  • Historical & philosophical studies

  • Mathematical sciences

  • Agriculture & related subjects

  • Mass communications & documentation

  • Architecture, building & planning

  • Veterinary science

For detailed information, check our article on how to Study Bachelors in the UK after 12th.

Can I study in UK after 12th?

Yes, you can study in UK after 12th as there are a number of top universities in UK that offer a wide range of undergraduate programmes. You can choose a course from an array of streams like Arts and Humanities, Science (Medical), Science (Non-Medical), and Commerce. For more information, check out 7 Tips to Choose the Best Universities to Study Bachelor's Degree Abroad.

How much percentage is required for study in UK after 12th?

The following is the percentage required to study in UK after 12th for different programmes:

  • Science and Commerce- 12th-grade marks should be 70 to 80% or above.

  • Foundation and Diploma Programmes- 60% or above.

  • Humanities- 12th-grade marks should be a minimum of 65%.

It should be noted that there may be percentage fluctuations depending upon the university or programmes. Also, the applicant must be at least 18 years of age at the time of applying.

How much is the cost of living in UK for Indian students?

Depending on the subject and the area where one is studying, the cost of living in UK for Indian students can vary between INR 19 lakhs to 39 lakhs per year. However, in order to qualify for a Tier 4 visa, an Indian student residing in the UK must additionally demonstrate that they can afford at least INR one lakh per month. 

How is the life in UK for Indian students?

Students in the UK can enjoy their study programmes in addition to their coursework and vacation in any of the UK's cities. Particularly during breaks or free time, students have the opportunity to visit numerous interesting places. By visiting the art galleries and museums, students may experience the vibrant culture of the cities. For detailed information, check out our article on Student Life in UK for Indian Students.

Can Indian students study in UK after 12th for free?

Yes, it can be said that Indian students can study in UK after 12th for free. The majority of colleges that provide free education in the UK to Indian students provide a variety of study abroad scholarships, which may be the best approach for Indian students to receive a free education in the UK. The GREAT scholarship, Commonwealth scholarship, and Chevening scholarship are a few examples.

Why is studying in UK after 12th is better than in other countries?

Studying in UK after 12th is better than in other countries because UK institutions are renowned worldwide for their innovative and demanding environments that encourage students to perform at their highest levels. They have highly regarded standards, excellent academic professionals, and UK institutions consistently rank highly in international university rankings.

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