GMAT Score Requirement to Study MBA Abroad


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The GMAT score requirement to study abroad varies from one country to another and one university to another. Read the article below to know country-wise basic eligibility to pursue MBA abroad as well as the GMAT score requirements.

GMAT Score Requirement to Study MBA Abroad

For business schools around the world, the Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT, is an integral part of the application process. The purpose of this exam is to help Admissions Committee (AdCom) understand your readiness for their MBA programme before they offer you admission. To put it simply, the higher your GMAT score, the more your chances of getting accepted into the business school of your choice.

The GMAT exam is a computer-based adaptive test, which means that as you respond correctly, the difficulty level will increase. It implies that if you provide the right response to a question, the following question will be more difficult, and vice versa. The GMAT's Quantitative and Verbal sections, which account for the majority of the score, are the most significant part of the exam.

Exploring the top universities at which you might choose to pursue an MBA abroad becomes pivotal when you are preparing for the GMAT. While each student hopes to receive a top-notch education from a prestigious university, each one sets its own GMAT requirements in addition to other criteria for MBA applicants. In this article, we will discuss country-wise GMAT score requirements and eligibility to study MBA abroad.

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Country-Wise Basic Eligibility to Pursue MBA Abroad

The MBA admissions process is somewhat similar at all major international universities and colleges. To enrol for an MBA programme, students must submit their GMAT scores as well as their English language proficiency scores, such as the IELTS exam or TOEFL exam, in addition to generic application documents and visa letters. Following is a discussion of the country-wise basic eligibility to pursue an MBA abroad:

United States (USA): The most fundamental prerequisite for an MBA in USA is the successful completion of a four-year bachelor's degree or showcase 16 years of education. You may still apply even if you already hold a master's degree. For executive MBAs, a minimum of two to 10 years of prior work experience is required.

United Kingdom (UK): Students can apply for an MBA in UK after completing three years of undergraduate study. The majority of UK universities require a minimum of three years of full-time managerial work experience.

Australia: An MBA in Australia programme requires three to four years of undergraduate study from a recognised university. A minimum of two to three years of work experience may be required depending on the university and course specialisation.

New Zealand: You must have three to four years of work experience in addition to a bachelors degree from an accredited university if you want to study MBA in New Zealand.

Canada: To pursue an MBA in Canada, a student is required to hold a four-year bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. They may occasionally be required to provide proof of three years of full-time employment or work experience certificates.

Ireland: You must hold a degree from an accredited university and have completed three to five years of work experience in order to be eligible to enrol for an MBA in Ireland.

What is a Good GMAT Score to Study MBA Abroad?

A good GMAT score for an MBA will rely on a variety of variables, including the school to which you are applying to, your career objectives, the business programme, and others. The GMAT exam's overall score ranges between 200 to 800 points. The GMAT score requirement to study abroad differs for every business school. Usually, a GMAT score of 650 or higher is considered as a good score to study MBA abroad. However, if you wish to attend top business schools in the world, a good GMAT score would be anything over 720.

Although there is no optimal GMAT score for MBA applicants, you should identify your personal ideal GMAT score range. Once you have determined that, you can plan your GMAT preparation accordingly. Being realistic initially, making a small list of the MBA programmes you want to go for, and approaching former students or alumni for advice are the best ways to learn your target GMAT score. For more information, you can check out our article- What is a Good GMAT Score & How is it Calculated?

Country-Wise GMAT Score Requirement to Study Abroad

As per the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), GMAT scores are recognised by more than 2300 business schools across 114 countries for over 7000 programmes. However, it must be noted that the GMAT score requirements to study abroad vary from one country to another and similarly from one university to another. The following are country-wise GMAT score requirements to study abroad:

GMAT Score Requirement to Study in USA

The USA is one of the most sought-after study abroad destinations, and it is home to several prestigious business schools that provide a well-recognised MBA curriculum with extensive industry exposure. With around 15 business schools, the United States tops the list of the top 50 international business schools. For US universities, the GMAT cut-off range is one of the highest. The following table represents the GMAT score requirements to study MBA in USA:

University Name

Average GMAT Score

Boston University


Carnegie Mellon University


Columbia University


Cornell University


Dartmouth College


Georgia Institute of Technology


Harvard University


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


New York University (NYU)


Northwestern University


Stanford University


University of California, Berkeley (UCB)


University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)


University of Chicago


University of Michigan


University of Pennsylvania


University of Texas at Austin


Yale University


GMAT Score Requirement to Study in UK

The UK is also a notable mention for its potential universities for MBA programmes. In particular, Said Business School, the London Business School, and Warwick Business School, among others, are internationally renowned. The applicant must have a higher GMAT score in addition to an exceptional application in order to be admitted to an MBA programme in the United Kingdom. The following table represents the GMAT score requirements to study MBA in UK:

University Name

Average GMAT Score

Alliance Manchester Business School, the University of Manchester


Cranfield School of Management


Durham University Business School


Imperial College London


London Business School


Said Business School, University of Oxford


Strathclyde Business School


University of Cambridge


Warwick Business School, University of Warwick


GMAT Score Requirement to Study in Canada

Canada is one of the top study abroad destinations because of its inexpensive tuition fees and welcoming immigration policies for international students. It has continuously been listed among countries like the US and the UK for its MBA programmes and is known for having top-ranked universities like the University of British Columbia and the University of Toronto. The following table represents the GMAT score requirements to study MBA in Canada:

University Name

Average GMAT Score

McGill University


McMaster University


Queens University


University of British Columbia


University of Western Ontario


Universite of Montreal


University of Alberta


University of Toronto


York University


GMAT Score Requirement to Study in Australia

Australia is home to internationally renowned business hubs like Sydney and Melbourne. Australian business schools, particularly those at the University of Melbourne and the University of Sydney, have carved out a prominent place in the global university rankings. The following table represents theGMAT score requirements to study MBA in Australia:

University Name

Average GMAT Score

Australian National University


RMIT University


University of Melbourne


University of Sydney


University of New South Wales


GMAT Score Requirement to Study in Asia

In Asia, you can take business-related courses in Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, or South Korea. All major business schools in these countries require a GMAT score of 600 or higher, with the exception of the University of Hong Kong. The following is a list of top universities in the Asia continent and their GMAT score requirements:

University Name

Average GMAT Score

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU)


National University of Singapore (NUS)


Peking University


Seoul National University


Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)


Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Tsinghua University


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GMAT Score Requirement to Study in Europe

For improved employment prospects, students are heading to Europe to pursue MBA. In addition to the UK, Germany, Ireland, France, Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands are quickly gaining popularity among students aiming for an MBA and MS. A minimum GMAT score of 600+ and work experience as required by the university are required for applicants to get admission in top European business schools. The following is a list of top universities in the European continent and their GMAT score requirements:

University Name

Average GMAT Score

Bocconi University


Copenhagen Business School


Erasmus University Rotterdam


ESADE Ramon Llull


HEC Paris School of Management


Imperial College London




London Business School


London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)


The University of Manchester


The University of Warwick


University of Cambridge


University of Navarra (IESE)


University of Oxford


Popular Universities Accepting GMAT Scores for MIM Abroad

In addition to MBA programmes, many universities also accept GMAT results for MIM degrees. For students with less professional experience, there is a postgraduate programme in the field of management. The following are some top colleges that accept GMAT scores for MIM courses:

School Name

Median GMAT


ESCP Europe



Essec Business School



HEC Paris



IE Business School



London Business School



Rotterdam School of Management



Stockholm School of Economics



The University of St. Gallen



Universita Bocconi



University College Dublin: Smurfit



You can use these average GMAT scores to establish a benchmark and begin your GMAT preparation appropriately. It is easy to get your desired GMAT scores by preparing thoroughly in advance. Depending on the university or business school you are interested in attending, you can set your GMAT target score!

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Is it necessary to give the GMAT to study abroad?

No, it is not necessary to give the GMAT to study abroad. To apply for an MBA programme abroad, you do not necessarily need to submit your GMAT scores, as some universities do not demand them as part of the admissions process. To determine which universities mandatorily require GMAT scores and which do not, you must conduct in-depth research. You may check out our article- MBA Without GMAT in Top Business Schools Abroad.

Can I study MBA in USA without GMAT?

Yes, you can study MBA in USA without GMAT only if you satisfy the alternate eligibility criteria required by the university. An outstanding academic record with an average Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0, work experience spanning at least two to three years, a Statement of Purpose (SOP), and Letters of Recommendation (LORs) are the standard entrance requirements for MBA universities in the USA that offer MBA without GMAT.

Is GMAT only for MBA?

No, the GMAT is not only for MBA. It is true that the GMAT is a test that is exclusively created for applicants to business schools. But, the GRE exam is a standardised test that students can take to obtain admission to graduate programmes across practically all subjects, including the MBA. However, the GMAT has typically been given preference over the GRE.

Can I get a scholarship with a GMAT score of 650?

Yes, you can get a scholarship with a GMAT score of 650. For qualified candidates with a GMAT score between 610 and 640, the GMAT scholarship available for the MBA and several Master's programmes gives a 20% tuition reduction. 30% off tuition for accepted candidates with a GMAT score of 650 to 680, 40% tuition reduction is available to eligible candidates with a GMAT score of between 690 to 720, etc.

What GMAT score do I need to study MBA abroad?

To study MBA abroad, a GMAT score of 650 or above is considered decent. Most MBA experts agree that anything over 650 is excellent, and anything above 700 is extraordinary. For the best MBA programmes, a GMAT score of 700 or more is typically required, although this does not automatically rule out the possibility of admission to the best business schools if your GMAT score is below 700.

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