Guide to Obtain Australia PR Visa for Indian Students


Sristy Sharma
Updated on Jun 06, 2023 02:59 PM IST

Indian students can become permanent residents of Australia in different ways. Here is a guide that tells all about Australia PR eligibility, application process, available visa types, study and migration route, PR points calculator, and more.

Guide to Obtain Australia PR Visa for Indian Students

Australian PR visa is gaining popularity among Indian migrants who wish live, study, work or settle permanently in the country. The top reasons for so are world-class education infrastructure,  higher wage rates, promising job opportunities, a comfortable climate and a multicultural environment that helps them prosper and thrive. 

Every year thousands of immigrants apply for Australian PR which is a permanent visa but not citizenship. A permanent resident can study, work and live in Australia without restrictions. After four years of living as a PR, they can apply for citizenship. In an attempt to manage skill shortages in several sectors and support the transition to a net zero-emission economy, Australia is planning to increase the cap to 1,90,000 permanent residents every year. The article will cover in detail what an Australian PR visa is and the steps to apply for the visa. 

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What is Australia PR Visa?

Australia PR visa is a visa issued by Australian immigration authorities to foreign nationals interested in settling down permanently in Australia. It comes under the immigrant visa type and the most popular Australia PR visas include certain skilled work and family visas.

When an individual becomes an Australia PR, they can avail of a five-year travel facility, which allows them to leave and re-enter Australia as many times as they want. The same shall be valid from the date of granting the permanent visa.

After five years, the Australia PR travel facility will expire and the resident will have to apply for either a resident return visa or Australian citizenship.

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Why Apply for Australia PR Visa?

The Australia PR visa holder is eligible for various privileges. These are:

  • Right to live in Australia without a fixed limit;

  • Freedom to work and study in the country;

  • Freedom to travel to and from Australia as per the travel facility, 

  • Australia PR visa holders may be eligible to apply for Australian citizenship after a specified period of time;

  • In case visa holders have children while their visa is in active use, their children will automatically gain Australian citizenship;

  • Australian PR visa holders can sponsor a relative coming to Australia for permanent residence;

  • Australia PR visa unlocks the health and social benefits which Australian citizens such as Australia's national health scheme, Medicare;

  • They can readily apply for bank loans to buy property;

  • They can also attend free English language classes offered by the Adult Migrant English Program.

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What are Australia PR Points?

Australia PR points are used to calculate the demand for the skills of the visa applicant in the Australian market. The majority of PR visa applicants are skilled workers and are looking for better employment and living opportunities in Australia. However, if their skills are not useful or in demand, they might be unable to make a living out of them.

Australia PR points are the government’s tool to ensure that the incoming migrants are not a state liability or contingent state liability to Australia. State liability is a term for those people or subjects for whom the government provides the necessities, as they are unable to take care of themselves. Since Australia PR visa often leads to a whole family’s permanent migration to Australia, the risk and burden of them becoming a state liability has to be avoided.

Australia PR visa applicants are required to have a minimum of 65 Australia PR points to get their visa application considered.

How are Australia PR Points Calculated?

Australia PR points are calculated based on parameters set by the Australian government. There are various factors considered for the points calculation. Australia PR points calculator considers all the factors and the status of the visa applicant for the parameter, and accordingly, the final rating of the person is generated. 

Australia PR points calculator, rather than going for market figures, focus on the potential of the person in getting employment, adding value to the economy, and their longevity. 

It is required by the Department of Home Affairs that an Australia PR visa applicant must have at least 65 Australia PR points to be considered eligible for the visa.

Australia PR Points Calculation Parameters

The factors or parameters that are considered to calculate the Australia PR Points are:

  • Age of the applicant,

  • Duration or experience of the applicant in Australia as a resident or worker,

  • Work or living experience of the applicant in any foreign nation,

  • Education and qualification level in Australia or any other country,

  • Competency in the English language as per proof of proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL/PTE/Duolingo),

  • Living and educational experience in a regional area of low growth population metropolitan,

  • Applicant’s partner’s (spouse) skills, or Australia PR points.

Australia PR Visa Types for Indian Students

Australia has been quite welcoming to Indian skilled migrants. It is proved by the availability of over 30 visa categories for Indians including students to apply for Australia PR Visa. The categories of visas are divided into three streams, each of which acts as primary eligibility to get an Australian PR visa.

The streams, their subheads and their available visa categories are given below:

Australia PR Visa Streams


Australia PR Visa Streams

Australia PR Visa Types

Australia PR Visa Subclasses

Skill Stream Australia PR Visa


Independent Skill


State/Territory Nomination

Business Innovation

Business Investment

Post Study Work

Subclass 189, Subclass 190, Subclass 491, Subclass 891, Subclass 485, Subclass 494, Subclass 491, Subclass 186, Subclass 887, Subclass 191 

Family Stream Australia PR Visa 

Partner or Spouse



Extended Family or Relatives

Subclass 309, Subclass 100, Child Visa 101, Child Visa 102, Child Visa 802, Child Visa 445, Subclass 870 

Special Eligibility Stream Australia PR Visa or Other Visas

Global Special Humanitarian



Independent Global Talent

Distinguished Talent

Subclass 866, Subclass 858, Subclass 202, Subclass 124

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Australia PR Visa Eligibility Criteria

Australia PR visa eligibility criteria are the basic requirements which need to be met by any applicant to get their application considered. There are various additional requirements for each subclass and visa category. However, these basic eligibility requirements remain consistent throughout the visa categories. There are no waivers available for these requirements. 


IELTS is an English language proficiency test. It is a requirement for the Australia PR visa applicants that they prove their fluency in the language. It is also one of the parameters in the Australia PR points calculator. IELTS score is represented in bands.

There is no minimum band requirement announced by the DHA. However, it is seen that a low score creates an adverse effect on overall Australia PR points. The majority of visa applicants with an overall score below 7 bands in IELTS end up with low PR points.

Visa applicants can take other English language proficiency tests if they are unable to take IELTS. Other eligible tests include TOEFL, PTE, etc.

Although other tests are accepted, it is recommended that applicants avoid Internet or online-based tests in favour of paper-based tests, even in the case of TOEFL.

Skill Assessment Result

Skill Assessment Result is just another name for Australia PR points. All the applicants need to prove that they can be contributing citizens to Australia, and for this, they need to undergo a test or calculator. As discussed above, Australia PR points calculator comprises the parameters (previously mentioned) and their status for the applicant and accordingly derives an overall score.

DHA requires applicants to have 65 points as minimum eligibility PR points. However, it is important to mention that it is only a minimum eligibility score, it does not guarantee the visa, but only that applicant’s visa application shall be considered. The majority of applicants with a score of 65 PR points get their Australia PR Visa rejected.

Ideally, an applicant needs to have a score of 75 or above to successfully become an Australia PR visa holder.

Steps for Australia PR Visa Process

Given below are the steps for the Australia PR Visa process for Indian students. 

Australia PR Visa Process

Step 1: Prepare Basic Eligibility Criteria Documents

The first step to applying for the Australia PR visa is to prepare the basic application documents. These requirements are common to all visa categories and subclasses, and, therefore, must be prepared foremost.

To prepare the documents, the applicant is required to take the IELTS test, and also subject themselves to the Australia PR points calculator. Once they receive official transcripts and their overall bands and scores satisfy the minimum eligibility criteria, they can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Select Visa Type

Applicants shall have to first decide the stream they are applying for. Once the stream is decided, they can move to visa categories and subclasses. As stated above, there are over 30 visa categories available for Indians to choose from. It is better to consult an Expert to avoid getting confused or lost.

Although applicants do not need to wait for their IELTS and Skill Assessment transcripts to select the visa type, it is recommended that they do so in case they are unsure about their performance. Meanwhile, they can go through all the visa categories and shortlist those they can apply for.

Step 3: Select Profession

Once the applicant is clear about the stream and visa category, they need to select the profession from the Skilled Occupation List or SOL. The Australia PR visa applicants must prove that they shall become contributing citizens to Australia, rather than state liability. 

This step does not apply to dependent parents, spouses, and children, as their PR points shall be calculated as per their partner, child, or parent’s PR points.

Step 4: Get Australia PR Points Certificate

As the applicants get over with their profession and visa category selection, their IELTS and skill assessment certificates should be finalised. The applicants shall now officially start filing the visa application. They will have to register to Australia’s point-based system and submit an EOI or Expression of Interest in the Australian Skill Select System. The process is conducted online.

The portal requires the applicants to fill in all their details and PR points-related details.

Step 5: Get Invitation to Apply

Once the applicants submit EOI along with their basic eligibility documents and personal details, they will be assessed by the immigration authorities on an executive level. As per the guidelines and rules, the authorities will eventually send the candidates eligible with an Invitation to Apply or ITA for Australia PR Visa.

Step 6: Get Medical Certificate and Character Certificate

Once the applicants have received ITA, they will be needed to research the Health and Character requirements of DHA.

There are no eligibility criteria set, as it is common knowledge that a person of good character and minimal legal disputes is more likely to get the visa. In case of health requirements, the person needs to submit their Medical certificate which states their current health status. The certificate can be used to get insurance, whose amount shall differ based on health status.

It must be noted that, unlike character certificates, a complicated Medical Certificate shall not create complications for the applicant, provided their PR points are highly eligible.

Step 7: Submit Australia PR Visa Application

Applicants shall be required to compile all their documents, certificates, transcripts, and any other additional requirements and submit the application to the immigration authorities in their country or city. 

Indian students need to submit their Australia PR visa application to the Australian High Commission in New Delhi.

Step 8: Attend Visa Interview

In the application process for the Australia PR Visa, a visa interview is the final step. After the authorities have thoroughly examined the application, they will invite the applicant for the visa interview, along with the date and time. The applicant needs to make themselves available at a decided time and date.

Once an applicant gets clearance in a visa interview they shall receive their Australia PR Visa Grant. An applicant has to only wait for the grant after their interview.

Australia PR Visa Fees and Overall Cost

Australia PR visa process will cost the applicants approximately AUD 5,500 (3,00,000 INR) per person. The costs differ depending on the type of applicant, with the cost for the primary applicant being the highest, followed by the secondary applicant (spouse or major family member), and the least for children (below 18 years of age).

Here are all the Australia PR process cost drivers and overall Australia PR visa fees:


Australia PR Visa Cost Driver

Amount - AUD (INR)

Primary Applicant

Secondary Applicant

Child Applicant

Government Visa Processing Fees

3,760 (2,06,000)

1,900 (1,04,000)

950 (52,000)

Skill Assessment (skill-based variable)

300 - 950 (16,400 - 52,000)

300 - 950 (16,400 - 52,000)

300 - 950 (16,400 - 52,000)

IELTS (English Proficiency tests)

250 (13,700)

250 (13,700)

250 (13,700)

State Sponsorship (if applicable)

300 (16,400)

300 (16,400)

300 (16,400)

Medical Certificate

30 - 100 (1,640 - 5,500)

30 - 100 (1,640 - 5,500)

30 - 100 (1,640 - 5,500)

Visa Grant Fees

70 (4,000)

70 (4,000)

70 (4,000)

Overall Australia PR Visa Fees

4,710 - 5,430 (2,58,140 - 2,97,600)

2,850 - 3,570 (1,56,140 - 1,95,600)

1,900 - 2,620 (1,04,140 - 1,43,600)

Note: All amounts are subject to change based on currency fluctuations.

Study in Australia and Migrate with Australia PR Visa

Indian students who wish to migrate to Australia may also do so even though the Australia PR visa is primarily a skill or work-based immigrant visa. International students can easily choose to study in Australia and then use the skills they have gained to apply for an Australia PR visa. Their educational and practical experience during their course shall prove a great help in PR points calculation. 

Australia PR Study and Migrate Visa Process

Indian students can choose any of the courses offered by Australian universities and use the same to eventually migrate and settle in Australia.

Step 1: Apply to University

The fore most step shall be to apply to any Australian university to study in Australia. To get admitted to the chosen course, an Indian student needs to fulfil the eligibility criteria of the related course and fill out an application for admission. Once the university examines the application, they shall issue an offer letter to the applicant.

Step 2: Apply for Australia Study Visa

Once the student accepts the offer letter from the university to study in Australia, they can use the same to apply for an Australia Study Visa. To get the study visa, it is required that the course asks for the student’s in-person attendance at an Australian university for at least three-four months. Once the student’s study visa application has been cleared, they will be offered a Study Visa Grant.

Step 3: Apply for Australia PR Visa

Once the international student uses an Australia study visa to reach and study in Australia, they need to complete the course. Only when they are about 4-6 months away from completing the course, they must apply for the Australia PR visa. They can directly file the application to DHA’s Immigration and Citizenship office in Australia wherein all the formalities and procedures shall remain the same as mentioned previously in this guide.

Step 4: Complete Course and Get Visa Grant

Once the application has been filed and the visa interview attended, the student can focus on completing their study and stay in Australia as an international student while they wait for their visa grant. The student can continue staying in Australia as a PR or permanent resident once they receive an Australia PR visa grant.

Although the guide answers all possible questions extensively, we understand the depth of the decision. With a lot of time, cost, and hopes at stake we understand students get confused and afraid. Our experienced experts are here to guide you through your study abroad journey, from evaluating your profile to visa assistance.

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Can Indians apply for an Australian PR visa?

You may apply for an Australia Permanent Resident Visa if you are an Indian citizen and a skilled worker or business professional. You must also satisfy all other eligibility conditions and have a minimum score of 65 and more to be qualified for the PR Visa category of your choice.

What is the eligibility for an Australian PR visa?

Australian PR visa eligibility criteria include attempting the English language proficiency test and qualifying skill assessment tests. Applicants have to undergo a skill test or a calculator that takes into account age, English language proficiency, occupation, work experience, education and health.

Is 75 points enough for Australian PR?

Yes, 75 points is a good score for Australian PR. The minimum requirement is 65 and the maximum score one can obtain is 130. Therefore, candidates must ensure to get at least 75 points so that they can increase their chances of getting permanent residence in Australia. 

Which are the best courses for an Australia PR visa?

The best courses for an Australia PR visa are Engineering, Sales and Marketing, Computer and Information Technology, Human Resources, Accountancy and Finance, Hospitality, Healthcare, Education and Training,  Construction and Professional Scientific Services. These courses are mostly based on the Skilled Occupation List and students can increase their PR points by studying them. 


What is the Australia PR process?

The Australia PR process involves understanding the eligibility criteria and choosing the right visa. Applicants must also prepare supporting documents and apply for skill assessment tests. Finally, they have to lodge their Express of Interest (EOI) application and then receive an invitation to apply. In the last step, they need to wait for the processing of the decision. 


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