How to Apply to Universities Abroad as an International Student?


Mrunmayai Bobade
Updated on Jul 20, 2022 12:01 PM IST

Applying to universities abroad is a time-consuming process. While every country and even university has its separate application process, there are some centralised application portals that simplify this process. Let us find out more about these portals and how to apply to top universities abroad.

How to Apply to Universities Abroad as an International Student?

Studying abroad could be a life-changing experience and with this decision, the students give themselves an opportunity for overall development, even to explore a foreign destination beyond their home country. They also learn to accept a new culture, make different friends, and most importantly make ways to increase their employability worldwide.

Every study abroad applicant usually starts their application planning a year or two in advance because not only is it a tiresome process but also a lengthy one. From choosing a country and shortlisting universities to selecting courses and preparing for exams, applicants need to take every step with full planning.

Similarly, the application process often seems time-consuming, and to ease this experience, many students prefer to apply to universities that accept applications from a centralised application portal. The benefit of applying via a centralised portal is that students just need to fill out the application only once and choose their preferred universities or colleges.

The same application will be sent to their selected universities and applicants do not have to apply individually to each college or university. Similarly, tracking the application status is equally easy. The centralised application portal becomes a one-stop shop for all application process-related services. Let us check out some important and most widely used centralised application portals for admissions abroad in this article.

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How to Apply to US Universities?

Every year, thousands of international students apply touniversities in theUnited States. Handling and tracking applications for various applications that too for different universities can be a huge task for students. However, there are two application portals- Common andCoalition Application to studyin US.

Common Application is an online college application form used by hundreds of colleges and universities for student applications. Coalition application is also like the former which assists various universities with student application. Both the application portals are for undergraduate courses only. Students can apply to multiple universities in one go.

Candidates are just required to fill up all their basic details and submit a Personal Statement. Bingo! Now you are ready to successfully apply to universities in USA. Also, the great thing is that both of these applications have a huge number of universities and colleges on their platform and it is very much possible that almost all the top universities are there on both applications. Some of the famous colleges include:

How to Apply to UK Universities?

After the US, several candidates, especially from India, consider theUnited Kingdom as their preferred destination to study abroad. The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) is a Britain-based organisation that operates as a centralised application portal for most UK universities and colleges. However, the UCAS application portal is majorly used for undergraduate applications, yet the website also provides guidance for postgraduate studies in the UK. There are several other services provided by the application portal. These include - multiple online application portals, search tools, free information, and advice for various audiences, which majorly include students who are considering higher education. UCAS also deals with students who have pending applications for higher education institutes, etc.

For postgraduate applications, each university has a separate application portal or a dedicated international student application form. So, applicants need to visit the respective course page of the university and apply directly via the university website. It is a simple procedure as the universities have separate application guides for postgraduate applicants as well. Students can follow the step-by-step guide and apply to their respective UK universities. Some of the top UK universities accepting UG applications via UCAS include:

To apply to UK universities, you will need to write/submit many documents. One such document is a personal statement that plays a decisive role in the admission decision-making process. Check out How to Write a UCAS Personal Statement to impress the Admissions Committee.

How to Apply to Universities in Canada?

Canada is a welcoming destination that makes the Canada Visa Application Process hassle-free. The Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) is a Guelph-based non-profit organisation that runs online admission applications to universities in Ontario.

It circulates applications of undergraduate programs, medical school, law school, teacher education, and rehabilitation sciences programs over almost all of Ontario's 21 universities, except the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC), as it does not process applications through it. Candidates can apply to universities in Canada via OUAC byselecting all choices for the universities they wish to apply for.

How to Apply to Universities in Australia?

Various international students want to live and study in Australia for a variety of reasons. These include - top Australian Universities, incredible weather, and joyful cities.

A majority of Australian universities prefer a direct online application procedure or via their university agents in various countries. Some universities in Australia accept applications through the Universities Admission Centre as well. This portal accepts and processes applications for universities and colleges located in New South Wales (NSW). The portal provides a range of information for prospective students such as admission guidelines, processes and key dates and segregating eligibility criteria, including the entrance exams to take in Australia for each institution.

How to Apply to Universities in Germany?

Studying in Germany is no doubt a thrilling experience for international students as it offers a quality education at a low cost. Throughout the year, Germany captivates various study abroad candidates from different destinations. The application process for top German universities is much more sorted now as most of the applications are made through the UniAssist portal. Uni-assist is quite beneficial for international students as they can easily apply to universities of their choice via the portal.

Uni assist is an organisation that aims to help candidates with the application process for the majority of German universities. The portal provides both undergraduate and postgraduate candidates with all the necessary information related to the admissions process like eligibility criteria including the entrance exams to take in Germany, documents required, how the application works, and so on. There are a bunch of universities, including the renowned ones, that are members of UniAssist, such as:

  • Berlin University of the Arts

  • Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts

  • Augsburg University of Applied Sciences

  • Ulm University

  • University of Hohenheim

However, there are still a few German universities that prefer direct applications from international students.

How to Apply to Universities in New Zealand?

Before planning to study in New Zealand, the first thing to determine is the course, university, andentrance exams to study in New Zealand. After selecting the desired university with proper research related to the fee structure, accommodation and scholarships to study in New Zealand,do not forget to go through the eligibility criteria of the particular course. Collect all the required details and now start with the application process.

Candidates can apply through the respective university's website or follow theAdmission Procedure to Study in New Zealand. Create an account on the university portal and follow the instructions to apply at the university. Submit all the required documents and wait for the response. Note that it can take a while for them to give a response.

Till then, students can dive in to do some more research on New Zealand Student Visa applications and accommodation in New Zealand.

The aforementioned and many other university application portals aim to make the candidate remain updated with the latest information about universities and other application-related requirements.

These centralised application portals become the place where candidates can track and receive updates on their applications. Students can also accept offers of admission, communicate with admissions counsellors, and check out the checklist of important tasks before becoming enrolled in a university. In case, the candidate faces any issue, they should immediately contact the respective portal helpline and university advisor.

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What is the application process for studying abroad?

The application process for studying abroad involves a lot of things like researching the country you want to study in, top universities and colleges abroad, and selection of your desired courses. It also involves taking English proficiency or standardised tests, arranging and preparing Letters of Recommendation (LORs), Statement of Purpose (SOP), Transcript Certificates, etc.

How do I start applying for a university abroad?

You can start applying for a university abroad by following the steps below:

What exams are required to study abroad?

The GMAT exam, GRE exam, IELTS exam, SAT exam, TOEFL exam, and ACT exam are the most popular study abroad exams taken by over a million study abroad aspirants around the world every year. Students who perform well on these worldwide competitive exams may potentially be eligible for various top scholarships to study abroad.

Can an average student apply for the university application process to study abroad?

Definitely, an average student can apply for the university application process to study abroad. There are many universities and courses available to students looking to study abroad that will meet their needs and propel them toward a bright future. Moreover, a lot of universities abroad do not mandatorily require international students to submit English proficiency test scores. For more information, check out Top Countries to Study Bachelors, Masters, and MBA Abroad Without IELTS.

Is there any study abroad scholarships for Indian students?

Yes, there are many study abroad scholarships for Indian students. These include National Overseas Scholarship, Fulbright-Kalam Climate Fellowship, The Inlaks Shivdasani Scholarships, Fulbright-Nehru Master's Fellowships, Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral Research Fellowships, etc. For detailed information, check out the Top 10 Foreign Scholarships for Indian Students to Study Abroad.

Why do Indian students want to study abroad?

Indian students want to study abroad because of their employment prospects. It cannot be denied that earning a foreign degree boosts career prospects. In addition to having the qualifications, graduates are paid more and have additional employment options. To get a detailed review, check Here’s Why More Indian Students Are Starting to Study Abroad.

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