How to Apply to Universities in Canada via OUAC?


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Updated on Jul 19, 2022 03:57 PM IST

Are you planning to study in Canada in the Ontario province? Read on to know about the OUAC portal and how to apply to Ontario universities using the OUAC portal.

How to Apply to Universities in Canada via OUAC?

When choosing a country to study abroad, students look for a lot of factors. Apart from top universities, students seek countries that are student-friendly, diverse, and within the budget. Canada fulfils all these major criteria and is welcoming to international students as well. Many Canadian universities offer scholarships and financial aid specifically for international students to attract more international applicants. With a good education system, variety of academic programmes, scholarship opportunities and post-study job options, Canada is one of the top favourite destinations to study abroad for Indian students.

As an international student, the application process for top Canadian universities can be messy and confusing, especially if a student has to apply to multiple universities. To avoid any confusion and ease the application process, most Canadian universities accept applications via a centralised application system such as the OUAC portal or the EducationPlanner BC portal.

In this article, we will discuss the OUAC application portal which is the centralised system for Ontario-based universities. Both national and international students can apply to universities in Ontario via the portal. The application portal processes applications for undergraduate, postgraduate and professional programmes for over 21 Ontario universities.

So, if you are interested in applying to top Canadian universities or colleges based in Ontario, but are not sure how to get started, we recommend connecting with our highly experienced study abroad consultants.

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What is the OUAC Portal? How Does it Work?

Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) is a non-profit centralised platform for students who are looking to get admission to Ontario-based universities. Students are required to fill out their application on the OUAC application portal after which they are redirected to the university of their choice. The international candidates are given two application form options:

  • Undergrad (101): Undergrad 101 form is for students who are currently pursuing their secondary school or are studying in an Ontario-based high school on a full-time basis.

  • Undergrad (105): On the other hand, Undergrad 105 are for international candidates or students attending a secondary school in another Canadian province.

Note: International applicants are advised to fill out the Undergrad 105 form only. For more clarity, students should check the university website for application-related instructions.

How to Apply to Canadian Universities via OUAC?

Applying through the OUAC portal is relatively easy as students can select universities to submit one application. It is a one-stop application portal where students can fill out the application form, submit documents, and track application status.

Check out these simple steps to fill up your application at OUAC:

  • Register: The very first step to getting access to the application. Register your email address and other details. Registering is important to keep your data safe and saved.

  • Search Universities: Search for your favourite universities or colleges. Add them to your list. Browse your program. Keep a record of your program choice and their OUAC codes.

  • Requirements: Take note of requirements as they may vary from university to university.

  • Apply: Complete all sections of the application. Review your selections again and again before clicking on 'I verify and Agree'.

  • Submit: After reviewing your application thoroughly, submit your application with payment before the deadline.

  • Record number: Save your OUAC Reference Number. This will be required to refer yourself as an applicant at OUAC and whenever you will contact their helpline number.

  • After applying: Log in again to your application and check the details provided by you. If needed, make changes or rectify the mistakes.

    • Make sure that your spam filters have an allowance to accept emails from OUAC and other universities.

    • If received, the respective university will revert to getting your application for confirmation.

Types of OUAC Application

The OUAC portal deals with all undergraduate and professional applications on behalf of universities in Ontario, except for a few institutions like the Royal Military College of Canada.

The OUAC portal has separate application forms and processes depending on the academic programme. For example, the undergraduate application has two forms, while the professional application has four forms. Find out more about these below:

OUAC Undergraduate Application

The OUAC undergraduate application is divided into two forms: 101 and 105.

  • OUAC 105 Application: TheOUAC 105 application is for those candidates who are currently residing outside Canada and are not permanent residents or citizens of Canada. This application is also for those who are not attending an Ontario high school day programme. While the application can be used by international students who are currently residing in Canada on a study permit or Canada student visa. If a candidate meets any of the mentioned criteria, then they can go for 105 applications.

  • OUAC 101 Application: If a candidate is attending classes or courses during the day at any Ontario high school, then they can use the OUAC 101 application. Another criterion is that the candidate must apply for the first-year undergraduate degree or diploma program at any university based in the Ontario region. Those who have received their Ontario Secondary School Diploma with six 4U/M courses at the end of the current year are also eligible to use the 101 OUAC application.

OUAC Professional Application

The OUAC also works on the applications for professional programs including medicine, law, teacher education, and rehabilitation sciences.

  • Ontario Law School Application Service (OLSAS): OLSAS is a non-profit, centralised application service for applicants to the eight Ontario law schools.

  • Ontario Medical School Application Service (OMSAS): It is a non-profit, centralised application service for applicants to six Ontario medical schools.

  • Ontario Rehabilitation Sciences Programs Application Service (ORPAS): It is a non-profit, centralised application service for applicants to the six universities offering rehabilitation sciences programmes.

  • Teacher Education Application Service (TEAS): It is an application service for applicants to the faculties of education at Ontario universities.

Universities in Canada Accepting OUAC Application

At least 21 Ontario-based educational institutions accept applications via the OUAC application system. Here is a list of top Canadian universities that accepts applications via the OUAC portal:

Algoma University

Saint Paul University

Brock University

Lakehead University

Carleton University

Ryerson University

Queens University

Wilfrid Laurier University

University of Guelph

Nipissing University

University of Ottawa

University of Toronto

Candidates have the freedom to apply to as many universities as they want, but they can only apply to a maximum of three programmes under each university or college or its affiliates. Additionally, every university has the right to limit how many programmes a candidate can apply to.

What is the Deadline for OUAC Applications?

Applicants can apply via OUAC anytime, but the deadline varies from university to university. International applicants should apply well in advance to allow time for visa processing. Every university or course will have separate deadlines for international applicants, Thus, students are encouraged to check these important dates before they begin their application procedure to study in Canada.

It is highly suggested that candidates should abide by the deadline, and submit their application on time.

Accepting or Deferring Offer via OUAC

When a candidate gets selected for admission, the university sends an offer letter directly to them, which includes instructions for responding as well. To accept an offer of admission, follow the steps given below:

  • Click on 'Offers of Admission' in the application.

  • Click 'Accept'.

  • Click on 'I amready to submit my response/changes'.

  • Verify application information.

  • Review the applicant's declaration and click 'I verify and Agree'.

  • The candidate will receive a confirmation email, along with a summary of responses as a record.

  • Once the response is processed, try to login back and check if it is showing 'Accepted' beside the programme.

Remember, that it will take at least one to three business days to process the candidate's response.

Now, if a candidate decides to delay their studies for a year or more after receiving the offer, they will require an agreement with the university in question. The respective university may determine any of the conditions given below:

  • When the candidate decides to attend the university, they have to re-apply through the OUAC application portal.

  • If the candidate is not a current Ontario high school student in a day programme, then they must use the 105 application.

Once you decide and accept the offer letter of the particular university, you will receive an email about the next steps, such as choosing courses, finding student accommodation in Canada, cost of living in Canada, tuition fees and more.

We hope that you are now familiar with the OUAC portal, different types of OUAC applications,and know how to apply to Canadian universities via OUAC. Make sure you complete your university research before the application deadline is over.

If you also want to study at an Ontario-based university but have doubts about registration, do not hesitate to reach out to us at as here you can get the best expert advice and suggestions.

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Is the OUAC application portal for international students?

Yes, the OUAC application portal for international students. To enrol for an undergraduate degree programme in Ontario, you must go through the OUAC; particularly, the 105 foreign students stream. Create an account and begin your application. You must pay a minimum application cost of CAD 156, which includes three programme options; extra options are CAD 50 each.

Is the OUAC application portal for Ontario-based universities only?

Yes, the OUAC application portal is for Ontario-based universities only. OUAC is a centralised application system that processes applications for Ontario universities only. You may submit applications to as many Ontario institutions as you like, but you are only allowed to select a maximum of three programmes from any one institution, including its affiliates.

Can I apply to universities outside of Ontario through the OUAC application portal?

No, you cannot apply to universities outside of Ontario through the OUAC application portal. You must submit an application through the university admissions office if you want to attend an institution outside of Ontario. For mailing your application, which involves your academic transcripts with all of your grades, each university will charge a fee.

Does OUAC charge an application fee?

Yes, OUAC does charge an application fee of CAD 150, which is a base application fee. The applicant has three options for universities and programmes when paying this fee. These could be courses at three distinct institutions, three-degree programmes at one university, or any mix of the three. 

Can I accept two university offers at OUAC?

Yes, you can accept two university offers at OUAC. For this, you must first cancel the offer you have already accepted before accepting the new offer. Therefore, by the due date, you must accept either of the one offers.

When will I receive my OUAC confirmation number?

You will receive your OUAC confirmation number after you successfully submit your application or/and answer an offer of admission. By the end of May, you should expect to hear from the universities that you have applied to, either with an offer of admission or rejection.

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