GMAC Introduces GMAT Focus Edition: New and Improved Version of GMAT


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Updated on Mar 15, 2023 12:25 PM IST

GMAC has announced a new and improved version of the GMAT test, calling it the GMAT Focus Edition, where significant changes have been introduced after careful consideration of the suggestions left by schools and candidates. The new version of the test is designed to be shorter, more efficient and more insightful.

GMAC Introduces GMAT Focus Edition: New and Improved Version of GMAT

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) has announced a new generation of GMAT exams for the new generation of highly focused individuals. Calling the test GMAT Focus Edition, GMAC has designed the test after considering the insights they received from schools and candidates from around the world.

On this official website, GMAC stated that the GMAT Focus Edition provides a more focused test-taking experience honing in on the higher order critical reasoning and data literacy skills. This will allow the test to be more relevant and applicable in the future of businesses.

Will the old GMAT Exam still be offered?

According to the official website, GMAC will continue to offer the previous version of the GMAT test till early next year. This move has been made to accommodate all candidates who have already been practising and preparing for the test and are expecting to send in their applications to business schools around the globe.

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What is GMAT Focus Edition?

The Council calls the test “the next evolution of GMAT”, focusing on the aspiring candidate’s prospective career goals. However, the Council has made significant changes to accommodate the new requirements. Some of the improvements that have been made include:

  • More Efficient: The test duration has been significantly reduced, in fact, the test is now 1 hour shorter than the previous version of GMAT, with the new version featuring three 45-minute sections. The test will include no essay and reduced content to prepare.

  • More Flexible: The test will now allow test-takers to choose the order in which they want to attempt the sections, access question review and edit as well as “improved score sending options”.

  • “Insightful”: On this official website, the GMAT Focus edition is expected to provide a better insight into the performance of the candidate via an improved Official Score Report, which can be applied for at the time of registration.

The new GMAT exam is set out to be one of the better versions of the test, addressing several of the challenges faced by test-takers in the previous versions. Among the reasons to take the new test include;

  • The exam duration is shorter than the regular GMAT exam.

  • A streamlined and less-stressful study plan with reduced content as a result of the reduced test duration.

  • The removal of the essays from the test means that students will now only need to attempt MCQs throughout the new GMAT exam.

  • The new test will also allow students to select the universities and institutions where they want to send their scores, after they know their scores and not before.

  • The three-section test has been designed to focus on business-relevant content alone.

  • More importantly, test-takers will now be able to receive greater insights into their performances through the new and improved official score report.

  • Additionally, the ability to bookmark and review as many questions as possible will facilitate a better optimisation of the candidate’s test-taking strategy.

  • Moreover, the greater flexibility in attempting the different sections of the test will allow students better optimise their time, energy and efforts.

  • In addition to this, test-takers will have the final say in the institutions that receive the scores after the scores have been published as well as the exact scores that will be sent to institutions.

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All in all, this new evolution of the GMAT exam is expected to provide better facilities to students and create an easier selection process for schools. However, it should be noted that the test is yet to be launched by the Council, nevertheless, the test should still be launched later this year.

Will Business Schools Continue to Accept Old GMAT Scores?

Currently, as long as the GMAT scores are within the validity period, the B-schools should continue to accept the old GMAT scores. However, more information about this should be released with the launch of the GMAT Focus Edition.

However, all candidates who are preparing for the GMAT exam are advised to continue with their preparations since the test will still be offered till early next year. Even with the launch of the new exams, students will still have the opportunity to take both tests and decide which scores they wish to send to their desired universities.

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