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Applying for STEM in the UK? While you have decided that you want to study a STEM course in the UK, finding the ideal and popular one can be challenging. Check out the top STEM degree courses in the UK.

Popular STEM Courses in UK

While STEM courses are widely popular worldwide including UK, every country would boast a unique list of popular STEM courses. Being host to some of the oldest institutions in the world, the UK has been one of the top study destinations to pursue your passion for STEM. The STEM courses in UK are excellent in terms of their quality, research and innovation.

From the financial sector to becoming a researcher, STEM in UK graduates are in high global demand, and STEM universities in the UK are just where you would get that extra boost. The country's universities are known for their impeccable course offerings and highly practical and industry-ready curriculum. Additionally, they are renowned for their cutting-edge learning environment and creative and innovative teaching methods.

Let us now find out the list of STEM courses in UK that could lead to the best careers in today's global marketplace.

What is a STEM Degree?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, and Engineering. It is a broad term that refers to various subdisciplines within these fields. STEM degrees are typically interdisciplinary and prepare students for a world where the demand for skilled professionals in these fields is increasing. Students in these fields will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These are transferable abilities that can be used in various industries.

Why Study a STEM Course in the UK?

The UK is a well-known study destination for international students. It offers a variety of facilities and experiences that will keep you engaged and inspired. The leading STEM universities in UK provide a great educational environment that prepares students for success in the workforce.

UK universities have been acknowledged around the world for their creativity and innovation and the top UK universities have experienced faculty members who are experts in developing innovative learning programs and teaching methods. The list of STEM courses in UK universities is inexhaustive and they offer various degrees and courses in various subjects, which can prepare graduates for success in the workforce.

Through hands-on learning, students can explore the latest in technology and develop solutions for real-world problems. With a hands-on approach, students can easily apply their knowledge after graduation. Developing these skills can help students land a job in this field and increase their salaries. The passion of the people who teach you can help develop the skills that will immediately apply after graduation.

Our study abroad experts have helped numerous students to get admission to top STEM universities abroad and ensured that these colleges are a perfect fit for them.

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Top STEM Courses in UK

Some of the most popular STEM courses in UK, with good employment prospects, are listed in the table below:

Name of Best STEM Courses

Average Salary in GBP per annum

Projected Job Growth Rate (10 years)

Civil Engineering






Forest Engineering



Surveying Engineering



Geographic Information Science & Cartography






Mining and Mineral Engineering



Computer Software Engineering






Computer Science






Network and System Administration






Plant Sciences






Petroleum Technology



Ocean Engineering



Nutritional Sciences



Nuclear Physics






Mechanical Engineering






Forensic Science & Technology



Chemical Engineering






Agriculture Engineering



Eligibility to Study STEM Courses in UK

To secure admission to the best STEM course in UK, candidates should meet the following eligibility requirements. These requirements vary depending on the course and institution. For instance, admission to a course in Engineering or Technology is different from that of a course in Science or Mathematics.

  • Students must have studied at least two years of math, physics, and chemistry in high school. They can also take courses in biology and chemistry.

  • They should also have a statement of purpose and a working record that shows their passion for math and science.

  • If they're applying for a master's degree in STEM, they should also have completed an undergraduate degree in a similar field of study.

  • They must also meet the university GMAT/GRE cutoff, whichever is applicable.

  • They should also prove their English proficiency by taking the TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE Academic.

Cost to Study STEM Courses in UK

Due to the increasing number of students wanting to study in the fields of science and technology, the tuition fee for these courses has increased significantly. The average tuition fee for STEM courses in UK lies between GBP 9,000 and GBP 38,000 per annum. Aside from tuition, students also have to pay for living expenses such as accommodation which can range from GBP 12,000 to GBP 15,000 per annum.

Application Process to Study STEM Courses in UK

If you wish to apply for the best STEM courses in UK, then you will have to follow certain steps to complete your application process.

  • Make a list of the STEM courses and start applying to the popular STEM UK universities.

  • Look for the admission requirements of the universities.

  • Fill up the application form and submit supporting documents.

  • The admission committee your application and send you an offer letter.

  • After receiving the offer letter you will have to arrange for funds and start your visa application.

Women in STEM in the UK

In order to encourage more women to study science and technology, governments and universities have introduced various policies. Historically, subjects such as science and technology have been very male-dominated. This has prompted many young girls to avoid pursuing a career in these areas.

Despite having a higher percentage of women in bachelor's programs, the number of women working in the STEM field is still low. The lack of gender balance in the field has led to the pay gap in STEM. The pay gap in Australia's STEM fields was 30.1% in 2013.

To address this issue, the government and various universities have launched various programs aimed at increasing the number of women studying science and technology. Various non-profit organizations have also been established to support women in STEM. These include Girls Who Code and Engineer Girl.

Some subjects are more likely to lead to a career in specific fields. For instance, aerospace engineering is expected to lead to a job at a major international company. Not every degree program can lead to a job in the tech industry. For instance, film and special effects engineers could work in Hollywood. Aside from engineering, other fields such as finance and accountancy can also be considered for graduate jobs.

The UK's growing popularity as a place to study engineering and science is evidenced by the number of international students pursuing these fields. UK universities offer world-class facilities and faculty members. Its students also benefit from the high-quality placements and the environment's creativity. Top UK universities for STEM courses have highly-experienced faculty members who can help their students develop their scientific and innovative ways of learning.

If you are one of the students who are interested in pursuing a STEM course in UK and have any doubts related to the same, then contact our experts at abroad@collegedekho.com.

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Are STEM courses offered in UK?

Yes, several universities in UK offer STEM courses. These universities provide courses in Medicine, Engineering, Technology, Mathematics, Life Science and Natural Science. Students can choose the courses according to their choices. They have the liberty to choose courses that provide a broader perspective of the stream and specialise in any one of them later. They can also choose a specialised course from the beginning if they have set their minds to it. 

What are the best STEM courses in UK?

The best STEM courses in UK are biology, chemistry, psychology, astronomy, mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and etc. The list is endless. The course curriculum is built on the basis of the latest research from the industry and the courses are delivered by combining classroom lectures and hands-on training.

Which UK universities provide STEM courses?

The UK universities that provide STEM courses are the University of Oxford, Cambridge University, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Manchester, University College London, Imperial College London, the University of Glasgow and the University of Warwick. The STEM courses in these universities are highly ranked globally and provide the space and tools required to break new ground. 

Is it good to study STEM courses in UK?

Yes, it is good to study STEM courses in UK. The students become highly employable after studying STEM courses as there is high demand for such professionals. The salary is also higher in comparison to other non-STEM courses in UK. The courses enable students to explore, create and discover a better world. 

How to choose the best STEM courses in UK?

You can choose the best STEM courses in UK by first determining your interest area. Once you have narrowed down your choice, you must look for universities that offer your chosen course. You must look for the rankings, faculty, infrastructure, fees, research benefits and placement opportunities before finalising your choice. 

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