How to Boost Your Admission Chances in Foreign Universities?


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A student has to pass a lot of unsaid tests when applying for a university abroad, and we just know what you need to boost your chances of selection at universities abroad. Transform your vision of studying abroad into reality by reading the article below!

How to Boost Your Admission Chances in Foreign Universities?

Who does not aspire to study overseas? At a certain point in our lives as students, the majority of us have had our eyes set on studying abroad. But the reality hurts: just a few scholars do well enough to win the admission application game. 

You found yourself on a helpful article on the internet that will assist you in heading overseas if you have decided to pursue your further education as an international student but your academic performance and standardised exam results are not particularly outstanding or if they have turned into a barrier to applying into an overseas university of your preference.

In fact, just the concept of studying abroad conjures up many more similar questions, such as: How can I maximise my admission chances to universities abroad? What are the entry requirements for universities? What if they simply reject me because of my subpar grades? Is it academic excellence or extracurricular success? and many more.

To be honest, the road to earning a degree as an international scholar is not always as smooth or straightforward as envisioned. We do not always have the option to submit an application to any university because there are particular requirements and standards you need to meet to be viewed as a competitive applicant. This article sheds light on how can you increase your admission chances to foreign universities.

Many of our students are now pursuing further education at their desired foreign universities with the assistance of our study abroad specialists, despite the fact that their academic achievements were not very spectacular.

Learn How to Boost Your Chances of Studying Abroad With Experts!

Save yourself the trouble as it is always good in the bad, so do not worry about that. Nonetheless, even if you do not get the grades your firm requires, it is flawlessly practicable to enrol in a degree course that suits you. Needless to say, foreign universities tend to take a holistic approach rather than focusing exclusively on academic achievement.

Using our comprehensive assessment, we have uncovered the 'unspoken rules' of university selection, so you are clear on how to maximize your chance of selection at foreign universities even if your academic conduct and standardised exam scores don't reflect impressiveness.

Increase Your Chances of Selection at Universities Abroad

Check out a list of things you can do to boost your chances of getting selected for your dream universities abroad:

1. Add a New Language to Your Repertoire

 In order to apply to any university abroad, this is one of the most important issues to take into consideration. Before applying to universities, it is a good idea to be proficient in English, since most institutions require students to take intensive English proficiency tests like TOEFL/IELTS to enhance their chances of acceptance. If you apply to foreign universities, your application, your Statement of Purpose (SOP), and a personal essay you are asked to submit will be used to judge your language proficiency.

2. Participate In Extracurricular Activities

If you have provided enough evidence of your qualifications and experience, it can make a significant impact on your excitement and participation in extracurricular activities and co-curricular activities, both academic and non-academic. 

However, it does not always imply that you are an all-around person but by showing interests and hobbies apart from academics and mainstream professions, it demonstrates that you have hobbies and interests you are passionate about. 

A positive impression about your personality and purpose in life is also created by participating in social events at school, college, or the workplace. You seem to be an even more ambitious candidate if you have won competitions, participated in sports, and participated in technical events. You can prove that you are a focused and determined individual just by having one hobby or some involvement in the community through social work, teaching, or volunteering activities. 

3. Do a Good Job of University Research

In order to get to the bottom of the topic, in order to provide something useful that can be applied in a specific niche, your research should be primarily conducted to get to the bottom of the topic that can resonate with the requirements of the university you dreamt of educating in.

When you research, you should always maintain high quality so that the information you collect can be used for various policies and future projects because it delivers light to inquire about the right information.

4. Become Technically Proficient

Most companies have between 20 to 30% of their employees physically present in the offices. Almost every other industry has gone digital and employees are now working remotely. In turn, this means that those who are adept at several digital skills would have an advantage over their competition.

Additionally, 73% of university admissions officials have broadcast that they look for authentication that students have the ability to work well in groups or not, their strong hand over the soft skills as well as the High Education landscape may very quickly, but it is imperative that students remain ahead of the curve and increase their chances of admission.

Note: Assembling intended course certifications, experience letters or proofs of workshop encounters is another powerful way of boosting your chances of selection.

5. A Strong SOP and LOR

You can emphasize who you are and what you want in your Statement of Purpose (SOP), but you need your letters of recommendation to back that up. You are providing the admission committees with a third-person perspective of your portfolio that validates everything you have stated in your application. To boost your chances of admission, the Letter Of Recommendation (LOR) should discuss your strengths, interests, or other factors and it should avoid common mistakes that most of the students make.

If written by a renowned individual, a letter of recommendation carries a lot more weight. Most top universities, however, are more concerned with relevance than anything else. For instance, if you are applying for an Economics major, a letter of recommendation has been assigned by someone who has extensive expertise in that topic and will be a stronger asset than one from, say, a celebrity. Make sure you get recommendations from people who can offer you meaningful and well-informed advice about college admissions.

Do not worry if you have mediocre grades, universities can be flexible with their selection process if you can prove to be a deserving candidate having skills or experience that can compensate for lower grades. In the long run, don’t let your focus deviate and keep yourself aspiring. All the best!

Discover more information about how to increase your admission chances to universities abroad by writing to us at and we promise to get back to you as soon as possible! 

Increase Your Chances of Getting Accepted to Universities Abroad!


Should I apply to several foreign universities to increase my chances of admission?

No, you should not apply to several foreign universities to increase your chances of admission, rather you should only apply to a fixed number of six to eight universities. Here are some ways to help you out:

  • Your top two or three attainable university choices should be your two or three target institutions. 

  • Aspiring high has no downside, even if two or three "stretch" institutions are just beyond your accessibility.

  • You should have no trouble getting into one of these safety universities, ensuring that you obtain a job offer anywhere.

What are the best practices to extend a successful international university application?

The best practices to extend a successful international university application comprise a variety of factors. These include getting started early, making the most of your personal statement, incorporating relevant work experience, submitting all the required documents promptly, processing your application rightly, applying to the right number of universities (given the separate application fee for each one), and more.

How can I prove motivation for the chosen field of study in my university application?

You can prove motivation for the chosen field of study in your university application by broadcasting an example of a personal powerful story that is a true incident or circumstance that has happened to you. Make sure you are not faking any false story and that you are genuinely interested in that particular field you have chosen. These examples can be participation in extracurricular activities related to your academic course, internship certificates, a decent portfolio, achieving higher grades despite having unstable financial circumstances, and so on.

How to get the right application process to apply to foreign universities?

You are likely required to send all of your documents to the institution directly after submitting your application through their website. However, in other nations, such as the United Kingdom, you must submit an application through a centralised system that both domestic and foreign students use. It is crucial to be aware of the application process because if you send your application to an institution in a nation that uses a centralised application platform, such as the UCAS portal, you risk wasting critical application time.

Can I study abroad with low grades?

Yes, it can be said that you can study abroad with low grades. You might not, however, be able to select your favoured country, institution, or even academic programme. Even though it may be feasible to be admitted even with lower admission grades than required, having excellent grades will significantly increase your chances of admission to universities abroad. Furthermore, a decent score on standardised tests and English proficiency exams also plays a good role in application acceptance.

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