Best Study Abroad Consultants for Guidance on Overseas Education


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Finding the right course and university abroad can get pretty confusing, isn't it? When it comes to achieving your study abroad goals, the best study abroad consultants can prove to be the best guides throughout.

Best Study Abroad Consultants for Guidance on Overseas Education

Would you ask a qualified doctor for medical help or rather do it yourself? The same is the case for overseas education - you go to the experts when it comes to making decisions about your future. Overseas education can be a cutthroat safari, hard to navigate as a novice. However, it can be an oasis of unique experiences and opportunities, if planned carefully.

From the moment you start thinking about studying abroad, scores of doubts and questions begin rolling in. Well, given how popular overseas education has become today, we are certain that you are not alone. But, all of it boils down to one question - how do you ensure that you get into your dream university and have the best study abroad experience?

Best Study Abroad Consultants In India

Whether you are applying for a bachelor's or master's degree abroad, getting in touch with the best abroad education consultants that ensure high success rates is the first step to building your future abroad. Find the best consultants in your area:

Now, the questions arise:why you should look for a study abroad agent and how they can help you in the application process. Keep reading to find out.

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Why You Should Approach Study Abroad Consultants

Well, I know how confusing this can be. To help you get a simple picture of study abroad consultants, let us first tell you how you could benefit from study abroad agents:

Misleading Information on the Internet: Just like Google throws names of big diseases every time you type 'fever' in the search box, the internet can be a pretty puzzling place to find exactly what you want to know about studying abroad. What is further inconvenient in simply reading about higher education in a specific country, whats the system like, what is the grading scale, what are the admission requirements or how to apply is that you never seem to find just the answer you need. In such a case, it is always better to reach out to experts who are well-updated about studying education abroad.

'Half Knowledge is Worse Than Ignorance': This stands true for almost all scenarios. You would not want to end up in a university that does not match your needs, expectations or goals by relying on half information. What study abroad consultants do is provide you with all the information you ask for, after scrutiny and verification, thereby leaving no scope for making mistakes in the process.

Avoid Probable Consequences: Even a simple mistake like missing an application deadline can lead you to drop your dream of studying abroad entirely. From building your profile to helping you prepare for your visa interview, abroad education consultancies make sure you are right on track.

Explore Multiple Options: If you are alone in this journey, with no guidance whatsoever, you might not be able to identify the right options for you. By considering a consultant, you are letting them do the job for you and find you not just the right university but also the right course for you.

A Hasslefree Application Process: Usually, consultancies have hundreds of leading universities as their partners, allowing them to ease and speed up the application process. Also, instead of you finding out what the universities require and how to meet those requirements or demonstrate your suitability, the consultancy would guide you through the entire process.

Quick Responses from Universities: This is what the best study abroad consultancies do. They get you quick responses from the universities, while universities view thousands of applications every year. Consultancies help you be right ahead in the competition.

Financial Support: From helping you calculate your budget, finding the university that matches your budget, identifying and applying for a suitable education to making you aware of the available scholarships, study abroad consultancies assist you throughout your admission process.

Test Prep and Coaching: Studying abroad means taking standardised tests such as the SATorACT for bachelors and GMAT or GRE for masters. You will also have to prove your English language proficiency by sitting tests such as the TOEFL, IELTS, PTE Academic or Duolingo English Test. Abroad education consultancies would prepare you for these exams, tell you when to take the tests and even help you get the perfect score to get through admissions.

Visa Assistance: The best study abroad education consultancies will always assist you in applying for a visa that differs from country to country. They will also prepare you for your visa interviews which often become the deciding factor in visa approvals. From tips and tricks to crack visa interviews to conducting mock interviews, education consultants for study abroad will make sure that they land you a visa.

How to Choose the Best Study Abroad Consultant?

Yes, we do understand how difficult it can be to find just the right consultancy worth your time and money. With many study abroad consultancies in India today, here are a few tips that can help you make a choice:

Student Comes First: With the belief that each one of you is unique, go for a consultancy that customises strategies based on your interests and goals. The objective should be to help you get admission to your dream university with minimum hassles.

Experts with Years of Experience: Industry experts and certified academic experts would know which courses and colleges would fit your interests the best. But experts with years of experience would know exactly what course and college will be more in sync with your future goals and which colleges would be more willing to accept your applications.

Platform Where You Can Find & Compare As Many Courses/Colleges As You Want: Dont know which course to apply for? Given how almost all international universities have hundreds of courses on offer in 200+ areas of study, you are likely to get confused. Therefore, choose a platform where you can explore the best foreign universities and even narrow down your search based on the discipline, country, tuition fee range and so on. It should also further help you customise your list keeping in mind important factors such as return on investment, post-graduation employment rate, visiting companies, part-time job opportunities and so on.

Ivy league Graduate Mentors: If possible, choose a platform that helps you connect with Ivy League Experts who know exactly what is right for you. They would not only help you build your profile, and shortlist universities but also prepare you for interviews and review your application, thus, improving your chances of making a successful application to your dream university abroad.

Our Ivy League experts know exactly what you want!

Speed Up Your Admission: We understand how it may be a nerve-wracking time for you while waiting for your university to respond. For study abroad experts, it is all about solving your problems and getting you into the university of your choice. From knowing when to lodge your application to fetching a quick response from the university, study abroad counselors would definitely fast-track your admission process.

Tie-Ups With Universities Across the World: Apart from the US, you should have options to apply to universities in popular study destinations such as Germany, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Russia, the UAE, Australia, Ireland, France, China, or even Israel.

Test Prep Programs: Like Indian universities, colleges abroad have different cutoffs for different tests such as the GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS Academic or any other applicable test based on the country or course you are applying for. Here are some features to keep in mind when enrolling in test prep programmes: 

  • Learn from experienced and trained faculty with over 12 years of experience.

  • Get a flexible study plan unique to your needs and requirements.

  • Get personalised attention to personalised evaluation.

  • Get strategies that will help you identify your weaknesses, understand key concepts and improve your score. You should have access to customised question pools and quiz tools that will help enhance your aptitude levels.

  • You should be offered extra tutoring and question banks for revision, thereby, providing an all-around groundwork for your tests.

Unparalleled Guidance on Writing an SOP/LOR: Not having enough time to write a Statement of Purpose(SOP) or finding referees for your Letters of Recommendation(LORs), weak introduction or conclusion, using informal language, exceeding the word limit, using flowery language often result in rejection of university applications. Having world-class mentors on board will help you write and deliver professional SOPs and LORs, free of errors or plagiarism, based on impeccable writing trends and of the highest standard of quality.

Financial & Visa Assistance: Go for experts who would not leave you midway and assist you until you have joined the university and even after that. At times, what happens is students get their letter of acceptance and then wonder what comes next. Studying abroad also means finding the ideal education loan, applying for scholarships you are eligible for and getting the visa application approved, but don't you worry! We've got you covered! We will assist you in your application process, in preparing the necessary documents for submission, and we will also ensure approvals.

Numbers Talk: As of 2021, we have expedited over 10,000 applications, conducted mentor classes equaling over 7,000 mentor hours, offered more than 50,000 courses to choose from and helped get financial aid worth over $5M. And the numbers are only increasing with every passing day.

To learn more about studying abroad, you can also write to us at team of experts will revert to you shortly with customised solutions and feasible options covering the necessary steps to achieve your study abroad goal.

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