Stay Back Period and Post Study Work Permit in New Zealand


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New Zealand is a charming rival to the other study abroad destinations with its excellent educational standards and post study work rights. Read on to find out all about the stay back and post study work permit in New Zealand.

Stay Back Period and Post Study Work Permit in New Zealand

Stay Back and Post Study Work Permit in New Zealand: Post study work visa New Zealand is the best way to engage in worthwhile employment after completing education in the country. Workers in the country are provided with equal rights and opportunities as laid down by the government irrespective of the country of origin. Moreover, New Zealand ranks in the first position for maintaining work-life balance and is a safe and secure country.

Named the most business-friendly country in 2005 by the World Bank, the country has a globalised economy mainly driven by its service sector. The universities in New Zealand are instrumental in training and producing highly-skilled workers who become the backbone of the economy. Arts and Media, Hospitality, Tourism, Construction and Infrastructure, Business, IT and Telecommunications are the sectors in high demand among top recruiters in the country. International students can, therefore, fully utilise the job opportunities by applying for a post study work visa New Zealand.

Let us now delve a little deeper into all about stay back and post study work permit in New Zealand.

What is Post Study Work Visa in New Zealand?

The New Zealand post-study work visa is a permit which grants students the opportunity to stay back in the country and engage in employment. New Zealand has several immigration policies. The post-study work permit in the country is dependent on the course and its duration and the permit is given according to it. 

International students can get employed in any kind of work they wish to engage in. Their partners also apply for a work visa and their children can study in New Zealand just like the people of the natives. One can easily get a residence visa if one works in a sector with a shortage of skilled workers. 

In New Zealand, international students get post-study work permits of 1, 2 and 3 years if they satisfy the criteria for immigration. The areas where there is high demand for skills are agriculture, engineering, business, ICT, science, trade and transport. 

As per the latest updates, the duration of the post-study work visa in New Zealand depends on the duration of their study in the country which is up to three years. This is however not applicable for masters or doctoral candidates who will still receive three years of post-study work rights if they have completed at least 30 weeks of study in New Zealand.

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Highlights of Post Study Work Visa New Zealand

Here are some key highlights of New Zealand post study work visa that will come to your aid to understand the scenario.

Level of Education

Course Duration

Visa Duration

Two qualifications at Levels 4-6

60 weeks. Two courses of 30 weeks each.

Three years

One qualification at Level 4-6

60 weeks

Three years

Level 7 qualification without degree

30 weeks

Three years

Level 7 Bachelors degree and above

30 weeks

Three years

Who Are Eligible for a Post-Study Work Rights in New Zealand?

As mentioned, international students who wish to stay and work in New Zealand can apply for a study permit for three years. The eligibility criteria for post-study work rights as per the latest updates are:

  • Students studying bachelor's degree, bachelor's honours degree, postgraduate diploma, master's or doctoral degree in New Zealand for a minimum of 30 weeks will get post-work rights.

  • Students undertaking qualification at level 7 and below (excluding bachelor's degree) will be eligible for post-study work rights if the qualification is relevant to an occupation mentioned in the Green list. 

  • Students who have studied non-degree qualifications relevant to the Green list will only be allowed to work in that particular area. All these changes have been made in alignment with the needs of New Zealand.

  • There are 20 positions on the Green list which are directly connected to Level 7 and below level qualifications.

Requirements for a Post Study Work Permit in New Zealand

The following are the post study work visa requirements New Zealand that every applicant must follow. The key documents to be produced for a post study work permit in New Zealand are:

  • The applicant must have a real work account that will act as a profile with the New Zealand immigration department and the formal communication will be carried through it.

  • Recent identity proof and character certificate.

  • Medical certificates testifying physical fitness and a chest x-ray

  • Two photographs and a passport

  • Proof of interest to work in New Zealand

  • Proof of a qualification acquired from New Zealand

  • Proof of financial sufficiency to sustain in the country which includes bank statements, credit card statements and other financial documents. They must have NZD 5,000 in their bank account while transitioning from student visa to post study work visa New Zealand.

How to Apply for a Post Study Work Permit in New Zealand?

The students who wish to apply for a post study work permit in New Zealand must do it online or via paper application. They must apply as soon as the course completes or within three months of the expiry of their New Zealand student visa. Here are the steps for online application for the permit.

  • Step 1: Visit Immigration New Zealand.

  • Step 2: Create a RealMe account.

  • Step 3: Fill up the application form.

  • Step 4: Upload photo and all the necessary documents.

  • Step 5: Pay the online application fee and immigration levy of NZD 495 using their debit or credit card.

It is notable that a New Zealand post study work permit is processed within 33 days.

Types of Work Visa in New Zealand

The work visa is a broad term that includes many different categories of visas that are granted to those who wish to work in New Zealand after completing their studies.





Work Holiday Visa

Upto 12 months

NZD 280

This visa is suitable for those who wish to work for 12 months or less.

Essential Skills Visa

Upto 5 years

NZD 495

For those who will work temporarily in the country.

Work to Residence Visa

30 months

NZD 635

People who wish to stay permanently in New Zealand.

Skilled Migrant Visa


NZD 2,710

This visa is for those who want to stay for an indefinite period.

Extension of Post Study Work Visa New Zealand

Earlier, people could apply for an extended New Zealand work visa after their post study work permit duration ends. In that case, they will have to complete another qualification in New Zealand including:

  • at least a Level 7 Bachelors degree

  • that lasted for a minimum of 30 weeks

  • is higher than the qualification the one submitted for in the previous visa.

But now, according to the new rules, international students can no longer apply for a second New Zealand post study work visa. This step has been taken by the New Zealand government to reduce the duration of work in the country without applying for an Accredited Employer Work Visa. Students who are already studying in New Zealand are exempted from the new rules and those applying for a student visa from May 11, 2022, will be considered under the new regulations.

New Zealand has been known to offer a relaxed pace of life like no other country. Students from across the globe prefer the country for a wide spectrum of reasons - from a good education system to a better lifestyle/quality of life/future for the family. Moreover, students are likely to find great opportunities to advance in their careers if they choose New Zealand as their study abroad destination.

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