GMAT Scores for Top MBA Colleges in Canada


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GMAT is a trusted admission test taken by MBA aspirants to study at top business schools across the world. Here, you will learn all about the GMAT score requirements in MBA colleges in Canada.

GMAT Scores for Top MBA Colleges in Canada

Are you planning to study MBA in Canada? There are chances that you may require to take the GMAT exam which is an integral part of the admission process to the top business schools in the world including Canada.

The GMAT full form is Graduate Management Admission Test. It is an adaptive computer test used by business schools to determine your success in MBA programmes. The test comprises verbal, quantitative, integrated reasoning and analytical writing sections.

With the GMAT being an essential requirement for admission to business schools in Canada, you must be aware of the GMAT score requirement of the MBA colleges in the country. You must also aim for the highest GMAT score possible to ensure that you get into the popular Canadian business schools. This article will serve as your comprehensive guide to answering the question of what exactly is a good GMAT score for an MBA in Canada and the score requirement of various colleges.

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Does Canada Accept GMAT Score for MBA Admissions?

Canada accepts GMAT scores for MBA admissions. The business schools have different average GMAT score requirements with some schools being more selective than others. Therefore, to set a benchmark for GMAT scores, it is necessary for you to know the GMAT requirements of universities.

It is worth noting that a GMAT score is not the only requirement to enter business schools in Canada. However, that does not mean you will not strive to get your best GMAT scores.

Along with grades, interpersonal skills, leadership potential and professional achievements, GMAT scores also get an equal weightage while the colleges look holistically at the candidates profiles.

Why Should You Take GMAT for Canada?

Canadian universities do not have any model application process that you may follow but they clearly stress their lookout for unique people to study with them. For example, Rotman Business School takes pride in building diverse classes of exceptional individuals. Being said that the importance of GMAT cannot be neglected. Here are a few reasons that will encourage you to take the GMAT exam for MBA admissions:

  • Helps You with Admission- The GMAT exam is the only criterion that can help admission officers judge you objectively. It is a yardstick for determining your competence over other candidates. The higher your GMAT score, the better your chance of being accepted.

  • Helps You to Get a Scholarship- Studying MBA in Canada is a huge financial burden with exorbitant tuition fees. Getting a high GMAT score can help you to be considered for scholarships that can help you with a scholarship. The cut-throat competition to get a scholarship requires you to have an above-average GMAT score.

  • Helps You to Get a Good Salary after MBA- If you are thinking that GMAT scores are only restricted to getting admission to an MBA degree, then you are wrong. A good GMAT score guarantees admission to a top business school and also a high-salaried job in Canada after graduation.

Minimum GMAT Score for MBA in Canada

The total GMAT score ranges between 200 and 800. According to GMAC, the test administrator of the GMAT exam, most students get between 400 to 600. The minimum GMAT score requirement for MBA Colleges in Canada is the score that you must get in order to get admission. Knowing the minimum score also helps in fixing your target score. Even so, you should not stay fixated on acquiring the bare minimum GMAT score, you must atleast high 30-50 marks above the minimum GMAT scores required for Canada.

A minimum GMAT score for MBA in Canada is between 500 and 600. Whereas top business schools demand higher GMAT scores, the less popular ones can settle for low scores. Many business schools can also set up minimum sectional cut-offs. However, most of them emphasise the overall score that you have acquired.

Top MBA Colleges in Canada with GMAT Score

Let us glance over the GMAT score requirement of the top MBA business schools in Canada:


GMAT Score Requirement

Brock University


Carleton University


Concordia University


HEC Montreal


Lakehead University


Laurentian University


McGill University


McMaster University


Memorial University of Newfoundland


Queen's University


Simon Fraser University


University of Alberta


University of British Columbia


University of Calgary


University of Manitoba


University of New Brunswick


University of Saskatchewan


University of Toronto


Wilfrid Laurier University


York University


Is GMAT Enough for MBA in Canada?

GMAT alone cannot help you get admission to an MBA programme in Canada. You will have to prove your intellectual ability through your grades and awards, your progressive work history and community involvement, your impact in your profession and the interview taken by the business schools, your resilience and grit and personal accomplishments. All these combined will contribute to your offer letter from business schools in Canada.

You have to excel in each of the criteria set by the university. You must take note of them before starting the application process:

  • Undergraduate GPA- You must get atleast a GPA of 3.0 and above to be considered for MBA programmes in Canada. The higher your GPA, the better will it contribute to guaranteeing a seat in business schools.

  • Work Experience- As MBA is a professional course, work experience plays an important role to testify your history at the workplace and how you are as a leader. A minimum of 2 years of work experience is mandatory in most business schools however you can also study MBA in Canada without work experience.

  • References- You are required to submit references from your supervisor at work or a professor at college. TheLORs play an important role to determine your suitability for the goals of the MBA colleges.

  • Essays- MBA essays are an integral part of the application process. You may be required to submit one or two essays of 500 to 1000 words where you have to bare your personality. It is one of the most crucial ways for the admission team to decide the alignment of your intentions with the university.

  • Interview- You may have to appear for a video call interview where you have to convince your eligibility to study in the business school. You must be confident while the interview process is going on.

Getting into MBA in Canada is no cakewalk. The GMAT scores along with other admission requirements play an important role in getting admission to Canadian business schools that require leaders with social responsibility. Your academic achievements are not the sole determinant of admission. You must also be mature and skilful to be a part of the MBA classroom in Canadian universities.

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