GMAT Cutoff 2023 - Minimum Cut off Marks for Top Business Schools Abroad

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Updated on Apr 26, 2023 9:58 PM IST

The minimum GMAT scores that applicants must get to be eligible for admission at certain top business schools abroad are known as GMAT cutoffs. Each participating GMAT university sets minimum scores that applicants with managerial backgrounds must meet to be accepted. 

Applicants must submit their GMAT results to the desired management schools and colleges after receiving their scorecards to be considered for admission. 

Applicant's performance in the admission interview, along with other submitted documents like MBA Essays, Statements of Purpose (SOP), and Letters of Recommendation (LOR), as well as GMAT cut-offs, scores, and prior academic records, influence the probability of acceptance to various highly esteemed B-Schools internationally.

Factors Determining GMAT Cutoff 2023

The usual bracket of Institutional Cutoff ranges above 650 for both national and international colleges. The cut-off marks determined by an institution resides on various factors. These factors are calculated and collaborated to finalize the cut-off marks for the candidates. Keeping these determining factors in mind candidates must strive harder to crack the examination so that they may get enlisted in the cut-off list. Following are the factors determining GMAT Cutoff :

  • Total number of candidates appearing for GMAT

  • Total number of seats available

  • The difficulty level of the examination

  • Total number of candidates qualifying the GMAT

GMAT Cutoff Score Requirement in Top US Business Schools

Pursuing an MBA from the US is a dream for many students as some of the world's best B-Schools are located in the US. Almost all B-Schools in the US accept GMAT scores for MBA admissions. The GMAT score required for admission varies from one college to another. Undoubtedly, the GMAT cut-off for top-ranked B-Schools in the US is the highest.

To know the average cutoff for GMAT for top-ranked universities in the US that offer MBA, check the list given below:


GMAT Score Range

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

690 760

University of California, Berkeley (UCB)


Harvard University

580 790


680 750

Stanford University

610 790

Columbia University

580 780

Dartmouth College

700 722

Duke University

660 740

Berkeley College

680 760

Boston College

570 680

Note: The GMAT score Range is based on the previous year's GMAT Cut-offs. However, as more and more universities make GMAT an optional test, presenting a GMAT score can significantly boost their chances of admission.

GMAT Cutoff Score Requirement in Top UK Business Schools

When it comes to pursuing an MBA abroad, the UK ranks in the top list. To get admission to the top businesscollegesin the UK, you need to have the highest scores in GMAT. Find out the minimum GMAT score needed for admission in top universities in the UK in the table below:


GMAT Cut-off

London Business School


University of Oxford, England


Imperial College London


Strathclyde Business School


University of Manchester

620 - 680

Lancaster University Management School


University of Cambridge


University of Edinburgh Business School


City, University of London


Cranfield University


Note: The GMAT Score Range is based on the previous years GMAT Cut-offs.

GMAT Cutoff Score Requirement in Top Business Schools in Canada

If you wish to pursue MBA from one of the top-ranked B- Schools in Canada, you must have a good GMAT score. Check the list of best B- Schools in Canada along with the cutoff required for GMAT:


GMAT Score

University of British Columbia (UBC)


University of Western Ontario


University of Toronto


McGill University


York University


Western University


Alberta School of Business


McMaster University


Simon Fraser University


University of Manitoba


Note: The GMAT Score Range is based on the previous years GMAT Cut-offs.

GMAT Cutoff Score Requirement in Top Business Schools in Australia

If you are interested in pursuing MBA from a top college in Australia, then you must know the minimum GMAT score required for admission. Here is the list of top universities in Australia offering an MBA along with the GMAT cut-off.


GMAT Score

University of Melbourne (UM)


University of Sydney


UNSW Sydney


Monash University


University of Queensland


Deakin University


University of Wollongong


RMIT University School of Business and Law


Griffith University


Central Queensland University


Note: The GMAT Score Range is based on the previous years GMAT Cut-offs.

GMAT Cutoff Score Requirement in Top Business Schools in Asia

Asian countries like India, Singapore, UAE, and Hong Kong have some of the best Business schools in the world. Most of these universities accept GMAT scores for admissions. Here is the list of the popular B-Schools in Asia that accept GMAT score along with cutoff scores:

Management Institutions

GMAT Score

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


National University of Singapore (NUS)


Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU)


IIM Bangalore


Middlesex University, Dubai




SP Jain School of Global Management, Dubai

670 - 700

University of Hong Kong


Seoul National University, South Korea

640 -690

Note: The GMAT Score Range is based on the previous year's GMAT Cut-offs.

FAQs on GMAT Cut-offs

What is an ideal GMAT cutoff for studying abroad?

There is no ideal GMAT cutoff score required for studying abroad. Each institution of higher learning and particular business programme that accepts the GMAT scores for academic reasons has a different GMAT cut-off. The optimal GMAT cut-off ranges between the percentiles of 95 to 99 for top business schools worldwide. To get into the best business schools abroad, applicants must score in the top 5% of the total test-takers sitting for the exam.

Which GMAT score will clear the majority of GMAT cutoffs?

Most GMAT cut-offs can be met with a score of 700 or higher. Only a small number of business schools throughout the world require a GMAT cutoff score of at least 700. The GMAT's highest minimum qualifying score is 733. Students with GMAT scores between 600 to 700 may be accepted to MBA programmes that meet their needs.

What is the GMAT cutoff for Wharton School?

The Wharton School's GMAT cutoff score is 733. As per the Financial Times ranking for 2022, the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School is the top business school worldwide. The average GMAT score for the business school's class of 2023–2024 is predicted to be above 735 i.e., it can range anywhere between 735 to 745. However, other eligibility criteria must also be met by applicants to be admitted to the Wharton School.

Is the GMAT cutoff different for all b-schools?

Yes, the GMAT cut-off is different for all B-schools abroad. Based on the instructional curriculum and the level of comprehension needed to understand and grasp it, business schools determine their GMAT score criteria for MBA admissions. The schools benefit from the GMAT score criteria by being able to maintain the calibre of their graduates' aptitudes. Students are encouraged to peruse the prerequisites for admission to the business schools they have narrowed down to determine the applicable GMAT requirements.

What factors determine the GMAT cutoff for top B-schools abroad?

Many factors determine the GMAT cutoff for top B-schools abroad. Usually, these business schools lay down a high cut-off that applicants must achieve to be eligible for admissions. Hence, applicants must carefully consider all factors before applying to their preferred b-schools abroad. The following are some factors that determine the GMAT cutoff for top B-schools abroad:

  • the general difficulty level of the exam.

  • the number of available seats.

  • the overall number of students taking the GMAT.

  • the number of applicants who are GMAT-eligible.

What is the average GMAT score?

The average GMAT score differs from year to year. In 2021, the average GMAT score was 564.84, referring to the GMAT percentile of 42-43. This means that scoring a 565 GMAT score in 2021 would put students ahead of 43% of total test-takers. The average GMAT score shows the average scores and percentile in a year and helps in ascertaining exact GMAT percentiles for other GMAT scores.

What is the minimum GMAT score at Ivy League schools?

The minimum GMAT score required at Ivy League business schools ranges from 700-720. Ivy League business schools are among the most prestigious schools in the world. They offer highly qualifying MBA courses to their students and require applying students to have an aptitude strong enough to grasp the course material.

Which B-schools accept a minimum GMAT score of 400?

There are a number of b-schools that accept a minimum GMAT score of 400. Some of these are Wright State University, University of Bridgeport, Southern Arkansas University, Kentucky State University, Audencia Business School, University of Alberta, Memorial University of Newfoundland, RMIT University, Birmingham City University, and many others. GMAT is only a part of the eligibility criteria and can be covered up by strengthening other requirements.

What is the lowest GMAT score possible?

The lowest GMAT score possible is 200. The GMAT scores are awarded on a scoring scale of 200-800. A GMAT score of 200 cannot get students admission to MBA courses in foreign universities. In this case, they need to retake the GMAT exam, search for other alternatives, or apply to universities which do not require any entrance exam scores for admission to their MBA courses.

Can I get admission to a good management school abroad with a GMAT score of 550?

Yes, you can get admission to a good management school abroad with a 550 GMAT score. Many universities in countries, like the USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Australia, etc., accept an average GMAT score of 500 and above for MBA admissions. For example, the University of South Florida,Pace University,Washington State University, University College Dublin, Cass Business School, etc.

How much should I score in GMAT to apply to the University of Oxford?

You need to score 690 GMAT score or above to apply to the University of Oxford. The average score for the class of 2021-22 at Oxford University was 690. Additionally, students need to provide transcripts showing a solid academic background with a three or four-year bachelor's degree, academic resume, work experience, letters of recommendation, English proficiency test scores, and an impressive MBA SOP. 

What is the GMAT Cutoff of top B- Schools in the US?

The GMAT cut-off of top B-schools in the US ranges between 650-720. The top business schools to apply to in the US are Stanford University, York University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Carnegie Mellon University, Northwestern University, Duke University, UCLA, University of California Berkeley, New York University, Rice University, University of Rutgers, and the University of Rochester, among many others.

What are the factors that determine the GMAT cutoff?

The factors that determine the GMAT cutoff include the total number of candidates appearing for the GMAT, ranking of B- Schools, the total number of seats available in a college, level of difficulty of the exam, and the total number of candidates qualifying for the exam, etc. GMAT cut-offs are different for every business school, as they set them independently.

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