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Types of Visas for International Students in New Zealand

Given below are the types of student visas offered by the New Zealand government from which international students can pick one and apply for according to their requirements:

Student Visa: 

A New Zealand Student Visa is for those who wish to study a full-time course in New Zealand that is longer than three months in total duration. On this visa, the student may be able to work up to 20 hours per week during the term and full-term during the holidays. 

Pathway Student:

In case an international student wishes to study more than one course in New Zealand, then the pathway student may be the only visa they require. It allows one to study up to three consecutive courses for up to five years at one or more universities in the country. 

Post-study Work Visa: 

Students who wish to stay in New Zealand to gather some practical work experience after having completed their qualifications, then they can apply for a post-study work visa in New Zealand. 

The visa will permit an individual to work for up to three years in New Zealand after he/she graduates depending on the field of study and where they study. 

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How to Apply for a New Zealand Student Visa?

  • In order to apply online, the applicant can register on the official website of Immigration New Zealand, upload all the required documents and pay the applicable fees. In case the applicant has already been accepted to an approved higher education provider in New Zealand, then the institution can prepare and submit the Student Visa application for the student.

  • In order to apply offline, the student is required to prepare and gather all the documentation needed for the visa. Following that, he/she must complete the application form and send it to the visa application centre in the city along with the application fee, required documents and immigration levy. In case the applicant has already been accepted to an approved higher education provider in New Zealand, then the institution can prepare and submit the Student Visa application for the student.

Approved Fee Paying Student Visas in New Zealand


Application Fees for a New Zealand Student Visa

Here is all about paying for a New Zealand Student Visa: 

For Physical or Paper Applications

Applying From

Immigration Costs

Receiving Centre Fees



INR 15,300

INR 1,124

Within 72 Days

For Online Applications

Applying From

Immigration Costs

Receiving Centre Fees



NZD $330

INR 747

Within 72 Days

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What One Can or Cannot Do on a New Zealand Student Visa

A New Zealand Student shall allow a student to:

  • Study full-time course for up to four years, as stated on the visa which includes schools, tertiary or English language study.

  • Work part-time up to 20 hours per week while studying or full-time during the holidays, depending on the visa restrictions.

  • Live by themselves above a certain age, or else they would have to bring their parent or legal guardian. 

A New Zealand Student shall not allow a student to:

  • Bring their partner or children with them unless they apply for visas based on their relationship. 

  • Extend the visa after completion of the programme. 

Eligibility Criteria for a New Zealand Student Visa

An individual applying for a New Zealand Student Visa must meet the following conditions and submit evidence to prove the same in order to be granted a visa.

  • Must be in good health.

  • Must be of good character.

  • Must genuinely intend to fulfil the conditions of the visa.

  • Must have an offer in place from an approved educational institution.

  • Must have enough money to pay for tuition fees. 

  • Must have full medical and travel insurance for the length of stay.

  • Must have enough funds to live in New Zealand

  • Must have a ticket to leave New Zealand or be sponsored for the cost of the same. 

  • Must have written permission to work if between 16 and 17 years of age.

  • Must have evidence of the requirement of course in case it demands practical work experience. 

Documents Required to Apply for a New Zealand Student Visa

Here is the list of documents that one needs to produce while applying for a New Zealand Student Visa: 

  • An offer of place from an approved education provider

  • Evidence that the applicant has enough money to pay their tuition fees

  • Passport and acceptable passport-style photo(s) of the student

  • Proof of funds ($15,000 per year) to cover living expenses

  • A copy of the applicant's air ticket home, or proof that he/she has enough funds to buy one

  • An accommodation guarantee, in case the applicant is under 18

  • Visa application fee

  • A medical certificate and chest x-ray, and a police certificate

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Where To Apply For A New Zealand Student Visa In India?


Ground Floor, Gujarat Chambers of Commerce Building, Ashram Road,

New Delhi

Mezzanine Floor, Baba Kadak Singh Marg,
Shivaji Stadium Metro Station
Connaught Place
New Delhi 110001


Global Tech Park, No 11 First Floor O’ Shaughnessy Road,
Langford Town, 
Karnataka 560025, India


Elante Offices, Entry from Gate No. 3 ,Unit no. B 209, 
Second Floor, Office Block B, Plot no. 178- 178A, 
Industrial & Business Park, Phase - I, 
Chandigarh (U T) 160002, India.


No - 74, 2nd Floor, Fagun Towers, Ethiraj Salai, Egmore,


Ground Floor, S & T Arcade, Kurisupally Road, 
Opp. Cochin Shipyard, Ravipuram
Cochin, Kerala


8 - 2 – 700, Ground Floor, 
Srida Anusha Pride, Road No – 12, Banjara Hills


Rene Tower, 4th Floor, Plot No AA – I, 
1842, Rajdanga Main Road, Kasba, 
(Beside Acropolis Mall Near Gitanjali Stadium),
Kolkata - 700107


Third Floor, Urmi Axis Building,
Behind Famous Studio, Opp. E Moses Road,
Mahalaxmi (West), Mumbai – 400 01100051

FAQs on New Zealand Student Visa Guide in 2024

What are the common reasons behind rejection of student visa applications in New Zealand?

The most common reasons behind student visa rejections in New Zealand are failure to satisfy any of the eligibility standards, such as insurance policies (health and travel), medical certificate results, chest X-ray results, inability to prove funds capability, SOP or LOR fallacy and similar. Another reason is failure to impress or absence of intent to return to home country on completion of course and expiry of student visa.

What are the necessary insurances to get a New Zealand student visa approved?

New Zealand requires incoming international students to have two insurances, one medical or health insurance and another travel insurance.

Are there any work hour restrictions on New Zealand student visas?

Yes, there any work hour restrictions on New Zealand student visas. The student visa of New Zealand carries a provisional condition for international students to work only for 20 hours a week during their studies. This limit is for maximum working hours and not for minimum. The students can choose to apply for part-time jobs but have to absolutely obey this provision in order to maintain validity of their student visa.

What are the different types of visas that international students can apply for in New Zealand?

New Zealand offers three types of visas to international students. First is a normal Student Visa which provides immigration rights to pursue a course program from New Zealand’s institution. There is a provision for Post Study Work Visa which allows extension to stay back period on student visa expiry. Thirdly, there is a Pathway Visa for students who desire to study multiple courses (upto 3 consecutive courses).

What is the maximum extension possible on a New Zealand student visa?

The maximum stay back period available on a Post-study Work Visa is 3 years. The extension period is decided on the basis of the level of education attained from the country. Generally, a 3-year extension is for courses under Level 10&9 (considerable for Level 8) of the tertiary higher education system of New Zealand.

What is the minimum stay back period on a New Zealand student visa?

The minimum stay back period on a New Zealand student visa is 1 year (variable) under Post-Study Work Visa. The visa is an extension which has to be applied for before the expiration of the student visa. If in case during the application process period the visa expires, the student is allowed to stay in the country to await the final decision.

What are the absolute requirements to get a Student Visa approved in New Zealand?

The eligibility criteria for student visa approval in New Zealand is multifaceted but logical. It is required that a student proves intention to return to their home country and pre-sponsor the ticket, financial availability to uphold education and lifestyle, has travel and health insurance, is of good character and in good health.

What is the approval rate of Student Visa in New Zealand?

Overall acceptance rate of international students visa applications in New Zealand is around 88%. For Indian students, this rate is approximately 84%. The acceptance rate is quite high in comparison to other study abroad destinations since the majority of rejections are due to technical fallacies or inability to provide adequate proof.

What are the documents required for a Student Visa application?

In order to apply for a student visa in New Zealand, the documents required shall include a proof of financial capability, proof of finances to book flight home, LOR, SOP, valid passport, acceptance letter from a New Zealand university, medical certificate, chest X-ray and accommodation guarantee for candidates below 18 years of age.

How much time does it take for a New Zealand Study Visa to process?

It may take anywhere from 4-5 months or more for the New Zealand Student Visa to process. During this time, it is advised to ensure that the student does not take actions which could adversely affect the claims and statements made by them for the student visa. Additionally, it is possible that this period only ends in an interview and not confirmation right away.

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