Popular USA Universities Accepting SAT Scores Between 1200-1340


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Is your SAT score between 1200 and 1340? Well, there are many good US Universities that accept SAT scores in this range. Find out the list of US colleges where you can apply for undergraduate admissions based on SAT score range of 1200-1340.

Popular USA Universities Accepting SAT Scores Between 1200-1340

SAT, or Scholastic Assessment Test, is a popular admission test taken by students in the US and across the world for entry into one of the top universities in the US. With the pandemic raging on, many universities have decided to drop the requirement for an SAT score, since many students were unable to attempt the test due to the prevailing conditions. However, if you are one of the candidates who have attempted the test and are confused as to which US universities accept SAT scores between 1200-1340, then here is a list of the possible universities you can look into. It should be noted, while universities are dropping the requirement for SAT scores, students with SAT scores must provide the same, as it may help them grab a seat at one of the top universities in the country, or even the world.

SAT is divided into two sections i.e Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Test and the Mathematics section, with each section being scored on a scale of 200 to 800. The total SAT score is determined on a scale of 400-1600. SAT is a standardized test and can increase the credibility of the test taker when being considered for admission at a top-ranked university/college.

Although universities set their standards for undergraduate admissions, SAT score ranking between 1200 to 1340 is a decent score to apply to undergraduate studies at popular universities abroad, especially, in the US. To know the list of popular US universities accepting SAT scores ranging between 1200 to 1340, check the list below along with the average SAT score accepted at respective universities.

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What is a Good SAT Score for International Universities? 

Before we reveal the list of popular USA universities accepting SAT scores between 1200-1340, here is a brief overview of a good SAT score for aspirants who wish to study abroad. Admission to your desired institution necessitates far more than high marks and a personal statement. You must also have high test results. The SAT exam is quite popular among students who want to study abroad. The SAT ranges from 400 to 1600. And the higher your score, the better your chances of admission to a prestigious college. Some crucial things to remember are:

  • A good SAT score increases your chances of admission to your preferred college.

  • There is no predetermined score, although it is recommended to try for at least 1200.

  • Review the minimum necessary score for your desired institutions and schools and strive to meet it.

Popular USA Universities Accepting SAT Scores Between 1200-1340

If you have aSAT score between 1200-1340, then you can consider the following US universities to apply for admission:


QS World University Ranking

Average SAT Score

Binghamton University



George Washington University



University of Florida



Ohio State University



University of Washington



Miami University



American University



Baylor University



University of Massachusetts Amherst



Texas A&M University



Pennsylvania State University



Temple University



University of Arizona



UC Riverside



Note: The above-mentioned SAT score requirement is not final for any of the universities mentioned. The minimum score accepted at these institutes is expected to change every year. You must confirm the minimum SAT score requirement at the specific institute for the current academic year.

Is 1200-1340 SAT Score Good for Admission in Top US Universities

A good SAT score helps you get admission in a selected course at the desired college abroad. It is, therefore, important to understand the SAT score requirements of a college and then apply for admission based on the score achieved in SAT. On a scale of 400-1600, an SAT score between 1200 to 1340 is considered good for admission in popular colleges in the US. Some of the top-ranked colleges like Pennsylvania State University and Texas A&M University also have an average acceptable SAT score between 1250 to 1340.

Is a SAT Score Between 1200-1340 Good for Scholarships?

Given that a strong SAT score can raise your chances of being accepted to a one of the top US colleges, it can also make you eligible for a range of university scholarships. Here are some of them:

Name of Scholarship

Required Min SAT Score

Offered By


CCU Presidents Scholarship


Christian Colleges and Universities (CCU)

$60,000 (Total; covered over 4 years)

Hanover College Blythe, Parker and Hendricks Scholarships


Hanover College

$5,000 to $25,000

Gwynedd Mercy University Presidential Scholarship


Gwynedd Mercy University

Cover 100% of tuition fee

The Ohio State University National Buckeye Scholarship


Ohio State University

$54,000 (Total; covered over 4 years)

Texas A&M University Lechner and McFadden Scholarships

1300 on Old SAT

Texas A&M University

$2,500 each year for four years

Merit Scholarship


Rollins College


Merit Scholarship


Texas Christian College


Merit Scholarship


University of North Carolina at Charlotte


You can also find outside or external scholarships based on SAT scores, which are sponsored by community organisations or foundations.

What ACT Score is Equivalent to SAT Score Between 1200-1340?

For comparison purposes, a 1200 on the SAT converts to a 25 on the ACT based on the College Board. Here is the conversion table for SAT scored between 1200-1340:





































SAT Scores in a Test-Optional World

A growing number of US colleges have opted out of considering SAT scores for admissions and scholarships. However, this does not mean that colleges would not consider your test scores if you submit them. In case you choose not to submit your SAT scores to a test-optional college, greater weight will be put on the other aspects of your application including your academic transcripts, essay, participation in extracurricular activities and letters of recommendation. So, if you are happy with your SAT scores, go ahead and submit them.

Many colleges, including those that have gone test-optional, will use SAT scores to grant merit scholarships for new incoming students. If you have done well on the SAT, submitting its scores will increase your chances of getting financial aid.

Tips to Improve Your SAT Score

Pay attention if you are afraid of taking the test, or if you had low results on your first attempt and wish to improve your scores. We will go through several strategies for increasing your score.

  • Begin planning ahead of time.

  • Read as much as you possibly can. And everything else you can think of. Now is not the time to get fussy!

  • Make full use of study materials, whether free or purchased.

  • Focus on expanding your vocabulary.

  • Take as many practice exams and sample papers as you can find.

  • Formulas must be completely understood and memorised. Make sure you put them to good use.

  • Try not to pack everything in.

  • Practice SAT Writing as much as you possibly can.

  • Most importantly, avoid undue stress. The test will be simple if you have properly prepared.

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Is 1200 a good SAT score for admission to USA universities?

Yes, international students can consider 1200 a good SAT score for admission to USA universities. The 1200 SAT score is accepted at various US universities for admission to their bachelor’s degree courses. A score coupled with a good GPA can easily help students get admission into their desired colleges.

What percentile is 1200 SAT score?

The percentile of 1200 SAT score ranges from 70-75. International students with this score can expect themselves to have a better score than at least 70% of the total test-takers, worldwide. Students might have to focus on their SAT Subject Test scores, as some universities mention a required score for admission to relevant subjects. 

What is the percentile of an SAT score of 1340?

A 1340 SAT score will place an international student in the top eight to ten per cent of test-takers with an SAT percentile of 90-91. Students with a composite score of 1340 will not have to worry about their SAT Subject Test scores as well. However, in the case of application to STEM courses, some caution and planning might be needed.

Which courses can I apply for with an SAT score between 1200-1340?

The courses which can be applied for with an SAT score between 1200-1340 can be diverse. Since the percentile range of the SAT scores is 70-91, students can apply to any type of bachelor’s course. However, the most popular courses are STEM courses, Arts and Design, Architecture, Law, Economics, and Natural Sciences. In addition, one can also apply for a Bachelor’s Honours degree with an SAT score between 1200-1340.

Can I apply to the Ivy League with an SAT score of 1300?

No, you cannot apply to the Ivy League with an SAT score of 1300. Ivy League is a group of eight elite US colleges/universities, which are known to accept only the most meritorious applicants. The minimum SAT score required to apply to any of the Ivy League colleges is 1400.

Which are the best universities to apply to with an SAT score of 1300?

There are many universities that can be applied to with an SAT score of 1300. These include American University, University of Massachusetts, Texas A&M University, University of Arizona, California State University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and University of Colorado at Denver. All US public universities, and private colleges, accepting 1300 SAT scores, and below, can be applied with 1300 SAT score.

Which US colleges accept an SAT score of 1200?

US colleges that accept an SAT score of 1200 for admission to bachelor’s courses are those that have set their requirements at 1200 or below. These include the University of Memphis, California State University Long Beach, Florida Institute of Technology, De Paul University, San Diego State University, Michigan State University, and Howard University.

Which ACT score is equivalent to 1200 SAT score?

An SAT score of 1200 is equivalent to an ACT score of 25. The ACT exam is scored on a 1-36 scale measurement. Hence, universities accepting an ACT score of 25 will also accept an SAT score of 1200 and vice versa.

Which ACT score is the same as a 1300 SAT score?

An ACT score of 27 is the same as an SAT score of 1300. Students must note that US colleges, accept both ACT and SAT scores for admission to Bachelor’s courses. Also, in case one is confused about which among the ACT and SAT is better, they can refer to our guide to have a clear understanding.

Which SAT score is ideal to apply for scholarships to study in the US?

An ideal SAT score to apply for scholarships to study in the US is the one that is mentioned as a requirement by any scholarship programme. Many scholarship programmes award international students financial support on the basis of their SAT scores. Students can check their eligibility criteria to know their respective SAT score requirements that will make them eligible.

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